Most Intimidating Swordplay is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 100 and was added with the Conqueror of Jiangdong DLC. Most Intimidating Swordplay tasks players with rescuing Taishi Ci. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Main Missions have to be completed to progress the story forward and be able to complete the game.


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
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Equipment & Materials
Key Items
  • Resentful Liu Yao Soldier's Note



Most Intimidating Swordplay

Mission Start Text

After his close fought duel with Sun Ce in the Shentingling Hills, Taishi Ci returned to his encampment. Meanwhile, the sudden appearance of a horde of demons from the rear caused Liu Yao's army to fall into chaos. The demons slaughtered everyone they came across, with only Taishi Ci's isolated force managing to offer any resistance. Seeing the situation, Zhou Yu seized the opportunity and proposed a plan to rescue Taishi Ci.

You will go and assist Zhou Yu, ensuring that a warrior like Taishi Ci does not perish in this conspiracy that has engulfed Jiangdong.

Most Intimidating Swordplay Shitieshou Locations

Most Intimidating Swordplay Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission

Most Intimidating Swordplay Golden Cicada Shell Locations

Most Intimidating Swordplay Battle Flag Locations

There are 5 Battle Flags in this mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Found to your right when you load into the battlefield. This Battle Flag is already raised and does not give any additional Fortitude.
  • Second Battle Flag: Found in the middle of the settlement past the First Battle Flag. (+3) 
  • Third Battle Flag: Found in the next open area past the settlement you find the Second Battle Flag in. Guarded by a Corpse DemonDemonized Warlock, and Demonized Soldier (+3)
  • Fourth Battle Flag: Found past the archway at the end of the area you find the Third Battle Flag in.  (+2)
  • Fifth Battle Flag: Found in a courtyard right outside the boss arena. (+3)

Most Intimidating Swordplay Marking Flag Locations

There are 7 Marking Flags in this mission:

  • First Marking Flag: Foung near the Second Battle Flag. Guarded by a Huodou and Shuigui. (+1)
  • Second Marking Flag: Before dropping down the ladder to the Third Battle Flag, take the walkway tot he end  to find this Marking Flag. (+1)
  • Third Marking Flag: Past the Fourth Battle Flag, you'll find a Shuigui. To her left, you can climb up the wooden platform to find this Marking Flag in a hidden alcove. (+1)


Most Intimidating Swordplay Walkthrough

First & Second Battle Flag and a Marking Flag

This mission starts right after completing Chivalrous Warrior of Donglai. When you load in, you'll be accompanied by both Sun Quan and Zhou Yu, and the First Battle Flag will be directly to your right. Head forward down the slope. At the bottom, you'll reach a settlement. By the barricade on the left, you'll find five Crossbow Quarrels. Defeat the three Demonized Soldiers ahead. You can hop up onto the platform to your right to access a ballista. Defeat the Huodou and Shuigui, and you'll be able to raise the First Marking Flag, providing 1 Fortitude.

When you go forward, you'll find another two Demonized Soldiers. There'll be an item within the bamboo of a brazier on the right. Continue ahead underneath the wooden arch to pick up a Genuine Qi Crystal. In the corner on the left will be a Demonized Soldier waiting to ambush you. Head up the slope to get to a courtyard with three Soldiers. After you've dealt with them, the Second Battle Flag can be activated for 3 Fortitude. 

From the Second Battle Flag, you can go behind the houses on the right to find a chest containing a Yellow-Shouldered Crossbow. From the left and a little behind you, you'll be able to climb a ladder leading to a soldier on a ballista. 

When you're done looting the place, exit the courtyard through the archway ahead. A Soldier will be patrolling the walkway. Defeat him, and pick up the Genuine Qi Crystal to the right of the path. On the right, you'll also find a wooden barricade you can jump over next to a small tent. When you do so, defeat the two Suanyu found here. Afterwards, you can loot the chest in the area for a Jianchu Long Sword and a piece of the Grandeur Set.


Third Battle Flag and a Marking Flag

Hop out of this side area and continue up the stairs. At the end of the walkway in the middle, you'll be able to raise the Second Marking Flag for 1 more Fortitude. Kick down the ladder to the right and jump down. You'll find another Battle Flag in the area guarded by a Corpse Demon, Demonized Warlock, and Demonized Soldier. After defeating them, the Third Battle Flag can be raised for 3 Fortitude.

Continue forward, and at the corner, you'll find a Shigandang behind a barrier on the right. Turn left at the corner, and when you're in the next area, you'll find some more Demonized Soldiers by an archway to the right. Before you head that way, go straight ahead to a small white tent. You can use the tent to jump up onto the upper wooden platforms.


Fourth Battle Flag & a Marking Flag

Make your way past the archway when you're done. Behind the wooden structure on the left will be a Demon waiting to ambush you. Up ahead, you'll find the Fourth Battle Flag on the right that provides 2 Fortitude. Walk past the spiked barricades to find another Demon and a Shui Gui.

If you turn right where the Shui Gui was, you'll find a Sacred Lotus behind the wooden structure. On the left instead, you'll find a wooden platform marked with some white paint you can jump up. Beyond this platform is the Third Marking Flag that can be raised for 1 Fortitude.

Head back down the main path when you're done. Jump up the wooden walls and turn right at the top. After defeating the Demonized Soldier up here, you can find an Elixir at the end of the walkway. Head down the stairs on the left and defeat the Huodou. Turn left to find a chest within a tent at the end. You can loot the Resentful Liu Yao Soldier's Note and a piece of the Grandeur Set here.


Fifth Battle Flag

Return to where you fought the Huodou and go underneath the corrupted tree branch. Go straight ahead, past a tent. To the left, you'll find an item past a barricade guarded by a Demonized Soldier. You can jump up to the roof of the tent here to be able to run across the corrupted branches and grab an item.

When you're done, jump back down at the corrupted branch. Turn left when you can and you'll be invaded by Ze Rong, who drops pieces of the Lead Tiger Servant Set. At the split, turn right to enter a tent that contains five Arrows. To the left, a Demonized Soldier will burst through the tent. Go under the wooden walkway ahead. Defeat the Leishi and you can raise the Fifth Battle Flag, giving you 3 Fortitude. When you're ready, you can interact with the double doors up ahead to initiate a boss fight.


Boss: Taishi Ci

After witnessing a cutscene, you fill face a demonized Taishi Ci. He will start with 20 Morale. He wields a sword with a long reach. He has agile movements and can deal a number of back-to-back, melee attacks with his sword. Aggressive players may be able to stagger him easily, but otherwise, he does a lot of telegraphs that you can react to either by  dodging away or parrying. 

After depleting his health bar completely, he'll come back in his second phase. His sword becomes imbued with Ice and will start casting Ice Spells with large AoEs. These new attacks can be easily avoided by watching the markings that appear on the ground where they're about to land. Besides these, you'll have to keep watching out for his regular sword attacks.

When defeated, he drops pieces of the Fidelity Set. You'll witness the final cutscene of the DLC and earn a new Divine Beast, Kunpeng. Completing this mission will reward you with a Cup of Cordiality, two Elixir, Mountainous Profundity, and the Colonel Repeating Crossbow.



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