Like Father, Like Son is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 41. Like Father, Like Son tasks players with friendly training against Sun Jian and Sun Ce. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory on completing the game, but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
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Equipment & Materials
Key Items
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Like Father, Like Son

Mission Start Text

When celebrating their victory at Hulaoguan Pass, Sun Jian and his soldiers are joined by Sun Ce. After tasting defeat at the hands of Hua Xiong, Sun Ce requests to spar with a strong opponent to hone his sword arm. Getting wind of this, Sun Jian also demands to be included in the training. 

Stared down by two ferocious tigers with their fangs bared, it seems that polite refusals will only fall on deaf ears. 

Like Father, Like Son Shitieshou Locations

  • N/A

Like Father, Like Son Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • N/A

Like Father, Like Son Golden Cicada Shell Locations

  • N/A

Like Father, Like Son Battle Flag Locations

  • Battle Flag Location: The Battle Flag in this arena will be readily available at the start of your mission to the right. 

Like Father, Like Son Marking Flag Locations

  • N/A


Like Father, Like Son Walkthrough

Before the Boss Battle

The only available Battle Flag location will be just to your right at the start of the mission. You will immediately appear in the middle of the boss arena. IF you approach Sun Jian and Sun Ce who will be directly in front of you to begin sparring. This combat encounter will be initiated as a Boss Battle. Approach one first to engage in one on one combat. Sun Jian will join the dual in the middle of your spar. 

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Sun Ce & Sun Jian Boss Battle

Your battle will begin with Sun Ce since he is already standing in front. As you approach, Sun Ce will close the distance by charging in and then attempting to land an attack once he gets in range. He will wield his Tiger Fang Dual Halberds that can also be thrown for longer range combat. He has a few basic melee combat actions that can be dealt in one combo. This is a series of slashing, striking and stabbing. He also has a jumping attack where he lunges forward and ends his landing with a strike. He can quickly follow this attack by jumping backwards, so if you intend to attack at this time anticipate his repositioning. You can find an attack window in between his flurry of attacks when he exhausts his stamina and briefly has an ideal period. If you hit him during this time, it'll be easier to knock him back or knock him down, lengthening your window for damage. 

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When Sun Jian (Boss) joins the battle, you will face them both at the same time. Sun Jian uses a Guding Blade in combat and has a three step combo that is a combination of attacking and advancing. He can lunge forward while stabbing with his blade, bu can also be knocked back in between these attacks. He also has the ablilty to circle around and reposition while ending this motion with a slash. Carefully try to reposition yourself so that you are not surrounded and do not take damage from both at the same time. Take turns dealing attacks at each one, but try to focus on clearing one quickly so that you no longer have to face two bosses at the same time. Clearing them both will result in a Glorious Victory and additionally you will gain random pieces for the following Armor Sets:



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