Dong Zhuo


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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) - Main Mission
6 - Sub Mission
Mission Tyrant's Final Banquet
Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale
Drops Tyrant Overlord Set
Triumphant Conquest
Weak Fire
Resistant Metal, Wood
Immune N/A

Dong Zhuo is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Dong Zhuo in Wo Long is a humanoid-type boss and a cruel ruler who holds the Elixir. Dong Zhuo can be encountered only during the Tyrant's Final Banquet mission in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Widely notorious for being a violent and brutal man, Dong Zhuo is disposed to cruelty.

Dong Zhuo Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Dong Zhuo is a Human-type boss encountered in 2 missions. During both encounter, Dong Zhuo fights mainly using his signature Glaive called the Triumphant Conquest. At 50% HP, his heavy attacks start to execute faster.

Tyrant's Final Banquet Boss Battle:

  • This boss is NOT optional
  • There are no default reinforcement summons for this Boss.
  • Multiplayer is available for this boss.

Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale Boss Battle:

  • This boss is optional
  • 3rd encounter of the gauntlet
  • There are no default reinforcement summons for this Boss.
  • Multiplayer is available

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dong Zhuo Lore

Dong Zhuo, courtesy name Zhongying, was a general and politician hailing from Lintao County of Longxi Commandery. He was gifted in martial arts, had uncanny physical strength, and could shoot a bow from atop a horse with either arm. Since his youth, he strove to deepen ties with the Qiang tribes and gained fame by slaying barbarians. While the Yellow Turbans raged in Zhongyuan, he fought Han Sui and other rebels against the House of Han in Liang Province. Then, ignoring the imperial decree ordering him to return, he settled camp on the frontier and accrued power. Widely notorious for being a violent and brutal man, Dong Zhuo is disposed to cruelty. Those who came after him would affirm that there had not lived a more cruel man than he.

He distinguished himself during the rebellion in Liang Province and quickly set his sights on the Elixir. Dong Zhuo interrogated Han Sui amidst the battle on the frontier and discerned that the Elixir came from Zhang Rang. In a timely manner, he was summoned by He Jin, who was acting to eliminate Zhang Rang and the eunuchs of the Emperor from power, and so he led his army to Luoyang. Before long, He Jin would be assassinated by the eunuchs, but Dong Zhuo nonetheless stayed encamped near Luoyang. When Zhang Rang was about to be brought to justice by the protagonist and Cao Cao, he capitalized on the chaos and infiltrated Zhang Rang's manor. Killing the groveling Zhang Rang, he obtained the Elixir he sought.

Dong Zhuo, having been shown by the black-clad Taoist how to incorporate the Elixir into his military strategy, exploited its power to seize control of the court. He put his own puppet emperor on the throne and achieved absolute authority. At this time, he took in the stalwart warrior Lu Bu as his sworn son. With the Elixir and Lu Bu under his command he oversaw a reign of tyranny, slaughtering any who would oppose him and looting every vault in Luoyang. Soon, the coalition of those who opposed his rabid domineering launched an attack on Luoyang. Dong Zhuo reacted to this by unleashing demons in the city, fleeing along with the Elixir to Meiwu Fort. He held a banquet to celebrate his safe escape, but it was cut short by the protagonist, in pursuit to capture him. With no place left to run, he took Hong Jing, masquerading as Diao Chan as hostage, but before he could execute the protagonist, Lu Bu struck him from behind, ending his life.


Wo Long Dong Zhuo Drops

Dong Zhuo in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Dong Zhuo Boss Guide

Dong Zhuo Boss Video Guide

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Dong Zhuo Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Dong Zhuo:

  • Outside his signature weapon, he may use throwing daggers inflicting Metal.
  • Use Fire-related Spells/Divine Beasts for increased damage and Five Phase counter of his daggers. Alternatively, Water and Earth can also be put to good use, but buffs like Elemental Plague are needed.
  • Using the Focus Zone spell will give you an advantage in terms of additional damage since most of your fight with Shuigui is close-range.

Strategy Guide

Dong Zhuo is a large and tall enemy which makes his attacks quite heavy in terms of damage. He is also equipped with a Glaive called the Triumphant Conquest, which makes him able to reach you even in mid-range. Most of Dong Zhuo's attacks consist of 2-3 hit combos when you're close to him. He either hits you two times with his spear or hits you two times and then does a charging spear toward you. In Close-range, he would also sometimes do a front kick to counter your attacks. It's quite easy sometimes to anticipate his movement, so try to dodge or back up when you see him about to attack. He would also sometimes try to grab you and do a head butt, so try to avoid getting grabbed because there's no escaping when he gets a hold of you.

In terms of Mid-Range, Dong Zhuo would normally do a charging spear toward you which deals high damage, you'll have time to dodge since it takes time for him to charge. In some moments, he would also do a Spinning jumping slash to get to your position, make sure to dodge roll to any side instead of backing up since after he lands, he usually spins forward for a moment to still try and catch you. Finally, when it comes to long-range, he would normally cast a fire spell on you to deal damage, or throw knives. Afterward, he would normally just try to run toward you when you're far away.

The fastest way to defeat Dong Zhuo is to utilize your Focus Zone spell and your Lightning Weapon spell. This is because most of your fights will take place at close-range. Casting Focus Zone will grant you additional damage in a circle where you and the enemy are, while the Flame Weapon will grant additional damage to your melee weapon. There will always be a window after he does his attacks, so make sure to attack with all you have during those windows. At 50% HP, his attack speed will increase a bit, so take note of that to be better prepared. It's recommended to let him finish his attacks still to get a window to attack.



Dong Zhuo Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
 Fatal Strikes
Spinning Jumping Slash Dong Zhuo jumps into the air and spins slashing towards your direction Counter for massive spirit damage
Charging Grab Dong Zhuo tries to perform a grab. If successful, headbutts and kicks target, then finishes with a horizontal slash. 
Fatal combo Dong Zhuo performs a 3-part combo, that includes 2 Charging Grabs and 1 Spinning Jumping Slash - combo is continued if previous attack was countered. Combo is indicated by second flash at the Charging Grab attack.
Quick Grab Dong Zhuo tries to perform a grab with little time warning.
Waves of Qi Dong Zhuo shoots wave(s) of Qi energy. Counter for damage
 Regular Attacks
Charging Spear Dong Zhuo takes a moment to charge a lunging attack toward you with his spear. Block or deflect.
2 Hit Combo Dong Zhuo hits you with his spear two times when you're beside him. Parry or Dodge roll.
3 Hit Combo Dong Zhuo Hits you two times with his spear and prepares to lunge at you. Last part of combo is a multi hit Parry whole combo and answer with strong Spirit attack.
Front Kick When fighting Dong Zhuo in close-range, he'll sometimes counter with a front kick. When Dong Zhuo raises his leg for a split second, prepare for deflection. 
Feasting Ursine Jump into the air and fling your weapon down, causing a shockwave. Step back, guard as a last resort
Knife Throw When far from Dong Zhuo, he can choose to attack you using his Poison Throwing Knives. He may repeat this move up to 4 times in a row in 2nd and 3rd phase. Deflect or use flame-related spell for 5-phase counter


Dong Zhuo Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Real-life Dong Zhuo was, like one in Wo Long, killed by Lu Bu.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Hmph. You've messed up my entertainment...

In that case, I shall just have to improvise...

With your dying screams!

During Fight:

Start of battle: We have the venue to ourselves. Now let me lead you on a dance of death!

When the player gets hit: You'll need to do better than that if you want to bring down the great Dong Zhuo!

When a player deals massive damage to the boss: You cunning little...

When the boss's health reaches 50%: That's enough festivity for today! It's high time I finished you!

When the boss gets stunned: Hngh, why is Lu Bu absent at a time like this...?

Defeating Boss: You dog... My dream of an everlasting empire won't die here.

After Fight:

Lu Bu! An Assassin!

Diao Chan, what perfect timing.

You shall make a fine soldier.


How dare you...

You would betray me...?

Very Well...

The Elixir is yours.

Lu Bu!


Dong Zhuo Image Gallery

dong zhuo drinking dong zhuo angry dong zhuo standing dong zhuo duel dong zhuo startofthefight dong zhuo death dong zhuo final look dong zhuo dead [screenshots and artwork go here]


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