Zhang Rang

Chief Eunuch

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+)
Mission Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch
Drops Set Pieces for the Wuhuan Cavalry Set
Set Pieces for the Yellow Turban Commander Set
Weak Fire, Metal
Resistant Earth, Water, Wood
Immune N/A

Zhang Rang is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhang Rang in Wo Long is a Human type boss. He distributed Elixir in order to amass a fortune. Zhang Rang can be encountered during Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Lusting after material wealth and consumed by greed, he would, to anyone in his favor, appoint prominent officers such as province inspectors or sell Elixir. Under his presence, the Imperial Court became all but corrupt.

Zhang Rang Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhang Rang is a Human Boss found in Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.


Zhang Rang Lore

Zhang Rang, hailing from Yingchuan Commandery, is one of the chief eunuchs serving under the Emperor.

Attending the court from a young age and well favored by the Emperor, he gradually came to power. Along with other esteemed eunuchs, he formed part of a clique with unrivaled authority known as the "Ten Eunuchs." Displeased at this state of affairs, the general-in-chief He lin was advised by Yuan Shao to eliminate them from power, but Zhang Rang had him preemptively assassinated. Lusting after material wealth and consumed by greed, he would, to anyone in his favor, appoint prominent officers such as province inspectors or sell Elixir. Under his presence, the Imperial Court became all but corrupt.

Despite himself being a servant of the Court, he ordered to have a massive dungeon constructed under Luoyang, where he would imprison innocents and extract from them their Qi, an ingredient of Elixir. He was secretly connected with the Yellow Turban rebels and made a massive fortune through illicit trading of weapons and Elixir. Following the end of the uprising, when Zhang Rang was called to account for his actions by Cao Cao and the protagonist, he abruptly split into dozens of phantom doubles before attacking them. It was then revealed that he had already been transformed into an inhuman entity through use of the Elixir. Upon being defeated by the protagonist, he fled, still fixated on using his Elixir, but was mercilessly cut down by Dong Zhuo.


Wo Long Zhang Rang Mission

Zhang Rang in Wo Long can be first found in the mission Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.


Wo Long Zhang Rang Drops

Zhang Rang in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Zhang Rang Boss Guide

Zhang Rang Boss Video Guide

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Zhang Rang Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Zhang Rang:

  • At the beginning of the fight, Zhang Rang spawns with 9 clones of himself, each one giving him a unique buff. These buffs include taking no/reduced damage from certain elements, a Spirit Gauge extension, increased health regen etc. In order to deal significant damage to him, all of his clones must be defeated before attacking him.
  • Clones are both his strength and weakness - while fighting multiple clones is difficult, with each one defeat Spirit Gauge of living one (boss including) is lowered, making spirit breaking them easier.
  • At about half health, he resummons all 9 clones and regains all buffs. In addition, he gains access to two new moves.
  • He conjures lightning spells, so it's advised to increase your Wood resistance.
  • Metal-related spells can be used both to substantial increase in damage and to counter Zhang Rang Wood spells.

Strategy Guide

Zhang Rang is a human type encounter unique among others, as main boss trait resolves around clones of himself. At the start of the fight and 2nd phase, he summons 9 clones of himself with each of them giving boss a buff to resistance. Therefore, any encounter should start from lowering/eliminating all of them - what should not be hard with weapon dealing significant damage, 


Zhang Rang Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Charge Attack Zhang Rang performs a charged attack with his sword Deflect for huge Spirit Damage
Strong Attack Zhang Rang performs a strong attack with his sword
Regular Attacks
Sword Rush Zhang Rang's abdomen glows red and charges his sword. Shortly after, he dashes towards a target, piercing them. Dodge to the side or counter it if you're been targeted.
Triple Swipe Zhang Rang performs sword slashes towards a target three times. The clones can also perform this move. Dodge away from the move.
Lightning Swirl Zhang Rang raises his sword then slashes down, summoning a swirl of purple lightning around him. This move deals multiple hits to everyone in it's AoE, pushes and knocks them down. Dodge out of the AoE.
Lightning Crash Zhang Rang readies his sword, a bright light yellowish light emanating from him. Shortly after, he plunges his sword on the ground, a large circle around him erupting with lightning.  Move away from him while he's charging.
Lightning Orb Zhang Rang hurls an relatively slow orb of lightning towards a target. The orb can curve slightly, but doesn't home. Does little damage but can stagger a player. The clones can also perform this move. Counter or dodge out of the trajectory. 
Lightning Rush Zhang Rang hurls a lightning bolt that rushes forward, hitting all in it's path. The clones can also perform this move. Dodge to the side.
Flying Spin Zhang Rang flies diagonally up, then spins with his sword out towards a target. Only performed at 50% health or lower. Counter or dodge out of the trajectory.
Lightning Barrage Zhang Rang dashes away, then summons a clone that shoots multiple lightning orbs that fire in random directions. The clone disappears after it attacks. Only performed at 50% health or lower. Dodge behind the clone that does the attack. The orbs don't seem to hit behind him.


Zhang Rang Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Number of clones (and the mechanic itself) is a reference to Ten Eunuchs, also known as Ten Attendants. This was a group of influential eunuch-officials, who lived in Eastern Han China around (r. 168–189) and Zhang Rang was an important member of this group.
  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




"In return for your discourtesy, I shall just have to make do with your Qi"

During Fight:

"Hyeh hyeh ... Do you question your eyes? This is no dream, I assure you."

"Hyeh hyeh ... You guessed wrong."

"Urgh. Don't look so smug ... Why don't you just give up and relinquish your Qi ...?"

"Impossible, you can't beat me ... Perhaps I need more Elixir?"

"But how? Am I really about to lose?"

After Fight:

"Why you ... So it's come to this ..."


Zhang Rang Image Gallery

zhang rang front zhang rang zhang rang cloneszhang rang elixir zhang rang death [screenshots and artwork go here]


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    • Anonymous

      They really made that boss fight when the lock on system is that bad ? If I don't unlock, I lock on the ten dudes across the room instead of the one next to me...

      • Anonymous

        This comment section is going to be filled with an abundance of salt. The camera isn’t the reason you are dying.

        • As stated in another comment leaving at least 1 clone alive will prevent future spawns.
          Me and a friend co-oped this boss and the first go around we accidentally killed the last spawn with Poison Bog spells AoE, lost the fight after he summoned them all back.
          2nd try decided to leave 2 clones alive and ignore them completely.
          Beat him to a pulp easy.

          • Anonymous

            Tip: leave one of his clones alive. When I did this he never re-summoned any more; meanwhile it was super easy to avoid the slower, weaker clone and focus on the actual boss.

            • Anonymous

              This boss is trash. You get hit from all sides you cant see and the camera is garrrrrrrrbage! I had to to go through two waves of his clones to own him. Its a long drawn out frustrating fight!

              • Anonymous

                So this fight is really dumb. The time I was able to beat it me and the summons pushed him into a corner and he never summoned the second wave of clones. Unsure if that happens with regularity. One time the first wave of clones just stopped moving for some reason.

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