Xiahou Yuan

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Morale 20
Mission The Two Walls Stand Tall
Drops Rushing Set
Weak Poison
Resistant N/A
Immune N/A

Xiahou Yuan is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Xiahou Yuan in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Xiahou Yuan is one of your NPC allies and of the mission Reinforcements available, and is fought as a boss as a friendly duel during the Sub MissionThe Two Walls Stand Tall in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Xiahou Yuan, courtesy name Miaocai, was a warrior from Qiao County of Pei State, and brother to Xiahou Dun.

Xiahou Yuan Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Xiahou Yuan is a Human Boss found in The Two Walls Stand Tall.

  • This boss is optional
  • No Reinforcements initially join you when you start the mission
  • This boss fight is a duo fight with Xiahou Dun


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Xiahou Yuan Lore

Xiahou Yuan, courtesy name Miaocai, was a warrior from Qiao County of Pei State, and brother to Xiahou Dun.

In his youth, he was once imprisoned instead of Cao Cao, who had committed a crime, but was then redeemed by Cao Cao. When Cao Cao was raising an army, he came at once and was appointed the cavalry commandant. He was adept in finding ways of ambushing the enemy, and his artistry at marching long distances was once alluded to as being able to "march five hundred miles in three days and a thousand in six." Also a master of archery, he could accurately fire three arrows simultaneously. While a valiant general in his own right, he is sometimes reckless, and is often reprimanded by Cao Cao.

Once Cao Cao had raised his army, Xiahou Dun followed him in battles across the land. After the death of Zhang Rang, he and Xiahou Yuan rushed to Cao Cao's side, rejoicing his safety and new-found resolution In the battle of Hulaoguan Pass, he eyed the protagonist who had befriended Cao Cao with suspicion, but refrained from outwardly expressing his emotions and focused on his duties. Once Dong Zhuo had set Luoyang ablaze and fled to Meiwu Fort, he gathered with Cao Cao to pursue Dong Zhuo. As they were outnumbered, they were naturally overpowered by the counterattack, but not without displaying Cao Cao's mettle to the world through furious fighting. Following this, he reassembled an army at Cao Cao's orders, accepting men of all standings, contributing to the expansion of his affluence.

Cao Cao's forces were taken by surprise in the chaos after the death of Dong Zhuo, and Puyang was taken by Dong Zhuo's killer, Lu BuXiahou Yuan worked with the protagonist to infiltrate and recapture Puyang. Following in the wake of Xiahou Dun, they swept the keep of Lu Bu's men. When Xiahou Dun took an arrow to his left eye amid recapturing the keep, Xiahou Yun quickly mowed down the assailant, but he could not do more than powerlessly watch Xiahou Dun transform into a heinous demon. Though struggling with conflicting emotions, Xiahou Yuan fought alongside the protagonist to subdue his demonized cousin. He would later swear an oath with the protagonist, admiring how fearlessly he fought against such an intimidating opponent. He made a vow to claim yet more victories in a bid towards restoring peace to the land.

He joined in the effort to assault Xiapi, where Lu Bu was entrenched, and contributed to his downfall. When Yuan Shao's forces attacked, he stood with Xiahou Dun to defend Cao Cao and helped him to safely retreat. Thereafter, he continued to support Cao Cao, who had lost much territory and been put at a disadvantage and fought valiantly in the decisive battle against Yuan Shao. He became a colonel, providing logistic support and played a part in the victory at Guandu. After Yuan Shao's defeat and the conquering of Hebei, Cao Cao's territories had grown vast, Xiahou Yuan oversaw the distribution of provisions to ensure that no soldier would go hungry. He played a vital role in Cao Cao's large-scale southern campaign.


Wo Long Xiahou Yuan Mission

Xiahou Yuan in Wo Long can be found in the mission The Two Walls Stand Tall


Wo Long Xiahou Yuan Drops

Xiahou Yuan in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Xiahou Yuan Boss Guide

Xiahou Yuan Boss Video Guide

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Xiahou Yuan Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Xiahou Yuan:

  • Increasing your Fire Resistance is recommended for this fight.
  • Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells that deal AoE damage can help deal damage to both bosses at the same time.

Strategy Guide

This fight is a duo boss fight - you will have two fight two bosses simultaneously. Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan have separate health bars and Spirit Gauges, and both start at 20 Morale. Whereas Xiahou Dun wields a battleaxe and will mostly engage in short to mid-range combat, Xiahou Yuan wields a sword and bow, engaging in long or short range.

Xiahou Dun's moveset is relatively simple, consisting mainly of axe slash combos and dash attacks. He will mostly perform his 3-hit combo, performing a variety of vertical and horizontal slashes with his battleaxe while advancing towards you. Keep an eye out for when he glows red. If he does and you're far from him, he'll perform a powerful dash that can quickly deplete your spirit gauge. If you're in range, he'll attack with his axe, dealing hefty damage and again depleting your spirit gauge significantly. It's a sign that you want to parry his move soon when he glows red.

Despite having two weapons at this disposal, Xiahou Yuan's moveset is also quite simple. He only has one move with this bow, shooting three arrows consecutively at range. With his sword, like Xiahou Dun, he mainly performs a series of sword slashes. Moves to look out for and counter are those where he glows red and does a powerful attack after, and the one where dashes towards you, telegraphing his follow-up attack.

Both brothers can imbue their attacks with fire. For this reason, increasing your fire resistance for the fight is a good idea. They are aggressive and will not give you any room to breathe during the fight. Try grouping them together and hitting them with AoE attacks to be able to chip both their health bars at the same time. In addition, parry their attacks to break their spirit gauge and perform Fatal Strikes as often as possible. You cannot be hit by the other boss while in the animation, giving you relatively safe windows to deal significant damage.


Xiahou Yuan Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Consecutive Arrows Xiahou Yuan fires three arrows at a target, each arrow staggering them. If at least 2 arrows hit, the target is knocked down. Can be sidestepped.
Advancing Slash Xiahou Yuan performs up to three slashes with his sword while moving towards his target. Counter or dodge away.
Sword Charge Xiahou Yuan runs towards his target, dragging his sword on the ground. When he gets to his target, he performs a powerful upwards slash. Counter or dodge to the side.
Upwards Slash Xiahou Yuan glows red readying his sword. He then slashes his sword up hitting targets close to him. Counter or dodge to the side.
Overhead Slash Xiahou Yuan glows red, then after a brief delay, he jumps up and does and overhead vertical slash while advancing forward. Counter or dodge to the side.
Divine Beast Call Xiahou Yuan calls on the powers of a Divine Beast, knocking back players around him and imbuing his next sword attacks with Fire. -


Xiahou Yuan Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




You sure you're prepared? Once we start there's no calling it quits.

During Fight:

The whole Xiahou Clan's counting on us Let's do this!

Keep your eyes on the enemy!

I wasn't expecting an easy fight ...

Eheh! I'm afraid the harder you hit me, the harder I hit back!

After Fight:



Xiahou Yuan Image Gallery

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