Sun Jian (Boss)

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) - excluding boss gauntlet
9 - Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale
Mission Human:
Like Father, Like Son 
Darkness Over the Hanshui River

The Crouching Dragon's Trial
Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale
Drops Set pieces for the Vicious Tiger Set

Guding Blade
Weak Earth, Fire, Water (Demon)
All elements (Human)
Resistant Wood (Demon)
N/A (Human)
Immune Metal (Demon)
N/A (Human)

Sun Jian (Boss) is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Sun Jian (Boss) in Wo Long is an Human/Demon-type boss. It resembles a white-furred Tiger with blood-red arms and is found in the Like Father, Like Son and The Crouching Dragon's Trial Sub-Mission and the Darkness Over the Hanshui River Main Quest.

  • See Sun Jian for his non-Boss details


 Tempt me all you may, I will not join forces with evil.

Sun Jian Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Sun Jian (Boss) is a Boss encountered in Like Father, Like Son & Darkness Over the Hanshui River.

Like Father, Like Son Boss Battle:

  • This boss is optional
  • There are no reinforcement summons for this Boss.
  • Sun Jian (Boss) fights alongside Sun Ce (Boss) for a friendly spar. He is the second character to join in on the friendly duel following their victory at Hulaoguan Pass.
  • Sun Jian will join fight after being directly hit or after Sun Ce healthbar is lowered by significant amount.

Darkness Over the Hanshui River Boss Battle (Demon Form):

  • This boss is NOT optional
  • There is no reinforcement summons for this Boss.
  • Sun Jian (Boss) fights mainly using his Claws and tail. At 50% HP, his heavy attacks start to execute faster.

The Crouching Dragon's Trial (Demon Form):

  • This boss is optional
  • There is no reinforcement summons for this Boss.
  • Fights mainly using his Claws and tail. At 50% HP, his heavy attacks start to execute faster.

Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale (Demon Form):

  • This boss is optional
  • 4th fight of the gauntlet
  • There is no reinforcement summons for this Boss.
  • Fights mainly using his Claws and tail. At 50% HP, his heavy attacks start to execute faster.

Wo Long Sun Jian (Boss) Drops

Sun Jian (Boss) in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Sun Jian (Boss) Boss Guide


Human Form
Demon Form


Sun Jian (Boss) Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Sun Jian (Boss) Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Sun Jian (Boss):

  • Start with inflicting Metal debuff
  • Using the Lightning Weapon spell to enchant your weapon with lightning will dramatically improve your damage toward Sun Ce. Alternatively, players can also consider using Flame Weapon to deal Burn damage instead. 
  • If available the Bursting Fireball is a good choice when facing multiple opponents in a small space. Casting this Wizardry Spell hurls a terrifying fireball that will split into multiple fireballs and explode after reaching a certain distance or hitting an enemy or terrain.
  • Mighty Shockwave can also be used to Unleashes a shockwave around you that will blow away nearby enemies to clear your immediate vicinity. 


To begin combat approach your duelling partners in front of you. Your combat encounter with Sun Jian will be a 2 on 1 spar with this father-son duo. They will be standing across the room at the start of the spar mission. Sun Ce will be standing in front for this duel so combat will commence with Sun Ce first. During this initial phase, deplete his HP as much as possible before Sun Jian joins in battle. 

Sun Ce (Boss)

As you approach, Sun Ce will close the distance by charging in and then attempting to land an attack once he gets in range. He will wield his Tiger Fang Dual Halberds that can also be thrown for longer range combat. He has a few basic melee combat actions that can be dealt in one combo. This is a series of slashing, striking and stabbing. He also has a jumping attack where he lunges forward and ends his landing with a strike. He can quickly follow this attack by jumping backwards, so if you intend to attack at this time anticipate his repositioning. You can find an attack window in between his flurry of attacks when he exhausts his stamina and briefly has an ideal period. If you hit him during this time, it'll be easier to knock him back or knock him down, lengthening your window for damage. Take an aggressive approach before the next phase with Sun Jian. An aggressive approach will force Sun Ce into defense, and will not give him an opportunity to retalliate. 

Sun Jian (Boss)

When Sun Jian (Boss) joins the battle, you will face them both at the same time. It is suggested that you keep moving for this section of the fight to avoid getting cornered by both enemies. Circle around as you deal your attacks. Sun Jian uses a Guding Blade in combat and has a three step combo that is a combination of attacking and advancing. He can lunge forward while stabbing with his blade, bu can also be knocked back in between these attacks. He also has the ablilty to circle around and reposition while ending this motion with a slash. Carefully try to reposition yourself so that you are not surrounded and do not take damage from both at the same time. Take turns dealing attacks at each one, but try to focus on clearing one quickly so that you no longer have to face two bosses at the same time. Clearing them both will result in a Glorious Victory and additionally you will gain their gear.



Sun Jian (Boss) Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Thunderous Impact Sun Jian glides around te arena in an organic swirl before ending this action with a slash. He will trying to wrap around you during this action and will confuse you on where he will land the final blow. Run forward if he glides behind you.
Alternatively, counter for massive Spirit Damage.
Star Fall Sun Jian leaps high and forcefully slash downward. Counter for massive Spirit Damage.
Regular attacks
Baihu Resonation Sun Jian calls his Divine Beast to buff his (and Sun Ce) weapons to inflict Metal build-up  Buff is not permament, so player can theoritically run till this wears off. Alternatively, every hit must be deflected to avoid chip damage.
Strike Sun Jian brings his weapon up strikes it down in front.  This action can be anticipated as soon as he's in the area. Dodge backward before he lands the strike. 
Slash A basic melee slash that can go left or right or be dealt back to back in a combo. Block this action or roll away to avoid contact.
Melee Combo Swing Sun Jian will swing his sword side to side consecutively.  As he advances you will need to continue to step away and create distance until the action ends. 
Charge  Sun Jian will draw back his weapon and charge forward and stab any enemies ahead.  As he draws back his weapon step away or jump to avoid contact with his weapon. 
360 Swing Sun Jian can swiftly swing his sword 360 degrees. This is a quick surrounding attack. Steer clear of Sun Jian from all angles 


Sun Jian (Boss) Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: For other there Notes and Trivia Go Here



  • My tiger's claws are merciless. Prepare yourself! 
  • I see you're determined... Excellent. 

Sun Jian Demon Form Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Sun Jian Demon Form Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Sun Jian (Boss):

  • Since Sun Jian aligns with the Metal element so players can consider equipping any Fire Phase Spells since Fire melts Metal
    • Alternatively, Water and Stone can also be useful.
  • Using the Focus Zone spell will give you an advantage in terms of additional damage since boss fight arena is small.


Sun Jian in Demon Form is a Tiger-like demon who is triple the size of a person but has the agility of one. This boss is a bit hard to anticipate due to its agility and size. One of the normal combos that Sun Jian in demon form uses is the two-punch combo with its claws when you and your reinforcements are swarming him in close-range. Another normal attack it does is a tail swipe, he uses this to keep you from a distance. When Sun Jian reaches 50% HP, his demon will start to go berserk, making his attacks faster with the frequent use of combos. At this phase, he'll be Charging and spinning more frequently and will be roaring with damage as a last resort.

To beat Sun Jian, you'll have to try hard enough to anticipate its attacks, so that you can dodge them. When you get a small window, go ahead and attack along with your reinforcements. At some point, Sun Jian will be stunned, which gives you ample time to deal damage. This boss isn't too tanky, so you'll find it a bit easier to deal damage. Lastly, when you're low on health, let your reinforcements to the attacking first until you've somehow regained health.



Sun Jian Demon Form Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Strong Tail Uppercut Sun Jian performs a strong uppercut with his tail. If succeeds, chews target for a moment and tosses behind him Counter for massive Spirit Damage (timing can be a bit tricky)
Strong Charge Sun Jian performs a strong version of his charge attack.
Regular attacks
Metal buff During second phase, Sun Jian buffs his arms and tail to inflict additional Metal damage.  Deflect all melee attacks to avoid chip damage. Alternatively perform a critical Spirit Attack to dispell the buff for short time.
Tail Swipe Sun Jian spins its body while the tail is extended, making it a tornado-like attack. Block or Counter (counter in 2nd phase)
Stomp Sun Jian lifts his foot and performs a stomp with large area of effect Block and prepare for possible Fatal Strike shortly after. 
2 Punch combo When you're in Close Range combat with Sun Jian, it will resort to punching you away from it. Block or deflect, it depends on Spirit gauge.
Roar When Sun Jian has enough space, it will charge up a roar that can deal immense damage. Back up when you see the Boss gasping for air.
Claw Swipe Same as the 2 punch combo, Sun Jian will swipe you with his claw when you're too near. Block or deflect, it depends on Spirit gauge.
Spinning Claw When Sun Jian notices you in mid-range, it might opt to lunge at you with a spinning claw attack.
Charge When Sun Jian notices you from afar, he's going to take a moment to try and charge you.


Sun Jian (Boss) Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • His Metal-related buff can be skipped. If player manage to inflict debuff related to one of the elements (Fire is most preferable) between recharge after critical strike and roar that indicates beginning of 2nd phase, Sun Jian will be be stunned. For some reason, he will forget to use his own buff and will continue fight without it till the end.
    • Music will still change, indicating "2nd phase".
    • This makes fight easier, as player can still block regular melee attacks without chip damage.
  • Character Lore: For other there Notes and Trivia Go Here



This boss has no dialogue during its Demon Form.

Sun Jian (Boss) Image Gallery


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