Bo Cai


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Mission The Yellow Heaven Burns
Drops __drops__
Weak Water, Fire
Resistant Stone
Immune N/A

Bo Cai is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Bo Cai in Wo Long is a human type boss. He is a high-ranked member related to Yellow Turbans. Bo Cai can be encountered only during the following mission The Yellow Heaven Burns  in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.



Bo Cai Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Bo Cai is a human Boss found in The Yellow Heaven Burns.

  • This boss fight is not optional, but mission is optional
  • Reinforcements are available
  • Health: __hp__
  • He is guarded by few regular enemies, dispose them first


Bo Cai Lore

Bo Cai is an officer belonging to the Yellow Turbans.

In response to the call to arms of Zhang Jiao, the originator of Taiping Taoism, Bo Cai banded together with Zhang Mancheng, Zhang Yan, and Zhang Nuijiao of Boling Commandery. He served as an officer for the Yingchuan Yellow Turbans and defeated Zhu Jun. He surrounded an entrenched Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun; however, Huangfu Song's fire tactics, aided by strong winds, and Cao Cao's onslaught led to his bitter loss. Afterwards, he fled to the Runan Commandery but was pursued by Huangfu Song, Zhu lun, and Zhu lun's subordinate Sun Jian and was defeated once more. He makes no appearance in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

During the constant conflict between the Yellow Turbans and the Imperial Army, Bo Cai set up base at Mt. Dongshan in Taishan Commandery after it was abandoned by Zhang BaoHuangfu Song of the Imperial Army immediately dispatched a response force, but Bo Cai took advantage of the mountainous terrain to hold out for ally reinforcement. None came for him, however, and he was left to fend for himself. He was eventually put to the sword of the protagonist, who had been sent by Huangfu Song. In his last moments, Bo Cai entrusted the realization of a Yellow Heaven to the Yellow Turbans' founder, Zhang Jiao. Having greatly contributed to the Yellow Turbans' cause, Bo Cai's death struck a heavy blow, allowing the Imperial Army to get the upper hand.


Wo Long Bo Cai Mission

Bo Cai in Wo Long can be found only in the mission The Yellow Heaven Burns. He serves as a role of boss there, as killing him ends the mission.


Wo Long Bo Cai Drops

Bo Cai in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

  •  __drops__


Wo Long Bo Cai Boss Guide

Bo Cai Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Bo Cai Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Bo Cai:

  • Nothing special recommended, confront with him as with any regular enemy.



Bo Cai Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
 Melee  Bo Cai uses his weapons in combos  Deflect or block
 Martial Art  Bo Cai uses one of Martial Arts related to his weapon  Counter for Spirit Damage


Bo Cai Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




__Dialogue 1__

During Fight:

Defeating player: __Dialogue 2__

After Fight:

__Dialogue 3__


Bo Cai Image Gallery

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