Zhang Liang

General of Man
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Morale 10+(NG cycle)*5
Mission Village of Calamity
Boss Drops General of Man Set
Great Club of Polaris
Weak Counter (1st phase), Fire, Metal, Wood
Resistant Earth, Water
Immune N/A

Zhang Liang is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhang Liang in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Zhang Liang attacks using a massive mace and later in the fight transforms into a demon to use a mutated arm to fight. Zhang Liang can be encountered during the mission Village of Calamity in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Zhang Liang, hailing from Julu Commandery, is one of the leaders of the Yellow Turbans.

Zhang Liang Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhang Liang is a Human Boss found in Village of Calamity at the end of the level.

  • This boss is NOT optional.
  • Zhang Liang has 2 boss phases. If players fails to beat him during 2nd, he also must repeat first.
  • Blindfolded Boy helps during 1st phase of the battle.
  • No support during 2nd phase of the battle


Zhang Liang Lore

Zhang Liang, hailing from Julu Commandery, is one of the leaders of the Yellow Turbans. At the end of the Later Han period, amid the neutering of the Imperial Court due to political conflict between corrupt bureaucrats, floods, earthquakes, and rebellion were rampant. And, because powerful families took over much of the land, farmers lost their land and famine took hold. During this, Zhang Liang, along with his brothers, Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao, received Elixir from a black—clad Taoist atop a mountain. With their newfound power, the three started a rebellion to unseat the corrupt House of Han and take power for themselves to realize their Yellow Heaven. Zhang Liang took on the title of "General of Man," and in the absence of Zhang Liao, led the Yellow Turbans as they repelled the imperial army.

At the beginning of the uprising, the Yellow Turbans enjoyed superiority, but this was short-lived as the imperial army regained the strength to bring the battle to a stalemate. Zhang Liang took the Elixir and some hardy soldiers from his brother Zhang Jiao in order to pillage and cause havoc throughout the land to rob the imperial soldiers of their morale. As fate would have it, he would cross paths with the protagonist upon attacking one village on orders from Zhang Liao. Upon being bested, he consumed Elixir as a last resort, transforming himself into a diabolical beast. He would then strike the protagonist with all his might using his deformed left arm but was ultimately brought to his knees and devoured by Yinglong, clad in Genuine Qi.


Wo Long Zhang Liang Mission

Zhang Liang in Wo Long can be first found in the mission:


Wo Long Zhang Liang Drops

Zhang Liang in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Zhang Liang Boss Guide

Zhang Liang Boss Video Guide



Zhang Liang Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Zhang Liang:

  • Only your basic combat moves and tactics are available for this encounter.
  • You won't have any Divine Beast, Wizardry Spells, or even multiple Martial Arts that you can equip.
  • On NG, follow the "Guard + Deflection" approach (allows to mitigate risk of damage in case of failed deflection).
    • Keep the guard the whole time and try to deflect all hits (most notably Fatal Strikes)
      • Outside that, wave attack present during 2nd phase has to be deflected/avoided if player wants to beat boss without damage received.
  • On NG+, equip Wood-related offensive spells for increased damage and 5-phase counter of his wave attack.
  • On NG++, he may chaincast Fatal Strikes

Zhang Liang Boss Strategy Guide

Phase 1 (Human Form)

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Zhang Liang is a human boss who wields a large mace. Since this boss is encountered at the start, you need to rely on your skills and basic combat moves and tactics to beat him. You won't have any Divine BeastWizardry Spells, or even multiple Martial Arts that you can equip unless you're already in Rising Dragon mode, which is the NG+ mode of this game. If you pre-ordered the game, you can equip the Baihu Set or Zhuque Set to gain an advantage of defense, but if you want to be nimble, equip other light armor pieces which you acquired randomly before you reached the boss area, or just use the default set, the Nameless Warrior Set. For your weapon, use a spear if you were able to acquire one earlier, or just use a sword weapon that has high attack stats.

Zhang Liang moves slowly when he uses his mace to attack since it is heavy, he'll need to exhaust energy to execute massive swings, making it easier for you to react and dodge or block. If you see a red glow on him, be ready to use Deflect Counterattack. If you time it right, this will cause Zhang Liang to trip, and you can follow up with a flurry of attacks. Just be ready to move back as he recovers. Zhang Liang can execute a triple swing combo and sometimes, he ends with a fourth swing. So watch his moves before you move in to attack. If he does end with a fourth swing, he usually jumps in the air and slams the mace on the ground. Again, he will need to recover if he does this move, so you have a brief window to attack him while he recovers.

The best way to punish him is when he tries to grab you with a strong blow. Just always use Deflect Counterattack when you see the red glow, time it right, and you can break his guard. By doing so, he will fall to the ground for a brief moment, and you can use this window to attack him.

An alternative way, if you want to go full on offensive, is to constantly hammer him with your normal attacks. As Wo Long doesn't have the usual 'stamina' bar, it is possible to endlessly attack him until he dies. Zhang Liang has 0 "poise" and all his attacks (except when he glows red) can be interrupted. Use this to your advantage and constantly attack him with your weapon, just keep an eye out for his red attacks. This is more easily done with a fast weapon like a sword, but slower weapons still do the job. (Do note that this does NOT work for his phase 2, as then he actually has poise.)

When his health drops to zero, a cutscene will trigger, and phase 2 starts.

Phase 2 (Demon Form)

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In the second phase, Zhang Liang becomes empowered and transforms into a demon. His left arm becomes a shield or a whip-like weapon this allows him to extend his attacks and cover a wider range. If he slams the weapon on the ground, be ready to dodge or block the spikes that emerge from below. Zhang Liang can also charge at you like a bull, you can dodge to the side or block it, but take advantage of this because he needs to recover after charging in, and use the brief window to attack while he recovers. Similar to the first phase, he will try to use a devastating grab attack or a swinging combo, when a red glow appears, be ready to use Deflect Counterattack. If it lands correctly, his left arm will shatter into pieces and you can move in to attack. Use this opportunity to continuously attack him until his guard is broken, allowing you to use a Fatal Strike against him.

If you use a Fatal Strike, he will fall to the ground. Make sure to move back because he will cast a large AOE attack around him when he recovers. The AOE around him will cause these red vines to emerge from the ground and becomes a barricade around him. Do not engage and wait for him to finish throwing those spikes at you that pop out from the ground. Watch out for his leap attack where he jumps and spins the air, watch where he lands and dodge it. When he lands on the ground, you can move in to attack while he recovers. Watch his moves and repeat the process to survive the battle, and when Blindfolded Boy prompts you to use the Divine Beast, press △ + Ο (PlayStation) or Y + B (Xbox) to trigger a cutscene which ends the boss fight.


Zhang Liang Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Phase 1 (Human Form)
Undercurrent Sprint (Fatal Strike) Zhiang Liang performs a charge attack with his Great Club. Counterable with Deflect Counterattack.
Heaven Divide (Fatal Strike) Zhiang Liang brandish weapon boldly, then swing it with all his strength.
Overhead Swing Slams the Mace on the ground. It is telegraphed when he swings the mace over his head and slams it on the ground. Dodge to the side if you are close, but better to move away from him.
Swinging Combo Swings the mace three times and sometimes ends it with a fourth overhead swing. You can block it to mitigate the damage, dodge back, or to dodge roll at the right moment every time he swings the weapon.
Boulder Glide (NG++) Zhiang Liang swings his weapon out of the ground, flinging clumps of earth at the target. Unlike variation from weapon, this attack is not a Fatal Strike Dodge to the side or deflect to avoid damage.
Phase 2 (Demon Form)
Snake Grab (Fatal Strike) Zhiang Liang tries to grab the target. If successful, drags his target for several meters, then tosses him away. Counter with Deflect Counterattack to inflict massive Spirit damage and to break his left arm. Additional heavy attacks after counter will likely break his Spirit and leave him open for critical attack.
Heavy Swings (Fatal Strike) Zhiang Liang swings his mace up to 3 (1st part) or 5 (2nd part) times, each strike counters as separate Fatal Strike. Counter with Deflect Counterattack to inflict massive Spirit damage and stop the combo.
Boulder Glide (regular) Zhiang Liang swings his weapon out of the ground, flinging clumps of earth at the target. Unlike variation from weapon, this attack is not a Fatal Strike. Dodge to the side or deflect to avoid damage.
Charging Attack Raises the mace and charges forward like a bull. This can be blocked to negate the damage or dodge rolled to the side.
Recharge This only happens if you use a Fatal Strike against him. A red AOE field will appear around him when he recovers from the Fatal Strike. Move away from the radius of the AOE.
Leap Attack Aggressively jumps and spins the air, and tries to land on you. Watch where he lands, and he will usually try to land where you're standing. Dodgeroll to avoid getting hit.


Zhang Liang Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: TBC
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




"Any who oppose us ... Shall know only the end of our blades! 

During Fight:

"I'll crush you like the vermin you are!"

"Hmph! You're not as weak as you look, huh!"

"Hah! That's what you get!"

"I'm not beaten yet...!"

Phase 2:

"Damn it! What is that power ...?! I ... General of Man, brother of the Great Sage Mentor! I shall not betray my brother's trust ... 


After Fight:



Zhang Liang Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      I bought the game today and beat the boss in first try... has it been patched easier now or am I really getting along with the mechanics in the game (unlike Lies of P)

      • Anonymous

        Considered not buying the game based on reviews complaining about the difficulty of this boss. He did take me maybe 10-15 tries, but no harder than anything in ER or DS and way easier than most of the Sekiro bosses.

        • Anonymous

          As a nioh fan i had to buy this game. I beat the first boss tonight. Took me like 20 tries and to learn mechanichs and level up. Im an average player at best so if i can do it anyone can

          • Anonymous

            To get to second boss stage without any damage back him up against the edge of boss arena and with a spear spam attack him he will just take about a lap around arena and won't have time to even attack and cause damage.

            • Anonymous

              Farm the minions in the level before the boss and find the weapon 'White Wooden Cudgel'. It's attacks are very fast and he seems to get stunned by it in phase one. Beat him this morning (just started the game yesterday) and was able to stunlock phase 1 with this weapon. He only got off two attacks in phase 1. Phase two was similar, but it took a few attempts to get some of the moves down. You can't stun him, in phase 2, but that weapon is relentless with its attacks. I beat him at level 8 with moral at 15.

              • Anonymous

                this might the the most difficult first boss in any game ever (especially considering that every boss that comes after him is pretty easy by comparison, very unbalanced)

                • Applying Shock status seems to help reduces his spirit gauge considerably leading to faster critical strikes. I buffed weapon with lightning and used Absorb Vitality after each critical strike.

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