Sons of the Yellow Heaven is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 93 and was added with the Battle of Zhongyuan DLC. Sons of the Yellow Heaven tasks players with clearing Mt. Nishan, the current stronghold of the Yellow Turban  remnants, of Demonic Qi. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Main Missions have to be completed to progress the story forward and be able to complete the game.


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Sons of the Yellow Heaven

Mission Start Text

"Xu Chu maintained his solitary resistance against the bandits. Mistaking Dian Wei for one of them, Xu Chu attacked him but after an intense clash, the misunderstanding was resolved. The newly reconciled pair head to Mt. Nishan to hunt the Yellow Turban remnants, but as they approact the mountain, the presence of Demonic Qi grows ever greater.

Explore Nishan, which has become the stronghold of the Yellow Turban Remnant, and eliminate the source of the Demonic Qi."

Sons of the Yellow Heaven Shitieshou Locations

There is 1 Shitieshou in this mission:

  • First Shitieshou: Found in the house next to the house containing the First Marking Flag. Climb up onto the roof of the house using the platforms found to the left of it, and enter through a hole in the roof.

Sons of the Yellow Heaven Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

There is 1 Dragon Vein Essence in this mission

Sons of the Yellow Heaven Golden Cicada Shell Locations

There are no Golden Cicada Shells in this mission

Sons of the Yellow Heaven Battle Flag Locations

There are 5 Battle Flags in this mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Found directly in front of you when you load into the battlefield. This Battle Flag is already raised and does not give any additional Fortitude.
  • Second Battle Flag: From the open area with three Bingcan, climb up the ladder and follow the path forward. The Second Battle Flag can be found on the left. (+3)

Sons of the Yellow Heaven Marking Flag Locations

There are 3 Marking Flags in this mission:


Sons of the Yellow Heaven Walkthrough

The First Battle Flag

After completing A Solitary Resistance, you will be immediately put into Sons of the Yellow Heaven. You will start with 7 Fortitude and both Dian Wei and the previously Unknown Hammer Wielder, now introduced as Xu Chu, will accompany you. Right ahead will be the First Battle Flag. Enter the cavern passage and you'll encounter a Demonized Soldier within. Loot the Fire Pot near him, then continue forward until you get to a larger cave opening.

Turn right towards a Huo Shu and defeat it. More enemies, such as a Chang Gui, may aggro and chase you here. When you've dealt with them, face the wall with the white markings and jump up to the higher ledge. Keep climbing up, and you'll find a chest with a piece of the Wuhan Cavalry Set inside. Cross the wooden platform and jump over to the next. Make your way to the platform in the middle of the room and defeat the enemies here. Be careful of the Demonized Soldier hanging off of the platform on your right.

Continue navigating across each wooden platform until you reach the end. Loot the Sacred Lotus from the ground here. You'll see an item in the distance up on a ledge that you can't get to at the moment; we'll come back for it later.

Drop back down onto the ground, then continue forward up some stairs until you reach a ledge looking onto an open area. There are two pieces of loot here, one being a piece of the Leader of Lords Set and the other being thirty Jewel Fragments, but as soon as you jump down, three Bingcan will pop up from the ground. Defeat them first to be able to safely loot. If you would rather run away from them, you can take the ladder at the other side of the room up to safety.

At the top of the ladder, you will find a Large Genuine Qi Crystal directly to your right. Walk forward a bit and again to your right, you will see a pile of wooden crates. Destroy them, then follow the path here to reach the item in the cavern up on the ledge you couldn't access earlier. It will be a piece from the Dread Star of Hejian Set and a Genuine Qi Crystal.


The Second & Third Battle Flag

Head back to the wooden crates you destroyed and continue forward down the path to find the Second Battle Flag to your right. Raising it grants you 2 Fortitude. After doing that, head into the building right next to the flag. Defeat the two Yellow Bandits here, then go out the door on the right. You'll find a chest with the Spear of the Hegemon-King and a Mystic Crane on the left.

Backtrack back to the entrance of the building and head towards the building on the right. As you approach, you'll get invaded by He Yi. He drops a piece of the General of Man Set and a Podao. Defeat the rest of the Yellow Bandits on this staircase, then climb up the wooden structure to loot five Arrows.

Climb up the stairs into the nearby building, and defeat the Elite Bandit sitting by the entrance. Head into the room to the left to find a chest with the Spear of the Hegemon-King then head back out to the main room and raise the Third Battle Flag granting 3 Fortitude. Exit the building, then turn left and move forward hugging the left wall. On the ledge below you is a Yellow Turban Bandit and around the corner of the building is a Bear Gall.


The First Marking Flag

If you drop down to the lowest floor from the ledge, you will find yourself in a courtyard filled with Yellow Turban Bandits. To the left of the ledge you dropped down is a Demonized Warlock sitting behind a piece of the Evil Taoist Set. Defeating the warlock lowers the Morale of the Yellow Bandits, making them easier to defeat.

To the right of the platform where the warlock was sitting is a house. To the left of the house are a few platforms you can climb to reach its roof. At the far end of the roof, you can find the Taiping Scriptures - Heaven. Backtrack to the middle of the roof and fall through the hole. You'll find yourself in the house with a Shitieshou you can offer metals to, and a chest containing a piece of the Beast King Set. Leave the house by unlocking the front door.

Enter the next house to your left to find and raise the First Marking Flag. This flag raises your Fortitude by 1. Back outside, the wooden structure in front of both houses has a chest next to it that contains the General-in-Chief's Seal and a piece of the Heishan Champion Set. Climb the structure using the ladder, and at the top, turn left and move forward into the house ahead.

On the left inside the house, you'll find a chest with a piece of the Prestige Scholar's Set. When you exit, you'll find a Demonized Officer patrolling the area. Defeat it, being careful of the trap set by the Demonized Soldier up the slope on the left. On the right, you can find an item on the ground in from of some wooden crates.


The Fourth Battle Flag & Second Marking Flag

Climb up the slope where the Demonized Soldier set up his tap, and at the very top, you'll find the Fourth Battle Flag, raising your Fortitude by 2. Hop onto the roof behind the flag and jump across the wooden platforms to loot a chest containing a General-in-Chief's Seal. Hop back across  to the Battle Flag when you're done.

Look towards the way forward. You'll see a few wooden crates in between two houses to the right. Destroy them and run through to find some platforms you can use to get on the house's roof. Hop over to the other roof to raise the Second Marking Flag, granting you 1 Fortitude. Jump down from the roof and walk forward towards the bridge. On the bridge is a Genuine Qi Crystal and two Yellow Turban Bandits keeping guard.


The Final Battle Flag & Marking Flag

Cross the bridge and head into the building on the left. Inside are two Yellow Turban Bandits and chest containing a piece of the Prestige Scholar's Set. Head outside using the side door on the right and you'll find an open courtyard in front of you. When you approach it, an Elite Bingcan will emerge. After it's defeated, raise the Fifth Battle Flag at the other side of the courtyard. You will get 3 Fortitude for doing so.

Ahead is the path to the boss, but before you head there, turn around and look to the left. You'll find a path behind a wooden wall. At the end, climb up the wooden platforms to find a chest containing a piece of the Wuhan Cavalry Set. Further up, you'll find the Third Marking Flag, raising your Fortitude by 1. Head back to the Fifth Battle Flag and follow the stairs going up. Open the gates at the end when you're ready.


Boss: General of Heaven's Illusion

A cutscene will play when you interact with the gates. This cutscene will lead into the General of Heaven's Illusion boss fight. It starts with 20 Fortitude on NGzz. This boss features many wide reaching AOE attacks, so parries will be your best friend here. Try and stay behind him as well as most of his attacks hit in front of him.

At about half health, he will start glowing red and use more moves. One move in particular has him raise his left arm, followed by a barrage of lightning. For more tips and tricks on countering his specific moves, please visit individual boss page.

After defeating the General of Heaven's Illusion, a lengthy cutscene will play. This mission will end after the cutscene concludes, and you will be rewarded with an Anti-freeze Soil, Talismanic Water, Yellow Turban Commander Helmet, and Yellow Turban Commander Gauntlets.



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