Village of Calamity is a Main Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 1, has a difficulty level of 1. Village of Calamity tasks players with traversing through a burning village, while teaching players the basics of the game. This mission takes place at a Remote Mountain Village in Langya State, Xu Province, in the year AD 184. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
  • accolade icon wo long fallen dinasty fextralife wiki guide 2500
  • copper items wo long wiki guide 25 2500
Subsequent Completion
  •  N/A



  • N/A




Equipment & Materials
Key Items



Village of Calamity

Mission Start Text

"Elixir — the secret of the eternal path, a prize sought by the sovereigns of old. Among them was the emperor of the Qin, who lusted for immortality. The result of his quest to obtain the forbidden medicine was a catastrophe. The Elixir's power proved overwhelming and the years following the dynasty's demise, it continued, to exert a shadowy influence on conflicts and political machinations.

Many moons pass, and the Han empire faces its final days. In these dark times, Elixir once again threatens to become the catalyst that awakens the dragons lying dormant across our land."

Village of Calamity Shitieshou Locations

  • N/A

Village of Calamity Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

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Village of Calamaity Golden Cicada Shell Locations

  • N/A

Village of Calamity Battle Flag Locations

There are 3 Battle Flags that can be found in this mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Found between two burning houses, there is a stone column near it. You have to go up a small staircase. (+2 Fortitude)
  • Second Battle Flag: After the second Marker Flag, just take the big staircase to its left. You will find the Battle Flag at the end, (+2 Fortitude)
  • Third Battle Flag: After the Third Marking, keep advancing, and you will eventually find the third Battle Flag. It is guarded by a powerful mercenary. (+3 Fortitude)

Village of Calamity Marking Flag Locations

There are 3 Marking Flags that can be found in this mission:

  • First Marking Flag: Just after the first Battle Flag, kill the unsuspecting enemy, climb up the rock, move forward and climb the second rock to find it. (+1 Fortitude)
  • Second Marking Flag: While traversing the big rock platforms, protected by two yellow turbans mercenaries. (+1 Fortitude)
  • Third Marking Flag: After a long stone staircase, you will find an area defended by enemies, This one is on top of a rock, defended by an archer. Defeat him in order to render it usable. (+1 Fortitude)


Village of Calamity Walkthrough

Remote Mountain Village

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As soon as you regain control, head through the burning village, on your left you will find your first enemy. Before facing it, keep moving forward to loot a Genuine Qi Flake

Turn back and now, go face the enemy. A window explaining the different basic attacks should pop up. After dispatching the enemy, climbing the rubble behind him to loot another Genuine Qi Flake

Keep going to face two more Enemies, and find yet another Genuine Qi Flake at the end of the staircase behind them. 

Turn right, to find a lone enemy at the end of the passageway. The deflect information window should pop up here. Immediately behind the last enemy. There is another one slightly to the right, just behind the tree. 

Head to the right and climb the roof of the house, to find a Heatproof Ice. Push the rolled up ladder to create a shortcut.

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Turn back and climb the wooden platform that leads to the burning house. You will see an enemy on the ground. The morale information window should pop up here. There is also an unaware enemy, a little bit further away. 

Enter the house behind the first enemy, to find a chest. Move forward to receive again a new pop-up, this time explaining the Enemy Critical Blow mechanic.  Defeat the enemy, and break the boxes blocking the way to the house on the right to find an item. 

Also, to the left of the defeated enemy, there is a small area where you can find a Genuine Qi Fragment


First Battle Flag & Marking Flag

Continue through the staircase to find the first Battle Flag. Activate it. You can use Battle Flags to level up and rest, among other options. You obtain +2 Fortitude when you activate it. Behind it, you can find Yellow Turban Bandit's Note - Pt. 1.

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Keep heading up to find an unaware enemy, move stealthy to perform a Fatal Strike. Climb up the ledge, to find another Heatproof Ice. Move forward and drop down, turn right and climb the next ledge to find the first Marking Flag, activate it. You obtain +1 Fortitude when you activate it.

Climb the small hill on the right, to loot an item. Turn back and pass through the passage created by destroying the crates blocking the way. Continue along the way to find the first non-human enemy, a Chang Gui. You can sneak around it to deal a Fatal Strike.

Once you defeat it, climb the house from the back, using the small wooden shack as a platform, If you enter this house, you will find a chest that can be looted, and will be able to open the door from the inside.

Don't leave the area yet, climb up again the to the roof and travel through the roofs of the nearby houses. On one of them you will find another Genuine Qi Fragment. You will find an item in the backyard of that house.

Return to where you have found the first Marking Flag and now take the other route. Jump from platform to platform to reach another Genuine Qi Fragment, and then perform an aerial execution on the unaware enemy on the ground. There is another enemy, near him.


Second Battle Flag & Marking Flag

Climb the remaining platform, to find two more Enemies wandering the area. Defeat them and activate the Marking Flag behind them. You obtain +1 Fortitude when you activate it.

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Take the path on the side, and climb the stairs to find the second Battle Flag. You obtain +2 Fortitude when you activate it.

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Keep moving forward, and climb the first ledge on your right to find another Genuine Qi Flake. Fight the group of Enemies on the ground, and on the end of the way, there are two more and an item on the ground.


Third Battle Flag & Marking Flag

Climb up again and take the turn to find a lone enemy. This time, a window explaining the Martial Arts mechanic will pop up.  Defeat the enemy and climb the stairs, the path will split in two.

To the left, you will find it blocked by crates, and an enemy with a torch will be found roaming the area. Move stealthy to the right path, climb the small ledge and take out the unaware archer. This will cause the other enemy in the area to react. Defeat it and face the enemy with the torch.

Now you can loot the area peacefully. On the ledge where you defeated the unaware archer, you can find the third and final Marking Flag. You obtain +1 Fortitude when you activate it. Near it, you can find some crates that hide a Genuine Qi Flake.

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Keep advancing, to find a powerful enemy that is protecting the final Battle Flag. You have to defeat him in order to be able to activate the Flag. Once you do, activate the flag. You obtain +3 Fortitude when you activate it.

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Boss: Zhang Liang, General of Man

Continue through the open path, and find yet another Genuine Qi Flake between the crates, near the edge. Continue through the narrow path, and drop to the wide open area. A cutscene triggers once you do, and Zhang Liang greets you. Learn more about him and how to beat him by reading his individual page.

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After defeating him the first time, a cutscene will trigger and he will transform. You will have to face him again. When you manage to damage him enough, and have built enough power to use the Divine Beast, press △ + Ο (PlayStation) or Y + B (Xbox) to trigger a cutscene which ends the boss fight. Completing this quest rewards you with random pieces for the General of Man Set.

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    • I find the best Farming method is go directly backwards from the first Battleflag kill the 3 Yellow Turban Bandits, then run through the fire and backstab the Chang Gui. At Morale lvl 25, these enemies are 1 hit kills including the Chang Gui. Will yield approx. 900 Qi depending on if you have any Qi Oblention gear equipped.
      Also makes a great spots to grind back to Morale lvl 25 before facing Zhang Liang.

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