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  • Walkthrough: Check out a detailed guide to beating the main campaign of the game.
  • Combat: Learn about the basic and advanced combat mechanics for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
  • Controls: Features the layout of the default keys and controller for each platform the game is available on.
  • FAQs: Discover various frequently asked questions on other aspects of the game that are raised by the community of the game.
  • New Game +: Read about the NG+ information of the game, what happens after you beat the game once and what changes are applied.
  • Bosses: Explore a compendium of all the Bosses encountered in the game, which includes boss information and guides on how to defeat each one.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Player Help


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Tips & Tricks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty


What are Wizardry Spells in Wo Long?

Wizardry Spells are specific skills that fit with the elements of the Five Phases. You can set up to four separate Wizardry Spells for use during combat. You can win the battle by focusing on the weak points and status effects of the opposition. Wizardry spells can successfully counter an enemy's elemental onslaught. For instance, a Water Phase Spell can put out a Flame region (of the Fire Phase) that an adversary generated.

wizardry spells new player help wolong wiki guide min

Enemy Fatal Strike in Wo Long

The red glowing attack from an enemy cannot be stopped by defending. An effective counter can be deployed as a result of a successful Deflect.

The attacking direction glows briefly before the attack during the Critical Blow when the body turns red. During the instant of glowing light, you can successfully counterattack if you Deflect.

Learn how the opponent's Critical Blow will move when you defend against their strike. By deflecting, try to launch a counterattack.

enemy fatal attack new player help wolong wiki guide min

Locate Battle Flags and Marking Flags in Wo Long

A stage has both Marking Flags, which are objects to be examined, and several Battle Flags that act as checkpoints. Your Fortitude Rank will rise as a result of finding Battle Flags and marking Flags. As you tackle the stage again, your morale rank will be higher and it will be simpler to fight foes again the higher your fortitude rank.

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Utilize Guard with new Enemies in Wo Long

Keep your guard up for new enemies. Protecting yourself by guarding and taking advantage of opportunities to counterattack can keep you safe until you figure out your opponent's attack or discover a chance to attack your opponent. Do keep in mind that every hit you take while on guard decreases your spirit gauge.

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Decrease Enemy Spirit Gauge with Spirit attacks in Wo Long

The opponent's Spirit will recover over time. However, you can damage the Spirit Gauge itself to shorten it. You can damage the upper limit of your opponent's Spirit Gauge with Spirit Attacks. The higher your Spirit, the more powerful your Spirit Attack will be. You can use Normal Attacks and Deflect to restore your Spirit. When your Spirit is positive, you can use Spirit Attacks aggressively.

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Explore each new area you encounter in Wo Long

It's good to take note that exploring every corner of an area you enter in Wo Long can benefit you in the long run. There are a lot of hidden items in the game that can give you a huge advantage in the next coming levels.

explore new player help wolong wiki guide min

Wo Long Striking from Above

Striking from above can be a great way to deal with strong enemies faster. When you attack enemies from above and surprise them, this will deal massive damage which leaves the enemies with a small bit of health left for you to deal with onwards

strike from above new player help wolong wiki guide min

Sneak up behind distracted enemies in Wo Long

If your opponent has a high HP and you are unable to attack, you can deal significant damage by using a Fatal Strike. You can simply aim for a Fatal Strike by utilizing Deflect, Spirit Attack, and/or Martial Arts. Approach the enemy from behind to avoid being seen. 

sneak up behind enemies new player help wolong wiki guide min

Use Armor with High Defense in Wo Long

Wearing armor with strong protective qualities can significantly lower the amount of damage taken. The top limit of the equipment weight can be raised by increasing your Earth Virtue level. Heavily protective armor has a larger equipment weight. As a result, if you frequently sustain damage from adversaries, start by increasing your Earth Virtue level.

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Deflect when there's an opening in Wo Long

Recognize your adversary's attacks and try to deflect them. You'll have a better chance of success if you press the button a little bit earlier. You'll be able to restore your spirit, damage the enemy's spirit, and stagger the enemy which gives you the chance to strike.

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Deal great Spirit Damage using Martial Arts in Wo Long

You can deal with a lot of Spirit damage by using Martial Arts. Using this will give you a special attack option like dealing damage while dodging, getting far away while attacking, and dealing multiple attacks with huge openings.

When you have a weapon, practice martial arts to learn how to wield it. The process of aiming for a Deadly Strike will get simpler.

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Enemy Morale Rank in Wo Long

The enemy will be more powerful if their Morale Rank is higher than your own. You can raise your Morale Rank and become more combat-effective by eliminating enemies who have a Morale Rank close to your own. The enemy's Morale Rank determines how much damage the player will take. The challenge's advantages, such as earning more Morale Points and boosting the likelihood that rare items will drop, are increased.

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Actions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty


Camera in Wo Long

You can control the direction and position of the Camera. Further adjustments can be made using the Camera Settings in the Settings Menu.

Movement in Wo Long

Move your character by using the L stick. Slightly tilting it causes the character to walk slowly. Pressing L3 while running causes the character to dash. Walking is quieter than running, so enemies are less likely to notice you.

What are Attacks in Wo Long?

Normal attacks are fast and can easily increase your Spirit. Spirit attacks are slower but deal more Spirit Damage, which can reduce the enemy's Spirit Gauge. Furthermore, when you have a positive Spirit, you can consume the surplus Spirit to increase damage. You will also not falter during attacks and will penetrate the enemy's guard.

What is Guard in Wo Long?

Guarding blocks enemies' attack damage at the cost of Spirit. You can still guard when flinching after an enemy attack, except for when you are in a weakened stance.

How to Deflect Counterattack in Wo Long?

Quickly change your equipped melee weapon and unleash a powerful blow. Timing this action to match an enemy's attack allows you to redirect the attack as a deflect. Successfully deflecting the enemy's attack and landing your attack will recover your negative spirit.

How to Summon Divine Beasts in Wo Long?

Summon your Divine Beast and unleash its powerful skills. Each Divine Beast has a different skill from others. △+⭘

How to Shoot in Wo Long?

Hold down L2 to enter aim mode, and use R2 to shoot. You can adjust the camera with the right stick. Some enemies have weak points and hitting these with a ranged attack will increase the damage and can break their stance.

Switch Melee Weapon in Wo Long

Quickly change your equipped melee weapon. From the character menu, you can equip up to two melee weapons at the same time.

How to Breakfall in Wo Long?

By performing a breakfall right before reaching the ground, you can prevent damage when falling from a high place.


Lock-on Enemies in Wo Long

The camera will always directly focus on the target that is locked on to. You can also see the locked-on tagrget's HP and spirit. Lock-on settings can be adjusted from "Game Settings" in the "Settings" menu.

Jumping in Wo Long

Jumping allows the character to get over obstacles and enemies, and climb to higher places. In some cases, you may be able to scale a wall to reach a place that is too high to jump to. Trample allows you to use the body of an enemy to jump again.

What is Fatal Strike in Wo Long?

A fatal strike can be performed against an enemy who is in Spirit Disruption and defenseless or who is unaware of you. This deals great damage to the enemy and lowers their Morale Rank while allowing you to gain Morale Points. When you have a positive Spirit, surplus Spirit will be consumed to increase damage. The color of the lock-on meter will change to indicate if you are at the proper distance to perform a fatal strike.

How to Deflect in Wo Long?

Using ⭘ will allow you to redirect your enemy's attack. Timing this action to meet the enemy attack not only allows you to redirect the attack, but it will also lower the enemy's Spirit and shrink the lower end of the enemy's Spirit Gauge. At the same time, it will increase your own Spirit. Press ⭘⭘ to dodge and put some distance between you and your enemy.

What is Martial Arts in Wo Long?

Unleash a powerful Martial Arts attack that can pierce the enemy's guard by consuming Spirit. You cannot perform Martial Arts when your Spirit Gauge decreases to the lower limit. The type of Martial Arts will differ depending on the weapon used. Only rare weapons have two kinds of Martial Arts.

Divine Beast Resonation in Wo Long

Activating Divine Beast Resonation will summon a Divine Beast, powering up you and your allies. Each Divine Beast provides Effects from the others. ☐+✖

How to Change Equipment in Wo Long?

From the character menu, you can view and change equipment and supplies. You can also adjust a variety of settings and options.

How to use Items in Wo Long?

Assign an item to the item shortcut from the equipment menu in the character menu to quickly use it during battle. You can also use items from the Inventory menu. You can assign up to seven kinds of items to the shortcut and switch them by using ←→.

System in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty


What is Spirit in Wo Long?

Spirit is an important parameter during battle. It increases when you attack an enemy or perform a successful deflection. Spirit allows you to dodge, deflect, perform Martial Arts, and cast Wizardry Spells. When your Spirit is positive, it will be consumed to increase the power of your attacks.

Spirit decreases when you use it to perform certain actions or are attacked by enemies. When your spirit hits the lower limit from receiving an enemy attack, you will not be able to maintain your stance and become defenseless to any attacks for a short duration.

If your spirit stays unchanged for a while, it will start to return to the default status of 0. This means a negative Spirit will start to increase and a positive one will start to decrease.

What are Battle Flags in Wo Long?

By raising a Battle Flag, your Fortitude Rank will increase. Your Morale Rank will drop after being killed, but it will never go lower than your fortitude Rank.

After resting at the Battle Flag, your HP and uses of the Dragon's Cure Pot will be restored. You can also access a variety of game functions.

Spirit Gauge Reduction in Wo Long

Dealing Spirit damage to an enemy--either through Martial ArtsWizardry Spells, deflection, or destroying parts--will shrink the upper and lower limits of their spirit Gauge.

Once shrunken, the enemy's Spirit Gauge remains so until you inflict them with Spirit Disruption. However, if their spirit rises above their limit, the lower and upper limits of their Spirit Gauge will recover by that amount.

What are Followers in Wo Long?

Followers share their spirit. Perform a Fatal Strike on one of them to reduce their Spirit Gauge. The stronger the enemy bound to a Spirit Conjunction, the more the spirit Gauge will be reduced.

Part Destruction in Wo Long

Some enemies have hardened body parts, and they will use them to perform a Critical Blow.

After dealing enough damage to these hardened parts, you can destroy them by successfully deflecting the enemy's Martial Arts or hitting the hardened part with your Martial Arts or Wizardry Spells. Destroying these parts will greatly shrink the lower limit of the enemy's Spirit Gauge, and the enemy will no longer be able to perform Critical Blow with the Lost Parts.


What is Equipment Weight in Wo Long?

Equipping Light Armor allows for nimble movement. This allows you to outmaneuver your enemies and easily dodge them, but when you do get hit, you will lose a significant amount of HP and Spirit.

Heavy Armor can soften the blows from enemy attacks, reducing injury and minimizing Spirit loss. However, such protection comes at the cost of mobility.

What are Marking Flags in Wo Long?

By raising a Marking Flag, your Fortitude Rank will increase. Your Morale Rank drops after being killed, but it will not decrease below your Fortitude Rank.

The amount of Morale Points obtained while rising to Morale Ranks yet unreached will increase in proportion to the domination progress of Battle Flags and Marking Flags in each part. You can check your domination progress via the Travel function available at Battle Flags.

What are Leaders in Wo Long?

By defeating the leader, you can take the enemy's Battle Flag. The Leader and his followers share their spirit. Defeating one of them can shrink the lower end of the Spirit Gauge of all nearby Enemies. The stronger the enemy you defeat, the more the Spirit Gauge will shrink.

Morale Rank in Wo Long

Your Morale Rank affects your strength in battle. The same goes for your enemies. Wizardry Spells require a certain Morale Rank to cast. Some powerful spells can only be cast with a high Morale Rank.

If an enemy's Morale Rank is higher than yours, it will appear with a different color to indicate its high-level threat. The threat level is shown as 0 < 1 < 5

Revenge/Rechallenge in Wo Long

You will lose your Morale Points and half of your Genuine Qi when you are killed by an enemy. The Morale Rank of the Enemy that killed you will increase.

You can regain your lost Genuine Qi and Morale Points by defeating the same enemy. If the enemy is a boss, you will regain them by challenging them once again. However, if you die again before regaining them, the lost Genuine Qi and Morale Points will Disappear forever.

Online and Others in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty


Reinforcements in Wo Long

You can use a set number of Tiger Seals to call friendly warriors and have them assist you in clearing the battlefield. As long as the Aid Gauge is not completely depleted, you can revive them when their HP falls to 0.

Shitieshou in Wo Long

Shitieshou is a demon that poses no threat to humans. Its sole interest is in consuming various meals. It will reward any who offers it items to consume with small trinkets. Remember to give it your spare items whenever you can. When you select an item from your inventory menu and drop it, the Shitieshou will eat it.

Upgrading Equipment in Wo Long

Upgrading your equipment level by expanding coppers and materials. The number of necessary coppers or materials will depend on the upgrade level of your equipment.

What is Jewelry Essence in Wo Long?

Equipment you find will occasionally have a jewel containing a rare special effect already embedded. Extracting this will provide you with the equivalent Jewelry Essence, Jewelry Essence is needed to create and embed jewels with rare special effects.

How to Salvage in Wo Long?

Dismantle equipment to obtain materials for upgrading. You will receive the same amount of jewel fragments and Jewelry Essence when you dismantle equipment with special effects or rare special effects as you would when extracting jewel.


What is Vengeance in Wo Long?

Enemies that defeat players on other battlefields may appear on your battlefield as vengeance targets. The details of the defeated player can be checked at their burial flag. A vengeance target will have a raised Morale Rank, but you can also receive various bonuses after defeating them.

By offering a Dragon's Cure Pot use at a Battle Flag, you can temporarily raise your Morale Rank. Using a Memorial Tablet will remove all vengeance auras. Use it a second time after vengeance auras have been removed to enable vengeance targets to appear once again.

Oath Level in Wo Long

When you fight alongside other warriors or use the Cup of Cordiality, you form alliances with them, and your Oath level will increase. If your oath level increases to 5 or above, the performance of the warriors who share alliances with you will improve while you are fighting alongside each other. If your Oath level reaches 10, the warrior will become your sworn brother, and you will be given a copy of their favorite equipment. You can accept these gifts via Deliveries.

How to Embed Equipment in Wo Long?

Embed your equipment with jewels or destroy the jewels to apply and change special effects. The number of embedding slots a piece of equipment has depends on its rarity.

When selecting a slot that already has a jewel embedded in it, you can instead extract the current jewel, removing its special effect.

Upon extracting, you will earn jewel fragments that can be used to create a jewel with a special effect of your choice and embed it in an empty slot.

How to Decorate in Wo Long?

Decorate weapons and armor you own to change how they look. Finding weapons with different appearances will increase your choices when decorating.


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