Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are unique Enemies that are characterized by their much larger Health pool and strength, as well as their unique attack combos and design. Bosses can be easily identified by the long HP bar that appears at the top of the screen, along with the Boss name. Wo Long Bosses are normally found at the end of a mission, and it is compulsory to defeat it to pass the mission. Wo Long Boss Rewards includes special rewards such as unique Weapons or Armor, as well as experience points, Items, and other resources that will improve your characters combat abilities.

Bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be encountered during both Main Missions and Sub Missions. Main Mission bosses are not optional and you would need to defeat them in order to progress the story, while Sub Mission bosses are optional. Bosses usually appear at the end of a mission and can be identified with their long HP bar at the top of the screen along with their name. Defeating bosses would also reward you special loot such as unique Weapons and Armor, a prompt will appear on the screen that says Glorious Victory once you defeat a boss and the rewards will be shown as well shortly after.

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You will also come across certain bosses that have both a Human Form and a Demon Form. Usually you encounter their other form on a different mission but for Zhang Liang for example, you would fight his human form during phase one and his demon form during phase two.

Boss Drops in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Some Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would drop random set pieces from their Armor Set and a guaranteed drop of their Weapon. Subsequent completion will still reward you with a random set piece tied to an armor set related to the boss. For a complete list of available Armor Sets and Weapons, please visit the Armor and Weapons page.

Demon Bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

There are certain Demon Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that you will have to defeat during the first few missions before you encounter them as normal Enemies in the future like Zhu YanFeng Xi, and Shuigui to name a few.



All Wo Long Bosses


Alphabetized List of All Bosses Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Aoye  ♦  Baishe  ♦  Blindfolded Boy (Boss)  ♦  Bo Cai  ♦  Cao Cao (Boss)  ♦  Dian Wei (Boss)  ♦  Dong Zhou  ♦  Dong Zhuo  ♦  Embodiment of Demonic Qi  ♦  Feng Xi  ♦  Gan Ning  ♦  General of Earth's Illusion  ♦  General of Heaven's Illusion  ♦  General of Man's Ilusion  ♦  Guo Jia & Xun Yu  ♦  Guo Si  ♦  Hong Jing (Boss)  ♦  Hua Xiong  ♦  Jia Xu  ♦  Leishi  ♦  Li Jue  ♦  Liu Bei (Boss)  ♦  Lu Bu  ♦  Sun Ce (Boss)  ♦  Sun Jian (Boss)  ♦  Taishi Ci  ♦  Taotie  ♦  Unknown Hammer Wielder (Xu Chu)  ♦  Wen Chou  ♦  Xiahou Dun (Boss)  ♦  Xiahou Yuan (Boss)  ♦  Xu Rong  ♦  Yan Liang  ♦  Yu Ji (Taoist in Black)  ♦  Yuan Shao  ♦  Zhang Bao  ♦  Zhang Jiao  ♦  Zhang Liang  ♦  Zhang Liao (Boss)  ♦  Zhang Rang  ♦  Zhao Yun (Boss)  ♦  Zhou Yu  ♦  Zhu Yan  ♦  Zhupolong


Main Mission Bosses
Sub Mission Bosses
Battle of Zhongyuan Bosses
Conqueror of Jiangdong Bosses


Conqueror of Jiangdong Main Mission Bosses in Wo Long


Taishi Ci

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Mission: Most Intimidating Swordplay




Conqueror of Jiangdong Sub Mission Bosses in Wo Long





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      there are 3 bosses in "the tiger's loyal subjects" sub missions there names are huang gai,cheng pu and han dang. this page missing those bosses. please add them

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        I might be helpful to have an elemental icon for bosses with obvious resistances and weaknesses. Most of them seem to conform to basic wuxing affinity.

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          from my experience, its deflect, counter attack, fill blue spirit bar to max by spamming square, press triangle, repeat, get opponent spirit bar to orange, stagger, crit hit, wizard spell, repeat.

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