Builds for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are optimized combinations of Equipment and Stats created by the community to make progression through the game easier, or to strive to create an interesting playstyle. Each Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Build listed in this page is unique in its playstyle, and distinctive in it's effectiveness in the game, as some builds are optimised against Enemies and Bosses, whereas others focus on dominating in PvP. In this page, you may find Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Builds for all playstyles and for both PvE and PvP.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Builds depend on optimising your Weapons, Armor, Divine Beasts, Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and Accessories. They also rely on optimising how you spend your Stat Points on the 5 Phases of Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water. Each phase has a specialisation towards a certain playstyle, such as the Water phase being stealth oriented. If you wish to read more, check out our Classes pages for more information.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Build For Beginners

  1. Unrivaled Spear
  2. Stealth Assassin
  3. Venomous Taoist

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Build - How to Build an Venomous Taoist


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Builds

If you are trying to find the best build for you to complete your first playthrough of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, check out our build guies below. We provide you with in-depth explanations of why certain decisions optimise a build, as well as provide insight in how you can optimise it yourself to branch out and find the build you are most comfortable with. To start, look through the builds below, read the description and see if it fits how you imagine playing the game.

Your first step to finding your desired build is to figure out your preferred playstyle. For example, would you like to run in head-first into battle, slaughtering all foes in your path, or would you prefer to stealthily execute enemies without being noticed, or perhaps you would enjoy to take enemies down with poison or ranged attacks. After you figure this out, decide which of the Weapons would best suit this playstyle, and it should become clear which Stat you should invest poins in. Remember that the build you choose is not set in stone; eventually you will become powerful enough to try other playustyles while being able to retain the same effectiveness of your old build, so dont be shy to spend your Stat points and invest into builds.


Unrivaled Spear Build


For this Build we’ll be focusing on the Wood Virtue, which significantly increases our health in combination with Heavy Armor to greatly reduce the physical damage we take. In addition, we’ll be adding some healing spells and a Divine Beast that heal us to make it even tankier.

The negative aspect of this build is its lack of mobility and low damage. We’ll mitigate that by equipping the Unparalleled Spear, which has a unique martial Art called “Whistling Vortex”. When used, this martial art allows you to spin forward dealing damage and tracking down your marked enemy. You can spam this Martial Art to stay on top of your enemies.

We’ll also be using the The Inner Breath Spell to increase the accumulation of the Divine Beast Gauge, and Absorb Vitality to heal while we attack.

Unrivaled Spear Stats

This build focuses on the Wood Virtue, but it is also necessary to assign some points into Earth and Fire Virtue. You should first focus on Wood Virtue, and then assign enough points into Earth to adjust your Weight proportion. At lvl 72 your stats should look like this

  • 50 Wood Virtue. This is our main stat, providing a huge boost to health, increasing our Weapon Damage and our Lightning Damage.
  • 8 Fire Virtue. This is required to unlock the "Amplify Damage" Spell.
  • 14 Earth Virtue. We just need enough to maintain our Weight Proportion just below 100%. This will depend on the armor you are currently wearing

Unrivaled Spear Spells

  • Lightning Weapon: "For a certain period of time, enchants your current melee weapon with Lightning". This scales with the Wood Virtue greatly increasing our damage output and helps us deal elemental damage that goes through enemy guard.
  • Inner Breath: "Increases the accumulation of the Divine Beast Gauge for a certain period of time". This spell greatly increase the amount of Beast Gauge you gain when dealing damage to enemies or when getting hit. Make sure to keep it active at all times
  • Absorb Vitality: "You and your nearby allies can restore HP upon dealing damage to enemies". This spell allows us to be more aggressive, since we’ll be healing back a portion of the damage we deal.\
  • Amplify Damage: “For a certain period of time, increase both the damage you deal to enemies and receive from them". This is specially useful before Fatal Strikes. There’s a small window before the enemy recovers, you can use that time to cast this spell and then perform the fatal strike for better results.

Unrivaled Spear Divine Beast

You’ll want to use Qinglong as your Divine Beast which can be obtained fairly early in the game.

Qinglong’s Favor increases HP by +18 HP and provides +2.4% HP restoration, which works perfect in combination with our Absorb Vitality spell. You’ll also get reduced spirit consumption to cast Inner Breath Spells.

The Divine Beast summon creates a pool on the ground that will heal you while you stand over it. The pool lasts a very long time and will keep you at full health even if you are getting hit. This is very useful during boss fights and helps you reduce the amount of Dragon Pot Uses.

If you want to play offensive, you can use the Divine Beast resonation instead, which provides lightning damage and damage reduction, allowing you to go all in without having to worry for a couple of seconds.

Unrivaled Spear Weapons Armor & Accessories

Main Melee: Unparalleled Spear

For your Main Melee weapon, you’ll want to use the Unparalleled Spear. As previously mentioned, the Whistling Vortex Martial Art will be our main way of attacking enemies and to compensate for our lack of mobility.

You can acquire this spear by increasing your relationship with Zhao Yun to Sworn Brother. If you don’t have the spear yet, you can also use any other spear that has the “Monkey’s Wisdom” Martial art, which acts similar to Whistling Vortex.

For Special Effects, you’ll want to equip the “Lightning Attack Power” to further increase the elemental damage, “Divine Beast Gauge Gain” to further increase how quickly you can cast Qinglong and “Damage Dealt”.

Side Melee: Curve-Headed Glaive

We are only interested in wielding this weapon to gain all the Set Bonuses together with the complete Dauntless Tiger Servant Set. But other than that, it’s not even important to use this weapon during combat.

For Ranged Weapons you can use basically any ranged weapon you want, but we can still get a good use of the Ranged Weapon Special Effects. Equip your Ranged Weapons with the following Special Effects.

You can equip any type of Heavy Armor, just make sure you keep your weight proportion below 100% so you are still mobile enough to be efficient at combat. I personally recommend the Dauntless Tiger Servant Set, as it provides very high physical resitance and great set bonuses. You can acquire this set by increasing your relationship with Han Dang to sworn brothers.

The Armor Set is comprised by the following pieces:

While using it’s corresponding pieces you’ll get the "Unflinching Bravery" set bonus providing the following benefits

- Received Damage -1.3%.
- Guard Spirit Consumption -2.2%
- Power Gain upon Martial Arts.
- Damage Dealt in Perfect Condition +7.2%

When it comes to Special Effects on your Armor, you’ll want to include “Martial Arts Damage”, “Lightning Attack Power” and “Divine Beast Gauge Gain

As it is, the build is fairly complete, you can use any accessory you want for main and secondary, just consider trying to gain any benefit for the build such as Spirit Gauge Gain, Martial Arts Damage, etc.

Final Tips

  • Use your Divine Beast Resonation and Summon as often as possible. The Inner Breath Spell allows you to quickly refill the bar so don’t be afraid to use it whenever necessary.
  • When you break an enemy spirit gauge there’s a small delay before it recovers. You can usually cast one or two buffs depending on the situation. You’ll usually want to use Inner Breath, as you’ll most likely fill half of the Divine Beast bar by just performing that fatal strike alone.
  • Even if you are really tanky you should still use deflect to avoid Fatal Strikes and to deal with agile enemies. Deflecting Boss Critical Blows is imperative to break they spirit gauge.
  • The Divine Beast Summon will revive and heal your fallen allies. This can come very handy for boss fights. Make sure to summon them if you are having trouble with a particular boss
  • You can bypass the “spirit gauge” delay after using your martial art. To do this, first perform the martial art until your spirit gauge bar is full. Once you land, perform a quick light strike. This will fill your Spirit Gauge bar just a little, allowing you to perform another martial art straight away.
  • Make sure to always cast your Lightning Weapon spell. This is your main way of dealing damage, and its elemental damage will go past enemy’s guard.


Stealth Assassin (Dual Swords) Build


This build is ideal for players who enjoy a stealthy playstyle, relying on map navigation and positioning to dispatch enemies with a single, devastating blow. To perform a successful sneak attack, it's crucial to remain undetected as you approach your target from behind. Once you've positioned yourself correctly, wait for the circle to turn red and press the heavy attack button to execute the attack.

The general strategy with this Build is to use the Alacrity Haste in combination with the Unseeable Form to safely navigate the battlefield without being noticed. We’ll also buff ourselves with the Amplify Damage Spell and the Ice Weapon spell to further increase our damage.Stealth Assassin Stats, Divine Beast and Spells

Stealth Assassin Stats

The build can be used throughout the whole campaign but for the purpose of this video the stats are capped at lvl 70.

This build is mainly design around the Water Virtue but we’ll assign some points into Fire and Wood as well. While you are leveling up you should prioritize the Water Virtue first, going for Fire virtue to unlock the Amplify Damage Spell second, and the Wood Virtue last.
Assuming you are lvl 70 allocate the stats in the following way:

  • 11 Wood Virtue: This increases the time our buffs last, allowing us to keep Alacrity Haste and Unseeable Form for a longer time. It’ll also allow you to use the “Inner Breath” spell during Boss Fights
  • 8 Fire Virtue: This is required to unlock the "Amplify Damage" spell. Our weapon scales with Fire as well so you’ll also get a damage boost.
  • 51 Water Virtue: This is our main stat. It’ll greatly increase our weapon damage and increase “Stealth”, which affects the damage dealt with fatal strikes to unaware enemies, as well as determining how easily enemies can detect you.
    Stealth Assassin Spells

You often start missions with 0 morale, meaning that you won’t be able to use your spells right away. You can still walk behind enemies and perform fatal strikes to start building up your morale. Another great strategy is dropping from a high position, which will guarantee a fatal strike on the enemy.Two great ways of building up morale are consuming Elixir and interacting with Tombstones. Make sure to start using your spells as soon as they become available and always take one enemy at a time.

Spells for General Gameplay

  • Alacrity Haste: This spell increases your movement speed for a certain period of time. This is particularly useful because you need to walk to sneak behind an enemy without being noticed (if you run, they'll get alerted). Alacrity Haste allows us to quickly walk behind a target and perform the fatal strike which is great for patrolling enemies.
  • Amplify Damage: This spell increases both the damage you deal to enemies and the damage you receive from them for a period of time. This is used to greatly increase the damage of our Fatal Strike. Since we are attacking from behind, we are not supposed to get hit by enemies, so there’s no need to worry about the extra incoming damage.
  • Ice Weapon: This spell enchants your current melee weapon with Ice for a certain period of time. This helps us deal elemental damage that can go through guard. This is very useful to deal with enemies that got alerted when, for example, you killed another nearby enemy.
  • Unseeable Form: This spell turns your body invisible for a certain period of time, making you undetectable by enemies. This can be used to move in front of enemies without being detected even in very small places. There are a couple of things to consider when using this spell A) This spell doesn’t mitigate sound, so you’ll want to use it in combination with Alacrity Haste to be able to quickly walk to your destination B) Enemies will notice you if you touch them, so keep a minimum distance when sneaking behind them. C) Your spirit gauge will not recover while the buff last, so if they somehow detect you you’ll probably get hit and stunned because of the spirit gauge D) You can jump while Invisible, but if you double jump the buff will go away exposing you to enemies. E) You can’t become invisible while in combat, even if you are out of sight.

Spells for Boss Fights

While this build is mainly designed to complete mission levels, you can also adjust it to fight against Bosses. In order to do this, you’ll need to swap a couple of spells “Alacrity Haste” for “Inner Breath”: This spell increases the accumulation of the Divine Beast Gauge for a certain period of time. This allows you to quickly fill the Divine Beast bar during boss fights. “Unseeable Form” for “Aqua Blink”: This spell instantly teleports you to the direction you are holding, allowing you to get behind the boss or to avoid a critical blow.

While fighting bosses you’ll want to focus on deflecting their attacks. This build is very squishy, but the Water Virtue makes it easier to deflect spells and reduces the amount of stamina you consume while doing so. Use the Aqua Blink to get away of difficult situations or to close the gap to land a couple of strikes.

Once you break the boss stance make sure to activate the Amplify Damage Spell and the Ice Weapon Spell before landing the Fatal Strike (You usually have enough time to active both before the boss recovers). Once you land the fatal strike the set bonus debuffs will activate greatly reducing the damage the boss deals and greatly increasing your own damage. If you are aggressive enough you should be able to break the Boss stance again before the buffs go away, thus repeating the sequence.

Stealth Assassin Divine Beast

You’ll want to use Baize as your Divine Beast for this build (you can acquire him fairly early into the game). Its Divine Beast Favor increases our Fatal Strike damage which is perfect for this build. He’ll also reduce the amount of spirit required to cast your Water Phase Spells and reduce the amount of spirit consumed while deflecting which is very useful during boss fights.

While exploring the mission you can use the Summon ability to mark all enemies in a wide area. They’ll be marked by a light blue sigil and you’ll be able to see them even through walls. This is very useful when you need to deal with enemies that are hidden from sight or to plan your move in locations with many enemies.

The Beast Resonation is very useful at the beginning of a Boss Fight before you are able to land your first fatal strike, as it’ll reduce the amount of damage you take and imbue your weapon with Ice Damage, which will help you deplete the enemy Spirit Gauge without giving it an opportunity to recover.
Stealth Assassin Weapons, Armor & Accessories

Stealth Assassin Weapons

The Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords scales with the Water Virtue Stat and Armor Lightness.

Main Melee: Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords

The Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords scales with the Water Virtue Stat. In addition, it has a fixed Special Effect that increases its damage in proportion to the Armor Lightness you are currently wearing. The combination of both scaling factors provides the weapon with an insane amount of attack power making it perfect for our build.

Side Melee: Night Owl Cane
This weapon is part of "The Strategist of Genius” Bonus set, so you’ll need to have it equipped as your side weapon in order to gain full benefits of the set.

Melee Weapon Special Effects

You’ll want to have “Spell Duration” to further increase the length of Alacrity Haste and Unseeable Form. You can also add “Ice Attack Power” to increase the damage of your Ice Weapon and Diving Beast Resonation.

Main Ranged Weapon: Feathered Cavalry Bow
This bow has Max scaling with Water Virtue from a very low level allowing you to deal an insane amount of damage from a distance. This is very useful to deal with enemies that might be out of reach or that could notice you when you defeat another enemy.

Side Ranged Weapon: You can select any weapon you like as your side Ranged Weapon

Ranged Weapon Special Effects

When it comes to ranged Weapons you’ll want to have “Enemy Detection” to be able to see enemies in the mini map and plan your strategy (You can also get this from some accessories). You may also want to have Flag Detection to make sure you don’t miss any flags. After those two are covered you’ll want to focus on “Moral Rank Points Gained” first to be able to start using your spells as soon as possible. After that you can go for “Damage Dealt” and “Ice Attack Power” to further increase your damage.

Stealth Assassin Armor

The Libationer Guo Set is one of the lightest sets of the game, creating a perfect synergy with our weapon. In addition, the Set Bonuses will further increase the power of our Lethal Strike, allowing us to deal with enemies that we can’t defeat in a single blow. You can acquire all pieces of the set by increasing your relationship with “Guo Jia” to sworn brothers. This can be easily done by providing him enough Cups of Cordiality or by joining forces with him in multiple missions. The set is comprised by the following pieces:

Set Bonus: "Strategist of Genius"
- Enemy Status Effect Accumulation +3.8%. This works great with our "Ice Weapon" spell as well as our Divine Beast Resonation
- Power Drop upon Fatal Strike on Enemy. This greatly reduces the damage enemies deal when they hit you, allowing you to safely fight with powerful enemies without having to worry about dying in a single hit.
- Negative Effect Duration on Enemies +3.4%. This increases the duration a debuff will last on an enemy, which includes the Damage Amplification, the Power Drop and the Chill effect.
- Damage Amplification upon Fatal Blow. This increases the damage an enemy take, allowing us to quickly finish them off even if they survive a fatal strike.
- Damage to Enemies with Negative Effects +10.6%. The debuffs you apply are considered negative effects, so you'll deal even more damage after a fatal blow.

Armor Special Effects

When it comes to armor you’ll want to focus on “Morale Rank Points Gain” first, then go for “Water Damage”, “Ice Attack Power” and “Chill Accumulation on Enemies

Stealth Assassin Accessories

Main: Silver Inlay Liubo Dice. This is a required as part of the Libationer Guo Set and you’ll need to to acquire the set bonuses.
Secondary: Anything that benefits the build, such as Fatal Strike Damage, etc.

Final Tips

  •  Be aware of your surroundings: Since this build focuses on stealth, always be aware of your surroundings and terrain to plan your approach on enemies.
  • Experiment with other spells: While the spells mentioned in this build work well, don't be afraid to experiment with other spells and find what works best for you.
  • Don't get too close to enemies: While the build is designed to deal high damage quickly, the tradeoff is that the character is very fragile. Avoid getting hit by enemies and always prioritize taking them out quickly.
  • Make sure you prioritize Dodge and Deflect over parry when using this build
  • Remember to use your bow to deal with archers, as they usually have very large radius of sight and may often trigger other enemies, spoiling your strategy
  • If you happen to find any jewelry that enhances your Fatal Strike attacks make sure to slot it into your equipment at the Blacksmith



Venomous Taoist


This build is ideal for players who prefer to engage Enemies from a safe distance and let damage-over-time effects do the work for them. To make this happen, we’ll use the "Venom Snare" spell, which applies a powerful damage-over-time debuff to enemies. Enemies will take damage over time from both the fog and the poison. This effect is enhanced by using the "Life Wither" and "Amplify Damage" spells to further boost our damage output, in addition to the “Damage Amplification” debuff from our Evil Taoist Set. Additionally, we’ll utilize the "Thorn Shot" spell to slow down enemies, allowing us to keep a safe distance and avoid incoming attacks.

This build is especially effective against bosses, allowing us to remain in a safe spot while the boss slowly dies to poison.

Venomous Taoist Stats, Divine Beast and Spells


Venomous Taoist Stats

You’ll mainly want focus on the Metal Virtue for this build, as it increases your damage and reduces the spirit required to cast your spells.

Assuming you are lvl 60 allocate the Stats in the following way:

1. 8 Fire Virtue: This is required to unlock the "Amplify Damage" spell.

2. 52 Metal Virtue: This is our main stat. It’ll greatly increase spell damage as well as reducing the amount of spirit required to cast those spells.


Venomous Taoist Divine Beast

We’ll use “Tengshe” as our Divine Beast to further enhance the effectiveness of this build.

For starters, Tengshe increases the accumulation of Status Effects on Enemies, triggering the poison damage-over-time effect from "Venom Snare" almost instantly. Tengshe also increases the damage dealt to enemies afflicted with negative effects, thereby amplifying the effect of our damage over time debuff. Lastly, we’ll get a Passive Effect that applies a “Power Drop” debuff to enemies hit by our Wizardy Spells, greatly reducing the damage they deal us even if we get hit.


Venomous Taoist Spells

The only issue with this build is that you’ll need to build up 12 Morale in order to use your main Spell “Venom Snare”. Since you start most main missions with 0 morale, you’ll have to start with a different spell combination and then swap into our main build (you can do this by interacting with a battle flag).

Before you reach 12 Morale you’ll want to use the following spells:

  1. Venomous Discharge: "Releases bubbles of poison that burst and generate poison bogs. These bogs will cause damage over time to enemies touching them."
  2. Thorn Shot "Releases curse bolts that create thorns on contact with enemies or terrain. Enemies that step on the thorns will be slowed for a certain period of time."
  3. Molten Calamity Thorn: "Releases a metal-imbued attack that deals damage to enemies it touches. If those enemies are inflicted with any ailments, they will be fully cured, and they will take additional damage corresponding to the number of ailments cured."
  4.  Amplify Damage: "For a certain period of time, increases both the damage you deal to enemies and receive from them."

At the beginning of the level you’ll only be able to use “Thorn Shot”. This deals considerable damage and the slow effect will help you finish off enemies with your main weapon. Thanks to Tengshe you’ll also apply the “Power Drop” debuff making safer to engage in melee combat.

Once you reach 3 morale you’ll unlock the other 3 spells.

  • Molten Calamity Thorn: This spells charges a powerful strike that deals extra damage for each ailment an enemy is suffering. By using “thorn shot” you’ll apply 3 debuffs into the enemy (Slow from this Spell, Damage Amplification from the Evil Taoist Set and Power Drop from Tengshe), allowing you to defeat most enemies in a single hit. The casting animation takes a fair amount of time, so you’ll want to use it after you successfully deflect an enemy attack
  • Venomous Discharge is great to apply the venom debuff into an enemy, further increasing the damage of our Molten Calamity Thorn strike.
  • Amplify Damage can be used to increase your damage output. You should only use this if you are trying to kill enemies from a distance with Thorn Shot and Venomous Discharge

12 Morale and above

Once you reach 12 morale you’ll want to swap into your main build which consist of the following spells.

 5. Life Wither: "Releases a curse bolt to the front. Enemies hit will receive more damage for a certain period of time."

 6.Thorn Shot: "Releases curse bolts that create thorns on contact with enemies or terrain. Enemies that step on the thorns will be slowed for a certain period of time."

 7. Venom Snare: "Releases a curse bolt to the front that will form a poison fog around the enemy it hits. The fog will cause damage over time to enemies touching it."

 8. Amplify Damage: "For a certain period of time, increases both the damage you deal to enemies and receive from them."

You’ll want to start off by buffing yourself with “Amplify Damage”. Then engage the enemy by using “Thorn Shot” to slow it down and “Life Wither” to increase the damage they take.

From here continue on by continuously casting “Venom Snare”, which will deal damage on impact, apply the “Fog” debuff that deals damage over time in an area and venom which also deals damage over time.


Venomous Taoist Weapons, Armor & Accessories 

Venomous Taoist Weapons

Main Melee: Sword of Yu The Great

You won’t be engaging into melee except during missions where you start with low morale. This sword is part of the Evil Taoist Set which we’ll use for this build, but it also scales mainly with Metal, which is our main virtue.

Side Melee: You can use whatever you want as your secondary weapon.

Melee Weapon Special Effects: You’ll want to have “Toxin Attack Power” and “Damage to enemies with Poison” to further increase your damage over time.

Ranged Weapons

  • Main Ranged Weapon: Tiger Hunting Bow. This bow scales mainly with Metal, and comes very handy to start engagements during the start of a mission.
  • Side Ranged Weapon: You can select any weapon you like as your side Ranged Weapon

Ranged Weapon Special Effects

When it comes to ranged Weapons it’s always great to have “Enemy Detection” to be able to see enemies in the minimap as well as Flag Detection to help you reach 12 morale as soon as possible.

After those two are covered you’ll want to focus on “Morale Rank Points Gain” and “Toxin Attack Power

Venomous Taoist Armor

The best option for this build is the Evil Taoist Set because of its Set Bonus. The damage amplification debuff stacks with the other damage amplifications, and we also get a huge boost to Spell damage and Elemental damage.

 The set is comprised by the following pieces

Set Bonus: "Instigator of Evil"

- Spirit Gain from Deflecting +2.8%.

- Elemental Damage +3.0%

- Damage Amplification on Enemy upon Wizardry Spell

- Wizardry Spell Damage +8.3%


Armor Special Effects

When it comes to armor you’ll want to focus on “Toxin Attack Power” and “Damage to enemies with Poison”

Venomous Taoist Accessories

You can use any kid of Accessories for this build, but you should pay special attention to things like Spell Damage, Toxin Damage, etc.


Final Tips

- You can save build configurations by interacting with a Battle Flag. Head to “Battle Preparations” and then on the “Battle Set”. Here you can save your spell configurations to quickly swap them once you reach 12 moral

- You can use this build exclusively for bosses if you want. Just play the mission with your regular build and then swap into this config using just before the boss fight.

- While fighting bosses you’ll often see that their spirit gauge bar is almost full because of the damage they are taking. Don’t be afraid to get near and use a single light attack to stagger them and perform a fatal blow.

- The fog debuff of the “Venom Snare” spell deals damage to everything around it, making it great against groups of enemies, just try to keep them together.

- Make sure to keep spamming the “Venom Snare” spell as often as possible, as it’ll deal damage and reset the debuff each time it hits.

- Make sure to use your bow during the start of missions to build up your morale. Aim for the head for maximum damage and then use your spells to finish them off

- Using Elixir and Interacting with Tombstones is another great way to increase your Morale.


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Placeholder Build


Community Builds for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

These builds are created by everyone in the Fextralife Community. Share your own!

This table is sortable!

Build Name Main Weapon Level Range Creator Notes
Super Cool Build Name Podao 0-50 Your Super Cool Name How does it work on a fundamental level? Is it recommended for new players? How long do you have to play to make it effective?
Unscrupulous Swordmaster Hundred-Forged Sabres 1-150 Amord

This build is recommended for players that want to have an easier time getting through the game. Very early on you want to max out your Bond with Cao Cao in order to get a full Unscrupulous Hero Set. Until you can do that, use any armor you see fit. Pour ALL of your points into Earth Virtue. It's going to 99.

This will in turn let you wear heavier armor. The Lieutenant-General Set is a great pick for the very early parts before you can bond farm for Cao Cao. For weapons, use the Polearm Podao, you can get it right at the start and it scales off of Earth Virtue. By the time you get to Part 3 - Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch, your build starts coming together for real. You can max out Cao Cao's bond here simply by fighting enemies, or you can use Cups of Cordiality. Whatever your method, max it out ASAP.

There is also a Battle Flag not far into the Eunuch's Manor just as you come out of the Prison. There are two Assassins that drop from the tree. This is your farming spot for the Hundred-Forged Sabres. Get it at four star quality, and now you have your main weapon.

It scales off of Earth Virtue, and most importantly it has 133.3% Deflection Difficulty -- the highest in the game, which means that you can use Deflects back to back with little cost. For all the pieces of gear that you have, you want to put these effects on them:

Spirit Damage, Damage Received, Genuine Ki Obtention, Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks. Later, you can also max out Xiahou Yuan's Bond in order to get his bow. Finally, you can exchange your Accolades with Zuo Ci to get a four star Colonel Repeating Crossbow.

For accessories, always have "A Brief Explanation of Sun Tzu" for the full set bonus UNLESS you are specifically farming for Qi to level up faster, in which case, you want to have Accessories that have Genuine Qi Obtention on them. If it comes down to it, save two Decorative Knot Accessories, which always have that effect.

Once you hit 99 Earth Virtue, pour your remaining points into the Water Virtue for more damage, and less Spirit drain from deflecting. As far as spells go, you actually don't need any. You'll do a ton of damage, you'll be fast, and you can react to any threat because of how fast the swords are, and if you eat a hit, your armor is going to protect you. You can however experiment with Enhanced Defense, Illusionary Shell, and Cloud Stance. All of which are very useful, but ultimately unnecessary.

To deal the most damage, you want to break the enemy's Spirit Gauge. You can have an easier time doing this by deflecting, obviously. But when your Spirit Gauge is maxed out on the right, you can do a strong attack which will deal large amounts of damage AND Spirit Damage -- it will also reduce the amount of Spirit Gauge the enemy has to work with until you finally break it.

You'll level fast, and if you want to make it even easier to level fast, you can use the Zhupolong farms. This build works in NG+, and is the most forgiving way to learn how to engage the mechanics of the game. It goes without saying, but always upgrade your equipment as fast as possible in order to become more and more overpowered.


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    • i would love to add a breakdown on how to make a build and the thinking behind it, im happy to post it as if its a build and break it down that way if youd like help filling this page with even more helpful information. i could submit it to someone for proofreading and you could take it or leave it i just dont know how.

      • Anonymous

        I just finished the game using a really nice earth virtue build, i really enjoy it personally.
        It's super tanky but could use some tweaking.
        Main weapon is Soaring Ursine Mace.
        Secondary weapon is the Quake Griffin Hammer
        It gives you a nice mix between fast attacks and heavy hitting slow ones.
        Armor set is the rampancy set.
        Spells i use are:
        1. Amplify Damage
        2. Stone Weapon
        3.Overpower Burst
        4. Life Wither.

        It's just built around bursting an enemy down with the martial art from the soaring ursine mace.
        It does ridiculous damage to both bosses and regular enemies granted u don't die.

        • I'm really enjoying a Lightning build character. Hong Jing at Oath lvl 10 early game gives some pretty good gear for that build. And the Jade-Green Staff is pretty good and has a really nice moveset. Throw an Lightning Enchant special effect on that weapon and it'll shock everyone to death.

          • Anonymous

            Great to see updates here!

            For the stats that go passed the soft cap (like over 40 Wood in the Spear build), is that just for the damage scaling with lightning? Or is it just not worth worrying about the caps in this like it is From Soft games? Not familiar with Nioh, so I apologize if that's a dumb question.

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