A Solitary Resistance is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 79 and was added with the Battle of Zhongyuan DLC. A Solitary Resistance tasks players with retaking the village beside Mt. Nishan from the Yellow Turban Bandits. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Main Missions have to be completed to progress the story forward and be able to complete the game.


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Mission Rewards

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Subsequent Completion
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 A Solitary Resistance

Mission Start Text

"When the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition disbanded, the lords began to act in their own interests. Cao Cao plotted the expansion of his influence in Yan Province while planning to avoid Ji Province, as it was ruled by Yuan Shao. But the region fell into utter chaos when the Yellow Turban remnants abruptly raided from Qing province and killed the province inspector of Yan. Cao Cao was nominated as the inspector's successor and, narrowly managing to drive off the brigand threat, set out to pursue them.

The first priority was to retake the village beside Mt. Nishan and use it as a base to continue the attack."

A Solitary Resistance Shitieshou Locations

There is 1 Shitieshou in this mission:

  • First Shitieshou: Found on a roof in the second section of the map. After defeating the Elite Yellow Turban Bandit at the top of a slope and entering the second section of the map, turn left and climb up the wooden structure. At the top, turn right onto the roof of a house and jump across to the next roof on the left. Once on this roof, turn left to see the Shitieshou nestled in a corner.

A Solitary Resistance Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

There is 1 Dragon Vein Essence in this mission:

  • First Dragon Vein Essence: Found near the Second Battle Flag. Between the Second Battle Flag and a nearby house on the same side of the road are a stack of wooden crates next to a wooden wheelbarrow. Destroy the crates to find the Dragon Vein Essence within them.

A Solitary Resistance Golden Cicada Shell Locations

There are no Golden Cicada Shells in this mission

A Solitary Resistance Battle Flag Locations

There are 2 Battle Flags in this mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Found directly in front of you when you load into the battlefield. This Battle Flag is already raised and does not give any additional Fortitude.
  • Second Battle Flag: After defeating the Elite Yellow Turban Bandit at the top of a slope and entering the second section of the map, simply follow the road all the way up to a wooden wall. The Second Battle Flag can be found on a platform directly on the left of the road, (+3)

A Solitary Resistance Marking Flag Locations

There are 5 Marking Flags in this mission:

  • First Marking Flag: When you enter the village, run past the wooden barricade and to your left, you will see a house with a slope going up next to it. The entrance of the house is guarded by one Yellow Turban Bandit. You can find the First Marking Flag inside this house. (+1)
  • Second Marking Flag: From the First Marking Flag, exit the house and look to your right. You should see some wooden scaffolding. Run underneath it and up ahead are a few wooden crates in between some wooden spikes. Destroy the crates to find two Yellow Turban Bandits standing guard next to a wooden structure. Climb up this structure to find the Second Marking Flag at the top. (+1)
  • Third Marking Flag: After defeating the Elite Yellow Turban Bandit at the top of a slope and entering the second section of the map, turn left and climb up the wooden structure. Turn left at the top to find the Third Marking Flag guarded by three Yellow Turban Bandits. (+1)
  • Fourth Marking Flag: After defeating the Elite Yellow Turban Bandit at the top of a slope and entering the second section of the map, follow the road until you find a campfire on your right. The next house down the road has platforms allowing you to climb up to it's roof. Instead of climbing these platforms, open the door to the house and enter to find the Fourth Marking Flag inside. (+1)
  • Fifth Marking Flag: From the Fourth Marking Flag, exit the house and climb up the platforms to reach the roof of the house. Jump across the gap to some wooden platforms to find the Fifth Marking Flag. (+1)


A Solitary Resistance Walkthrough

The First Battle Flag & Marking Flag

You will start this mission with 12 Fortitude and will be accompanied by Dian Wei for the entirety of the mission. Down the path in front of you is your First Battle Flag. Continue up the path to encounter the first Yellow Turban Bandit. Once past the wooden barricade, look to your right where you can loot one Heatproof Ice from the ground. Pick it up, then approach the house to the left. Another Yellow Turban will be standing guard by the entrance of this house. After defeating him you can raise the First Marking Flag within the house for 1 Fortitude.

Exit the house, and before you go up the slope directly next to the house, run down the path under the wooden scaffolding on the other side of the wooden barricade you passed by when you entered the village. Run through the crate between the wooden spikes ahead to break them, and defeat the two Yellow Turbans guarding the area here. On the ground next to a wooden wheelbarrow, you will find twenty Jewel Fragments you can pick up.


The Second Marking Flag

After looting the fragments, climb up the wooden structure behind you. You will find the Second Marking Flag up on the wooden scaffolding here. Raising it increases your Fortitude by 1. Jump over to the next piece of scaffolding and defeat the Yellow Turban Bandit. Loot the chest next to him for a piece of the Prestige Scholar's Set and a Genuine Qi Crystal.

From up here, you can do a jumping attack on the Yellow Turban carrying a shield next to the house you found the First Marking Flag in. If you continue up the slope, you will find an Elite Yellow Turban Bandit. Defeat him, and cross through the wooden entranceway into the second section of this area.


The Second Battle Flag & Third Marking Flag

Start by heading left and dealing with the bandit standing guard here. Climb up the wooden structure  behind him and turn left at the top. There will be three Yellow Turban Bandits you will have to defeat. After doing so, interact with the Third Marking Flag in the corner of this wooden platform. On the opposite corner of the platform lengthways are a stack of crates. Behind them are three Tiger Seals you can pick up.

Head back to the wooden structure you climbed to get up to this platform, and this time take a right onto the roof of an adjacent house. Defeat the bandit on the right corner of the roof, then jump across to the next roof from the left corner. If you turn left, you will find a Shitieshou you can offer some metals to. On the corner of this rooftop is also a Silver Inlay Liubo Dice and a Dragon's Cure Powder.

From this roof, you'll be able to see the Second Battle Flag further up the road. Jump down from this roof facing the Second Battle Flag, and destroy the wooden crates in front of you. There is a Dragon Vein Essence hiding amongst them. Make your way up the road and activate the Second Battle Flag to increase your Fortitude by 3.


The Fourth and Fifth Marking Flags

Backtrack down the road and defeat the Yellow Turban Bandits patrolling the area. Head to the campfire opposite to the roof you just jumped from and defeat the two bandits here. You'll be able to loot a piece of the Libationer Guo Set and a Bronze Liubo Dice. Next to the campfire is a house that has platforms allowing you to climb up onto it's roof. Before you do that, open the front door and head inside to find the Fourth Marking Flag. This flag raises your Fortitude by 1.

Head back out and climb up to the roof of the house. Jump across the gap to the next wooden platform and you'll be able to raise the Fifth Marking Flag, increasing your Fortitude by 1. If you circle around the tower next to the flag, you'll find a ladder you can kick down serving as a shortcut should you want to return to this rooftop later. Backtrack back to the Fifth Marking Flag and jump back across the gap. Turn left and jump across to the next rooftop, an you will be able to loot a piece of the Prestige Scholar's Set, as well as an Elixir.

Make your way back to the Second Battle Flag, and follow the road up, moving past the wooden walls. You will eventually get to some closed gates. Prepare yourself for a fight and interact with the gates when you are ready. 


Boss: Unknown Hammer Wielder

When you interact with the gates leading to the boss fight, a cutscene will play. After it concludes, the fight against the Unknown Hammer Wielder will begin. He starts with 20 Fortitude and, though he wields a hammer, has access to very long reaching attacks. In addition to this, he has many great advancing attacks, letting him close the gap between you and himself very quickly.

Though this may seem a bit daunting, as a general rule, learn to parry specific boss moves. For the Unknown Hammer Wielder in particular, he has a move where he loosens the chain on the head of his hammer and swings the chain around him up to five times. This move in particular is ideal to parry as the time between each swing remains constant and is relatively easy to get a hang of.

Additionally, this boss seems to be fairly interruptible, and simply spamming fast-hitting attacks can get him to cancel several moves. For more tips and tricks on countering his specific moves, please visit individual boss page.

After defeating the Unknown Hammer Wielder, a cutscene will play with you and Dian Wei reconciling with the boss. This mission will end after the cutscene concludes, and you will be rewarded with the Yellow Turban Champion Bracers, Yellow Turban Champion Helmet, Yellow-Shouldered Crossbow, and a Bear Gall.



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