Unknown Hammer Wielder
(Xu Chu)

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Morale 20/25/30 (NG/NG+/NG++)
Mission A Solitary Resistance
Guileless Mind, Tigerlike Might
Drops Both encounters:
Hammer of Vendetta
Part of Fealty set
Upgrade for Feilian (Divine Beast)
Weak Fire, Metal, Wood
Resistant N/A
Immune N/A

Unknown Hammer Wielder (later to be known as Xu Chu) is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Xu Chu in Wo Long is a Human type boss and one of later Cao Cao most formidable soldiers, fighting protagonist and Dian Wei due to mistaking them for bandits. 

  •  See Xu Chu for his Reinforcements details

Xu Chu is a warrior who wields a massive retractable hammer that doubles as a wrecking ball.

Wo Long Xu Chu Boss Information

Unknown Hammer Wielder is a Human Boss found in A Solitary Resistance.

  • This boss is not optional in the main mission encounter.
  • Dian Wei is reinforcements by default during this mission.
  • Health: __hp__


Xu Chu is a Human Boss found in Guileless Mind, Tigerlike Might

  • This boss is optional in the sub mission encounter.
  • Duel-type encounter.
  • No reinforcements by default during this mission.
  • Health: __hp__

Wo Long Xu Chu Missions

Xu Chu in Wo Long can be first found in the mission A Solitary Resistance. He can also be found in the following missions:


Wo Long Xu Chu Drops

Unknown Hammer Wielder in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

Xu Chu in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

Wo Long Xu Chu Boss Guide

Xu Chu Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Wo Long Xu Chu Strategy 

Players will first be introduced to the Unknown Hammer Wielder/ Xu Chu in a cutscene before the fight, it shows that he wields a giant hammer that retracts so it is classified as a ranged and a melee weapon. A notable attack he does is when he retracts his hammer and swings it around as well as slamming his hammer onto the player 3 times, he can perform this attack in melee and ranged distance. Players can easily block or deflect these attacks.

A few notable attacks Xu Chu does is when he places his hammer down and uses it as a support pole to hold onto as he kicks his targets, as well as a shoulder charge. Players can easily tell when he's about to perform these attacks as Xu Chu will briefly pause before performing the attack, so when they see this, players can easily dodge out of the AoE.

Xu Chu's other attacks involve a swinging combo where he uses the momentum of the hammer and spins in circles towards players and perform a jump attack where he slams onto the group, Players can choose to dodge or deflect the spin and dodge the attack. Another one is where he digs his hammer into the ground and shovels out some boulders towards players, to which players can easily deflect this attack as well.


The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Unknown Hammer Wielder/Xu Chu:

  • Most useful combo is Fire + Metal + Wood, which will destroy his Spirit while dealing constant damage to him.
  • Wood phase spells can help counter his Earth-stone attack.
  • His weapon is not buffed, so Guard can be helpful to avoid damage of nearly all of his attacks.



Xu Chu Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes   
Weapon Unique MA Xu Chu extends his hammer, then attacks the target three times. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage
Shoulder Charge Xu Chu charges at target with right shoulder in front.
Regular attacks   
Power of Feilian (Duel) Xu Chu uses the power of the Divine Beast, Feilian, to summon tornados.  Back away
Hammer Chain Spin Xu Chu extends his hammer and attacks with it like a whip, covering large area around him. Deflect or Guard, depends on Spirit
Enhanced Hammer Chain Spin Xu Chu calls Feilian and summons large tornado around him. Additionally, he spins his hammer around him covering large area  Back away or deflect to avoid damage.
Stone Uppercut Xu Chu uppercuts the ground to release stone(s) on target. Before that, he may run around with hammer in low position. Deflect to avoid Spirit Damage
Buff Xu Chu buffs himself with spell, that increase resistance to physical damage (both encounters) and poise (duel) N/A


Xu Chu Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



(A Solitary Resistance)

You must be bandits as well!

During Fight:
  • Hold your tongue! Enough talk!
  • Don't try to play tricks on me!
  • Bastard... Don't get carried away!
After Fight:

What difference does it make... This village is in ruins. Bandits or armies, wherever they go death follows. We have to protect our country by ourselves. I'll go with you.


(Guileless Mind, Tigerlike might)

Come at me with everything you have!

During Fight:
  • What...
  • Not yet... I've still got more in me!
  • Urgh... Youre so strong!
  • Th-This isn't good...
  • ... I concede defeat.
After Fight:

If I had never met you that day, I might have stuck around there my whole life. Maybe it takes a fight for people to get to know each other well. I will not allow myself to fail you or Colonel Dian. I must continue to gain strength. Colonel, please watch over me from heaven.

Xu Chu Image Gallery

xu chu hammerwhip xu chu jumping xu chu taunting xu chu beginning of fight xu chu fallen xu chu reasoning [screenshots and artwork go here]


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