Massacre of Meiwu Fort is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 58. Massacre of Meiwu Fort tasks players with rescuing Huangfu Song who has been trapped at the demon-infested Meiwu Fort. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory for completing the game, but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters.


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Massacre of Meiwu Fort

Mission Start Text

News of Dong Zhuo's assassination has reached the Imperial Court. Huangfu Song led a battalion to the Meiwu Fort to finish off any stragglers from Dong Zhuo's armor, but he was attacked by demons that now plague the area and finds himself in a dire situation.

Losing a general as renowned as Huangfu Song would be devastating for morale. Cut through the demon horde and lend aid to Huangfu Song and his men.

Massacre of Meiwu Fort Shitieshou Locations

Massacre of Meiwu Fort Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrade Locations

  • There are no Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades in this mission

Massacre of Meiwu Fort Golden Cicada Shell Locations

Massacre of Meiwu Fort Battle Flag Locations

There are 2 Battle Flags to be found in Massacre of Meiwu Fort:

  1. First Battle Flag: Located right at the beginning of the mission. This flag is already active and does not provide any additional Fortitude points.
  2. Second Battle Flag: The flag post appears after defeating all enemies in the first area, by the vines blocking the path to the inner courtyard. (+1 Fortitude)

Massacre of Meiwu Fort Marking Flag Locations


Massacre of Meiwu Fort Walkthrough

Outer Fort Area

You begin the mission behind some buildings, with the First Battle Flag directly ahead of you. As soon as you move forward, a large group of Demonized Soldiers and Fanatics will spawn. A couple of them will be hurling fire bombs at you from the roof of the building just ahead. These leave hazardous AoEs that linger for a while. Lure all of the enemies at the ground level back to where the flag is, in order to prevent the soldiers on the roof from bombarding you.

massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 1 wo long wiki guide massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 2 wo long wiki guide

Once you've cleared the ground level enemies, quickly run towards the right side of the building where you can use the scaffolding to get to the roof and take out the fire-bombing soldiers. A Demonized Officer wielding dual glaives will also appear on the ground level shortly.

After dispatching all opponents, the Second Battle Flag will appear by the vines at the entrance to the next area. Raise it to clear away the vines and prepare for a series of back-to-back battles with several demonic beasts.

massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 3 wo long wiki guide

Inner Courtyard Battle

This mission's final battle takes place in the very spacious inner courtyard area of the fort. As you reach the courtyard's center, three lesser Huo Shu demonic hedgehogs will spawn. These shouldn't pose too much of a threat at this point but watch out for their death explosion and roll or sprint away after depleting their health.

massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 4 wo long wiki guide massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 5 wo long wiki guide

The next opponent is a single giant Huo Shu which uses a similar moveset to its smaller counterparts. Its roll attack is highly telegraphed and is a good setup for a parry/counterattack. The hedgehog will often perform a hopping lunge to close the distance, which happens very quickly so stay on your toes and be ready to side step. Its most devastating move is when it rears up and then unleashes a barrage of three quick swipes with its claws followed by a ground slam. This move has a deceptively long travel, but if you dodge just as the hedgehog initiates the move, it will be vulnerable from the side and rear as it cannot adjust its direction drastically during the attack.

Your next opponent will be a Demonized Officer wielding a warhammer. He uses a combination of slow, wide-swinging arcs, slightly faster double and triple swings, as well as an overhead smash Fatal Strike which is very easy to counter and punish.

massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 6 wo long wiki guide

The last set of enemies begins with a Zhuyan spawning in, which most players should be familiar with at this point. However, after a short while, an Aoye will join the fray, serving as the final opponent. Dispatch the Zhuyan as fast as possible using Martial Arts and properly timed counters.

massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 7 wo long wiki guide massacre of meiwu fort walkthrough image 8 wo long wiki guide

An important note when fighting the Aoye is to watch its "front limbs". Its left limb (your right when facing it) is used to slam the ground in front of it which should be side stepped, while its right limb is used to sweep the ground in front of it in a very wide arc, which you should dodge away from.

Periodically, the Aoye will perform a horn barrage attack in which it extends its horns very quickly, several times in succession to pierce the ground ahead of it. Move to its side when this happens. Additionally, when it covers its face with its tentacle "tusks", it is about to swing them outwards, which hits in a wide cone in front of the demon. Upon reaching 50% HP, the Aoye will glow briefly and release a barrage of ice shards all around it. Run away from the monster as it performs this.

If you stay to its side or back, the Aoye will whip the area around it with its hair which is difficult to avoid so try to remain near its front. When it extends both limbs outwards on the ground, it is about to drag its whole body forwards, slamming into anything in its path. Quickly dodge through one of its limbs on either side to avoid the attack. Lastly, the Aoye will sometimes close the distance by leaping into the air and cleaving the ground with both limbs as it lands but this can easily be dodged with decent timing, or avoided entirely by running away.

After defeating the monster, collect any dropped loot in the area and speak to Huangfu Song in the back to finish the mission. First time completion awards the following:



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