The Fearless Blade is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 84. The Fearless Blade tasks players with fighting against Zhang Liao. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory for completing the game but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
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The Fearless Blade

Mission Start Text

"Zhang Liao has yet to come to terms with the loss of his master. Though he possesses the strength to overcome his tragedy, doubt in oneself can bring down even the strongest of warriors.

If there is anything that could encourage him to take his first steps under his new lord, it would be the joy of crossing swords with a truly mighty warrior."

The Fearless Blade Shitieshou Locations

  • There are no Shitieshou Demons in this mission.

The Fearless Blade Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission.

The Fearless Blade Golden Cicada Shell Locations

  • There is no Golden Cicada Shell in this mission.

The Fearless Blade Battle Flag Locations

There is only 1 Battle Flag in this mission:

  • The Battle Flag for this mission is already raised and it is found at the starting point. (0 Fortitude)

The Fearless Blade Marking Flag Locations

  • There are no Marking Flags in this mission.


The Fearless Blade Walkthrough

A One-on-One Duel Against Zhang Liao

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For this sub mission, it is a boss battle against Zhang Liao (Boss). There is only one Battle Flag here that is already raised and you'll have 20 Morale by default. Before you start to fight Zhang Liao, you can use the Battle Flag to prepare. You should imbue your weapon with the Lightning Weapon spell to inflict the Shock status effect and cast Absorb Vitality so that you'll recover health whenever you deal damage. Also, make sure you have the Cleanse spell to remove any negative status effects. The battle will automatically start when you approach him.

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Zhang Liao mostly uses lightning-based attacks, so using Cleanse is a good spell to remove the shock effect. Zhang Liao frequently jumps and spins around whenever he attacks, these attacks are fast and we suggest you dodge them, but whenever he lands on the ground, he'll always need to recover before he executes another attack. When you see this, rush forward and punish him with a flurry of attacks, and then back away so that you can be ready for what he will do next.

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He also executes a combo attack where he ends up jumping back and trying to grab you, there is a short moment that he'll stop and a red glow will appear, indicating a grab attack is coming at you. If this happens, you can use a Deflect Counterattack. This causes him to trip, allowing you to follow up with another attack. The Whistling Vortex Martial Arts move is useful against him since you'll aggressively thrust forward with your spear weapon. This way you can attack and quickly dodge. Simply repeat the following tips to defeat him and complete this Sub Mission.

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Defeating Zhang Liao drops set pieces for the Valorous Vanguard Set and yields 43,059 Accolades with 14,687 Copper. After the battle, speak to Zhang Liao and you'll acquire an upgrade for the Divine Beast: Bixie.



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