Embodiment of Demonic Qi

Corrupted Xielong

embodiment of demonic qi boss wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide
Morale 20
Mission Decisive Battle of Guandu
Drops Heishan Bandit Set
Dread Star of Hejian Set
Weakness Counter/Recovery
Resistant Elemental-type damage
Immune Elemental-type build-up

Embodiment of Demonic Qi is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Embodiment of Demonic Qi in Wo Long is a demon-type boss. The Embodiment of Demonic Qi is the final form of Yu Ji who has merged his body and mind with the demon dragon, Xielong. Embodiment of Demonic Qi can be encountered during the following mission/s Decisive Battle of Guandu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


The ultimate Embodiment of the Demonic Qi. Yu Ji sacrifices himself and uses the power of the elixir to merge into Xielong and transforms into one horrific demonic being.

Embodiment of Demonic Qi Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Embodiment of Demonic Qi is a demon-type Boss found in Decisive Battle of Guandu.

  • 2nd part of encounter with Yu Ji. If player fails this phase, he must repeat first.
  • This is NOT an optional boss.
  • No Reinforcements initially join you when you start the mission.
  • The Embodiment of Demonic Qi boss is the final form of Yu Ji after defeating him. He uses the elixir and Demonic Qi to sacrifice himself, causing his body and mind to merge with the dragon, Xielong.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Embodiment of Demonic Qi Lore

Yu Ji's Lore

The Taoist in Black is of an unknown origin. Although almost a hundred years old, he remains in good health thanks to the Elixir's effects. Adept in the manipulation of evil Demonic Qi, he drastically differs from other Taoists who seek enlightenment through inherently good Wizardry Spells. He clings desperately to the ideal of the Elixir and what it will help him achieve and will eliminate anyone who hinders his quest. He is able to disguise himself as other people and take advantage of the bonds they share with others. He has no regard for human life or the fate of those who become demons, doing whatever he must to complete his quest. 

The Taoist in Black stoked the fires of chaos by giving Elixir to the Yellow Turbans to create a distraction as he searched for the one possessing the eternal Elixir Field who would be able to serve as a vessel for the Ultimate Elixir. Upon finding a boy he believed to have potential, he ambushed him, turning him into Xielong so that he could control him. In Guangzong, he coaxed Zhang Jiao into using Elixir, and in Luoyang, he manipulated Zhang Rang into collecting Qi, an ingredient of Elixir. These actions served to spread chaos even further throughout the land. Noting Dong Zhuo's ambitious nature, he hinted at the power of the Elixir, inciting further turmoil. The true purpose of all this warmongering was to amass enough Demonic Qi to create the Ultimate Elixir.

In order to see his scheme through, the Taoist in Black, now identified as Yu Ji, continued to spread the fires of war across the land. He was able to summon Taotie through Xielong by absorbing the immense amount of Demonic Qi that had amassed in Luoyang. At the Battle of Hulaoguan Pass, he saw that Sun Jian possessed power rivaling that of a demon and tried to sway him to join his cause during the siege on Xiangyang. Seeing that Sun Jian had no interest in joining him, Yu Ji had him shot with an Elixir-laced arrow. His plans were almost thwarted by Lu Bu at Xiapi until he used the Elixir to turn the tables.
Furthermore, he coaxed Yuan Shao into starting a battle at Guandu that divided the land and used demons to kill Sun Ce who was trying to avenge his father. At this point, it seemed that nobody could stop Yu Ji's rampage of terror.

Yu Ji Merging with Xielong

By creating the Ultimate Elixir and turning the world into an immortal realm, conflict would become a thing of the past. To put a stop to this delusional ideal, the protagonist stood bravely against Yu Ji. Keen to utilize the protagonist's power, Yu Ji tried to sway him to his cause, but the protagonist simply readied his weapon in refusal. Powered by the Elixir, Yu Ji seemed to have the upper hand but began to lose ground before the might of the bonds that the protagonist had forged with so many great heroes. In a desperate last struggle, Yu Ji merged with Xielong but was defeated in one mighty blow by the Divine Beast—blessed protagonist. However, determined not to give up until the bitter end, Yu Ji possessed the Blindfolded Boy in an attempt to play on the protagonist's emotions, but was ultimately destroyed thanks to the unshakable bond the two had formed. And so, the dream of an immortal realm was shattered once and for all.


Wo Long Embodiment of Demonic Qi Mission

Embodiment of Demonic Qi in Wo Long can be found in the mission Decisive Battle of Guandu.


Wo Long Embodiment of Demonic Qi Drops

Embodiment of Demonic Qi in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Embodiment of Demonic Qi Boss Guide

Embodiment of Demonic Qi Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Embodiment of Demonic Qi Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Embodiment of Demonic Qi:

  • Qinglong is one of the recommended Divine Beasts to equip in this battle.
  • Equip the following Wizardry SpellsAbsorb Vitality
  • Whistling Vortex Martial Arts is a good skill to use when pressuring the boss and quickly breaking its guard.
  • Wear your strongest Light Armor with high Defense so that you are nimble during the boss battle and to increase your defense against his attacks.
  • Vertical attacks/Martial Arts are recommended
  • Can conjure spells of all elements, so Wuxing philosophy can be put to good use.
  • Boss has one of the most difficult Fatal Strikes to counter, however countering him stuns him for a very long time.
  • Despite being resistant to all elementals in terms of damage, spells with large numbers of projectiles like Heaven's Rage or Ominous Chill can be put to good use to destroy his weak spots.
  • Weak spots: Wings, Tail and Tusks. Destroy one of these spots to stun him for a long time.

Emodiment of Demonic Qi Strategy Guide

This is a continuation of the boss fight against Yu Ji, so all the equipment you're wearing carries over to this battle after defeating Yu Ji. When his health drops to 0 a cutscene will trigger where he merges with a demonic dragon, transforming into the Embodiment of Demonic Qi. This is the final form and phase for the boss battle against Yu Ji. As soon as the battle starts, Yu Ji will conjure multiple swords and swings them aggressively at you. To minimize the damage, you can block the attack or dodge it. Once he flies around, he will try to grab you, make sure to sprint away and dodge to avoid getting caught.

Similar to one of his attacks, he will also conjure a large red orb and throw it at you. Sprint towards him and then dodge roll so that you don't get hit. Most of the time this boss will be flying in the air, so the only time you get to land your attacks is when he's on the ground for a brief moment, which usually happens after he attacks. A good tactic to counter him is to Deflect Counterattack his Fatal Strikes. By successfully deflecting the Fatal Strikes, you can quickly build momentum to break his guard, making him vulnerable to a Fatal Strike. Keep repeating this process while avoiding most of his projectile attacks — you'll complete this mission after defeating Yu Ji and you'll return to the Remote Mountain Village in the Langya State of Xu Province.


Embodiment of Demonic Qi Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Large Energy Ball Gathers Demonic Qi and throws a large energy ball at the player. Counter with Deflect Counterattack to deal both regular damage and Spirit Damage
Dragon Slam Embodiment flies sky high for several seconds, then uses its body weight and slams its back on the ground, covers a wide range when using this attack. Counter with Deflect Counterattack (be vary of timing, as it can be tricky). High-risk high-reward move, since successful deflection stuns Embodiment for several seconds.
Wing Attack Embodiment flies sky high for several seconds, then uses its wing to slash at its target.
Tail Cut Embodiment flies sky high for several seconds, then uses its tail and cuts  the ground under him.
Embodiment's Impalement Embodiment tries to grab a target by doing througth arena in a low position. If successful, lift target sky high and impales it with several swords
Regular attacks
Embodiment's Wrath The Embodiment of Demonic Qi conjures 5 large swords and aggressively swings it forward in quick succession up to 6 times. Deflect to build up Spirit Damage or block to negate the damage.
Hand Slam Embodiment slams his hand into the ground on the side up to 3 times.
Dragon Drill Flies and spins forward, charging like a bull. Dodge roll to the side to avoid getting hit or guard it to mitigate the damage.
Large Fireballs Creates multiple large fireballs that move slow. It explodes upon contact or explodes after a brief period. Sprint away until it disappears. If it comes into contact, it can be deflected to mitigate the damage.
Toxic Pillars Toxic pillars burst from the ground right under the target The ground will glow green, helping you to identify where it will burst. Sprint and dodge roll to avoid getting hit. 
Massive Barbed Conductor Embodiment raises his hands and releases a wave of wood manifestation, that tracks target and inflicts Lightning. Either use Metal spell to negate the spell or run away to the side to avoid damage.
Massive Earthquake Embodiment raises his hands and conjures a spell, that causes a massive Earth damage at certain locations. Spell is slow and location are indicated, so simply step away from target arena. Use the moment to damage Embodiment. 
Massive Ominous Chill Embodiment raises his hands and conjures a spell, that is an empowered version Water spell Ominous Chill (more larger icecicles). Spell is slow and location are indicated, so simply step away from target arena. Use the moment to damage Embodiment.


Embodiment of Demonic Qi Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Issues present during this encounter:
    •  Embodiment can be stuck in his Drill attack. In this case,, engage him on range.
    • Very rarely, player can trigger Embodiment to stuck in a position that resembles an ostrich with head stuck in the ground. In this case, fight has to be restarted.
    • Poorly timed destroying of his weak spot (when he is falling after filling the Spirit Bar) will recharge his spirit instantly.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




"To have pushed me this far... The Ultimate Elixir rests out of my reach yet... But you have given me no choice."

"Now it has come to this. Forged of chaos borne on this land... Upon this Elixir, I offer my life and be reborn!"



During Fight:

"You're keeping me entertained! But now I shall take my time toying with you!"


Embodiment of Demonic Qi Image Gallery

embodiment roar embodiment front embodiment sideembodiment start of fatal strikeembodiment fatal strike embodiment countered embodiment fatal strike 2embodiment sword attackembodiment downedembodiment up 2  embodiment preparation for critical attack embodiment explosion embodiment after the fight[screenshots and artwork go here]


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      Everyone I watch play this game has this boss staying still for half the fight, but for me he gave me the Elden beast treatment.

      • Anonymous

        I like how the author of these pages tells you to be evasive, fully ignoring the use of a core game mechanic: Deflect. You can deflect literally everything in this game. Just deflect the red attacks and follow up with a spirit attack or wizardy to build the enemy's negative spirit, break stances, and get deathblows. Its easier than trying to dodge everything. This aint dark souls.

        • Anonymous

          He wasn't too hard, but hitting him is tedious, makes me wonder why we got jumping attacks if they can barely hit that...

          • I want to like this boss because it has a pretty interesting design, but, man, it just isn't great. It's simply too large for the game to handle. I spent a majority of my fight just dealing with the lock-on causing the camera to wig out, or the dragon's huge, lumbering tail taking up my entire screen. All my deaths came from an inability to see what killed me.
            I think if it was a stationary target, like the giant hydras at the end of Nioh 1, it could've made for a more interesting fight.

            • Anonymous

              What a stupid boss design. How are you supposed to deflect attacks you can't see coming. And then he dumps loads of poison on you which stun locked me into a corner. Getting to the boss without using any healing and then getting stomped by this dude is no fun. Having to fight the previous boss again is super annoying

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