Stats in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty determine your overall effectiveness in Combat. Wo Long Stats impact your Weapon Damage, Spirit Defense/Stability/Gain/Consumption, various Resistances, Detectability in Stealth, and how heavy your equipment can be before it impacts your mobility.

The Wo Long stats of your character will be impacted by using Genuine Qi to delegate points between each of the 5 Phases of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which are: The Wood Virtue, Fire Virtue, Earth Virtue, Metal Virtue and Water Virtue. They can also be impacted by using specific Weapons, Armor and Divine Beasts.

During Missions, combat against Enemies is strongly affected by Morale Rank. This stat can be increased to greatly balance combat against stronger Enemies. Also, Wizardry Spells have a Morale Rank requirement that players must meet in order to be able to cast them. Find more information about Morale and Fortitude Here


What Virtue Should I Level Up in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

The 5 Phases are all useful in particular areas of Combat, with each Virtue having 3 specific respective stats that will increase the more points you place into the respective virtue (All Virtues will increase HP as well as 2 other stats). From a technical point of view, the Wood Virtue would be the best Virtue to level up in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Wood is special because it is the best Virtue for increasing HP, and also increases Spirit Defense and Spell Duration. This makes it the only Virtue in the game which specializes in 3 different categories, making each stat point more valuable from a technical standpoint.

However, this does not mean that the other Virtues are irrelevant. If you were to only invest in Wood, you would not gain any extra Equipment Weight, and would always consume and gain the same amount of Spirit from Attacks, Deflects, Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells. These actions and abilities are the core Combat Mechanics of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, thus it is in your best interest to spend level up points in at least 2 or 3 different Virtues.

For beginners, it is recommended that you begin by leveling Wood to maximize your HP and be able to tank more hits without losing Spirit. Fire would also be a good Virtue to level, as you will be greatly rewarded by successfully attacking your enemy, and you will also be able to use Martial Arts more often.

If you are still struggling to decide how to spend your points, check out our Builds page to find dedicated walkthroughs for spending points.   

Beginners Guide - 8 Tips Before You Play




Stats & Virtues in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Level Up system is based on the 5 Phases (Elements) of Chinese Mythology. Each of these 5 Elements specializes in increasing two of the Stats which benefits your character, as well as the HP stat. Spending points on the Virtues will increase their respective stats, while also increasing and decreasing respective Resistances. Each Virtue has a certain playstyle affixed to it.


wood phase stats wo long wiki guide.png


Wood Virtue will greatly increase your HP, perfect for tanky builds, it also reduces the amount of Spirit you lose when you get hit. Increases spell duration for your positive buffs.

Raises HP (The Most of the 5 Virtues)
Raises Spirit Defense
Raises Spell Duration
Increases Wood Affinity
Increases Earth Resistance
Decreases Metal Resistance
Main Weapon: Swords

fire phase stats wo long wiki guide


Fire Virtue increases the amount of spirit gained by hitting enemies with regular attacks and reduces the spirit cost of your Martial Arts allowing you to use them more regularly.

Raises HP
Raises Spirit Gain Rate for Attacking
Reduces Spirit Consumption Rate for Martial Arts
Increases Fire Affinity
Increases Metal Resistance
Decreases Water Resistance
Main Weapon: Straight Sabres

water phase stats wo long wiki guide


Water Virtue increases your stealth so you can remain undetected and sneak around maps more easily, perform backstabs. It also reduces the spirit cost of your deflects.

Raises HP
Raises Stealth
Reduces Spirit Consumption Rate for Deflect
Increases Water Affinity
Increases Fire Resistance
Decreases Earth Resistance
Main Weapon: Dual Swords & Ranged Weapons



metal phase stats wo long wiki guide.png


Metal Virtue gives you Spirit sustainability, meaning that when your spirit meter is on the positive range, it will last longer until it gets back to neutral. This is good while combating Bosses that don't give you space and you have to wait until the give you a small window to attack them, otherwise, your spirit may be gone by the moment you are able to attack. Also your spells will consume less Spirit when casted.

Raises HP
Raises Spirit Stability
Reduces Spirit Consumption Rate for Wizardry Spells
Increases Metal Affinity
Increases Wood Resistance
Decreases Fire Resistance
Main Weapon: Curved Sabres

earth phase stats wo long wiki guide


Earth Virtue increases your equipment weight limit allowing you to wear heavier equipment, such as Heavy Armor. The Speed you move in this game is determined by the proportion of weight you have to your max weight limit, so increasing the max weight will also increase your mobility. Additionally it increases the amount of spirit gained from deflecting enemy attacks.

Raises HP
Raises Spirit Gain Rate for Deflecting
Raises Max Equipment Weight
Increases Earth Affinity
Increases Water Resistance
Decreases Wood Resistance
Main Weapon: Glaives



Wo Long Element Counters

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Stats are mainly determined by which of the 5 Virtues you level, listed above. However, these elements can also be applied to Wizardry Spells

Wizardry Spells are based on the Five Phases theory, in which each of these phases interacts with the others in certain ways. By understanding this, you can counter a Wizardry Spell itself, or the positive/negative effects caused by it.

Essentially, Wizardry Spells can counter each other if the right elements are selected. These counters are based on the Chinese 5 Phase theory, and are easy to learn. An example of a counter between Elements is that any Water Spell will counter a Fire Spell. 

The diagram below demonstrates the interactions between all 5 Phases; Arrows pointing towards another element indicate that the element pointed towards is overcome by the element on the opposite side of the arrow.

phase interaction wo long wiki guide


Wo Long Combat Abilities


toughness small icon

The amount of damage you can take before dying.

toughness small icon
Melee Weapon 1 Attack Power

Affects how much damage is dealt when striking an enemy with the equipped Melee Weapon on slot 1.

toughness small icon
Melee Weapon 2 Attack Power

Affects how much damage is dealt when striking an enemy with the equipped Melee Weapon on slot 2.

toughness small icon
Ranged Weapon Attack Power

Affects how much damage is dealt upon striking an enemy with the equipped Ranged Weapon.


toughness small icon

Affects how much HP is lost when hit by an attack.

toughness small icon
Physical Resistance

Affects damage received from enemies' physical attacks.

toughness small icon
Spirit Defense

Affects how much spirit is lost when hit by an attack.

toughness small icon
Spirit Stability

Affects the duration that a high level of spirit can be maintained for.


toughness small icon
Spell Duration

Affects the duration of Wizardry Spells that have a prolonged effect.

toughness small icon

Affects the damage dealt by Shadow Strike to unaware enemies, and how easily enemies can detect you.

toughness small icon

Your luck. You will find rare items more often if your Luck is high.

toughness small icon

 A rating of how much you have developed.


Wo Long Spirit Gain Rate



toughness small icon
Attack (%)

Affects the amount of Spirit gained upon striking an enemy.

toughness small icon
Deflect (%)

Affects the amount of Spirit gained upon deflecting an attack.



Wo Long Spirit Consumption Rate


toughness small icon
Martial Arts (%)

Affects the amount of Spirit needed for Martial Arts.

toughness small icon
Wizardry Spells (%)

Affects the amount of Spirit needed for Wizardry Spells.

toughness small icon
Deflect (%)

Affects the amount of Spirit needed for deflecting attacks.


Wo Long Equipment Weight



toughness small icon
Maximum Equipment Weight

The total equipment weight limit beyond which movement is impractical.

toughness small icon
Proportion Equipment Weight

Total equipment weight as a proportion of your limit (Maximum Equipment Weight). The lower this is, the nimbler your movement.



Wo Long Element Abilities


toughness small icon
Wood Affinity

Affects the damage and Shock status effect accumulation dealt by your Lightning attacks.

toughness small icon
Fire Affinity

Affects the damage and Burn status effect accumulation dealt by your Flame attacks.

toughness small icon
Earth Affinity

Affects the damage and Faint status effect accumulation dealt by your Stone attacks.

toughness small icon
Metal Affinity

Affects the damage and Poison status effect accumulation dealt by your Toxin attacks.


toughness small icon
Water Affinity

Affects the damage and Frostbite status effect accumulation dealt by your Ice attacks.

toughness small icon
Wood Resistance

Affects the damage and Shock status effect accumulation recieved from Lightning attacks.

toughness small icon
Fire Resistance

Affects the damage and Burn status effect accumulation recieved from Flame attacks.

toughness small icon
Earth Resistance

Affects the damage and Faint status effect accumulation recieved from Stone attacks.



toughness small icon
Metal Resistance

Affects the damage and Poison status effect accumulation recieved from Toxin attacks.

toughness small icon
Water Resistance

Affects the damage and Frostbite status effect recieved from Ice attacks.


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          I think this new stat system is very intuitive. Rather than mix and match stat points, it seems like you just pick between one of five pre-set playstyles - each offering survivability, a specific weapon type, it's own element for attack and support spells, and a few other traits like stealth and spirit gain. Every build will be both melee and caster, but still feel unique. I like the simplicity, it's a refreshing change from Nioh's complicated stat system. The individual weapons, armour and spirit attributes will likely contribute to more focused builds, but the base stats offer a great baseline to build more complex characters.

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