Reinforcements in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are characters that may join the protagonist during Main or Side Missions, thus assisting them when facing Enemies and Bosses. Each one of the Reinforcements have their own stats, Weapons and Armor Set, as well as their own Phase alignment and Warrior Effect.

There are up to 17 Reinforcements for the player to unlock throughout the game, and not all of them can be called upon in all Missions.


Reinforcement in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Warrior Effects Comparison Table

Warrior Effects Comparison Table


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First Warrior Effect

Second Warrior Effect (Required Oath Level 5)

Cao Cao Damage to Enemies with Negative Effects +4.0% Marking Flag Detection
Cheng Pu Negative Effect Removal Upon Fatal Strike HP Restoration From Melee Attack Damage
Guan Yu Received Damage -2.4% Restore HP upon Deflecting Critical Blow +36
Han Dang Received Ranged Attack Damage -2.9% Damage Reduction Upon Martial Arts
Hong Jing Wizardry Spell Spirit Consumption -2.6% Wizardry Spell Damage +4.0%
Huang Gai HP recovery upon Fatal Strike +24 Fatal Strike Damage +4.6%
Liu Bei HP +18 Alliance Spirit Defense +24
Sun Ce Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks +3.5% Spirit Damage Received while Attacking -3.5%
Sun Jian Spirit Attack Damage +3.6% Spirit Sustainability +18
Sun Quan Damage Amplification to Enemy Upon Ranged Attack Ammo Replenish Upon Fatal Strike +1
Xiahou Dun Status Effects Resistance 7.2% Spirit Consumption -2.2%
Xiahou Yuan Ranged Attack Damage +4.2% Ammo Retrieval Upon Ranged Attack 7.2%
Xun Yu Restore HP +2.4% Genuine Qi Obtention +9.6%
Zhang Fei Martial Arts Damage +3.6% Received Damage While Attacking -2.9%
Guo Jia Enemy Status Effect Accumulation +7.2% Negative Effect Duration on Enemies +3.6%
Zhang Liao Power Gain Upon Fatal Strike. Marial Arts Spirit Consumption -2.6
Zhao Yun Spirit gain from deflecting +4.0% Morale Rank Points Gain +6.0%



Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Reinforcements Mechanics

What are Warrior Effects in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Warrior Effects are passive abilities that each of the 17 Reinforcements possess. They are unique to them and range from increasing damage while using normal attacks or Martial Arts, as well as reducing Spirit Cost or Increasing Wizardry effectiveness. 

These Warrior Effects are fixed and CANNOT be changed or upgraded, neither by increasing the level of the Reinforcements, or by deepening your bond with them.

All Reinforcements start with one Warrior Effect, but can earn an additional one, totaling in two Warrior Effects per Reinforcement.

To receive the benefits of Warrior Effects players have to Summon that Reinforcement into the Battlefield. 

How to unlock the second Warrior Effect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Players are able to increase their bond with a Reinforcement by giving them a cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality, thus increasing their Oath Level with that Reinforcement.

When players reach Oath Level 5 with any Reinforcement, the second Warrior Effect is unlocked for that Reinforcement.

Once unlocked, the second Warrior Effect remains unlocked permanently.

How to Summon Reinforcements in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Reinforcements have to be summoned in Missions, and this can only be done at Battle Flags. When players interact with the flags, they have to navigate the menu to select Reinforcements, and then choose who they want to summon. Summoning is not free, players have to spend x1 tiger seal usable items wo long wiki 95pxTiger Seal every time they want to summon a Reinforcement.

Note that not other Reinforcements are available in all Missions, and in some of them, players may already start with a Reinforcement alongside them. 

It is also important to note that Reinforcements will ALWAYS be one level below the Mission Level. This means that if players are engaging on a Level 20 Mission, when called, their Reinforcements will be level 19

Players can summon up to 2 Reinforcements at the same time.

How to Deepen your bond with a Reinforcement in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Players are able to increase their bond with a Reinforcement by giving them a cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality. Doing this, increases by one level the bond they both share. Players can upgrade this Oath up to level 10, in which it is renamed Sworn Brother.

The second option to increase a bond with any Reinforcement is defeating Enemies and completing Missions with them on your party

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Reinforcements Rewards

When enough cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality have been given to a Reinforcement, and it reaches the Sworn Brother status, players will receive that Reinforcement's Equipment. Players will receive a replica of the 4 Armor Pieces (Head Armor, Chest Armor, Arm Guards, and Leg Guards), as well as the Weapon of the Reinforcement that has reached Sworn Brother status. Note that the equipment received is always of the ✮✮✮✮ variant.

Best place to farm Cup of Cordiality in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality if one of the most important and treasured items in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It allows players to increase their bonds with Reinforcements, allowing to unlock both their second Warrior Effect, as well as reaching Sworn Brother status once the Oath level has been increased enough, thus receiving their respective Rewards while doing so.

The best place to farm the cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality in the game, is in the Sub Mission called The Uninhibited Heart.







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