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Morale 17
Mission Escape from the Capital
Drops Lieutenant-General Set equipment pieces
Weak ???
Resistant ???
Immune ???

Guo Si is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Guo Si in Wo Long is a Enemy NPC type boss. He is found alongside Li Jue in Zhang Rang's manor. Guo Si can be encountered during the following mission/s Escape from the Capital in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Under Dong Zhuo's banner, he went on a rampage of terror doing as he pleased, and even killed Dong Zhou's successor, Wang Yun, taking control of the Imperial Court with Li Jue.

Guo Si Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Guo Si is a Enemy NPC Boss found in Escape from the Capital.

  • This Boss is not optional to complete the Mission
  • Cao Cao joins your forces as a Reinforcement during your encounter for this mission
  • Guo Si is encountered along with Lieutenant-General Li Jue as a regular NPC enemy encounter a mini-boss fight that is required to progress through the Sub-Mission and eventually lead to a Glorious Victory. 


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guo Si Lore

Guo Si is a warrior active during the end of the Later Han period. 

Acting as Dong Zhuo's confidant, he led the vanguard with Li Jue for the siege on Luoyang, and defeated Zhu lun, who had defected to Yuan Shu's army. He continued on to siege Chenliu and Yingchuan Commanderies, killing unarmed men and abducting women—leaving a mountain of corpses in his wake. He and his comrade and childhood friend Li Jue often drank together and would visit each other's encampments frequently. He was a fearsome warrior, and more tactically minded than Li Jue. He was sometimes known as Guo Duo, taken partly from his childhood name. 

While the protagonist and Cao Cao confronted Zhang Rang, Guo Si infiltrated Zhang Rang's manor on Dong Zhuo's orders. After Dong Zhuo killed Zhang Rang, Guo Si smuggled out the vast quantities of Elixir that were cached at the manor. Afterwards, Dong Zhuo ordered him to frame Cao Cao as the traitor who killed Zhang Rang and have him assassinated. However, the planned was foiled by the protagonist, and he fled back to Dong Zhuo along with Li Jue. Under Dong Zhuo's banner, he went on a rampage of terror doing as he pleased, and even killed Dong Zhou's successor, Wang Yun, taking control of the Imperial Court with Li Jue. However, his petty bickering with Li Jue caused internal friction, weakening their forces, and he was eventually killed at Meiwu Fort. It is said that his severed head was sent to Cao Cao.


Wo Long Guo Si Mission

Guo Si in Wo Long can be first found in the mission Escape from the Capital.


Wo Long Guo Si Drops

Guo Si in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Guo Si Boss Guide

Guo Si Boss Video Guide

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Guo Si Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Guo Si:

  • Spirit Fervor can be used to benefit both you and your allies since this mission is fought with an ally, Cao Cao. This Wizardry Spell Grants you and your allies a positive effect that increases Spirit gain when attacking.
  • The Offensive Spell Surging Blaze can be used in the tight battle area to releases a spreading blaze to the front. It deals more damage closer to the point of release.
  • The Divine Beast Bixie can be summoned to affect multiple targets in one area, which is ideal for this arena. Bixie can be summoned  to strike all surrounding enemies with lightning. Additionally, Bixie calls down lightning on all nearby enemies at set intervals. The attack range increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
  • Any Divine Beast summon can be enhanced with the Inner Breath Spell which Increases the accumulation of the Divine Beast Gauge for a certain period of time.

Guo Si wields the Dual Rooster-Crowing Halberds and deals a series of mostly melee combat during the fight. Since Guo Si is a duo fight with an ally and a second Enemy character, try to make sure that you don't get backed up into a corner and double teamed by both Guo Si and Li Jue during your encounter. Use your ally to your advantage especially while dealing with two opponents. Try to seperate Li Jue from Guo Si so you can focus your attacks on them one at a time, eventually clearing one which will make the remaining enemy NPC very easy to clear especially with the help of Cao Cao. This battle arena has two floors, so if needed you can even take your battle to the higher floor. There will be a ladder you can take to reach the second level. If you decide to do this, the enemy will follow, likely leaving your ally, Cao Cao to deal with the other one on the lower floor.

By separating them, this also ensures that you are not backed into a corner or double teamed, especilaly with the limited space of the manor. Both Guo Si and Li Yue usually fight with a basic set of melee combat actions though they wield different weapon types. Since Guo Si has a dual weapon, he can use both halberds and strike forward with two blades at a time. His slash actions would also then be dealt in tow different directions. Both are easily fought with an aggressive approach using any basic melee attacks. An aggressive approach and a combination of contant attacks adds pressure on Li Jue and effectively prevents him from retaliating for a short period maximizing your damage output. Guo Si may even become exhausted or staggered which results in a few idle seconds and allows you to deal as many attack actions during this time. In between your attacks, make sure to look out for his next successful attack action. If he jumps, quickly roll backwards to avoid the attack thta will follow. Continue playing agressive, clearing one at a time until the fight is finished.



Guo Si Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Jump and Slash Guo Si launches himself forward and slashes his Dual Halberds in two directions.  Steer clear of his anticipated landing area as soon as you see him airborne to avoid damage from this atack
Strike Forward Guo Si charges a step forward while simultaneously stabbing directly in front quickly with one blade followed by the other. As long as you keep moving, or stay out of his direct line of sight, you would be in the clear. 
Backflip He has the ability to flip backwards, doing a backward 360 slash with his dual weapon Sligtly distance yourself since this attack will only inflict damage if you in immediate vicinity.  


Guo Si Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



  • Ha hah! I'm coming! Let us split the accolades fifty-fifty. 
After Fight:
  • Gah, I didn't think ... it would come to this. How do I explain to General Dong? 


Guo Si Image Gallery

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