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Mission In Search of the Immortal Wizard
Fortitude __fortitude__
Drops __drops__
Weakness Fire, Metal, Wood
Resistance Water, Stone (damage)
Immunity Stone (build-up)

Zhupolong is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhupolong in Wo Long is a __type__ type boss. __uniquedescription__. Zhupolong can be encountered during the following mission/s __mission__ in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.



Zhupolong Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhupolong is a __type__ Boss found in __mission__.

  • Is the boss optional?
  • Are there reinforcements you can summon?
  • Health: __hp__
  • Special information unique to the boss here


Wo Long Zhupolong Lore

The Zhupolong is a demon that takes the form of a large crocodile.

It possesses the strength to tear sandbanks apart and has a fearsome roar. It boasts a massive body covered in thick skin that is said to be a suitable crafting ingredient for drums. Using the lure on its tail, it entices human prey to the water's edge, and then pulls them into the muck. According to the central mountains section of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, Zhupolong is thought to be another name for the crocodile that lives in the Yangtze River in the Jiangnan region. Legends also have it that this beast is really the daughter of the deity that lives in the lake.


Wo Long Zhupolong Mission

Zhupolong in Wo Long can be first found in the mission In Search of the Immortal Wizard. It can also be found in the following missions:


Wo Long Zhupolong Drops

Zhupolong in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

  •  __drops__


Wo Long Zhupolong Boss Guide

Zhupolong Boss Video Guide

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Zhupolong Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Zhupolong:

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Zhupolong Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter


Zhupolong Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




__Dialogue 1__

During Fight:

Defeating player: __Dialogue 2__

After Fight:

__Dialogue 3__


Zhupolong Image Gallery

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