Dian Wei

dian wei boss dlc wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide
Morale 20+(NG Cycle)*5
Mission In the Name of Elai
Elai Resides in Our Camp
Drops Human/Demon:
Random part of Grandeur set
Feilian (Divine Beast)
Weak Metal (Demon)
Fire, Metal, Wood (status) (Human)
Resistant Earth, Fire, Water, Wood (Demon)
Earth, Wood (Damage) (Human)
Immune N/A

Dian Wei (also known as Dian the Wise) is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Dian Wei in Wo Long is a Demon/Human type boss and Cao Cao's most dangerous warrior, sworn to protect his leader at any cost. Dian Wei can be encountered during events presented in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Battle of Zhongyuan.

  •  See Dian Wei for his Reinforcement/NPC page.


Legendary Warrior Dan Wei is an ally in the Battle of Zhongyuan.


Dian Wei Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Dian Wei is a Demon Boss found in In the Name of Elai.

  • This boss is not optional in the main mission encounter.
  • Xu Chu is reinforcements by default in this mission.
  • Health: __hp__
  • Player encounters him at the end of the main storyline, where he fights to protect Cao Cao from Zhang Xiu (warlord, that betrayed Cao Cao in order to gain his power for himself) and his Elixir empowered warriors. Heavily wounded by Zhang Xiu soldiers, he consumes Elixir and merges with his divine Beast, Feilian. His last effort allowed him to eliminate remaining Zhang Xiu forces, but at a cost of his sanity. 

 Wo Long's Dian Wei is a Human Boss found in Elai Resides in Our Camp.

  • Boss is optional in the sub mission encounter.
  • No reinforcements by default in this mission.
  • Health: __hp__

Wo Long Dian Wei Mission

As a main story boss, Dian Wei can be found in the mission In the Name of Elai. He can also be found in the following missions:


Wo Long Dian Wei Drops

Dian Wei in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

Dian Wei Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Demon Form
Human Form


Dian Wei Boss Video Guide

[video coming soon]


Dian Wei Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Once entering the arena, a cut scene will show Dian Wei consuming an elixir and transforming into a demon. Dian Wei in his demon form has a lot of attack combinations and types compared to Dian Wei in his human form.

Some of his notable attacks are performed in the air. Such as, summoning several electric tornados around the area as well as homing electric balls. Players will need to dodge out of the way of the tornados but can deflect the electric balls. He can also shoot lasers from his tail, this attack can also be deflected.

When you get Dian Wei to before half health, he will take out his horns and use them as weapons. This is phase 2. During this phase, he will have the same moveset as phase 1 and some movesets from his human form but more aggressive. Notable attacks in phase 2, is when he spins towards you and goes up to perform a slam attack as he comes back down. Dian Wei also uses his tail to suck the area and whips it at you. Players will have to either dodge his attacks or deflect them as much as possible, especially when he performs his attacks in the air. Sometimes when he tries to get back up, he will perform a spin attack that will deal damage to players within melee distance. Lastly, Dian Wei will head up into the sky and charge his attack then lands on the players dealing high damage. For this attack, players can dodge, block, or deflect this attack.

The Best Wizardry SpellsMartial Arts and more for Dian Wei:

  • Strategy-wise, the most similar encounter is demonized Liu Bei, as they are both Wood-themed bosses and are airborne,
  • Before fight, equip armor with high Wood resistance to mitigate some damage.
  • Bring Poison Throwing Knifes to quickly inflict Metal. Alternatively, Fire can also be a good call to chip down his health bar.
  • Equip any Metal-related offensive spell to make fight easier.
  • During 1st phase, guard is as important as deflection, since most of his attacks deal Physical damage only.
  • If player has Negate Attribute Damage upon Guard equipped on weapon, can guard some Wood-related attacks without receiving damage.
    • During 2nd phase, some of his melee attacks deals Wood damage too. Therefore, deflection is more important than guard (which can still be useful in certain situations).
  • Boss is very agile, therefore prioritize speed over damage. 
  • Boss is large, therefore spells with large numbers of projectiles like Ominous Chill can be useful.
  • Set "Focus on Target" to Enabled, so camera will follow Dian Wei as he likes to float in air a lot.

Dian Wei Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Electric ballet Dian Wei dances on invisible pillars, releasing either 4 or 8 electric orbs, then releases a Fatal projectile on target dealing Wood Damage. Deflect or Guard (if possible) the orbs, then counter the projectile 2 (1st phase)/3 (2nd phase) times for Spirit Damage. Watch out for odd timings in this attack, especially during the last counter. Alternatiely, use 5-phase counter with a help of any Metal Phase Spells with Area of Effect to negate the attack.
Deadly Vacuum Dian Wei sucks the air before him, then try to catch the target. If succeeded, chews it inside his tail for several seconds, then tosses away. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage (timing is tricky there)
Death from Above (2nd phase) Dian Wei jumps sky high, then starts to load his attack. Lands on target after several seconds dealing high Wood damage.
Regular attacks
Recovery Dian Wei recovers after inflicting build-up in air or Fatal Strike by rotating few times Deflect to build-up Spirit, then follow with a Strong Attack
Recharge Dian Wei recharges spirit damage after being riposted, releasing several tornados. Use Metal related spell with Area of Effect like Toxin Bubbles, the you will have few seconds to deal some damage to Dian Wei.
Vacuum Dian Wei uses his tail to suck air (and targets) in front of him. Happens in conjunction with Hand-to-Hand combat Stay in front of him to avoid any negative sides of this attack.
Hand-to-Hand combat Dian Wei attacks ground before him several times with his fists (1st phase) or halberds (2nd phase) Can be Deflected, but Guarding it safer option due to odd timing in this combo
Jumping attack Dian Wei jumps, then attacks from above. During 2nd phase, can be followed by pulling halberds from the ground
Massive Tornado Dian Wei jumps high, then conjures several Tornados dealing Wood Damage, that travels throughout the arena Avoid tornados or use any Metal spell to 5-phase counter them.
Lightning Orb Dian Wei conjures several orbs and launches them on target Deflect or Guard (if possible)
Corkscrew Dian Wei dashes around arena several times Guard to avoid damage.


Dian Wei Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • During final cutscene, Dian Wei mentions a warrior called Elai. Elai was King Zhou (Shang Dynasty) bodyguard, possibly known due his strength.
    • In "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Cao Cao says to Dian Wei, that he is like Elai
    • In the same novel, Elai is also Dian Wei nickname.
  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Even if I  must fight ten thousand of you.. I will not allow you to pass! Valiant and fearless, Elai, the warrior of ancient times, lend your godly might, to Dian Wei, this very night!

During Fight:

No dialogue

After Fight:

I, Dian Wei, used to know only how to fight for justice... It was General Cao who gave me the goal of restoring peace to the land. I am but a man of brute strength and courage, yet General Cao has treated me so well. To him I am Elai, the legendary warrior of old. I have failed General Cao... And this is where my service to him comes to an end. But I can rest easy, knowing that you, and Zhongkang, will be at his side.

I can see from the look on your face, that General Cao is safe... Xu Chu... I leave my legacy... in your hands.

Dian Wei Boss Video Guide

  • Video to be added


Dian Wei Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Dian Wei has some notable combos that he uses when you duel him, 3 in which involves him using his halberds. For instance, he uses both his halberds and spins them above him creating a tornado then releases into a powerful strike, theres an AoE to this so players can easily dodge out of the red telegraphed area or deflect the coming attack. Another attack is when she attacks with his halberds but advance towards you, players can easily dodge or perform a deflect for this attack. Lastly, Dian Wei will also throw his halberds at you, this attack can also be easily dodged or deflected.

The Best Wizardry SpellsMartial Arts and more for Dian Wei:

  • Best elemental combo is Wood + Metal + Fore, which will melt his Spirit wile dealing additional damage.
  • Metal-related spells will help negate his buffs.
  • Use the Whistling Vortex Martial Arts to easily stagger and deal massive damage.

Dian Wei Boss Attacks and Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strike
Unique Martial Art Dian Wei spins his weapons above him creating a Tornado sucking target, then releases a powerful strike with his halberds If far, run away to avoid the attack. If close, get sucked and deflect the Fatal Strike for spirit damage.
Bamboo Sever Dian Wei quickly jump forward and perform a strike.  Deflect for massive Spirit damage.
Regular attacks
Halberd Combo Swings both his halberds consecutively while advancing forward. Deflect or guard to avoid damage
Scattered Leaves Throws his halberd at target. Deflect or guard to avoid damage
Feilian's Resonation Call his Divine Beast, Feilian, to aid him in battle. His weapon is buffed N/A


Dian Wei Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: TBC
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




No dialogue.

During Fight:

I always fight with my full strength - I know no other way.

Huh... That was beyond my expectations...

Ha Ha! Interesting!

Dian Wei won't submit... Never!

After Fight:

I must concede defeat.

To have bested me in single combat - Now that is a feat worthy for admiration. I look forward to fighting you again in the future!


Dian Wei Image Gallery

dian wei back dian wei startofthefight dian wei recovery  dian wei front [screenshots and artwork go here]


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