Beyond the Heavens is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 157 for Rising Dragon difficulty. Beyond the Heavens tasks players with eliminating memories related to Yellow Turban rebellion. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory for completing the game but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
  • accolade icon wo long fallen dinasty fextralife wiki guide??
  • copper items wo long wiki guide 25??
Subsequent Completion
  • accolade icon wo long fallen dinasty fextralife wiki guide??
  • copper items wo long wiki guide 25?? 


  • N/A


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  • Varies
Equipment & Materials
Key Items
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Beyond the Heavens

Mission Start Text

Even after the turmoil settled, the dogma and relics of the Yellow Turbans became legend and spread to every region. Even now, the zealots recount their many of great battles, fight alongside one another, and chase the trails of their scattered soldiers and leaders...

Crossing the remains beneath the feet, is there and endless voyage of the heavens ahead?

Beyond the Heavens Beyond the Heavensu Locations

Beyond the Heavens Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission

Beyond the Heavens Golden Cicada Shell Locations

Beyond the Heavens Battle Flag Locations

  • There is 1 Battle Flag in this mission and it is located right before the protagonist as he spawns inside arena.

Beyond the Heavens Marking Flag Locations


Beyond the Heavens Walkthrough

Unlocking the quest

Unlike other missions, before accessing this sub mission player has to complete several steps

  • Complete other main and sub missions in Battle of Zhongyuan expansion
  • Find three hidden scrolls in the base game.
  • Swore an oath with Xu Chu and Dian Wei

Wave 1 & 2 - Yellow Turban Army 

beyond the heavens wave1

Player starts the fight with 2 waves of Yellow Turban Soldiers in their spirit form, charging at the player. First part of 1st wave consists of 1 Bandit and 2 Soldiers, a low-tier enemy highly vulnerable to Deflect Counterattack technique. Alternatively, any Martial Art or spell with Area of Effect should do the job just fine.

beyond the heavens wave1.1

After that, a single Officer with Poleaxe enters the arena. Encounter him like regular Soldiers, but watch out for his Fatal Strikes.

beyond the heavens wave1.2

After Officer, a Champion enters the fight. Another human-type enemy, which can be easily overwhelmed with elemental-type build up and can quickly answer with a Fatal Strike

Wave 3 - Bo Cai

beyond the heavens wave3

After eliminating remnants of the Yellow Turban Army, one of named warriors appears - Bo Cai, which was encountered in human form during The Yellow Heaven Burns side mission in the base game. This aggresive warrior armed with a Slashing Spear follow the pattern of regular human-type enemy/encounters. Therefore player should watch out for his Fatal Strikes and use his low overall resistance to elemental build-up.

Wave 4 - Boss: General of Man's Ilusion

beyond the heavens boss1

Shortly after Bo Cai, first boss of the gauntlet appears - General of Man's Illusion, which is Zhang Liang 2nd phase in a spirit form. Spirit share the pattern of non-spirit form, as well as his weaknesses and strength. Therefore, best is to either use Metal + Wood combo or look for Fatal Strikes to counter.

Wave 5 - Yellow Turban Army

beyond the heavens wave4

After eliminating Zhang Liang illusion, another wave of regular warriors appears - this time we have 2 soldiers. Easy task, but don't be surprised by their Fatal Strikes.

Wave 6 - Wolf & Giant Wrestler

beyond the heavens wave5 beyond the heavens wave5.1

After dealing with regular Yellow Turban warriors, a bulky one - Giant Wrestler - appears. Giant Wrestler is a large earth-type warrior using a greataxe, therefore Wood + Metal combo should be used to chip down his spirit very easily. This wave also consists of one single Wolf, which should be eliminated without much of a trouble.

Wave 7 - Zhang Yan

beyond the heavens wave6


Wave 8 - Boss: General of Earth's Illusion

beyond the heavens wave7

Shortly after Zhang Yan, second boss of the gauntlet appears - General of Earth's Illusion, which is Zhang Bao in a spirit form. There is no much of the difference from the encounter with the real version outside damage and health pool.

Wave 9 - Demonized Warlock & He Yi

beyond the heavens wave8

Shortly after Zhang Bao's illusion, another wave of warrios attack - named Yellow Turban warrior with a sword named He Yi and Demonized Warlock. Dispatch the warlock first and then focus on He Yi,, which will fight very similarly to Bo Cai

Wave 10 - Zhao Hong

beyond the heavens wave9

After beating He Yi, another Yellow Turban Warrior appears - Zhao Hong, using Dual Halberds. Follow the fight pattern of previous named regular warriors.

Final Wave of the map - Boss: General of Heaven's Illusion

beyond the heavens wave10

Final task of the map is to handle General of Heaven's Illusion, boss encountered during 2nd main battlefield of the expansion in the same arena, where player fought real version. Player should fight him like the real Zhang Jiao, but remember about new attacks that were added to his illusion variation.




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Trivia & Notes:

Like in case of  The Crouching Dragon's Trial, there are stops between some fights.




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