Zhao Yun

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Morale 20
Mission The Unparalleled Spear
Drops Set pieces of the Boldness Set
Unparalleled Spear
Weak All elements, Counter
Resistant N/A
Immune N/A

Zhao Yun is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhao Yun in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Zhao Yun is one of your NPC allies and one of the mission reinforcements available, but is fought as a Boss in a friendly duel during The Unparalleled Spear mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. He is an expert martial artist who wields a spear and has a deep connection with Qilin, the Divine Beast.

  • See Zhao Yun for his non-Boss details.


Although I have bested many fine warriors in my life, I have yet to attain my ideal.
For a true test of my skills, I challenge you to a duel!

Zhao Yun Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long's Zhao Yun is a Human Boss found in The Unparalleled Spear.

  • This boss is optional
  • You cannot summon reinforcements for this fight
  • Health: TBC
  • Also an ally and NPC Reinforcement. Defeating Zhao Yun as a Boss will award pieces of his armor, as well as his weapon, the Unparalleled Spear. His defeat also upgrades Qilin, unlocking its last special effect.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhao Yun Lore Information

Known to many as Zhao Zilong of Changshan, he is famed as a virtually peerless warrior of imposing stature and countenance. Having been handpicked for service from among the citizens of his home commandery of Changshang, he now leads a militia force of commoners to join the war. He is a reliable and dignified man who shoes no interest in gaining rank or fortune, instead seeking to serve under a just lord to resolve the plight of the common people. Skilled in logistical matters as well as combat, many consider him the ideal general. Horsemanship is also among his strengths, and he was known to have led You Province's elite known as "White Horse Servant Cavalry".

Zhao Yun was among the generals of Gongsun Zan, the chief warlord in You Province, as part of a campaign to eradicate the Yellow Turbans. He went alone to Taishan Commandery's Mt. Dongshan, rumored to be the enemy's base, in order to track down his force's missing scouts. After coming under attack by Yellow Turbans, he crosses paths with the protagonist under attack by Yellow Turbans, and together, they defeat the Zhu Yan that had killed the scouts. The two warriors are awed by each other's abilities, and they swear an oath. Zhao Yun then sets out to aid his surviving allies and eliminate the Yellow Turbans remaining near Mt. Dongshan, and after achieving this, he regroups with the Gongsun Zan Army.

Zhao Yun took part in the Battle of Hulaoguan Pass on the side of the Guandong lords' coalition against Dong Zhuo. He reunites with the protagonist after coming to the rescue of Liu Bei who was being attacked by the husks of the Dong Zhuo Army. This meeting between Zhao Yun and Liu Bei was memorable to both, and proved to be fateful: when Gongsun Zan wrestled with Yuan Shao for control of Hebei, he allowed many innocents to die as collateral damage, and Zhao Yun, unable to forgive this, left on a wandering journey that eventually saw him enter the service of Liu Bei.


Where to find Zhao Yun in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhao Yun is fought as a Boss in the follow Missions:


Zhao Yun Boss Drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhao Yun will drop the following resources upon defeat:


Zhao Yun Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhao Yun Boss Video Guide

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Zhao Yun Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Zhao Yun:

  • Uses long-ranged thrusting attacks and many Critical Blows which can be countered if deflected properly.
  • Uses Qilin, the Divine Beast to summon rock pillars which deal massive damage on contact, and will often push his opponent to said pillars.
  • Thrusting attacks have a narrow hit-box and tend to leave his sides or back open.


Zhao Yun has very good reach with his spear and will make liberal use of the Whistling Vortex martial arts which is unique to his spear. Whistling Vortex causes him to fly along the ground, twirling with his spear pointed forwards like a drill. This move has very good reach but a narrow hit-box and long wind-up.

By far, the most important move to look out for is when he summons Qilin, creating 5 stone pillars in a triangular formation in front of him. Whenever this happens, lead him away from the pillars as they cause immense damage on contact and can easily two-shot you even at the recommended level. Zhao Yun has a tendency to push you towards one of these pillars with his attacks as well. Use the large area to your advantage and get away from the pillars as soon as possible, but watch out for obstacles in the environment that can cause you to get stuck in the terrain.

His other moves include a devastating spear flurry Critical Blow in which he twirls his spear around rapidly, before slashing forward. This move is quite difficult to deflect and is best avoided by keeping your distance once he begins the attack. Finally, he often performs a Critical Blow in which he crouches briefly with his spear behind him, leaps while slashing upwards and then downwards as he descends. The first portion of this attack is blockable, despite the red glow, while the second part can easily be deflected for a counter attack.

To summarize, watch for when he summons Qilin, lure him away from the pillars and take every opportunity to get behind him when he thrusts or charges forward.

Zhao Yun Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Leaping Critical Blow Zhao Yun takes a low stance with his spear behind him while glowing red. He then leaps while slashing upwards, and then downwards as he descends. The initial attack is blockable, despite the red glow. The second hit can then be deflected into a counterattack.
Pole Vault Critical Blow Zhao Yun stabs his spear into the ground and uses it to vault into the air before slashing downwards as he descends. His spear's downwards trajectory is easily sidestepped.
Whistling Vortex Zhao Yun flies forward along the ground while twirling around with his spear pointed forward like a drill. This move has a very long range but a narrow hit-box and can easily be sidestepped.
Spear Flurry Critical Blow Zhao Yun twirls his spear around him rapidly before slashing forward. Keep your distance as the attack is quite difficult to deflect and deals a huge amount of HP/Spirit damage.
Qilin's Earthquake Zhao Yun summons Qilin to create 5 stone pillars in a triangular pattern in front of him. Stone pillars deal damage on contact and his attacks can push you into them. One of his strongest moves. Make use of the spacious battle area and lead Zhao Yun away from the pillars as soon as he summons them.
Stabbing Combo Zhao Yun performs a powerful stab, followed by two quick jabs with his spear before ending with a spinning slash and another one-handed stab. Standard attack, can be parried or blocked.
Charging Thrust Zhao Yun swings his weapon to his left while taking a low stance, and then dashes forward a short distance while thrusting his spear. He can follow this up with swings and thrusts if it connects. Sidestep the thrust and attack him from the back or sides as he recovers.


Zhao Yun Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Although I have bested many fine warriors in my life, I have yet to attain my ideal.

For a true test of my skills, I challenge you to a duel!

During Fight:

When player is close to defeat: A warrior as valiant as you surely cannot fall here!

When Zhao Yun is close to defeat: While I've strength in me ... I will not yield!

After Fight:

Glad to see I was not wrong to put my faith in you.

Gah, even my utmost efforts were inadequate ... You have my total respect.

The two of us are linked by the radiant Qilin, and I shall take heart from that in the coming battles. One day, though, I will rise to your level, I promise you.


Zhao Yun Image Gallery

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