Demonic Cow

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) - Boss
varies (NG), varies (NG+) - Enemy
Mission In Search of the Immortal Wizard
The Crouching Dragon's Trial
Drops Set pieces for the Shanyue Soldier Set
Set pieces for the Yellow Turban Commander Set

Set pieces for the Dauntless Tiger Servant Set
Wooden Poled Spear

Ring Pommel Sabre
Weak Earth, Metal, Wood
Resistant Water, Fire
Immune N/A

Aoye is a Boss and Enemy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Aoye in Wo Long is a Demon type boss. The Aoye is a massive demonic cow whose hair is possessed of dark energies, which it can manipulate to fashion into various appendages to skewer, slash at and crush its opponents. The Aoye is a persistent threat found in various missions throughout Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


The Aoye is a demon with four horns that takes the form of a cow.

Aoye Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Aoye is a Demon Boss found in In Search of the Immortal Wizard.


Wo Long Aoye Mission

Aoye in Wo Long can be first found in the mission In Search of the Immortal Wizard, then later in The Crouching Dragon's Trial. It also appears as a non-Boss opponent in the following missions:


Wo Long Aoye Drops

Aoye in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

In Search of the Immortal Wizard

Massacre of Meiwu Fort

The Crouching Dragon's Trial

 On NG++, Aoye may drop one of these Hidden Tomes upon defeat:

Wo Long Aoye Boss Guide

Aoye Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Aoye Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Aoye:

  • Divine Beast Qilin is recommended for this encounter, as it's skill can dish serious damage to Aoye.
  • Recommended elements: Earth, Wood, Metal
  • Items that boosts Water defense are recommended
  • Start with inflicting Poison  - 4 Poison Throwing Knifes are enough to inflict it. In later parts of the fight, basic Metal spells should work just fine.
  • Aoye is a very large demon who has a plethora of attacks in its moveset. When fighting this creature, keep careful watch of its various appendages as it telegraphs each strike, but it can be deceptively fast despite its size.
  • At 50% HP, it will power up and begin using Ice attacks.


An important note when fighting the Aoye is to watch its "front limbs". Its left limb (your right when facing it) is used to slam the ground in front of it which should be side stepped, while its right limb is used to sweep the ground in front of it in a very wide arc, which you should dodge away from.

Periodically, the Aoye will perform a horn barrage attack in which it extends its horns very quickly, several times in succession to pierce the ground ahead of it. Move to its side when this happens. Additionally, when it covers its face with its tentacle "tusks", it is about to swing them outwards, which hits in a wide cone in front of the demon. Upon reaching 50% HP, the Aoye will glow briefly and release a barrage of ice shards all around it. Run away from the monster as it performs this.

If you stay to its side or back, the Aoye will whip the area around it with its hair which is difficult to avoid so try to remain near its front. When it extends both limbs outwards on the ground, it is about to drag its whole body forwards, slamming into anything in its path. Quickly dodge through one of its limbs on either side to avoid the attack. Lastly, the Aoye will sometimes close the distance by leaping into the air and cleaving the ground with both limbs as it lands but this can easily be dodged with decent timing, or avoided entirely by running away.


Aoye Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Tusk Strike The Aoye covers its face with the tusk-like appendages on the sides of its head. After a brief delay, it blasts the tusks outward with force, hitting in a cone in front of it. Deflect the attack to deal massive spirit damage.
Strong Limb Slam Aoye performs a strong limb attack
Very Cold Bath Aoye tries to grab his target 3 time. If succeeded, treats it with a deadly dose of Ice.
Regular Attacks
Front Limb Sweep Usually used with its right "front limb" appendage (your left, when facing the creature directly), Aoye pulls its limb back and then performs a massive sweep directly in front of it. Note that it can also do this with its other limb, but less frequently so. Roll away, or through the sweep. 
Front Limb Smash Usually used with its left "front limb" appendage (your right, when facing the creature directly), Aoye pulls its limb back and upwards, and then smashes the ground in front of it. The attack covers a large distance, but has a narrow hit-box. Sidestep it at the last second.
Horn Barrage The Aoye pulls its head back very briefly, before extending its horns very quickly, several times in succession to pierce the ground ahead of it, in a cascading fashion starting close to its front and ending further out ahead of the creature. Quickly move to the monster's side as the attack begins. It does not seem able to change the direction of the barrage once it starts.
Frost Barrage After reaching 50% HP, the Aoye will glow briefly and slowly release a barrage of ice shards all around it in a cascading, circular fashion while demonic vines burst out of the ground. Run away as the monster glows.
Frost Blast The Aoye slowly raises its head, revealing a glowing core under its neck. It will then release a blast of ice in a small cone towards the ground in front of it. Move out of its front as the monster rears its head.
Whip Barrage Typically used if you linger to the monster's sides or back for too long. The Aoye raises several locks of its black tentacle-like hair and after a short delay, whips the area all around it in a very erratic fasion. Difficult to avoid at close range, run away as soon as you see several locks of hair wiggling above it.
Dragging Charge The Aoye extends both limbs a long distance ahead of it. After a brief delay, it drags its entire body forwards, slamming into anything in its path. Dodge through one of its limbs on either side before it drags itself.
Leaping Cleave The Aoye leaps through the air and then cleaves inwards with both limbs as it lands. Dodge through the cleave or quickly reposition out of the way before the monster lands.


Aoye Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • The Aoye is a demon with four horns that takes the form of a cow. This atrocious monster uses its long hair to wrap around human prey, then skewers them with its large horns before eating them. Abruptly appearing at the summit of Mt. Tianzhushan after the Yellow Turban Rebellion had come to an end, the Aoye turned the mountain into a den of demons. Its hair is said to serve as a disguise that allowed this hideous fiend to conceal itself amidst the summit's trees, preying on travelling ascetics one after another. The hair is also capable of stretching at incredible speed and precision that even the agile Zuo Ci could not fend off.
  • In the western mountains section of the Classic of Mountians and Seas, it is described as having a pale body like a cow, four horns, and coarse hair that spreads out like a cloak. Fable has it that each and every black hair that covers the body is as hard as iron wire, so resilient that no swords of spears would pierce into its flesh, and brought fright and despair unto those who dare a last stand against this demon. Also known as Aohen, the Aoye inhabits Mr. Sanweishan in the west. While generally feared as a predator, it is also seen as a symbol of the coming of winter, due to its long coat.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




This Boss has no dialogue


Aoye Image Gallery

aoye hidden aoye eye aoye reveal aoye roar [screenshots and artwork go here]


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    • How to fight most bosses in Wo Long: Look for deflection and use it to your advantage
      How to fight Aoye: Random button mashing (Attacks + Spirit Attacks), avoid walls and count for good luck. Worked for me :P

      Honestly, most fights are at least fine (some, like Lu Bu are very good). But this Cow + Giant Octopus mix is just bad. 0/10, don't want to fight it again.

      • Anonymous

        Move to his left, spam Imposing Slab (earth spikes). Spam spells by immediately attacking after casting to recover focus, then cast again. Took this approach on my 5th try after reading nonsense on Polygon about using fire wizardry. Note: I have 20 points in earth.

        • Anonymous

          I finally learned his move set and managed to parry every single attack, then at roughly 33% into what I thought would be the perfect run he breaks out the big move, smacks the ai, freezes the screen and proceeds to murder me while I’m stuck with an image of his ass in my face and sounds of me getting hit. 7/10 decent fight

          • Anonymous

            I had success using the poison divine beast. By the time he was close to the end and I was low on healing, the extra damage chipping away at him probably made the difference.

            • Anonymous

              It's wild seeing all the salty people in the comments for this boss. Then again, I'm guessing most people leaving comments on an enemy page are probably there fresh off an ass kicking and need to vent.

              • Anonymous

                For those who are struggling: It's pretty vulnerable to lightning. Maybe not the biggest damage, but it hurts its spirit big time. Which ofcourse means more Fatal strikes for you :)

                • Anonymous

                  Another spammy, boss with long hitboxes that also closes the gap on you fast. If you are not countering the horns, you are running around like a clown trying to avoid and bait his crit. Boring and silly boss. Early game, use the healing buffs and the Second Beast and wail on him.

                  • Anonymous

                    His moveset is interesting and I have no problems with it. What's more important for me is his HP - it's too overtuned. I face him again in Guahdu and my maxed out spear and double axes literally did 0 damage to him while other enemies too easy for me (practically I oneshot any big officer). I was like "you serious?".
                    Full Fire build + spear / double axes, only solo.

                    • Anonymous

                      Definitely there are areas, bosses, enemy types in this game that can do with a little more balance (or just have more thought put into it). I consider myself a veteran at souls like games + fast action games. Just when I thought I got the hang of things, this boss came along and basically told me to git gud. Attempt #10 now and seems like the AI was controlled by my 6 year old nephew button mashing his controller.

                      • Anonymous

                        This boss is so inconsistent. The patterns are absolutely freaking random. Sometimes it does managable mix ups of the attacks, regularely using parryable attacks. The next try it goes ****ing ham on you and is bashing your skull in.

                        • Good luck lol. This boss spams all the buttons like a 6 year old child.
                          Possibly the most poorly constructed boss fight I've witnessed. Seems to have no weakness.
                          Best bet is to summon 2 recruit, and spam revive them throughout the fight.
                          Again, good luck guys lol. Have fun with this one. I have no other tips, this boss is pointless.

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