Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty represent the game's quest and level structure. Missions are divided into a number of categories, consisting primarily of the Main Missions which move the narrative forward and are integral to progressing in the game's campaign, as well as Sub Missions which are optional quests that players can undertake for additional challenges and rewards. Missions take place in various Locations across China and multiple missions may take place in the same location, but with different setups or scenarios.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Helpful Links

  • See the Walkthrough page or each individual Mission's page for an in-depth guide to completing missions
  • See the Game Progress Route page for a condensed guide to progressing in the main campaign
  • Shitieshou Demon: A complete list of all Shitieshou Demons in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
  • Battle Flags: Learn about Battle Flags and where to find in all Missions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
  • Marking Flags: Learn about Marking Flags where to find in all Missions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
  • Hidden Village: Discover how to unlock the Hidden Village and the Hermits of Tianzhu questlines.
  • Golden Cicada Shell: A guide on how to use Golden Cicada Shells and where to find in all Missions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
  • New Game Plus: Read about the Rising Dragon mode, the NG+ mode for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty after beating the main campaign.


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