The Flying Swallow of Heishan is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 20, has a difficulty level of 20. The Flying Swallow of Heishan tasks players with finding and defeating the leader of the Heishan Bandits, the Flying Swallow. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory on completing the game, but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.


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Mission Rewards

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Subsequent Completion
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The Flying Swallow of Heishan

Mission Start Text

Spread across the Taihangshan mountain range are the Heishan Bandits. They've created chaos in regions all around Changshan Commandery and Zhongshan State and are now galvanizing their military might by amalgamating the remaining Yellow Turbans left in the wake of the failed rebellion.

According to military intelligence, the Heishan Bandits' leader has been spotted in Guangzong. It seems a fight with the infamous warrior known as the Flying Swallow looms inevitably near.

The Flying Swallow of Heishan Shitieshou Locations

There is 1 Shitieshou in this mission:

  • First Shitieshou: Found past the barricades in the first part of the battlefield, before reaching Zhang Yan's arena. After crossing the barricades, look to the right (eastward), and you'll find it behind the scaffolding in the alcove.

The Flying Swallow of Heishan Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission

The Flying Swallow of Heishan Golden Cicada Shell Locations

The Flying Swallow of Heishan Battle Flag Locations

There is 1 Battle Flag in this mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Found on the right as you enter the battlefield. This Battle Flag is already activated and does not give any additional Fortitude.

The Flying Swallow of Heishan Marking Flag Locations


The Flying Swallow of Heishan Walkthrough

The first half of the courtyard

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You will start this mission with 0 Fortitude. When you load into the battlefield, you'll find the only Battle Flag for this mission directly in front of you and to the right. Head into the structure on your right and up the ladder. At the top of the ladder is a small hut with two Warlocks and three Rank 1 Leather. Don't worry about the left side of this structure, there's nothing of note. Instead, facing northeast, cross the bridge to the next section of the scaffolding.

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Jump down onto the raised tower to loot the item on the ground. From here, you can hit the Demonized Soldier from range, or jump down onto wooden bridge below to fight it.

Jump down onto the ground and look south to fight a Demonized Officer. Next to the ladder are two Rank 2 Steel on the ground. Still on the ground, head west to find three more Demonized Soldiers and another piece of loot to pick up.

Circle around the scaffolding to your west to find a Warlock on your right, a ladder going up to your left, and a Demonized Officer up ahead. Defeat both the enemies, then climb up the ladder. At the top, you'll find a Warlock and a chest to loot. Alternatively, you can climb back up on the scaffolding to the north to safely take down the Warlock with ranged attacks before looting the chest.

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Climb up the scaffolding to the east, and follow it northwards until you're at the top of a ladder. In front and slightly below you is another Warlock and an item next to it. From up here, you can defeat the three Demonized Fanatics on the ground with ranged attacks, or jump down to do melee attacks. On a raised platform in the middle of this area is an item you can pick up.

the flying swallow of heishan walkthrough 4 sub mission wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide 600px

Ahead of the barricades and before you head through the wooden battlements between the stone walls, head eastward, and in the alcove behind the wooden scaffolding is a Shitieshou. When you're done offering it metals, prepare and buff yourself for the fight ahead.


Elite Enemy: Zhang Yan

Past the stone wall, you'll find a Warlock kneeling on a platform in the back, and Zhang Yan patrolling in front of it. If you climb up the battlements on the stone wall, you can take out the Warlock with ranged attacks before engaging Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan will start to chase and attack you once you get too close or shoot him once. If you are on top of the battlements, he will climb up the ladder to get to you. Make sure you drop back down before he reaches you so that you have enough space to fight.

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Once he's been defeated, Zhang Yan will make some quick remarks about surrendering and joining the imperial court. While he's speaking, quickly loot the item on top of the scaffolding on the right side of his area. You'll then be rewarded with the Yellow Turban Commander Gauntlets, Yellow Turban Champion Footwear, and Warlock Mask among other items for completing the mission.



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