Set Bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are special benefits that players can gain from equipping several pieces of an Armor Set. These bonuses are not given by all Armor Sets and can only be found on selected Weapons and Armor pieces throughout the game. Wearing pieces from these Armor Sets will grant the player various in-game benefits, such as increased stats, special abilities, and more.


Set Bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Comparison Table
Light Armor Set Bonuses
Medium Armor Set Bonuses
Heavy Armor Set Bonuses
New Game Plus Set Bonuses

Set Bonuses Comparison Table

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A Second Coming of Zhaohu
Valorous Vanguard Set
Aspiration of Restoring the Han Empire
Man of Benevolence Set
Brutal Ursine Warrior
Rampancy Set
Dauntless Warrior
Boldness Set
Ferocious Young Conqueror
Young Conqueror Set
Hero Beyond The Age
Unscrupulous Hero Set
Inheritor of the Tiger
Blue-Eyed Child Set
Instigator of Evil
Evil Taoist Set
Lu Bu, the Mightiest Among Men
Flying General Set
Pride of the Indomitable Champion
Dread Star of Hejian Set
Renegade of the Heaven's Will
Tyrant Overlord Set
Rival of the Masses
Fierce Zhang Fei Set
Strategist of Genius
Libationer Guo Set
Sun's Elder Veteran
Lead Tiger Servant Set
The Dominator of Hebei
The Leader of Lords Set
The Great Talent of a King's Advisor
Prefect Xun Set
The Way of Tianzhu
Tianzhu Hermit Set
The Yellow Heaven Must Rise
General of Man Set
Thunderous Raider
Rushing Set
Tiger of Jiangdong
Vicious Tiger Set
Unflinching Bravery
Dauntless Tiger Servant Set
Unscrupulous Hero's Right Hand
Staunchness Set
Wisdom and Courage
Stalwart Tiger Servant Set

With Sky High Righteousness

Ser Magnificent Beard Set

Yuan's Head Senior General

Curse Star of Hejian Set


Light Armor Set Bonuses


Medium Armor Set Bonuses


Heavy Armor Set Bonuses



New Game Plus Set Bonuses

While playing in Rising Dragon difficulty, Armor Pieces and Weapons that previously never had any Set Bonus, now have a very small chance to have a NG+ Set Bonus. As this is given by chance, you can't check what other pieces you need to complete the Set, you can only see the Set Bonuses from the game menu.

What players must do in order to make the Set Bonus work, is to gather as many items WITH THE SAME Set Bonus, and equip them together, only then the Set Bonus effects will become effective.

In other words, players will have to keep grinding until they get enough Items to complete the "Set", but these items will be random, meaning that it's very unlikely for 2 different players to complete the Set Bonus with the same parts. Opening the possibility for players to make Unique Builds that other players may not be able to get.


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