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Location Two Chivalrous Heroes
Divine Beast's Favor Earth Phase Spells Spirit Consumption
Guard Spirit Consumption
Damage Taken in Perfect Condition
Restore HP Upon Deflecting Critical Blow
Summon Divine Beast Qilin's Earthquake
Divine Beast Resonation Qilin Resonation

Qilin is a Divine Beast in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Qilin is an Earth Divine Beast, and can be found in the second Main Mission Two Chivalrous Heroes. Each Divine Beast is attuned to one of the Five Phases and can channel the power of their respective element. Players can use them to gain certain advantages during combat against Enemies.


Wo Long Qilin Description

The Divine Beast Qilin is the king of all creatures with fur. It is said to live for 2,000 years and have an appearance combining elements of a deer, an ox, and a horse. This auspicious creature is thought to appear in times when the ruler is just, and apparently visited Confucius when he was born. From the Zhou period to the Han period, it was as revered as dragons and became associated with the Earth Phase in the Five Phases theory. It also features in the term "Qilin child," used to refer to an outstandingly talented youth with a bright future.


Where to get Qilin in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Qilin can be obtained after completing:


In order to upgrade Qilin's Divine Beast's Favor, players have to complete the following Missions:


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Qilin Information

Qilin has 3 abilities in Wo Long: Fallen Destiny. A passive ability, called Divine's Beast Favor and two active abilities called Qilin's Earthquake and Qilin Resonation. As soon as players obtain Qilin, all three abilities become available, however, by completing The Unparalleled Spear, Divine Beast's Favor gains a fourth passive.

Divine Beast's Favor:

Name Effect
Earth Phase Spell Spirit Consumption Reduces Spirit consumption of Earth Phase Spells. -3.0%/ -6.0%
Guard Spirit Consumption Reduces Spirit consumption of guarding -3.2%
Damage Taken in Perfect Condition Reduces damage received when at full HP -3.8%
Restore HP Upon Deflecting Critical Blow Restores HP when deflecting a Critical Blow +36

Summon Divine Beast:

  • Qilin's Earthquake: Summons Qilin to create multiple stone pillars in front of you. The number of stone pillars increase when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.

Divine Beast Resonation:

  • Qilin Resonation: Summons Qilin to apply Stone damage to your weapon. Decreases HP damage taken and increases automatic Spirit recovery.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Qilin Notes & Lore

  • Additional Notes & Lore for Qilin go here.


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