The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 37. The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass tasks players with helping the coalition with their siege. Your objective is to break through Dong Zhuos's defenses at Hulaoguan Pass. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Main Missions have to be completed to progress the story forward and be able to complete the game. 


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The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass

Mission Start Text

After Chief Eunuch Zhang Rang's death Dong Zhuo brought his overwhelming military power to bear down on the court and set up a tyrannical administration with himself at the head. In response to this, lords across the land vow to bring him down. They form a coalition with Yuan Shao as leader and advance on the gateway to the capital, Hulaoguan Pass. 

Dong Zhuo's tyranny must be stopped. You must move quickly and help the coalition with their siege.

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Shitieshou Locations

There is one Shitieshou Demon in this Mission:

  • Shitieshou Demon:Found on the first floor of one of the towers on top of the final fortress walls. This Shitieshou Demon is located on the floor below the Battle Flag on the upper level of the tower before ascending the ladder. This battle flag is listed as Battle Flag 4

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

There is one Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrade in this Mission:

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Golden Cicada Shell Locations

There is one Golden Cicada Shell in this Mission: 

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Battle Flag Locations

There are 6 Battle Flags in this Mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Placed at the start of your mission at the starting area in the Battlefield. This Flag would have already been raised. 
  • Second Battle Flag: Located in the middle of the second wooden fort. The Flag can be raised once you clear the area of enemies (Fortitude +3)
  • Third Battle Flag: This battle flag location can be found on the way from the second wooden for to the main garrison gates. This is also Sun Jian's second location in front of the garrison gates before you cross the trenches. (Fortitude +2)
  • Fourth Battle Flag: Located atop of the fort wall on the second level of the pagoda hut, or gate tower. The Shitieshou Demon is on the first level of the wall tower, and players will need to take the ladder to reach the second level to find the Fourth Battle Flag location  (Fortitude +2)
  • Fifth Battle Flag: Found in an open courtyard area on top of the garrison fort wall.  (Fortitude +3)
  • Sixth Battle Flag: Found in front of the garrison gates where the boss encounter against Hua Xiong can be initiated. This is also where your objective marker is located.  (Fortitude +3)

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Marking Flag Locations

There are 7 Marking Flags in this Mission: 

  • First Marking Flag: Found within the starting location fort within a tent. (Fortitude +1)
  • Second Marking Flag: Found atop of a wooden platform that can be accessed from behind the mountain. A chest can be found directly below and it is guarded by a number of soldiers. (Fortitude +1)
  • Third Marking Flag: Behind a spiked fence that can be accessed from the nearby wooden platforms. It faces the second fort with the Battle Flag in the center. (Fortitude +1)
  • Fourth Marking Flag: Accessed from the war trenches. There is a raised cliff area that can be used to hop onto a secret path that will lead to a Marking Flag. Fortitude +1)
  • Fifth Marking Flag: Placed on top of the cliffside the line the trenches in front of the garrison gate.  (Fortitude +1)
  • Sixth Marking Flag: Found atop one of the towers in the area in front of the garrison gate walls. It can be accessed from the siege tower mechanism platform. (Fortitude +1)
  • Seventh Marking Flag: Located in front of the garrison gate on top of one of the raised platforms. It shares a space with a Ballista. (Fortitude +1)


The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Walkthrough

Starting Fort

You will begin this game in front of your first Battle Flag which you can use before proceeding through this first fort. There will be five more Battle Flag locations in this Battlefield. You can start making your way around the fort, and slowly clearing the enemies in the area. The tents in the area can be checked and looted for any equipment, ammunition, and spare Arrows. 

start mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

If you check the wooden platforms, you may find a large Ballista loaded with limited Arrows to use against nearby opponents. You will find a few enemies straight ahead towards the fort entrance and a few pacing guards directly in front.

ballista wooden fort mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Shooting at one will immediately cause a reaction and they will start to run at you. Clear the surrounding enemies. When you are cleared, you can return to the ballista if you haven't used up all the ammunition. Look out for any soldiers at the watch towers or taller platforms and clear them. They will likely be ranged enemies. 

Wooden Fort - First Marking Flag

One Marking Flag can be located towards the side of the fort with the open entrance. There will be a tent at the corner that you can enter. Enter the tent and this is where you will find the location to raise the Marking Flag.

tent flag mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Directly across on the other side of the fort is another open tent you can enter which will have a chest you can loot. Clear the fort of any more enemy opponents. Once you have cleared the fort area, that means you would have also faced Xu Rong and defeated him. Make sure to check all tents and watch towers for any leftover loot. Then leave the fort and pursue your objective marker location. 

Mountains - Second Marking Flag

You will have a few paths main paths you can take, but may encounter a few warriors along the way. Be sure to look up for any signs of warriors on higher ground. Climb atop the higher hills and cliffs to gain a vantage point and view anymore lingering opponents in the area. This will also give you a chance to shoot any unsuspecting opponents and do a great deal of damage before engaging in close-ranged combat. You may be able to spot a Flag Location on a platform with a chest just below.

mountain marking flag mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

To reach this platform, there is a route behind that you can take which will take you through the mountains. From the image shown above, hop off the cliff and head left until you find an opening leading behind the hill. This will allow you to reach the Marking Flag Location. The route you take to reach this platform can also be taken to continue to approach the next fort where your next marker is. 

Second Fort & Battle Flag

second fort entrance mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Continue towards the second fort which will be facing away from your final objective marker, and once you reach the fort entrance, use the raised platforms just across the entrance to get out on the other side of the spiked fence where another Marking Flag location will be. From the image above where you see the fort entrance, the raised platforms can be found once you face left past the rock hill directly ahead. 

spiked fence mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

When that is done, enter the fort where more warriors will greet you and you will need to clear them. The Battle Flag location will be at the center of the fort.

second fort battle flag mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Second Wooden Fort - Third Battle Flag 

When you have cleared the area of enemies, raise your flag then search the tents. There will be a chest to loot in the large tent atop the raised platform. Next to this tent is a smaller one closer to the fort entrance. The corner of this tent will contain Sun Jian Soldier's Letter x1.

sun jian soldier's letter mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

One more chest can be found on the opposite corner atop the wooden towers which will be next to another wooden platform with a Ballista perched on it. You can use the ballista to destroy the 2nd highest wall marked in white then climb the 3 levels to reach the chest and loot it to obtain Dragon Vein Essence x1. The location of the chest is encircled below.

second fort chest mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

From this tower, you should be able to view the garrison gate. When you are ready, exit this fort and move towards the red objective marker. From the vantage point looking outwards, it should be the path to your left. This will be towards the left arch exit.

route 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

You may encounter a larger brute enemy if he wasn't previously cleared. Just beyond him is a Battle Flag location with the garrison gates and trenches behind. Below is the Battle Flag captured in the distance en route to the garrison gate behind the enemy. 

route battle flag 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

You may be able to interact with Sun Jian nearby. If you turn to face the trenches, your view should be identical to the image below. Sun Jian will tell you to open the garrison gates with the mechanism up ahead. Before you proceed, take the path behind Sun Jian on the left to loot the chest. 

trench front battle flag 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

In the Trenches

Make your way towards the garrison gates by entering the trenches directly in front. This is where you will encounter some demons such as the Demonized Soldier or Chang Gui. Search the corner of the trenches to find Golden Cicada Shell x1.

golden cicada shell 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

To exit the trenches, look for a platform to climb. There will be a raised cliff edge that will line the edge of the trenches protected by a Chang Gui demon. A broken platform can be used to reach this edge that will have a Marking Flag Location.

cliffside marker flag 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Destroy the crates found on the same cliff platform to gain a chance at obtaining more loot. Another Marking Flag can be accessed from the trenches. Look out for a flat cliff area that can be hopped up on. This leads to a short hidden path that only has a Marking Flag at the very end.

marking flag cliff mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

marking flag path mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

This part of the trench is close to a set of open gates with a spiked fence and a siege tower. This will have a broken-off bridge with a loot drop at the end of it. Drop off this broken bridge point to find the hidden path. The broken-off bridge with the loot pick up is circled and highlighted in the image below.

 marking flag broken brige mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Finish up the area and the trenches before approaching the garrison gate. 

Garisson Gate Entrance 

As you approach you will encounter Hua Xiong. If you get close enough, you will initiate the Boss encounter against Hua Xiong and the Hua Xiong Military Elite will initiate an invasion. You can circle around to this area later on since your final objective will be through the garrison gates. Clearing this boss battle will also give you access to the Battle Flag in front of the Garrison Gates, which we will deem the last battle flag, Battle Flag six. You can clear this boss encounter first or decide to finish off the surrounding area including the surrounding yard and fort towers before you return to face Hua Xiong and raise the final Battle Flag on this Battlefield. If you wish to face him now, his boss encounter details can be found below. 

Siege Towers - Marking Flag 6 & 7

First, try to reach the mechanisms first atop the siege towers in front of the gate and slowly make your way on top of the fort walls and towers while clearing any enemies and demons you encounter. There will be ballista weapons on a few raised platforms that will also give you a good view of the enemy in the area. You may even be able to spot the next Battle Flag on the second level of the fort towers, Battle Flag 4.

fort tower battle flag 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

You can reach this location later on, once we start climbing the siege towers. You can also then take an initial shot with the ballista once you've gained access to them in order to deal a lot of initial damage before engaging in close-range combat. When you are ready, approach the siege towers and climb them. Rotate the mechanisms on top of the surrounding siege towers to create a better platform for you to advance onto the fort walls. Just below on a nearby lower platform will be a Marking Flag location.

siege tower marker flag 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

A few more intractable siege towers can be found in the same area. Another Marking Flag location will be near a ballista on a raised wooden structure which can be hopped onto from a taller siege tower. This siege tower will be situated closer to the fort wall than the first one. 

wooden platform marker flag ballista 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Be careful of the number of Demonized Soldier, Demonized Fanatic, Demonized Officer, and Demonized Warlock enemies all surrounding the area of the garrison gate. Use the newly activated platforms to navigate your way to the fort walls while on top of the towers. You can also use the ladders that lean against the tower to make your way up the first Rampart. You may encounter an Oil of Awakening x1 at the edge of a part of the fort wall that is crumbling and broken off and crumbling. This is met with a siege tower already attached to it that can be used to hop up on the wall. If you drop down directly off the right of the siege tower, you should also be able to obtain Rank 5 Leather x2. The fort wall rampart area will be lined with plenty more enemy soldiers and Demonized Soldier enemies. Below is an image of where the Oil of Awakening was obtained.

oil of awakening 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Fortress Towers - Battle Flag 4 & 5

Once you get on top of the walls and fight off the opponents in this area. You can open the doors and one will contain a Shitieshou Demon and a ladder leading up.

shitieshou mission 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

When you use the ladder, there will be a chest there with some loot and a Cup of Cordiality. On the same level just next to the chest will be the fourth Battle Flag location. Make your way around the fort walls to access the rest of the towers, open the tower doors you find and you will find one with two chests and a few more hostile soldiers guarding them. Once you clear them and continue, you will eventually reach a small courtyard area on top of the walls. This will have your fifth Battle Flag Location and the last one to raise before heading back to the garrison gate entrance for the final Battle Flag if you haven't raised it previously. 

courtyard battle flag 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

Hua Xiong Boss Battle

hua xiong boss 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

By this point, you would have cleared the surrounding area, including the siege towers, the fort walls, and fort towers. Approach the Garrison Gates and face Hua Xiong. There is a chance that his elite would have already invaded prior to the boss battle, if not, you would have to face them both. During this battle, use the fire in the combat area to your advantage to potentially deal damage over time. Be ready for his charge attack where he uses his polearm and charges forward. Dodge out of the way to avoid damage intake. He also has a jump slash attack where you will need to back away. In between these attack, you may charge at him with a series of melee attacks. Some of his basic attacks include a combination of melee swipes and slashes. Find a window of opportunity in between attacks and try to go aggressive during these openings, he will then attempt to switch to a defensive play and start to dodge roll backward allowing you to advance towards him or even lead him into a nearby flame. Slowly repeat the process until his HP bar depletes and he is defeated. You are now cleared to raise the final Battle Flag in this location and go through the garrison gates. Loot the area then open both sets of garrison gates to trigger the next cutscene. 

Lu Bu Boss Battle

lu bu boss 13 the battle of hulaoguan pass wolong fextralife wiki guide min

When the cutscene concludes, your final boss battle against Lu BuLu Bu begins the fight while mounted on his steed. However, after a few successful hits, he will continue the fight on foot. If he is separated from his hare, steer clear of the path of his horse while in battle.

While mounted,  Lu Bu has a number of ranged attacks, melee attacks, and charge attacks. His arrows can be shot and will quickly fan out or spray outwards and then reel back into the center. His ranged attacks are usually avoided by either keeping a great distance or remaining close to Lu Bu. This will allow the arrows to fly directly over you, avoiding damage. When it comes to his special attacks, he has a special ability that can ignite his weapon and arrows that will additionally deal Burn damage when he deals all his regular attacks. This is where the Cleanse Spell can be used to alleviate any inflicted Burn effects. If you have any difficulties with this fight, it is recommended to call in some Reinforcements to slow down his attack reactions and give you time to gain a better position to attack. 

He moves very quickly so it is sometimes easier to catch him right before an attack to deal a hit. He can quickly advance and jump very high. When he is close enough, his attack animations will have a drawback to prepare you to react to his attack incoming attack. The best way to face him would be to be patient in between his attack sequences while circling around to try to steer clear of his line of sight. This will also give you a chance to find an attack opening if his back is turned toward you. 

Continue to find attack windows to slowly exhaust his HP until he is defeated. His defeat will immediately trigger the next cutscene and complete the mission.



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    • You can use the ballista (the one you drop down to that has a soldier/warlock) to fire 3 rounds into the first boss taking him to near half life without starting the fight.

      • Anonymous

        ****ing atrocious level design towards the last half of the mission. There's a **** ton of enemies to deal with including a miniboss and a NPC invader, but there's like three ballistae mounted in the most inconvenient of spots, forcing you to fight while under fire most of the time, not to mention bow users and sorcerers peppered around the area. The ballistae wouldn't be so bad if there was some sort of indication as to where they are, but of course they blend into the terrain like some sort of chameleon that happens to shoot giant ****-off arrows. You're bound to get screwed over by a ballista shooting you at just the right time. You can barely even use the ballista to your own advantage, because with the radius you can aim it doesn't even allow you to turn 90 degrees in any direction.

        • Possibly one of my favorite levels so far. I really liked the change in environment and the enemy layout is interesting and fair. You can get plenty of sneak crits and even use the ballistas to tackle a few large enemies and break open ledges to climb and find special loot (dragon essence).

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