New Game Plus, New Game +, or NG+
for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an unlockable component where players can start a new game after meeting the requirement of finishing the main campaign at least once. In most cases, playing in New Game Plus allows players to start the main campaign from the beginning while attaining some key aspects you've acquired during your first playthrough such as Player Level, Unlocked Skills, Discovered Items, Currency, and more.

The New Game Plus or NG+ page features relevant information such as various aspects of the game that are carried over to this game mode, helpful information regarding the conditions that must be met in order to unlock New Game Plus, as well indicating the different attributes of the game that changes the overall experience. This page covers relevant information and guides for the New Game Plus mode for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Game Plus

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, New Game Plus becomes available after completing all Main Missions. By doing so, players will unlock a new game difficulty called Rising Dragon that can be switched from the Missions menu. It will change the theme colour of the menu a bit and "Rising Dragon" will be displayed over the Part tabs.

Once the Rising Dragon difficulty has been unlocked and selected, you will be able to complete all the previous Missions again where your first mission will be at level 100. 

Unlocked Content

New Game Plus won't force the player to completely reboot the game story, it only adds a new game difficulty for the same game as players are not required to create a new save file or anything like that. Players can even switch back to the previous difficulty whenever they want. This means that all NPCs, Merchants, Locations and Reinforcements, will remain available.

Previous Equipment

Players won't need to obtain their equipment back again, as they will keep all their previous equipment available for them to use. But previous equipment won't receive any kind of balance for the new difficulty. Enemies will now be strongly buffed, and players will need their best equipment for this new difficulty.

Special Items

As for Rewards, special rewards such as Golden Cicada Shells, Notes, or Dragon Vein Items, won't be rewarded -again-. But if the player missed any of these items in their previous run, the item will be available and obtained the same way as if they didn't miss it before.

Drops & Rarity

Randomized Items or Drops, will still be randomized and there aren't any New Game Plus exclusive items that you can find in Rising Dragon difficulty, but as the Missions are over lvl 100, the rarity for the items will correspond.

While playing New Game Plus, random items collected such as Armor Pieces, Accessories or Weapons that don't have any Set Bonus, now have a very small chance to add a New Game Plus Set Bonus. Players must grind enough to get multiple pieces with the SAME Set Bonus and equip them together in order to gain its effects. Check Set Bonuses for more information.

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    • Anonymous

      Not even the game mentions you cant visit hidden village without level progress dissapearing in Rising Dragon Difficulty. Even says "progress will be saved". Embarrassing. Clearly the devs just dont care.

      • Anonymous

        Drop rates are horrible right now even in NG Plus, hopefully when we receive DLC Team Ninja can patch the game and greatly improve the drop rate of 5 star gear

        • Anonymous

          "almost every weapon or armor piece found or obtained during a Rising Dragon difficulty Mission will be at Rarity 5" - This is just not true, please remove it.

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know if you can get any set piece from any enemy or are certain ones still locked to certain areas?

            • Anonymous

              One change I noticed is when I left a mission midway through to go upgrade a weapon it restarted the mission when I went back to it. In regular new game it would put me back at the flag I left from.

              • Anonymous

                This article states that you will get 5 star items in NG+ for certain, but it is a VERY low drop chance, even from bosses. You are lucky to get 1 five star per like 3 or 4 main missions.

                • Anonymous

                  does anyone know what progresses region unlocks in new game+? is it a certain amount of missions? If so, do main and sub missions constitute the same amount of progression? or do you have to do X main missions & Y side missions to unlock next region.

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