Game Progress Route for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty includes a recommended progression path that focuses on the main campaign of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The Game Progress Route page aims to deliver a summary of important points and factors of the game to avoid any missing aspects such as critical Locations or Areas, necessary NPCs, valuable Items, as well as significant encounters involving Enemies and Bosses. This page only contains an overview of the game's main campaign that will lead the player to reach the ending of the game. For a detailed guide on fully completing each area or location that is featured in the game, please visit the Walkthrough page.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Game Progress Route

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Game Progress Route Guide for Wo Long

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Village of Calamity

village of calamity main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Traverse the burning village with the Blindfolded Boy
  2. Raise the first Battle and Marking Flags
  3. Defeat the Chang Gui demon
  4. Raise the second Battle and Marking Flags
  5. Raise the Third Battle and Marking Flags
  6. Fight Zhang Liang, General of Man


Progress through the pathway with the Blindfolded Boy as you learn the basic combat controls. Befoer you reach the Chang Gui, you'll find the first Battle and Marking Flags which are completely unmissable. Past the Chang Gui demon area, you'll pass by the Second Battle and Marking Flags, while the third Marking Flag is when you're nearing the boss area. Before you reach the objective, you will find the last Battle Flag that is protected by a Leader-type enemy, the Yellow Turban Officer. Defeat the enemy, raise the flag, and proceed to the objective to fight Zhang Liang, General of Man.

Zhang Liang has two phases, you'll need to fully deplete his health for the second phase to start where you need to fight him in his demon form. You simply do not need to fight him completely to win the battle, just survive, and build up enough power for the Divine Beast, and when Blindfolded Boy prompts you to use the Divine Beast, press △ + Ο (PlayStation) or Y + B (Xbox) to trigger a cutscene which ends the boss fight.


Two Chivalrous Heroes

two chivalrous heroes main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Team up with Zhao Yun
  2. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  3. Investigate the village area
  4. Raise the First Marking Flag
  5. Defeat the Leader Enemy
  6. Raise the Third Battle Flag
  7. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag
  8. Raise the Second Marking Flag
  9. Raise the Third Marking Flag
  10. Defeat the Demonized Officer
  11. Raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  12. Defeat Zhu Yan
  13. Acquire the Divine BeastQilin
  14. Raise the Sixth Battle Flag
  15. Meet the Blacksmith, Zhu Xia
  16. Acquire x1 Dragon Vein Crystal
  17. Acquire x1 Golden Cicada Shell
  18. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  19. Raise the Fifth Marking Flag
  20. Raise the Seventh Battle Flag
  21. Defeat Feng Xi


This mission immediately starts after the battle against Zhang Liang. Head towards an open field and fight the first group of bandits, after which more will arrive and a cutscene will trigger. You'll team up with your first Reinforcement character, Zhao Yun, who will accompany you throughout the mission. Nearby, you will find the Second Battle Flag. Head to the village area where you'll find twomarking flags and two battle flags. The third marking flag can be found near the village area where you'll have to climb platforms where there will be a Demonized Fanatic enemies throwing explosives at you.

Before you continue towards the path with a stone gateway, look for the cave area where you'll need to fight a Demonized Officer before you can raise the Fifth Battle Flag. After which, you can now proceed to the objective area where you'll fight Zhu Yan — defeat the boss and you'll acquire the Divine BeastQilin.

Just a few steps from exiting the arena, you'll find the Sixth Battle Flag, as well as meeting the blacksmith NPC for the first time, Zhu Xia. Before accessing the building, take the small gap at the right and you will find a chest at the end containing Rank 1 Leather. Now, enter the building and face the Demonized Soldier. Behind if you will find Dragon Vein Crystal, an item used to increase the usage limit of the Dragon's Cure Pot. Next, look for the area with scaffolding past the section where a log was thrown at you. On the scaffold near the locked temple, you can find x1 Golden Cicada Shell and the Fourth Marking Flag.

Also near the scaffolding, traverse your way here and you can find a breakable wall, the path leads to the Fifth Marking Flag that you couldn't reach earlier in the cave since it's blocked by the crimson vines. Proceed to the objective are at this point and defeat the Demonized Officer to raise the lat Battle Flag. When you're ready, open the gates to enter another arena where you'll fight against Feng Xi, a demon boar.


The Valley of the Crying Wraiths

the valley of the crying wraiths main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Team up with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
  2. Find Zhu Xia
  3. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  4. Raise the First Marking Flag
  5. Raise the Third Battle Flag after defeating a group of enemies
  6. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag after defeating the Chang Gui demon
  7. Raise the Second Marking Flag
  8. Raise the Fifth Battle Flag after defeating the Suan Yu demon
  9. Raise the Third Marking Flag
  10. Raise the Sixth Battle Flag
  11. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon
  12. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  13. Enter the Demon Mermaid's Den
  14. Investigate the caave area to find the last flags
  15. Fight Zhang Bao, General of Earth
  16. Acquire the Divine BeastQinglong


For this mission, you are accompanied by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Follow the linear path until you reach a wooden bridge where you'll find Zhu Xia, next to the bridge is the second Battle Flag. Before crossing it, investigate the area below to find the First Marking Flag that is guarded by enemies. Raise both flags and proceed to the next section where you'll come across an open field where you'll see the Third Battle Flag that is (again) guarded by enemies. Cross the bridge from there until you reach an area with a Shattered Temple that is guarded by a Chang Gui, you need to defeat the demon before you can raise the Fourth Battle Flag.

From the Fourth Battle Flag, head south, and up the ramps. Follow the linear path and don't go straight first towards the path with the red vines, as you turn left around the corner, you'll see a wall with white markings. Jump up, grab the loot on the ground, jump up again, and cross the two bridges. On the other side of the second bridge that you cross, you'll find the second Marking Flag. Retrace your steps after raising the flag continue towards the path with the crimson glowing vines. Climb up to reach a destroyed campsite where you'll fight against a Suan Yu demon — defeat it and you can raises the Battle Flag near the area.

Proceed south after raising the flag where you'll encounter a brute-type enemy, the Demonized Officer. As you cross the makeshift wooden path, you'll see a dead end ahead where the Third Marking Flag can be found, but before you can raise the flag, immediately look to the left to see a Demonized Warlock enemy, get rid of it fast since it will cast spells at you from long range. After killing the Warlock enemy and grabbing the loot, go back and approach the spot of the Marking Flag to raise it. Go back to where you fought the Warlock enemy, head down the slope, and jump down to find a Demonized Fanatic and a Demonized Soldier enemy next to a small chest.

Follow the path here until you cross the rickety wooden bridge, you'll find the Sixth Battle Flag post on the other side. Head down the slope on the left and you'll first encounter the Shitieshou Demon. Make sure you drop an item or armor piece to obtain a random accessory item. Proceed west first and fight the two Chang Gui demon enemies. Near the area where the demons were, you can find x1 Dragon Vein Essence on the ground. Pick it up and go back to the spot where the Shitieshou Demon is and head east. Just past that section is the Fourth Marking Flag.

Head into the Mermaid's den, defeat the Shuigui demons and enter the cave. If you head west, you'll find a door that you can unlock a shortcut. While on the east side of the cave, is the location of the last flags. When you've found all flags and if you've made preparations, follow the linear path to enter the boss area where you'll fight Zhang Bao, General of Earth. Defeating him completes the mission and you'll acquire a new Divine BeastQinglong.


The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven

the demon fort of the yellow heaven main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Team up with Sun Jian
  2. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  3. Enter the Dilapidated Village and Raise the Third Battle Flag
  4. Raise the Second and Third Marking Flag
  5. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon
  6. Acquire x1 Golden Cicada Shell
  7. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  8. Investigate the East Gate of the fort to raise the Fourth Battle Flag
  9. Investigate the Central and West Areas of the fort to raise the Fifth Marking Flag
  10. Investigate the Main Gate of the fort to raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  11. Defeatthe NPC Invader
  12. Acquire x1 Dragon Vein Crystal
  13. Raise the Seventh Marking Flag
  14. Raise the last flags before entering the boss arena
  15. Fight Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven
  16. Acquire the Divine BeastBaihu


When you start this main mission, you will be accompanied by Sun Jian until the mission is complete. This First Marking and Second Battle Flags can be found just ahead the starting point. You'll then enter a Dilapidated Village where you can find the Third Battle Flag. As you explorethe area, head back to the wooden scaffolds and follow the path ahead to find a small chest. Continue moving across the roof of the houses while eliminating any Yellow Turban Soldiers guarding the area. After you clear the rooftop section, jump back down and check the house that's by the east side to find the Second Marking Flag, you won't miss it since you'll see the post inside, just be cautious about the Yellow Turban Soldiers guarding it. The Third Marking Flag is easy to spot, it's on the roof of a house, and you've probably seen it earlier while you were running on the rooftop of the house, but to reach it, you'll need to find the path inside the cave. If you also check the house by the corner on the right side, you can find a Shitieshou Demon inside.

Once you're done clearing this area, you need to go back to the rooftop section and follow the path around to reach the entrance of a cave with red glowing vines that are spouting from the walls (don't forget to kick the ladder down). After clearing all the enemies, jump down first and check the house on the right, inside, you'll find a chest that contains x3 Rank 3 Leather, then jump to the roof to find x1 Golden Cicada Shell. After grabbing all of the items, enter the cave. Upon exiting the cave, turn right as you walk on the rickety wooden platforms, defeat the Demonized Fanatic enemy, continue along the narrow path, jump across, and go straight to find the fourth Marking Flag. Just below, you'll see a watchtower that has a small chest, inside it, you can find x1 Rank 3 Leather. After raising the flag and grabbing the items, jump down to fight the enemies. Also, check behind the watchtower from where you jumped off to find a medium-sized chest.

Now, open the gate on the east section, where you'll encounter more enemies guarding the location of the Fourth Battle Flag. If you climb up the ladder next to the gate, you can find an item that you can loot at the top. You can use the high ground as well to easily kill enemies with your bow weapon, and shoot the Demonized Soldiers' heads to instantly kill them. And it would be better to thin out their numbers so you can fight the Suan Yu demon one on one. Once you've cleared the area, raise the Battle Flag to acquire +3 Fortitude, and loot the items on the ground, as well as a small chest on the left side of the Battle Flag. Next, you'll want to explore the central area and west section of the fort. From the east gate, walks straight and hug the wall on the right, move around the corner to find the Fifth Marking Flag. Be careful here since the area is heavily guarded by Demonized SoldiersDemonized Officer, and demons such as the tiger demon Chang Gui and rat demon, Huo Shu.

From the Fifth Marking Flag, there is a ladder nearby to climb the second level of the scaffolding, eliminate the Warlock enemy here, and the Yellow Turban Officer. From this angle, you'll see the Fifth Battle Flag by the main gate of the fort, which is guarded by enemies. We suggest you take out the enemies first that are on high ground, and use this to your advantage to eliminate the humanoid enemies with your bow before you fight the Chang Gui demon. Tread carefully on the scaffolding since enemies are hiding around corners and some are patrolling it — once you've cleared the area, raise the Battle Flag to acquire +2 Fortitude. From the battle flag you just raised, go west, you'll see a tall ladder, climb to the top then jump across to your left to reach the other watchtower that holds the Sixth Marking Flag. Now the main gate that leads into the inner fort is locked and you need to open it from the other side, so climb back up and use the rooftops to head to the section where you'll see a large bonfire. Eliminate the enemies and then open the gate where the Fifth last Battle Flag was raised.

At the Inner Fort Section, you'll be invaded by an NPC, Zhao Hong. Defeat it and check the opposite temple to find more loot, especially x1 Dragon Vein Crystal. Now, go back to the gate, and climb the scaffolding again, this time, head to the rooftop of the temple on the right to find an opening, and jump down into the locked room to find the flagpost of the Seventh Marking Flag. Also, if you climb back up the scaffolding and this time, go on the rooftop of the temple on the left, you'll find a secret path at the back that will lead you to the Third Marking Flag on a roof that you couldn't reach earlier.

The last Battle Flag is quite easy to find, simply head up the tall stone staircase while you fight the enemies and find loot around the corners to also find x1 Great Sage Mentor's Note. When you reach the top, before going inside the boss arena, you'll find the Sixth and Final Battle Flag for this mission. When you're ready, enter the boss area where you'll fight against Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven. Defeating him completes the mission and you'll acquire a new Divine BeastBaihu.

In Search of the Immortal Wizard

in search of the immortal wizard main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  2. Raise the First Marking Flag
  3. Raise the Third Battle Flag
  4. Raise the Second Marking Flag
  5. Raise the Third Battle Flag
  6. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag
  7. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon
  8. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  9. Reach the cave
  10. Grab the Golden Cicada Shell
  11. Grab the Despairing Taoist's Note
  12. Grab the Dragon Vein Essence
  13. Raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  14. Raise the Fifth Marking Flag
  15. Grab the Taoist's House Key
  16. Defeat Aoye
  17. Meet Zuo Ci
  18. Acquire the Divine BeastBaize


Hong Jing joins you for this mission. From the First Battle Flag, head north-northeast to find some breakable bamboo and a Chang Gui patrolling the area behind it. Head up the slope after defeating it and you'll find the Second Battle Flag on top of one of two stone structures. To raise the flag, however, you'll have to defeat the Chang Gui and three Huo Shu in the area. One Rank 3 Steel can be found up on a ledge in the area.

Head onto the bridge in the southeast afterwards. Look down to the southwest to see another Chang Gui next to a flagpost. Raise the First Marking Flag then cross the river to the other side. Follow the path, breaking the bamboo in the way, and mind the Huo Shu in the way to raise the Third Battle Flag. Continue up the path to reach an area with a gazebo. Head down the stairs to the east here to raise the Second Marking Flag.

Head back up to the gazebo, then cross the stone bridge to get back to the Second Battle Flag. Head down the steps here, then break the bamboo on the left at the base of the stairs. Some Huo Shu are guarding the area, but more importantly, three Rank 3 Leather can be found at the start, and the Third Marking Flag can be found at the end of the path.

Head back to the stairs and follow the river here away from the stone bridge above. On land on the right hand side next to a Huo Shu are two Rank 3 Steel. Continue forward, and you'll get to a shallow pond with about five Shuigui. In the area are two Rank 3 Steel and Rank 3 Leather. Cross the pond to the other side and follow the path upwards to reach the Fourth Battle Flag. Up the first flight of stairs, you'll find a Shitieshou Demon. Continue up the path, and before you reach the cave, you'll find the Fourth Marking Flag behind some breakable bamboo on the left.

Go back and continue up the path into a cave. To the left of the entrance are three Rank 3 Steel. Keep heading up, past the small campfire, and you'll reach the main cavern. Directly on your left when you reach the top of the slope is a vine you can climb on. Follow it to get to a ledge with a Golden Cicada Shell. Climb up the next vine, then jump down onto the ledge below with two Rank 3 Steel. Go forward and climb up the ledge ahead to get to Hong Jian's training supply room. On the ground is the Despairing Taoist's Note.

Continue forward, climbing up the next vine. Jump across to the nearest two vines to reach a Dragon Vein Essence. Jump down onto the ground of the main cavern and you'll see two items on the ground, one of which is two Rank 3 Leather. Note that when you pick up either of the items, a Zhupolong spawns. Loot or don't loot, the next course of action is to raise the Fifth Battle Flag. Climb up the vine bridge next to it and at the split, take the left path. Head to the edge of the ledge to grab one Rank 3 Leather. Afterwards, climb up the vine, then jump to the opposite vine to reach and raise the Fifth Marking Flag.

Jump down and go back up the vine bridge, this time taking the right path at the split. As you move forward, you'll find the Taoist's House Key in an alcove to your left that you can give to the Hermit of Tianzhu in the Hidden Village. Continue forward, and when you jump down into the open area, a cutscene will play, signaling the beginning of the boss fight against Aoye. Defeat it, and another cutscene will play, introducing you to Zuo Ci, who moves into the Hidden Village as a merchant after the mission. In addition, you are rewarded with a new Divine Beast - Baize.


Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

fall of the corrupted eunuch main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Reach the First Battle Flag
  2. Raise the First Marking Flag
  3. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  4. Grab the Luoyang Dungeon Keys
  5. Raise the Second Marking Flag
  6. Grab the Prisoner's Last Words
  7. Grab the Dragon Vein Essence
  8. Raise the Third Battle Flag
  9. Grab the Golden Cicada Shell
  10. Raise the Third Marking Flag
  11. Free the Hermit of Tianzhu
  12. Defeat Baishe
  13. Meet Lady Zhen
  14. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag
  15. Reach the Eunuch's manor
  16. Raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  17. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  18. Raise the Sixth Battle Flag
  19. Grab the Magnate's Note
  20. Raise the Fifth Marking Flag
  21. Raise the Sixth Marking Flag
  22. Grab the Golden Cicada Shell
  23. Grab the Dragon Vein Crystal
  24. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon
  25. Raise the Seventh Battle Flag
  26. Defeat Zhang Rang
  27. Meet Xiahou Dun & Xiahou Yuan
  28. Acquire the Divine BeastZhuque


Cao Cao joins you for this mission. Head forward, noting the purple liquid you step in to climb up the ledge ahead. While you're standing in it, your Spirit gauge will continuously deplete. You'll find more of this liquid in the dungeon ahead. Climb up the ledge and you'll reach the First Battle Flag.

On your left, you'll find Yuan Shao by the entrance of the dungeon. Enter the dungeon, and go down the stairs on your left. Head forward and in the fourth jail cell on your left should be a hole in the ground. Jump down the hole to the lower level, then head into the adjacent jailcell. You'll find a hole in the wall here; climb into the hole to find the First Marking Flag guarded by a Demon Spider.

Head out the hole and onto the platform the Demonized Officer is standing on. Jump down into the water and defeat the two Shuigui here to be able to raise the Second Battle Flag. You may want to consider totally clearing this lower level of the dungeon of enemies as you'll be constantly be returning here later. In the jail cell in the corner nearby, you'll find the Luoyang Dungeon Keys on the ground. Once you pick them up, the four Demonized Fanatics here will awaken.

Head out of the jail cell and go straight ahead, going into another jail cell in the opposite corner. Turn the corner and unlock the gate to access and raise the Second Marking Flag. Head out of this jail cell and turn left. Head straight, going to the very end, where you'll find a Huo Shu inside the jail cell at the far corner. Behind it is the Prisoner's Last Words

Exit the jail cell, and to your left is a wall that you can circle around to get behind. Here, you'll find a Dragon Vein Essence behind the locked gate, and two Rank 4 Leather if you climb on top of the wall. Circle back around in front of the wall. Turn  left and go forward to the next corner of the room. In the jail cell you have to break some small boxes to enter, you'll find three Rank 3 Steel.

Return to the Second Battle Flag, and climb up the ladder next to it. At the top, in front of you will be an unlockable gate with the Third Battle Flag behind it. Exit the cell and to your right will be a chest up against the far wall. Walk up to it and jump down the ledge to the left. There will be two Huo Shu in the area. Once you've defeated them, grab the Golden Cicada Shell in the jailcell down here. Leave the cell, then climb up the nearby ladder. Do a 180 at the top to find three Rank 3 Steel on the narrow ledge on the left. Jump down to the lowest floor of the dungeon, then climb back up the ladder leading to the Third Battle Flag.

At the top, turn right and go up the stairs, jumping over the gap. As you walk forwards, you'll find a short wooden platform on your right. Stand on it then look downwards and to your right to find and raise the Third Marking Flag. Drop down to the lowest floor of the dungeon again and take the ladder back up to the Third Battle Flag.

Again, turn right and go up the stairs, this time, falling into the gap. Collect the three Rank 4 Steel here, then once again jump onto the lowest level of the dungeon. Head north across the water and in the third jail cell are some platforms going up. Up on the upper level, jump across the gap in the scaffolding and into the jailcell on your left. You'll be in the cell you found the First Marking Flag in. Climb up the platforms going up again and unlock the cell ahead to free the Hermit of Tianzhu.

Drop down to the lowest level of the dungeon for the final time and climb up the ladder. Turn left at the top, then go through the corridor on the right hand side. At the end of the corridor are some double doors that lead to the Baishe boss fight. After the fight is done, a cutscene will play introducing Lady Zhen. When the cutscene is done, open the chest nearby for two Rank 4 Leather. Continue forward, up the stairs, and raise the Fourth Battle Flag.

Open the double doors here and you'll find yourself in a different environment - the Eunuch's manor. Follow the linear path, and at the end are the doors leading into the manor itself. You'll find the Fifth Battle Flag behind these doors. In this main room, on the right side opposite of the main staircase is a ladder going up. There are two Rank 4 Steel up here.

Go back down the ladder and up the main staircase. Follow the upper level to the left to reach the Fourth Marking Flag. Return to the top of the main staircase and head into the side room of the manor. Underneath the shelf the Marksman is standing on is one Rank 4 Leather. Continue to the opposite side of the room and up the stairs to raise the Sixth Battle Flag.

Continue up the stairs and jump across the gap. There is a hole in the wall above the shelf in front of you. Climb through and in this room you'll find the Magnate's Note under some boxes. Climb down the ladder and follow it to the end to raise the Fifth Marking Flag. Head back out of the hole.

Make your way back to the Fourth Marking Flag, and go outside through the hole in the wall next to it. Walk across the roof tiles then when you turn the corner, you'll have an NPC invade you. Go into the building through the hole on your left and climb up the ladder. You'll be able to find and raise the Sixth Marking Flag here.

Climb back down the ladder, and back onto the roof tiles. Jump and run across the roof in front of you, then jump onto the roof at the end to grab a Golden Cicada Shell. There are three Rank 4 Leather in some red pots in the corner next to a Chang Gui if you jump down to the ground from here. On the eastern side of the courtyard, there are three Rank 4 Steel in the water by two Shuigui.

In the eastern corner of the courtyard, you'll see a zig zag bridge. Behind it as a Dragon Vein Crystal guarded by a Demonized Soldier. Cross the zig zag bridge and up the slope, then climb up the wooden platforms in front of you to get up to the roof tiles here. When you round the corner, you'll find a Shitieshou Demon at the end.

Head to the northern side of the courtyard towards the quest objective marker, and you can raise the Seventh Battle Flag. When you go through the double doors ahead, a cutscene will play, followed by the boss fight against Zhang Rang. Defeat him and you'll meet Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan in a cutscene for the first time. In addition, you'll be rewarded with a new Divine Beast - Zhuque.

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass

the battle of hulaoguan pass main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Clear the starting fort
  2. Raise the first Marking Flag
  3. Meet Sun Jian & Defeat Xu Rong
  4. Loot the chest and Raise the second Marking Flag.
  5. Raise the Third Marking Flag
  6. Raise the second Battle Flag
  7. Clear this fort and obtain Sun Jian Soldier's Letter x1.
  8. Acquire Dragon Vein Essence
  9. Raise the third Battle Flag
  10. Trenches: Acquire Golden Cicada Shell
  11. Trenches: Raise 4th & 5th Marking Flags
  12. Raise 6th & 7th Marking Flags
  13. Activate the Siege Tower Mechanisms
  14. Obtain the Oil of Awakening
  15. Locate the Shitieshou Demon
  16. Raise the fourth Battle Flags
  17. Acquire Cup of Cordiality
  18. Raise the fifth Battle Flag
  19. Clear the fort walls 
  20. Defeat Hua Xiong
  21. Raise the final Battle Flag
  22. Defeat Lu Bu


The mission starts in the middle of the first fort where you can locate and raise your first Marking Flag in one of the fort soldier tents towards the entrance. You will also find Xu Rong engaged in combat against Sun Jian. Defeat Xu Rong. Leave the fort and make your way through the snowy mountains. There will be another Marking Flag on a wooden platform above a lootable chest. This area is guarded by soldiers. Clear the area, and loot the chest, then circle behind the mountain to find another way to the marking flag. Make your way to the second fort. Before entering the fort entrance entrance, take the platforms in front of the fort gate to locate the third Marking Flag behind the spiked fence. When you have raised the flag, enter the next fort and start to clear the soldiers. This will clear the way so you can raise the second Marking Flag. One of the tents will also contain Sun Jian Soldier's Letter. Atop the taller platform next to one of the fort entrances is a chest that will contain Dragon Vein Essence x1. Once you have cleared and looted this fort, make you way to the garrison gate. 

Raise the Third Battle Flag which will be on the way to the garrison gate tranches next to where you will see Sun Jian again. Enter the trenches and clear any of the Demonized Soldier & Chang Gui enemies you encounter. Obtain the Golden Cicada Shell which will be in the corner down in the trenches. There will also be two more Marking Flags in this area. One is accessed from inside the trenches. Hop up on a short cliff that will lead you to a secret path to the Marking Flag. The next Marking Flag is on another cliff lining the trench that can be accessed from above the trenches. A broken bridge will give you the extra running space to make the jump on the cliff edge which will have the 5th Marking Flag location. 

Once you are done with the trenches, move on towards the Garisson Gate. Two more Marking Flags will be in the area surrounding the fort walls and garrison gate. One will be found on a raised wooden platform accessed from a Siege Tower. And one will be on a mounted ballista platform. While on the siege towers, activate the Siege Tower mechanism to allow you to cross onto the fort wall where you can find an Oil of Awakening on one of the broken edges. Search the fort towers to locate the Shitieshou Demon, loot the chests and raise the tower Battle Flags that will be up the ladder. Loot the chest and this tower to obtain a Cup of Cordiality. One more Battle Flag will be atop the walls in an open space surrounded by more enemies. When you have cleared the fort walls, approach the front of the garrison gate.

Defeat Hua Xiong during the boss battle to raise the final Battle Flag and enter through the gates. Finally, defeat Lu Bu in the final Boss Battle. 


Centuries of Glory Burned Away

centuries of glory burned away main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Loot the Area & Enter the Streets
  2. Raise the second Battle Flag & first Marking Flag
  3. Obtain Luoyang Townswoman's Last Words
  4. Locate the Shitieshou Demon
  5. Obtain x1 Golden Cicada Shell 
  6. Raise the second Marking Flag
  7. Loot Dragon Vein Crystal 
  8. Raise third Battle Flag & third Marking Flag
  9. Enter the Canals area
  10. Raise the fourth Marking Flag
  11. Defeat the Giant Wrestler 
  12. Raise the fourth Battle Flags
  13. Loot the area & Colorfully Shining Well Writings
  14. Return to the Footbridge
  15. Raise the fifth Marking Flags
  16. Acquire second x1 Golden Cicada Shell 
  17. Raise the sixth Marking Flag
  18. Raise the fifth Battle Flag
  19. Defeat Invader
  20. Raise the seventh Marking Flag
  21. Loot the area & chest
  22. Defeat the Giant Wrestler
  23. Raise the final Battle Flag
  24.  Raise the eighth Marking Flag
  25. Loot the vault chest 
  26. Obtain Civil Officer's Last Words
  27. Enter the Manor
  28. Defeat Taotie


This mission begins overlooking the burning city. Loot the area and speak to NPCs to hear their dialogue, then head down to the streets. A the dead end, enter through the second floor of the house. Clear the pots and crates before kicking down the water pot then continue down the street.  Follow the streets till you reach the pavilion gate then enter the house in front to loot the chest. Exit though the next opening and you will be a the first encountered Battle Flag location at the crossroads. Raise the flag.  On the opposite street is a Marking Flag guarded by a Demonized Soldier at the end of it. Raise the Marking Flag then return to the Battle Flag and continue through that road. At a corner of a building you should be able to find Luoyang Townswoman's Last Words. Eventually, you will have to turn a corner where there will both be a Shitieshou Demon and Golden Cicada Shell within this corner of buildings. The Golden Cicada Shell will be behind a wall of fire. There will be more Demonized enemies in this area as well. When you have found them both, turn around and you might see the Marking Flag on the upper level of a house. When you reach the end of the street, you will be able to enter the building. Clear it of enemies then take the ladder up. You will be able to raise the Marking Flag from here. 

On the other side, kick the pot down and jump down. Enter the complex where the giant demon was revealed to be. There will be a Battle Flag (3rd) on the ground floor and a Marking Flag (3rd)on the upper levels that can be accessed from the scaffolding structure in the corner of the complex. The set of buildings directly in front of the complex entrance will also hide x1 Dragon Vein Crystal. This can only be accessed from the rooftops. You will need to take the ladder down a small square space surrounded by buildings to find it. Loot the complex of any chests and additional loot from the roofs. Watch out for the scattered Demonized Fanatic enemies in this zone. Exit the area.

Loot the area next to the complex gate. Some steps will be directly in front. Then approach the canals. Hop the crates to reach the canals and you will find a pacing Demonized Officer. Follow the path till you reach the broken bridge that would've lead across the canal. There will be a chest on it to loot. To the right is a set of doors that can be opened to reveal a Battle Flag (4th). Avoid going through the doors to avoid too much combat at once. Take the area right instead and hop the broken wall to find the next Marking Flag (4th). Location. Clear the enemies then take the wooden crate in. Clear the area and defeat the Giant Wrestler guarding the Battle Flag then raise it. Loot below zen bridge and the corner of this manor courtyard. You should find Colorfully Shining Well Writings.

When you are done here, you can now take the newly opened doors and return and take the footbridge on the left of the doors. The footbridge ends with some locked doors. Drop down the broken part of the footbridge and you will land on an isolated stone platform with a Marking Flag (5th). Drop down into the canals. Take the closest tunnel entrance to find a Golden Cicada Shell in the tunnel. Take the next canal tunnel. Defeat the Shuigui enemies in the water. The end of the canal will have another Marking Flag (6th) behind a mountain pile of rubble towards the sewer gate. Take the stairs and raise the Battle Flag (5th) atop the stairs. 

There will be another hole in the wall that will lead to the final area. Clear the area. This may initiate an invitation from Niu Fu. Clear the invasion. Take the footbridge to the and raise the (7th) Marking Flag here. Return to the main courtyard are in this final zone. There will be a chest that can be accessed from the broken part of the footbridge by dropping down. Defeat the Giant Wrestler in the middle where the Battle Flags is and raise the final Battle Flag (6th). On the opposite side is the last Marking Flag (8th). The house on the same side will have a roof with a hole you can use to enter the vault building. This vault building will have a chest to loot and Civil Officer's Last Words. You can open the doors to exit from the inside. Across is another building with something to loot atop the stairs. When you are done with this area, ascend the final manor building in front of the last Battle Flag. Defeat Taotie in a Boss Battle to complete the mission. 


Darkness Over the Hanshui River

darkness over the hanshui river main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Raise the First Battle Flag beside you.
  2. Make your way towards east and board the wrecked ship
  3. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  4. Enter the second wrecked ship
  5. Raise the Third Battle Flag
  6. Head down to the third wrecked ship
  7. Raise the First Marking Flag
  8. Defeat Zhupolong and enter the fourth Ship Wreck
  9. Raise the Second Marking Flag
  10. Jump on the moving boat and enter the last Ship Wreck
  11. Raise the Third Marking Flag
  12. Head to the left side of the temple
  13. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  14. Climb the ladder inside the temple
  15. Raise the Fifth Marking Flag
  16. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag
  17. Defeat the swarm of enemies and raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  18. Pick up the Shitieshou Demon inside the wrecked house
  19. Defeat Suan Yu and raise the Sixth Marking Flag
  20. Raise the Sixth Battle Flag
  21. Pick up the Dragon Vein Essence
  22. Head right from the Sixth Battle flag and follow the road to the end
  23. Raise the Seventh Marking Flag
  24. Head to the left side of the area until you reach the Sixth Battle Flag again
  25. Enter the House in the village
  26. Drop down to the balcony and raise the Eighth Marking Flag
  27. Enter the Temple
  28. Battle Sun Jian (Boss)


You start with 2 companions who are the sons of Sun Jian named Sun Ce and Sun Quan. From the spawn point, the first Battle Flag has already been raised, so just head straight and turn left. You'll encounter some enemies along the way, but you'll eventually see a small dock with a boat. Kick the log to the right and immediately jump to the moving boat. The boat will take you to the other half of the bridge earlier going to a wrecked ship. Once you board the ship, take out the enemies below and continue. You'll eventually reach a mini tower with a Demonized Warlock on top, and a Zhupolong on the ground to take out. Once the enemy is defeated, just look to your left, and you'll see the second Battle Flag that you can raise.

Once you're done raising the second Battle Flag, enter the next shipwreck through the broken part and you'll see a ladder nearby that you can climb to proceed further to the area. Once up, go up the stairs near and you'll encounter a Demonized Officer and a couple of enemies which you need to take out as well.  Lastly, up another level is a Demonized Warlock doing a ritual, it's pretty easy to sneak up behind it and take it out. Now, go back to the floor where you fought off the two big enemies and go down the ladder where you took out the Demonized Officer. This is where you'll find the Third Battle Flag.

Now, head right through a path going downwards. You'll eventually find a small boat that you can kick the log off to make it move, Move towards another wrecked ship and take out the enemies and the Shuigui guarding it. After clearing the area, head to the mid-section of the wrecked ship to find the first Marking Flag.

Next, head down the wrecked ship and move towards the platforms going up. Be ready for a surprise attack from a Zhupolong though. You'll find yourself in another wrecked ship guarded by some enemies. Once the ship is cleared, immediately head to the lowest part of the ship to gain access to a door containing a ladder. Climb up the ladder and you'll find the second Marking Flag that you can raise.

Once the Second Marking Flag has been raised, exit through the door next to the flag, travel forward on the wooden walkway and then descend to the lower wooden path. The path will be guarded by a Demonized Officer, so be ready to assault it from behind to deliver significant damage. Once you've won, head to the ship to your right, but watch out for an adversary inside. After the area has been cleared, another Demonized Officer will suddenly spawn; eliminate it right away. There is a shattered wall in the shipwreck's Mid Section that you can pass through to access a wooden path. To continue along the route, hop on it. Whenever you've overcome one hurdle, simply go on to the next one by following the objective arrow on your map. To go to a boat that is attached to a log that you need to kick off, you will eventually run into another pair of foes to defeat. The Third Marking Flag will then be located just at the upper level of the ship that is next to the boat from before.

Backtrack to where you entered the sunken ship from the Third Marking Flag and continue sprinting straight. Choose the top route rather than the lower one, and continue directly until you reach a large staircase leading to a large temple where you'll encounter a Suan Yu. Go to the left side of the temple's front and have a look at the bottom after you've vanquished the foes at the top of the stairway. The fourth Marking Flag is being watched over by a Demonized Officer. Attacking the enemy from a position above where you are presently standing is the quickest approach to defeat it. After defeating the enemy, you can now raise the fourth Marking Flag.

Climb up the staircase again and enter the temple through the double doors. You'll see a ladder immediately as you enter. Upon reaching the top, turn right and head straight for the fifth Marking Flag. In the opposite direction of the fifth Marking Flag, head straight and you'll find the fourth Battle Flag you can raise.

Turn right and descend off the cliff after raising the fourth Battle Flag. Whenever you descend, you'll run into a Demonized Officer to take out. After defeating them, go further until you come across two Shuigui and a few ranged foes who you must also take down. After that, ascend to the roof and turn right from where you earlier took out the ranged foes until you see a hole in one of the house's walls. You'll find one distracted ranged enemy inside who you can easily defeat. You can see a swarm of foes and one Demonized Officer guarding the fifth Battle Flag against here.

Before you go any farther, be aware that there is a derelict home just in front of the Battle Flag, and that there is an entry to it a little to the right. The Shitieshou Demon can be found inside.

You can climb up several of the platforms that are located just to the right of the fifth Battle Flag. Reach the opposite side of the space by climbing the platforms. You'll encounter a Suan Yu protecting a Marking Flag. To raise the Marking Flag, you must defeat it.

You can open and pass through a double door that is located to the left of the Third Marking Flag. When the door is opened, there will be a few foes and two Demonized Officers, so be prepared. Once the adversaries have been vanquished, turn right and search for a little boat fastened to a log. Kick the log off and leap onto the little boat as soon as it begins to move. Wait for the boat to halt before jumping over the edge. The sixth and last Battle Flag can be found here. Just in front of the Flag, across the creek is a house that you can climb and open the chest inside. You'll find a Dragon Vein Essence inside.

The road you must take is to the right of the sixth Battle Flag. Turn left to enter the town after you reach the end of the route, where you will run against two Demonized Warlocks and one Demonized Officer. When you defeat them, a Seventh Marking Flag will be seen.

Following the Mission arrow on your radar, move to the left side of the area after raising the Seventh Marking Flag. Along the route, you'll run into some enemies, including a Shuigui. When you get there, enter via a broken wall. When you first arrive, a Zhupolong will suddenly spawn to ambush you, so proceed cautiously. Take it down along with the other adversaries in the zone. After the area is free, turn left to go through the double doors. You will eventually return to the sixth Battle Flag. Proceed to the tiny boat that first took you there and take a rightward leap. Till you reach a village where there are foes and a Shuigui, keep going. Once the enemies have been vanquished, ascend the top of the home by the village's entrance and move to the left until you reach a balcony. The eighth and last Marking Flag is located here.

From the final Marking Flag, head back to the fifth Battle Flag and go through the double doors to its left. Head straight for the temple ahead and go through its double doors. A cutscene will play out where Sun Jian becomes a Tiger-like demon making him the Boss fight of this mission. Sun Jian (Boss)


Tyrant's Final Banquet

tyrants final banquet main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Raise the First Battle Flag
  2. Speak With Zuo Ci
  3. Climb up to the wall of the Fortress
  4. Raise the Second Battle Flag on the other side
  5. Drop down into the Fortress
  6. Defeat the enemies and Raise the First Marking Flag
  7. Climb the crates leading to the next section
  8. Raise the Third Battle Flag located at the Northwest corner
  9. Head down the tunnel
  10. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag
  11. Continue following the tunnel path
  12. Climb the crates to the right and Raise the Second Marking Flag
  13. Defeat Zhupolong and pick up the Shitieshou Demon
  14. Climb the crates in the middle and Raise the Third Marking Flag
  15. Pick up the Dragon Vein Essence
  16. Head to another entrance to the Upper Right corner of the area
  17. clear the enemies once you enter
  18. Enter a small hidden tunnel and raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  19. Climb up the ladder and raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  20. Head to the shrine just ahead and raise the Fifth Marking Flag
  21. Head through the double doors
  22. Run to the very end and turn left through a small double door
  23. Defeat Feng Xi and raise the Sixth Battle Flag
  24. Raise the Sixth Marking Flag
  25. Raise the Seventh Marking Flag
  26. Raise the Eighth Marking Flag
  27. Enter the Temple
  28. Battle Dong Zhuo
  29. Acquire the Divine BeastXiezhi


The first Battle Flag has already been hoisted from the spawn point, so continue straight through the forest to find Zuo Ci. He reveals that Hong Jing had already entered the fort alone when they arrived here in search of the elixir. After the conversation is over, ascend the tree that is affixed to the nearby wall beside Zuo. Two soldiers will be patrolling the area once you climb the watch tower at the top of the wall. To deliver a one-shot attack, creep up behind them. Once you've dealt with them, you'll have a clear view of the foes below. You can choose to take out some foes from above using ranged weaponry.

A short wooden bridge leading to the lower half of the fortress is located directly in front of the Second Battle Flag when it has been raised. Before you descend, be aware that there are roughly 10 opponents distributed throughout the bottom half of the stronghold, including Soldiers, Officers, wolves, and archers. To avoid being swamped, it is advised to first use your bow to target several foes from above before descending. You can now descend and defeat the opponents that weren't visible from above once the enemies that were visible from above have been defeated. The first Marking Flag is to the right of the home you landed on when you descend to the fortress after clearing the area.

Following the raising of the first Marking Flag, turn to the right of the area and you will find a group of piled crates that lead to a section of the wall that is broken. Climb it, then leap to the next area of the stronghold. As soon as you land, an NPC invader named Dong Min will appear, and you'll need to fight him. Dong Min's assaults resemble an officer's in many ways but are quicker and more powerful. Hence, plan out when to attack this invader. After you've defeated Dong Min, move on to the next part of the stronghold and purge it of foes. This situation is identical to that of the last segment, where there were roughly 10 opponents dispersed throughout with archers on the roofs. Before slashing in, try to hit a few adversaries from a distance. Once the area has been cleared, move to the section's upper left corner, where you can hoist the Third Battle Flag close to an entrance.

Once the Third Battle Flag has been raised, head down the path just next to the flag and keep following it going down. Just continue following the path and you'll eventually reach the Fourth Battle Flag.

Currently, there are two Huo Shu enemies to the left of the Battle Flag. Once the area has been cleared, return to the earlier Battle Flag and enter the doorway on your right. Stop for a minute and proceed through the connecting cells to your right as you will ultimately come across a Demonized Officer from a distance. Just be patient as the Demonized Officer passes by before attacking it from behind. When you've won, keep going straight and choose the first path to the left. There will be 2 Demonic Officers, 7 Demonic Soldiers, 1 Demonic Warlock, and 1 Huo Shu within, so enter with extreme caution. Climb the crates that have been placed to the right of the entryway. Take down 3 Demonic Warriors by leaping to the dangling platforms once you've reached the top. The Second Marking Flag is just in front of us from here.

Once the Second Marking Flag has been placed, drop down, and now go to the left side of the area and you'll find a new entrance with Zhupolong inside guarding a Shitieshou Demon.

Once Zhupolong falls, immediately climb the crates in the middle just where you found the enemy earlier, and once you climb it, you'll eventually see the third Marking Flag. Next to it is also a Dragon Vein Essence. Make sure to pick it up for upgrades. 

After placing the Third Marking Flag, head to the uppermost right side of the area and head inside the entrance there. Once cleared, just head straight into a smaller tunnel, and you'll find the fourth Marking Flag at the end.

From the fourth Marking Flag, just exit the small tunnel and look for a ladder going up. Once you reach the top, open the gate that you see and the Fifth Battle Flag should be there.

Once you raise the fourth Battle Flag, the area you're in is secured by humanoid enemies that you need to clear. You can head straight from the previous flag and you'll eventually see the Fifth Marking Flag in a shrine guarded by 3 Soldiers. Clear the Shrine of the enemies and raise the Fifth Marking Flag.

After raising the fifth Marking Flag, head straight and be prepared for an attack by an Officer and 3 soldiers while running. Once you defeat them, you'll eventually reach an open double door connecting to a new area. Head down the stairs through another open double door, and defeat the Demonic Officer guarding it. Afterward, just keep heading straight until you see a door to your left. Once you head inside, you'll be in an open area where you have to battle Feng Xi, a Demon Boar. This is going to be a lengthy battle since Feng Xi has a lot of health. Once you defeat Feng Xi, the Sixth and final Battle Flag will spawn by the stairs.

From the last flag near the stairs, head left through some doors and take out a Demon Warlock and 3 Chang Gui. Once defeated, head up the stairs straight ahead, and be prepared to fight a Huo Shu guarding the stairs. After taking it out, head up the last flight of stairs to raise the Sixth Marking Flag.

Head back down the stairs to the place where you defeated the 3 Chang Gui. You should see an overgrown tree branch that can lead up to the roof of a tower. Climb it up, then once you reach the top, you'll find the Seventh Marking Flag.

Make your way back to the Battle Flag where you defeated Feng Xi and make your way up the stairs behind it. Once you reach the top, don't enter the temple yet. Make your way to the left side at the corner and this is where you will find the final Marking Flag. Afterward, make your way back to the front of the temple and enter.

Once you enter the temple, a cutscene will play out showing the Protagonist running toward Dong Zhuo. This will mark the start of your Boss battle against Dong Zhuo

War's Flames Blaze Fiercely

wars flames blaze fiercely main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Open the floodgates.
  2. Enter and fight your way through the underground tunnel.
  3. Raise the first Marking Flag.
  4. Exit the underground tunnel via ladder.
  5. Cross the bridge and raise the second Battle Flag.
  6. Open the second floodgates and enter an underground tunnel.
  7. Fight your way through the tunnel and raise the second Marking Flag.
  8. Exit the tunnel and fight your way through the area to raise the third Battle Flag and third Marking Flag.
  9. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon.
  10. Retrieve the first Golden Cicada Shell.
  11. Open the third floodgates and enter an underground tunnel.
  12. Retrieve the second Golden Cicada Shell.
  13. Climb up the ladder and raise the fourth Marking Flag.
  14. Enter the tunnel again and raise the fifth Marking Flag.
  15. Exit the tunnel and defeat NPC Invader: Gao Shun.
  16. Raise the fourth Battle Flag located at the rooftops.
  17. Open the fourth floodgates and go back to the last tunnel.
  18. Retrieve the Dragon Vein Essence.
  19. Exit the tunnel and raise the sixth Marking Flag.
  20. Enter the next underground tunnel.
  21. Fight your way through and raise the fifth Battle Flag and seventh Marking Flag.
  22. Grab the Taoist's Backyard Key.
  23. Exit the final tunnel.
  24. Raise the sixth Battle Flag.
  25. Defeat Xiahou Dun (Boss)


After spawning into the area, make you way down the stairs and kill the enemy guarding the mechanism. Interact with the mechanism to open the first floodgates. Drop down the area below and defeat the Zhupolong guarding the chest, then enter the underground tunnel. Fight your way through the tunnel and raise the first Marking Flag. Exit the tunnel by climbing up the ladder and fight your way through the next area, cross the bridge and raise the second Battle Flag. Fight your way through the next area and open the next floodgates. Go down below and enter the next underground tunnel and locate the second Marking Flag.

Exit the tunnel and follow the main path, defeat the enemies and open the locked gate to to have an access for a shortcut in the future. Cross the bridge defeat the enemies in the area, then raise the third Battle Flag and third Marking Flag. From the Third Battle Flag location, turn left at the first corner, then turn right. You will see the first Shitieshou Demon just beside an enemy. From the first Shitieshou Demon, turn around and go back then turn left, then turn right and enter through the hole in the wall. Defeat the two enemies in the area and continue following the path until you hit a wall. Turn right at the first corner then turn right again, you will see a chest there that's guarded by two enemies. Kill the enemies then open the chest to retrieve the first Golden Cicada Shell. Cross the bridge and take out the enemies stationed within the area, go down the stairs and open the floodgates and enter another underground tunnel. Follow the path and you'll encounter a chest guarded by two Terracotta Soldiers at the platform above. Take out the enemies and retrieve the second Golden Cicada Shell.

After opening the chest, turn left and jump over another set of pillars to make your way across the platform on the other side, a loot can be seen on the ground. The drop down on the other side and climb up the ladder, you will find the fourth Marking Flag. Climb down the ladder to enter the tunnel again, then jump over the wall to make to the other side. There are multiple Shuigui enemies in the area once you jump over the wall. Stick to the left side of the wall and continue making your way through the tunnel. You will then enter a room with stairs, opposite of the stairs is a wall you can jump over, but there will be a Demonized Warlock positioned just at the top of it. Jump over the wall and kill the enemy, then turn right and jump over another wall, there will be a Terracotta Soldier positioned at that place. In front you will see a loot on the ground. On your right is another wall you can jump over, that is where the fifth Marking Flag is located. Drop down from the ladder and make your way up the stairs and be careful of Terracotta Soldiers in the area, then turn right and climb up the ladder and open the locked gate from the inside. Go through the hole in the wall and defeat the NPC Invader named Gao Shun.

Afterward, enter the fort and defeat the enemies in the area. Climb up the roof and raise the fourth Battle Flag. Drop down on the other side of the roof and go down the stairs, then open the floodgates. Go back and go back down the tunnels again, after climbing down the ladder turn right and go across the platform, you will see a Dragon Vein Essence on top of a pile of rocks. Now go back and climb up the ladder again. Make your way through the hole in the wall and go straight, you will see a bridge. Cross the bridge while taking out the enemy. At the end of the bridge, turn right, you will see the sixth Marking Flag guarded by another enemy. Go back to the bridge and make your way to the last mechanism you activated and climb down the ladder and go up the next one to enter another tunnel. The entrance looks like a dragon's head. Fight your way through the tunnel and once you reach a room with four pillars at the center and three chambers, you'll see the fifth Battle Flag just across the room on top of a platform beside another Dragon's Head entrance. The seventh Marking Flag can be located inside the chamber on the far left, then on the first chamber on the left side is where you'll find the Taoist's Backyard Key. Exit the tunnel and interact with the mechanism beside the large gate to open it. Just across is the sixth Battle Flag, guarded by multiple enemies on the bridge. Beside it is also a chest. Go back inside after raising the sixth Battle Flag and open another door just straight ahead. This will trigger a series of cutscenes and then you'll have to fight and defeat Xiahou Dun (Boss) to complete the mission. After defeating him, you'll acquire a new Divine BeastZhuque.


The Way of the Warrior

the way of the warrior main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Raise the first Marking Flag.
  2. Raise the second Marking Flag.
  3. Pick up Genuine Qi Crystal and kick down the tree.
  4. Raise the second Battle Flag.
  5. Raise the the third Marking Flag.
  6. Cross the bridge and raise the third Battle Flag.
  7. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon.
  8. Raise the fourth Marking Flag.
  9. Interact with the NPC inside the hut and give the item Oil of Awakening.
  10. Enter the mausoleum.
  11. Defeat the giant Bronze Soldier.
  12. Raise the fourth Battle Flag.
  13. Open the chest and retrieve the Dragon Vein Crystal.
  14. Drop down and raise the fifth Marking Flag.
  15. Head outside defeat the enemies in the area.
  16. Raise the fifth Battle Flag and sixth Marking Flag.
  17. Raise the seventh Marking Flag and sixth Battle Flag.
  18. Defeat Zhang Liao (Boss).


After spawning into the location, follow the main path in front of you and pick up the loot on the ground then jump across another platform toward the extending bridge and pick up another loot. Drop down and take down the Zhu Yan. Make your way on the left side of the area and enter a passage that will lead you to the first Marking Flag guarded by a Shuigui. Make you way back and locate the second Marking Flag on top of a platform. Drop down on the ground level and stick to the right side and turn on the second corner. Go straight ahead then turn right and pick up a Genuine Qi Crystal and kick the tree down in front of you to have an access to a shortcut in the future.

Now turn around and jump down below, defeat the enemies in the area. You will see a wooden gate illuminated by two flames on both sides, turn left from there go straight ahead, you will see the second Battle Flag guarded by two Demonized Fanatics and a Zhu Yan, you will also see a loot on top of the hut on the left side. Clear the enemies in the area and raise the second Battle Flag, climb up the roof and grab the loot then jump down. Enter the wooden gate and you'll see a loot on the broken bridge. Go back and on the right you'll see multiple enemies on the ground level as well as on the platforms above by the stilt huts. At the far right hut is a chest, jump over the scaffolding on the left hut and cross the extended bridge to make your way across the other hut where the chest is located. Loot the chest then drop down, go up the stairs and you'll see a Demonized Officer along with other enemies in the area. Explore the other stilt hut on the far right corner of the area, there's a loot below the hut, be wary of a Demon Spider in the area. Go up inside the hut and grab the loot, then drop down, and on the far right corner is the third Marking Flag.

Make your back to where you first encountered a Demonized Officer, just across is the third Battle Flag. On the left side, you'll see a hut and just beside it is where you'll find a Shitieshou Demon. Climb up the ground and interact with the Shitieshou Demon. Go down the stairs and loot the chest inside the hut on the left side. On the far left side you'll see a moored boat, and on the ground is another loot. Interact with the boat to create another shortcut. The third hut on the right is where the fourth Marking Flag is located. You can access it by going down below and jumping over the hole in the middle to get inside. Enter the small hut beside the mausoleum gate and give the NPC an Oil of Awakening.

Enter the mausoleum and go to the far left corner, defeat the enemy guarding the chest and retrieve the loot. Go back and enter where the giant Bronze Soldier is located and defeat it. Raise the fourth Battle Flag and open the chest inside the entrance to the main building to retrieve a Dragon Vein Crystal. Turn right and drop down below, defeat the Terracotta Soldiers in the area, jump across the platform above and raise the fifth Marking Flag. Enter the castle and loot the chest just beside a divider.

Go outside and raise the fifth Battle Flag. Defeat the enemies stationed in the area then circle around the building on the right side and jump over the platforms to get yourself on the rooftops, then drop down and behind it is where you'll find the sixth Marking Flag. From there, jump back on the roof then drop down on the other side. Make your way at the farthest corner on the left side of the area, you'll find the seventh Marking Flag there guarded by enemies. Turn around and go back then turn left, check the other corner of the main temple, you'll find a chest there guarded by a single enemy. Kill the enemy and loot the chest. You can then open the locked door from there and enter the main temple at the center. Upon opening the door, you'll find the sixth Battle Flag just across the room, with two enemies guarding the area. Defeat the enemies then raise the sixth battle flag. Go up the stairs and open the door, a cutscene will occur. This will mark the start of your boss battle against Zhang Liao (Boss).


Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men

lubu mightiest among men main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Make your way through the outer Stronghold area
  2. Raise the first Marking Flag
  3. Arrive at the Submerged Section and head westwards
  4. Raise the second Battle Flag
  5. Head east and obtain a Cup of Cordiality
  6. Raise the third Battle Flag
  7. Enter the Large Pagoda
  8. Find the Shitieshou Demon and raise the fourth Battle Flag
  9. Drain the water from the Submerged Section
  10. Raise the second Marking Flag
  11. Defeat the Zhupolong and raise the fifth Battle Flag
  12. Return to the southeast building and raise the third Marking Flag
  13. Find the Dragon Vein Essence
  14. Defeat the Suan Yu and raise the fourth Marking Flag
  15. Raise the sixth Battle Flag
  16. Enter the Inner Courtyard
  17. Fight your way to the Main Stronghold Building
  18. Find the Golden Cicada Shell
  19. Raise the seventh Battle Flag and the fifth Marking Flag
  20. Defeat Lu Bu (Demon Form)


Enter Xiapi Stronghold and fight through the outer section. Keep to your left to find a breakable wooden barricade where you can find and raise the First Marking Flag. Follow the narrow path on the right side of the outer stronghold, fighting off the human soldiers until you end up in a cliff overlooking a very large village area submerged in water, with a large pagoda in the distance. This is your goal.

Navigate your way across the roofs of the submerged buildings which are littered with Lu Bu's soldiers, heading westwards towards the wall. Once there, note the floating rafts with enemy archers. Turn the opposite way from the rafts to find a building, on top of which is the Second Battle Flag. Continue heading east past the flag, ignoring the rafts on the left side leading towards the pagoda. Instead, look for a building on the right with rafts behind it. Follow the rafts to find a Cup of Cordiality under a wooden bridge.

Continue heading eastwards until you reach the southeastern building. From there, turn towards the north and the center of the submerged section to find the Third Battle Flag guarded by a leader opponent. From the flag, navigate to the path in the northeast to get to the Large Pagoda.

Inside the pagoda, drop down to the floor below and follow the walkway counter-clockwise until you arrive at the scaffolding wrapping around the giant statue in the center of the building. Climb up the scaffolding to reach the floor above and continue along the path until the next set of scaffolding which will allow you to reach the third floor. From there, walk counter-clockwise and check the back of the statue for a platform where a Shitieshou Demon is sitting. From this platform, you can jump towards the Fourth Battle Flag on the floor below.

Go through the hole in the wall opposite the Fourth Battle Flag and follow the path towards a building behind the pagoda where you can use a winch to drain the water from the submerged section. From the building, navigate your way to the ground floor of the pagoda. Climb the scaffolding by the statue to the first floor and look for a hole in the ground where you can drop down to raise the Second Marking Flag.

Go through the doorway on the ground floor of the pagoda, opposite the statue's feet to find a Zhupolong guarding the Fifth Battle Flag. Return to the Third Battle Flag and backtrack to the southeast building through the roofs. Jump through the hole next to the scaffolding to enter the building and find the Third Marking Flag. Follow the path from the building's exit in the north to find a series of buildings. Look for a Dragon Vein Essence to the left of the building in front of the water. You can get to it from the backside.

From the Dragon Vein Essence, go around the buildings, navigating your way to the north into a larger building with wolves and some soldiers. Look for a breakable wooden barricade in the wall near where the wolves are. Behind it is a Suan Yu guarding the Fourth Marking Flag.

Go back into the building with the wolves and go through the other exit in the back guarded by a brute. Keep to the left and follow the ramp upwards to a building's roof. At the end of the roof, turn right and head down the ramp to find the Sixth Battle Flag. From the flag, turn right and navigate through the scaffolding and wooden walkways to enter the stronghold's inner courtyard through a hole in the wall at the top.

Fight your way through the courtyard towards the Main Stronghold Building and defeat Chen Gong by the stairs. Find a Golden Cicada Shell to the left of the building by a scaffolding. Enter the building, defeat all enemies and raise the Seventh Battle Flag. Look to the right of the building for a path outside where you can find the Fifth Marking Flag. Go back into the building and follow the passageway in the back to fight Lu Bu in his Demon Form to complete the mission.

Behold the Glaive of Righteousness

behold the glaive of righteousness main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Fight your way to the Baima checkpoint gate
  2. Raise the second Battle Flag
  3. Raise the first Marking Flag
  4. Drop down to the Foggy Mountain Pass
  5. Open the Baima gates
  6. Collect the Dragon Vein Essence
  7. Go to the Baima Gatehouse Building and raise the second Battle Flag
  8. Collect the first Golden Cicada Shell
  9. Raise the third Marking Flag
  10. Raise the third Battle Flag by the fortress
  11. Defeat the mid-bosses Yan Liang & Wen Chou
  12. Raise the fourth Battle Flag and fight your way through the village
  13. Fight through the first and second chambers of the tomb and raise the fifth Battle Flag
  14. Raise the fourth Marking Flag in the central chamber
  15. Collect the second Golden Cicada Shell
  16. Enter the Corrupted Chamber
  17. Defeat the Leishi and collect the Dragon Vein Crystal
  18. Access the hidden tunnel and raise the sixth Battle Flag
  19. Exit the Tomb
  20. Fight your way through the barracks and raise the seventh Battle Flag
  21. Defeat Liu Bei (Demon Form)


Exit your camp and fight your way towards the Baima checkpoint gate. Raise the the Second Battle Flag by the gate and then head towards the encampment on the right side of the gates.

Turn right from the first tent you see to enter a clearing with another tent. Climb up the tent to reach the hill above and cross the bridge. Keep following this path and then turn right at the end to find the First Marking Flag. Return to the bridge and drop down the hill. Head towards the right past a makeshift bridge and keep going through the mountainous area. At the end, drop down to the foggy mountain pass below.

Navigate your way through the pass until you find a tree. Behind it and to the left are a set of stairs which lead to a tunnel behind the gate from earlier. Inside, you can find a winch that will open the gates. Go back the way you came and climb the watchtower opposite the tunnel. At the top, turn right and look for a Dragon Vein Essence at the edge of the hill.

Return to the watch tower and go to the left this time. Cross the wooden bridge and turn left to find the Baima Gatehouse Building just above where the gate's tunnel is. Go around the building to find a scaffolding that will lead to the roof. Jump into the building through a hole in the roof and raise the Second Battle Flag inside. Unlock both doors of the building.

Return to the main enemy encampment and look for a watchtower with a broken tree connected to it. Collect a Golden Cicada Shell on the tree. From this tree and watchtower, follow the path to the left and then turn left at the end to find a scaffolding where the Third Marking Flag can be raised. Follow the path opposite from the Third Marking Flag to get to the Yuan Shao Army's Fortress. Defeat the enemy guarding the Third Battle Flag and raise it. Enter the fortress to fight the mid-bosses Yan Liang & Wen Chou.

After the cutscenes, you will be on the outskirts of Yanjin Fort. Raise the Fourth Battle Flag nearby and fight your way through the village ahead. Enter the tomb at the end of the village.

Inside the tomb, fight your way through the first two chambers. Inside the second chamber, you can raise the Fifth Battle Flag by the stairs. Enter the door at the top of the stairs to get to the tomb's central chamber and take the path on the left in the next room. Halfway through this path, enter the hole in the wall on the right and follow the ledge above to find the fourth Marking Flag on a platform above the central chamber.

Go back through the same pathway on the left and follow it to another chamber with two Bronze Soldiers guarding a door. Before engaging them, check the left corner of the room for a box you can jump on to get up to a ledge above. Up on the ledge, go through the path on the left where the Huo Shu emerges from and look behind the glob of corruption at the end of the path for the second Golden Cicada Shell of the mission.

Return to the room with the Bronze Soldiers and defeat them. Go through the door they were guarding to reach the Corrupted Chamber. Inside, defeat the Leishi and collect the Dragon Vein Crystal on top of the sarcophagus behind it. Check the left side of the room to find a wooden platform attached to the wall. Climb the pillar in front of it and then jump to the platform. Destroy the wall behind it to access a hidden tunnel. Half way through the tunnel, take the path on the right to a small room with a Huo Shu. Jump through the hole in this room to find the Sixth Marking Flag. Unlock the door in the room to get back to the Corrupted Chamber.

Follow the path to the right of the sarcophagus in the Corrupted Chamber to exit the tomb, ending up in the Yanjin Fort Barracks. Fight your way through the barracks and defeat the Corpse Demon guarding the Seventh Battle Flag. Enter the fortress and defeat Liu Bei in his Demon Form to complete the quest.


Decisive Battle of Guandu

decisive battle of guandu main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Investigate the Battlefield
  2. Raise the First Marking Flag
  3. Raise the Second Marking Flag
  4. Defeat the Leishi
  5. Raise the Second Battle Flag
  6. Enter the Inner Courtyard
  7. Raise the Third Marking Flag
  8. Raise the Third Battle Flag
  9. Raise the Fourth Marking Flag
  10. Acquire x1 Dragon Vein Essence
  11. Raise the last three Marking Flags
  12. Raise the Fifth Battle Flag
  13. Fight Yuan Shao
  14. Acquire the Divine BeastXuanwu
  15. Rasie the Sixth Battle Flag
  16. Grab x2 Cup of Cordiality
  17. Interact with the Shitieshou Demon
  18. Acquire x1 Golden Cicada Shell
  19. Fight Yu Ji
  20. Fight the 


When you start this mission, you'll want to fully explore the outskirts or starting area of the fort before you proceed to the inner courtyard. The first marking flag can be located a few steps into the battlefield, and investigating the west area, the flag is next to a ladder that you can kick down. Now head to the center of the battlefield and then go west where you'll see another Leishi demon roaming around, apart from the one guarding the entrance of the fort. After you defeat the Leishi, check the right side and jump on the red glowing branches. You'll find some items here that you can loot on the watchtower it's connected to, and on the left, you'll find two trebuchets. Kill the Demonized Fanatic and the other demon here to stop it from using the machine — there's also a small chest here, grab the loot, then pull the string of both trebuchets. 

By using the trebuchet. you've destroyed one of the nearby barricades. Go down, look to your right, and you'll see the spot that was barred earlier, head towards it and you'll find a large chest containing x2 Rank 9 Leather and the Second Marking Flag. Now go back and jump on the red glowing vines and branches, you'll find a ladder here that you can kick down. Climbing down this ladder will lead you back to the main gate of the fort which is guarded by a Leishi demon. The second Battle Flag for this mission can be found next to the main gate of the fort. But you will need to defeat the Leishi demon, the Demonized Warlock and Demonized Soldiers first before you can raise the Battle Flag.

Proceed to the inner courtyard by using the crimson branches. Keep going straight until you see a destroyed house that's covered with branches of red glowing vines, jump down, and follow the linear path to reach the other side where you'll find the Third Marking Flag. You'll then be heading deep into the courtyard section where ypu'll find the third battle flag. After fighting the group of Shuigui demons, go straight and up the red branch path until you reach the top on a roof where you'll encounter a small Huo Shu demon, you'll find the "A Brief Explanation of Sun Tzu" that you can loot here. Then walk to the edge of the roof on the right side, look below, and just drop to the ground. Inside the house, you'll find the Fourth Marking Flag — you can exit the house after raising the flag by dropping on the ground below from the left side of the doorway.

Next, go back up to the roof of the same house, and this time, go straight, follow the linear path leading to another house, and unlock the door to reveal a shortcut back to the Third Battle Flag you previously raised. Exit the house ahead, not from the door you just unlocked, to proceed to the next area where you'll encounter a Zhu Yan. Be careful of the large sacs, breaking it will spawn more demons. Before you fight the demons ahead, make a right where you'll encounter a large Huo Shu demon, defeat it and then continue forward towards a house below. Inside the house is a chest that contains x1 Dragon Vein Essence. After grabbing the item, clear the rest of the area first and return to the open field near the white tents to fight the Aoye demon that protects the Fourth Battle Flag. Once you've defeated the demon, you can raise the Battle Flag. Make sure to also loot the items on the ground, one of them is x2 Rank 9 Steel.

After defeating the Aoye demon and raising the Battle Flag, the path next to it will become accessible. Not far from here, simply follow the path and climb to the top of the scaffold to find the spot of the Fifth Marking Flag. For the sixth battle flag, retrace your steps to the area where you fought the Zhu Yan which also had multiple red sacs. There's a house ahead where you'll find a door that's locked and you'll hear a Warlock chanting, if you look on the left side, you'll see a branch path that connects around the walls and into that locked room. Inside, you'll find the Warlock and the Sixth Marking Flag. From here, you can unlock the door and open the small chest to find x2 Cup of Cordiality.

From there, proceed to the mission objective where you'll find the remaining flags. When you're ready enter the boss area to fight Yuan Shao. Defeating him yields a new Divine BeastXuanwu. Exit the arena where you'll find the sixth battle flag next to Hong Jing. Jump down from the left side and you'll find a Shitieshou Demon, a chest containing x3 Rank 9 Steel, and a Golden Cicada Shell. You won't miss it since it's next to each other. After interacting with the friendly demon and grabbing the cicada shell, go back up and reach the top area of the branch path to pursue Yu Ji — make sure to prepare before fighting Yu Ji, since you will immediately enter another boss battle which is the Embodiment of Demonic Qi, defeat both bosses to complete the mission.


The Crouching Dragon Roars

the crouching dragons roar main mission wolong wiki guide min

  1. Defeat the Blindfolded Boy
  2. Acquire the Divine BeastYinglong
  3. Unlock the new difficulty, New Game Plus (Rising Dragon)


This final mission is a short one - your only goal is to defeat the final boss. Prepare your equipment and weapons at the Battle Flag before you. When you're ready, follow the path and drop down into the open arena. A cutscene will play, after which, you will have to fight against the Blindfolded Boy. Win, and a lengthy series of cutscenes and credits will play before you. You will be rewarded a new Divine Beast - Yinglong - and it's upgrades. When you open the map at the Battle Flag, you will be informed that you have unlocked the Rising Dragon difficulty, allowing you to replay the game with harder enemies and better loot drops in your New Game +. This isn't the end of the game, however, as four new Sub Missions unlock as well.

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