Two Chivalrous Heroes is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 5. Two Chivalrous Heroes is the second Main Mission of the game, following Village of Calamity. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Main Missions have to be completed to progress the story forward and be able to complete the game.


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Two Chivalrous Heroes

Mission Start Text

The Yellow Turbans have been eradicated from the mountain village, but a mysterious Taoist suddenly attacked you and the youth you met. Faintly hearing the boy's voice, you awoke to a nightmare, with corpses littering your surroundings.

Could it be that the chaos across the land is connected to the mysterious Taoist? The matter must be pursued.


Two Chivalrous Heroes Shitieshou Locations

  • N/A

Two Chivalrous Heroes Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

Dragon Vein Crystal:

  • After the area you find the blacksmith for the first time. In the stone house, protected by a Demonized Soldier.

Village of Calamaity Golden Cicada Shell Locations

  • Past the Blacksmith NPC, you'll come across some makeshift wooden platforms, you'll find it on the left side as you walk on these platforms. This is where you'll find your first Golden Cicada Shell. It's near the Fourth Marking Flag and a large temple.

Two Chivalrous Heroes Battle Flag Locations

There are 7 Battle Flags to be found in Two Chivalrous Heroes:

  • First Battle Flag: Can be found near the beginning of the level, move along the only path available to find it. Unmissable.
  • Second Battle Flag: Right after the yellow turban bandit sitting on the edge of a hill. Turn left from there and jump through the gap to reach it. (+2 Fortitude)
  • Third Battle Flag: Near a house uphill, in the center of the village. (+2 Fortitude)
  • Fourth Battle Flag: Guarded by a powerful Yellow Turban Champion, escorted by a few archers on the roofs (+3 Fortitude)
  • Fifth Battle Flag: Protected by a Demonized Officer. (+3 Fortitude)
  • Sixth Battle Flag: Right after the fight with Zhuyan. Impossible to miss. (+2 Fortitude)
  • Seventh Battle Flag: Protected by a Demonized Officer and a few Fanatics. (+3 Fortitude)

Two Chivalrous Heroes Marking Flag Locations

There are 5 Marking Flags to be found in Two Chivalrous Heroes:

  • First Marking Flag: At the top of the village gate. Jump through the roofs to reach it. (+1 Fortitude)
  • Second Marking Flag: Enter through the roof's gap on a locked house. (+1 Fortitude)
  • Third Marking Flag: Behind two Demonized Fanatics that throw explosives. Overlooking the village. (+1 Fortitude)
  • Fourth Marking Flag: At the end of the wooden platforms, near the Dragon Vein Crystal. (+1 Fortitude)
  • Fifth Marking Flag: Use the wooden platforms to cross the otherside, near the seventh Battle Flag's location. Enter the tunnel to find it at the end (+1 Fortitude)


Two Chivalrous Heroes Walkthrough

First Battle Flag

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Move along from the only path available, eventually you will find some loot (Tiger Seal) on your left and after it, a small drop, where the first Battle Flag can be found. Keep advancing until you enter an open area with a few scarecrows, there are some yellow turban bandits here to be fought.

Once defeated, more bandits will arrive, but a cutscene will interrupt them. After it's over, you will earn Zhao Yun as an available reinforcement, and he will automatically join you.

Move to the other side of the area, to the right from where you first came, to find a Genuine Qi Fragment. Turn back and head to the wooden shack, destroy the crates to find a Genuine Qi Flake beneath them. Now continue through the main path.

A window will pop up explaining to you the mechanics for vengeance targets. Keep going uphill to find a yellow turban bandit. The path will split, there is a Genuine Qi Flake on a wooden platform to the left. But take the right path first. You will find another Genuine Qi Flake on what seems to be the end of the right path, just behind some crates. 

Second Battle Flag

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As you turn back, you will notice a small pathway, climb it to find yet another Genuine Qi Flake and a sitting yellow turban bandit relaxing. Climb up to the left side after defeating him and jump to the other side. You will find a Hairpin on the floor, and the second Battle Flag. Raise it to earn +2 Fortitude.

From there, you can jump on the group of unaware Enemies below.

When you are done with them, climb the small wooden platform, to reach the upper level. There is another Genuine Qi Flake there, but there is nothing more to do right now, so return to the last battle flag, and head through the side, you will find a body containing a Bamboo Bow and a wooden door. Open the door to access a small village.

Turn left and climb the ledge, to enter a house with a sitting yellow turban bandit, defeat it and loot the Genuine Qi Flake next to it.

First Marking Flag

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Turn back and jump through the roofs to reach the Marking Flag up on the roof's gate. Activate it to receive +1 Fortitude.

You can find a few more yellow turban bandits on the area. Two near the houses on the right side, and an archer on a higher area to the center of the village. 

Stick to the right side, to find a lone Yellow turban bandit watching from the edge, and to his right there is an item. Climb the wooden platforms to the house's roof and move through the next one from there. A window explaining the Followers mechanic should pop up just about now. Loot the body to obtain an Elixir. Jump on one of the two unaware enemies and defeat the other one. 

There is a house nearby that you can't access because it is closed from the other side.

Head to the three on the right, the one with the yellow cloth on it, to loot a Small Genuine Qi Clot.

Third Battle Flag

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You will find a small passageway near the center, take it, and it will reach to a house uphill. There you will find the third Battle Flag, to its left. Raise it to gain +2 Fortitude. Drop on the small chasm to the left of the battle flag, to loot an item there.

Now make your way down again. On your left, there is a dog behind the wood pile. You can ambush it if you strike from the air. Head to the small ledge nearby and climb it. You will find a badly wounded Gongsun Zan Soldier, you can interact with him.

Enter the house next to him to find a chest.

Leave the house. If you fall into the gap in front of you, you will find a Rank 1 Leather. Now, if you jump to the roof immediately before you. You will notice that there is a gap from which you can perform a Fatal Strike on an enemy below.  Do it, and defeat the other one that may join in. You will find more loot here. 

Fourth Battle Flag

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You will find two more archers located on their respective houses' roofs. Below, there is a powerful yellow turban champion. If possible, dispatch the archers first to prevent them from damaging while you focus on their leader. On one of the archers houses, you will find a Genuine Qi Fragment on a wooden platform, as well as a chest containing Rank 1 Steel.

Once you have dealt with the Champion, you can access the Battle Flag he was protecting. Activate it to obtain +3 Fortitude. Past the platform, and on the left cornice of the door, you will find a Genuine Qi Fragment.

Second Marking Flag

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Climb up to the area where you killed the archer again, and move right through the roofs, to access the previously found locked house from a gap on the roof. You will find a Marking Flag, activate it to earn +1 Fortitude.

Pass through the big stone gate, just behind the Fourth Battle Flag, and attack the dog on your left, turn right and head through the passageway. Once the area opens up a little bit, get on the big rock and loot a Genuine Qi Flake. As you do, Demonized Fanatics will attack you.

Continue through the path until it splits.

Third Marking Flag

Take the right side this time. Start climbing, there will be a Demonized Fanatic throwing explosives at you. Defeat it fast and keep climbing to find another one. Behind it, there is another Marking Flag. Activate it to receive +1 Fortitude.

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Return to the split, and take the left side. You will find an area filled with crates and more Demonized Fanatics. At the end of the path, to the left, there is some loot behind the crates.

Continue until you reach an open area again. There will be an enemy throwing explosives at you. Climb to defeat it, and you will find a Genuine Qi Fragment.

Get down and turn left to unroll the stairs to enable a shortcut.

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Before continuing through the stone gate, turn slightly to the right and head through that small passageway, climbing as you advance. Jump through the other side, and Zhao Yun, will mention the power of the upcoming enemy. Use your bow to take down the 3 Fanatics on the upper level. Aim to their heads to maximize damage.

Fifth Battle Flag

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Attack the Demonized Officer, and once defeated, you can raise the battle flag behind it. You will gain +3 Fortitude. Don't forget to loot the chest near the flag.

Boss: Zhuyan

Now head back to the previous area, and pass through the stone gateway. You will find a wooden door, interact with it to trigger a cutscene to face Zhuyan. Learn more about him and how to beat him by reading his individual page. Defeating him nets an Official Seal and a Yellow Turban Champion Helmet, as well as +2684 Accolades and +2965 Copper.

A cutscene will trigger after the fight, and you will also obtain Qilin, the king of all creatures with fur, one of the Divine Beasts. A window explaining how to summon divine beasts and use divine beast resonation should pop up.

Sixth Battle Flag

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Continue forward right after the fight, and you will find another battle flag. Impossible to miss, activate it to receive +2 Fortitude.

Don't open the door in front of you just yet, turn left and climb to loot Rank 1 Steel.

Meeting the Blacksmith

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Keep climbing, and you will find Zhu Xia, a blacksmith. Talk to her if you want to upgrade your equipment. You have to spend copper and Steel if you want to upgrade a Weapon or Leather if you want to upgrade an Armor

Continue forward through the passageway and the area will open again, use a Fatal Strike on the unaware enemy below. Drop to the lower level, to find a Genuine Qi Flake on the ground.

Enter through the gap on the wood structure to the right, where all the crates are and move forward  you will reach a cavern like area. This is the upper level of the zone where you have previously fought the Demonized Officer. Interact with the ladder to create a shortcut. Loot the area, you can find a few more enemies.

There is an Elixir in the furthest cave. There is also an enemy inside.

Dragon Vein Crystal

Return all the way back to the area just after you've met the Blacksmith, and take the other way. Before accessing the building, take the small gap at the right and you will find a chest at the end containing Rank 1 Leather. Now, enter the building and face the Demonized Soldier. Behind if you will find Dragon Vein Crystal, an item used to increase the usage limit of the Dragon's Cure Pot. Also between the rubbles, you can find Rank 1 Leather.

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Head outside and turn right, climb the wooden platform to reach the roof and find an item to loot. From there, you can abuse your bow to kill some unsuspecting enemies standing on the other side. 

Golden Cicada Shell

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You can use a makeshift wooden platform on your left, use it and turn left to obtain your first Golden Cicada Shell. Turn back and return to where the wooden platform forks and use the bow, to take a few Enemies on the furthest wooden platforms.

Keep using the wooden platforms on the left and at the end you will be able to perform a Fatal Strike on one of two enemies located below. 

Fourth Marking Flag

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You will find a Marking Flag, there, activate it to earn +1 Fortitude. Climb up the other wooden platform near the Marking Flag, don't enter the gap into the big house yet, turn left and fight the two Demonized Fanatics. You will find Rank 1 Leather there between the crates. Also if you head all the way up, you will find another lootable item.

Now enter the gap and defeat the two enemies below. Search the corners of the house to find Rank 1 Steel and Rank 1 Leather. Enter the small room to find two chests, beware of the enemy feigning death on the right side of the room.

Outside there is a Demonized Officer, surrounded by a few Demonized Fanatics. You can out many fanatics by using the bow from the roof of the house.

Fifth Marking Flag

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Before facing the Officer, you can continue through the makeshift wooden platforms to the other side. Break a crumbling wooden door by attacking it and enter to find the fifth and last Marking Flag. Activate it to receive +1 Fortitude.

Seventh Battle Flag

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Once the Officer is defeated, players can activate the battle flag nearby. It grants +3 Fortitude.

Follow the blood trail to find the boss.

Boss: Fengxi

Face the mighty boar. Please refer to the Fengxi page to learn more about it. It drops Official Seal, Nameless Warrior Bracers and Dual Marquis Halberds. You also gain +3582 Accolades and +3943 Copper. Once defeated a cutscene will follow.

You receive Rank 1 Leather, Yellow Turban Soldier Cap, Yellow Turban Soldier Armor and Iron Sword for completing the mission.



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    • Tip: The Demonized Officer guarding the last Battleflag directly before Fengxi - draw out the Demonized Fanatics with arrows, not ranged spells, likely to draw aggro.
      Once the fanatics are dealt with you can approach from behind for a sneak crit. Furthermore, in co-op the other player can get an additional sneak crit on the demonized officer by jumping off the small cliff next to him.

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