The Unparalleled Spear is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 59. The Unparalleled Spear consists of a friendly duel against Zhao Yun, at his request. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory on completing the game, but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
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The Unparalleled Spear

Mission Start Text

Zhao Yun decided to seek out a just lord to serve under who would quell the chaos tormenting the common people. His resolution is as absolute and unwavering as the majestic Qilin.

Before his departure, he pleads for one last favor from the friend who stood boldly in the face of adversity to save him.

The Unparalleled Spear Shitieshou Locations

The Unparalleled Spear Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission

The Unparalleled Spear Golden Cicada Shell Locations

The Unparalleled Spear Battle Flag Locations

There is 1 Battle Flag to be found in The Unparalleled Spear:

  • First Battle Flag: The only Battle Flag in this mission is available from the start and provides no additional Fortitude.

The Unparalleled Spear Marking Flag Locations


The Unparalleled Spear Walkthrough

Battle Preparation

You begin the mission in a ravine, with the mission's only Battle Flag to your right. Your Fortitude Rank is automatically set to 20 from the start. This mission involves a friendly duel with Zhao Yun as a true test of his skills. He is waiting for you in the clearing just ahead.

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Boss: Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun has very good reach with his spear and will make liberal use of the Whistling Vortex martial arts which is unique to his spear. Whistling Vortex causes him to fly along the ground, twirling with his spear pointed forwards like a drill. This move has very good reach but a narrow hit-box and long wind-up.

By far, the most important move to look out for is when he summons Qilin, creating 5 stone pillars in a triangular formation in front and around him. Whenever this happens, lead him away from the pillars as hitting them causes immense damage and can easily two-shot you even at the recommended level.

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Zhao Yun has a tendency to push you towards one of these pillars with his attacks as well. Use the large area to your advantage and get away from the pillars as soon as possible, but watch out for obstacles in the environment that can cause you to get stuck in the terrain.

His other moves include a devastating spear flurry Fatal Strike in which he twirls his spear around rapidly, before slashing forward. This move is quite difficult to deflect and is best avoided by keeping your distance once he begins the attack. Finally, he often performs a Fatal Strike in which he crouches briefly with his spear behind him, leaps while slashing upwards and then downwards as he descends. The first portion of this attack is blockable, despite the red glow, while the second part can easily be deflected for a counter attack.

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Zhao Yun also has a tendency to thrust forward, leaving his sides and back open, allowing you to get some hits in.

Zhao Yun can drop pieces of the Boldness Set, which is the armor he is wearing, as well as his weapon, the Unparalleled Spear. Speak to him after the fight to end the mission. Upon completing this mission for the first time, your bond with Qilin will strengthen, unlocking the last special effect for the Divine Beast. You will also receive the following completion rewards:



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