Caliber of a Hero is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 69. Caliber of a Hero tasks players with defeating Liu Bei. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory for completing the game but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.


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General Info


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
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Equipment & Materials
Key Items
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Caliber of a Hero

Mission Start Text

"Liu Bei is a man who enjoys the company of other brave warriors. Flashing a tenacious smile, he requests a small show of strength.

It would be an honor to clash swords with a legendary hero such as him. Witness the famed dual blades that rang across the battlefield at Zhongyuan."

Caliber of a Hero *****ieshou Locations

There are no Shitieshou Demons to be found during this mission.

Caliber of a Hero Golden Cicada Shell Locations

There are no Golden Cicada Shells to be found during this mission.

Caliber of a Hero Battle Flag Locations

There is 1 Battle Flag to be found during Caliber of a Hero:

  • First Battle Flag: Can be found behind you once you spawn at the area. Does not provide any additional Fortitude.

Caliber of a Hero Marking Flag Locations

There are no Marking Flags to be found during this mission.


Caliber of a Hero Walkthrough

First Battle Flag & Boss Battle: Liu Bei

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After spawning into the area, you will immediately see the first and only Battle Flags behind you. It's already activated so it won't provide you with any additional Fortitude.

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You will also immediately spot Liu Bei in front of you. Approach him to start and engage in battle. Like most boss fights, once the battle starts, let the boss perform their attack first, as it will most likely interrupt any attack you try to do. Always anticipate for the boss to make the first move. He will be using Wood Phase Spells during this fight as coat his weapons, Pair Swords of Aspiration, with lightning. His basic attacks will come in a form of consecutive slashes that are very quick but doesn't cover that much range. As long as you keep your distance during his attacks you can easily avoid them. Try deflecting some of his attacks when you can to perform a counterattack and deal significant damage and deplete his spirit gauge. Liu Bei can be staggered easily, try using the Whistling Vortex Martial Arts to interrupt some of his moves and apply pressure and break his guard then deal a fatal strike.

Shortly after defeating Liu Bei, you will gain a random gear piece from the Man of Benevolence Set and acquire his weapon, the Pair Swords of Aspiration. First time completion will also reward the following:




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