Demonized Warlock

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Location Multiple Missions
Qi varies
Weak N/A
Resistant All Elements
Immune N/A

Demonized Warlock is an Enemy in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyDemonized Warlock is a ???. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attack patterns, killing them provides players with various drops that reward such as Copper or consumable Items, as well as some varying Equipment pieces and Genuine Qi, which is used to level up.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demonized Warlock Lore

Demonized Warlocks are sorcerers who turned into demons.

Once, they were foul malcontented practitioners of sorcery. Fleeing from the harsh rigors of training required to achieve immortality, they were able to procure Elixir, but excessive consumption caused them to assume the form of demons. In exchange for powerful sorcery, they lost their ability to reason. They behave in a manner not unlike that of an aspiring ascetic, such as using wizardry spells of the Five Phases to empower themselves or demons and wielding blades of Demonic Qi. As they have lost their way, their dreams of being worshipped by all as divine immortals have crumbled, leaving them with naught but futile regrets.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demonized Warlock Locations

Where to Find Demonized Warlock:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demonized Warlock Drops

All Enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have a random drop, meaning that they don't drop always the same items. 


Demonized Warlock Notes & Tips

  • Appears in 2 variations: Buffer and Conjurer
  • Buffer does not attack, but increase the damage of other enemies in their vicinity,
  • Conjurer can cast various spells
  • Has 2 Fatal Strikes - Staff Slam and projectile
  • Stands idle, therefore Bow/Crossbow is recommended to eliminate them from distance with headshots.
  • Notes and player tips go here



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