Blindfolded Boy

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Role NPC
First Encounter Village of Calamity

Blindfolded Boy (later known as Blindfolded Youth) is an NPCs in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyBlindfolded Boy is the first Npcs players meet, he can be found during the very first mission, Village of Calamity. Following the final Main Mission, The Crouching Dragon Roars, he is referred to as the Blindfolded Youth for subsequent cutscenes and MissionsNPCs are the various characters players will meet and interact with throughout their journey. These characters provide backstory or insight into the game's lore and surroundings, and some also have important roles such as offering quests and merchant services, and some can even accompany the player on missions.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Blindfolded Boy Lore Information

The Blindfolded Boy is a young man whose true identity is unknown. He currently resides in a small mountain village located in Langya Commandery, Xu Province. He turned up at the village after fleeing the fires of war that devastated his home. Although he has no family to rely on, he is on good terms with the villagers and manages to live a simple life despite the world remaining rife with conflict. He has a calm demeanor and keen intellect beyond his young years, meaning he isn't easily fazed. He is not fond of violence but will take up arms to protect himself.

In the chaos of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the once—peaceful mountain village fell victim to raiding bandits. The boy and the villagers he fought bravely alongside were saved in their darkest hour by the protagonist. After succumbing to wounds he sustained while protecting the boy, the protagonist was resurrected through the power of the Jade. Together with the protagonist, they fought fiercely to defeat Zhang Liang, the General of Man, and his group of bandits. However, a Taoist in black disguised as the protagonist injected the boy with Elixir, turning him and his Divine Beast Yinglong into a demon. Now transformed into Xielong, he then threw the protagonist off a cliff.

Thanks to the remaining power left in the boy's lade, the protagonist was able to return to life after being killed by Xielong. After that, word spread of the Taoist in black appearing across the land atop Xielong. In Luoyang, the Demonic Qi that flowed through the city was used to create Elixir and summon Taotie. Having realized that the Divine Beast Yinglong was the key to perfecting the Elixir, the Taoist in black had turned it into Xielong to aid him in achieving his quest for eternal life. Xielong and the protagonist crossed paths numerous times, but their encounters were not enough to bring the boy back to his senses.

As the Battle of Guandu broke out, the Taoist in black, who was now revealed to be Yu Ji, made his way to the battlefield riding upon Xielong. His intention was to have Xielong absorb the massive quantity of Demonic Oi amassing over the battlefield in order to create the Ultimate Elixir. However, his plan was foiled by the protagonist. The desperate Yu Ji then produced an imperfect Elixir and coalesced with Xielong. With the sheer power of the Elixir, Xielong overwhelmed the protagonist, but at last fell before the protagonist's sword, which carried the blessings of all the Divine Beasts. Losing ties with Xielong, Yu Ji vanished, and the boy, now returned to his original form, traveled with the protagonist back to the mountain village in Xu Province.

The boy disappeared from the village while the protagonist was resting, only to return after some time with a disturbing grin on his face. His consciousness had been taken over by Yu Ji. A vicious fight between the two broke out, with the protagonist hesitating to deliver a fatal blow. The protagonist was finally able to strike after the boy broke through Yu Ji's control to offer words of encouragement. By virtue of the bond shared between them, Yinglong was restored to existence, consuming Yu Ji's Demonic Qi in the process. The boy swore an oath with the protagonist while basking in the radiant glow of Yinglong. With his newfound bravery instilled in him by the protagonist, he could clearly see his fate laid before him.


Where to find Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Blindfolded Boy is first encountered in the first Mission of the game, Village of Calamity


Blindfolded Boy Related Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Blindfolded Boy is involved in the following Missions:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Blindfolded Boy Notes & Tips

  • This character's real name might be Zhuge Liang, who was known as "Wolong" (Sleeping Dragon).
    • Leaked chinese list of Voice Actors indicates, that  Blindfolded Boy and Zhuge Liang has one actor.
    • First mission takes place in Langya, which was Zhuge Liang hometown.
    • In one of his dialogues, Blindfolded Boy mentiones a deceased father, who was an official. This matches the description of Zhuge Liang's father, Zhuge Gui.
  • Additional notes for Blindfolded Boy go here.




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