Taishi Ci

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Morale 25
Mission Most Intimidating Swordplay
Drops Fidelity set
Premier Virtue

Taishi Ci is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Taishi Ci in Wo Long is a Human NPC, but also encountered as a Demon-type boss upon releasing the elixir from a box. Taishi Ci is encountered only during the Conqueror of Jiangdong DLC in the Shentingling Hills, Wu Commandery, Yang Province. Taishi Ci can be encountered during the following mission/s Most Intimidating Swordplay in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


 Taishi Ci traveled south to see Liu Yao, a a noble he greatly respected who hailedfrom the same commandery, Donglai. 


Taishi Ci Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Taishi Ci is a Demon Boss found in Most Intimidating Swordplay.

  • Is the boss optional: No
  • Are there reinforcements you can summon: Yes
  • Special information unique to the boss here


Wo Long Taishi Ci Mission

Taishi Ci in Wo Long can be first found in the mission Most Intimidating Swordplay. It can also be found in the following missions:

  • TBD


Wo Long Taishi Ci Drops

Taishi Ci in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

  • Fidelity set
  • Premier Virtue


Wo Long Taishi Ci Boss Guide

Taishi Ci Boss Video Guide

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Taishi Ci Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Taishi Ci:

Taishi Ci is found in a round arena with 2 additional reinforcements. Players will need to face. 2 phases of the boss fight with him. His powers and attacks are enhanced by the second round.

He wields a long icy sword and can deal a number of icy AoE attacks. His great figure gives him a long reach He can be staggered when approached aggressively. He has agile movements and can deal a number of back-to-back melee attacks with his sword. Taishi Ci will begin with a few basic sword melee attacks such as striking and sweeping with his blade. You can dodge or back away as soon as you see him pull back his sword in anticipation for the attack. 

Once he reaches the second phase, his AoE attacks become more predictable you will see them coming as they expand outwards. He has a number of new crystal or ice AoE attacks that are marked on the ground before they inflict damage. These attacks also have general patterns. Avoid the marks of ice or stay away from his line of sight to stay out of his directional ice attacks or ice shards. If you keep a distance, this should give you enough time to run out of the path of damage or the area of effect as soon as the attack begins. This will also avoid any unexpected immediate attacks if you avoid staying in close proximity since a lot of his attacks in phase two move outwards. You may notice these attacks move from in to out as they expand away from him depending on the type of attack. Watch for indicators for the beginning of an attack. Sometimes you'll see him begin to summon ice crystals just before they begin to land. 

Throughout the fight, move quickly and dodge often. Take advantage of the boss arena space and it will make you less of an easy target. Pick up your reinforcements when they're down and attack together to quickly deplete Taishi's HP bar until he is defeated. 

Taishi Ci Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Strike Basic Melee strike Block or Dodge this attack 
Sweep A sweeping attack where his sword is dragged in an arc around him  Dodge backward to get out of range. 
Triple Backhand A backhand swing dealt in a combo Back up or block this attack. 
Melee Combo A combo of backhand and front hand swings  Get out of range to minimize damage intake.
Phase 2
AoE attack  A circling wind attack that ends with an AoE   Begin to run out of range to avoid damage intake 
Ice Dash Taishi Ci dashes in a cloud of ice and ice crystals.  Circle behind to avoid its dash path and the surrounding AoE 
AoE Ice Spikes Taishi Ci begins to cover the ground in a frost and summon ice crystals from the ground As soon as you see the first layer of frost, run out of range. Anticipate the spikes soon after and wait for the attack to clear.
Projectile Ice Shards Taishi Ci shoots out projectile crystals.  These fan out wide and the gaps in between grow bigger, the further you stand. Try to stay in between the shards. 
Ice Crystal Rain A directional attack. The Ice shards begin falling in a line.  You will be able to see Taishi Ci shoot out this attack before it slowly makes its wave forward. You will need to run out of his line of sight to avoid getting hit. 


Taishi Ci Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Absurd! I would rather fight to the death here than fall into the treacherous schemes of Yuan Shu!

During Fight:

Defeating player: n/a

After Fight:



Taishi Ci Image Gallery

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