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Equipment Boldness Set
Unparalleled Spear
First Encounter Two Chivalrous Heroes

Zhao Yun is a Reinforcement in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyZhao Yun is a reinforcement aligned to the earth element icon wo long wiki guide 28px Earth element, that boosts Spirit gain when deflecting and Morale Rank points gain. Reinforcements are characters that may accompany you during Missions. They assist you dealing with your Enemies and Bosses you encounter along the way. They also provide unique passive bonuses to the players thanks to their Warrior Effects.


Zhao Yun is a warrior from Zhending County, Changshan Commandery, with the courtesy name Zilong.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhao Yun Lore Information

Known to many as Zhao Zilong of Changshan, he is famed as a virtually peerless warrior of imposing stature and countenance. Having been handpicked for service from among the citizens of his home commandery of Changshang, he now leads a militia force of commoners to join the war. He is a reliable and dignified man who shoes no interest in gaining rank or fortune, instead seeking to serve under a just lord to resolve the plight of the common people. Skilled in logistical matters as well as combat, many consider him the ideal general. Horsemanship is also among his strengths, and he was known to have led You Province's elite known as "White Horse Servant Cavalry".

Zhao Yun was among the generals of Gongsun Zan, the chief warlord in You Province, as part of a campaign to eradicate the Yellow Turbans. He went alone to Taishan Commandery's Mt. Dongshan, rumored to be the enemy's base, in order to track down his force's missing scouts. After coming under attack by Yellow Turbans, he crosses paths with the protagonist under attack by Yellow Turbans, and together, they defeat the Zhu Yan that had killed the scouts. The two warriors are awed by each other's abilities, and they swear an oath. Zhao Yun then sets out to aid his surviving allies and eliminate the Yellow Turbans remaining near Mt. Dongshan, and after achieving this, he regroups with the Gongsun Zan Army.

Zhao Yun took part in the Battle of Hulaoguan Pass on the side of the Guandong lords' coalition against Dong Zhuo. He reunites with the protagonist after coming to the rescue of Liu Bei who was being attacked by the husks of the Dong Zhuo Army. This meeting between Zhao Yun and Liu Bei was memorable to both, and proved to be fateful: when Gongsun Zan wrestled with Yuan Shao for control of Hebei, he allowed many innocents to die as collateral damage, and Zhao Yun, unable to forgive this, left on a wandering journey that eventually saw him enter the service of Liu Bei.


How to unlock Zhao Yun in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhao Yun is first encountered during the Two Chivalrous Heroes mission, where he becomes an ally, joining you in battle.


How to Summon Zhao Yun

  • Players have to spend x1 tiger seal usable items wo long wiki 95pxTiger Seal in order to summon Zhao Yun.
  • Zhao Yun can be summoned at any Flag while completing Missions, but note that not all Reinforcements are available for all Missions.


How to Deepen your bond with Zhao Yun

Players have to spend x1 cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality to deepen their bond with Zhao Yun. Spending a Cup of Cordiality on Zhao Yun upgrades the player's Oath Level by one. It caps at level 10 in which it changes to Sworn Brother. 

When players reach Oath Level 5 with Zhao Yun, they will unlock his second warrior effect.

Once players reach Sworn Brother statusthey receive:


Zhao Yun Related Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhao Yun is involved in the following Missions:

Zhao Yun can be summoned in the following Missions:


Zhao Yun Ally Warrior in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The following are Zhao Yun's ally warriors:


Zhao Yun Equipment

Zhao Yun has the following equipment and Warrior Effect

Warrior Effects

  • Spirit gain from deflecting +4.0%
  • Morale Rank Points Gain +6.0%



Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhao Yun Notes & Tips

  • Additional notes for Zhao Yun go here.



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    • Decent water resistance Armor Set given for Sworn Brother status. Unparalleled Spear is surprisingly good. I'm not sure if its a fixed effect but mine came with a Damage Amplification effect upon Successful Martial Arts hit. Excellent long range weapon choice.

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