Escape from the Capital is a Sub Mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This mission is recommended for level 33, has a difficulty level of 33. Escape from the Capital tasks players with escape the dangerous situation in this Sub Battlefield by fighting your way out. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions. Sub Missions are secondary quests that are not mandatory on completing the game, but can yield important rewards as well as expand the lore and story of the game and its characters. 


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
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  • copper items wo long wiki guide 25 ?? 


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Equipment & Materials
Key Items
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Enemy NPCs


Escape from the Capital

Mission Start Text

An unknown force has invaded Luoyang and surrounded Zhang Rang's manor. Their leader appears to be anything but mediocre. Their garb suggests that they don't hail from Luoyang, but there is no time to ponder such things. Escape the dangerous situation as soon as possible. 

Escape from the Capital Shitieshou Locations

There is 1 Shitieshou Demon in this Mission:

  1. Shitieshou Demon: Enter the first building and it will be in the middle of the second floor platform. 

Escape from the Capital Dragon's Cure Pot Upgrades

  1. N/A

Escape from the Capital Battle Flag Locations

There are 3 Battle Flags in this Mission:

  • First Battle Flag: Once you enter the Sub Battlefield the first Battle Flag will appear at the beginning to the left of your character before you descent the stairs. This flag will already have been activated
  • Second Battle Flag: Once you make your way across the water and clear the invadors in your way. Clear the last invader to be able to raise the Flag at the base of the stairs (Fortitude +3)
  • Third Battle Flag: Located on the second level of the first room in Zhang Rang's manor where your mission objective marker will lead to. Make your way to the upper level and go through the entrance to the next room. The flag location will be directly in front of this entrance on the second floor. (Fortitude +2)

Escape from the Capital Marking Flag Locations

There are 5 Marking Flags in this Mission:

  • First Marking Flag: When you cross the pond, take the right across the stone pathway and climb up the wooden scaffholding to reach the roof level. Follow the edges of the roof and jump over the gap to reach the first Marking Flag Location and Raise your flag. (Fortitude +1)
  • Second Marking Flag: Cross the water and head into the building (Zhang Rang's manor) at the corner of the square. You can raise your flag at the corner of this building. (Fortitude +1)
  • Third Marking Flag: Located on the upper floors of the second building after crossing from the roofs. There will be a ladder in the second building to reach this location and it will be guarded by an enemy. (Fortitude +1)
  • Fourth Marking Flag: Located on a roof edge after you cross to the second building. Drop down diagonally to a lower roof level in order to cross to the other buiding's roof where the Marking Flag location will be. (Fortitude +1)
  • Fifth Marking Flag: The final Marking Flag will be where your final objective is in the first building's second room (Zhang Rang's manor) at the lower floor where you will encounter enemy NPCs: Li Jue & Guo Si. (Fortitude +1)


Escape from the Capital Walkthrough

Before the Boss Battle

Once you enter the battlefield, you will join forces with Cao Cao and your Fortitudes will be set to 10. Your Battle Flag will be directly to your left.

intro mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Use it before proceeding down the stairs. Take bridge path on your right and clear any invading forces. If you take the stone bridge to the left, be prepared for the Archers that will start with higher ground. Clear them. You may get a chance to obtain some of their gear as enemy drops. Climb the wooden scaffolding. Continue upwards to get to top of the second level roof then follow the edge of the roof on the second level. Turn the right corner while remaining on the second level and follow the roof and hop over the gap to reach the first Marking Flag location then raise the flag. 

4 roof marking flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Second Battle Flag Location

doors battle flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Since you are already on the other side of the water, head down towards the set of stairs facing the set of large doors. You will face a higher leveled invader with a Greataxe. Clear him to obtain additional gear. This will also clear the way to Raise your Battle Flag at this location. Take the next flight of stairs off to the side. This will be towards the right when facing the large set of doors, and will lead you in a room with a chest. Clear any invaders in this room. You will gain a random drop from the chest. 

2 chest mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Second Marking Flag & Shitieshou Location

Head back and into building where you can clear more enemies. At the corner of this building is another location where you can raise a Marking Flag.

3 marking flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Turn around to find another flight of stairs within the building. Continue to clear this building while making your way up to the higher level. When you hop across the broken floors of the upper level, you will come across a Shitieshou Demon situated at the middle of the platform.

5 shitieshou marking flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Final Battle Flag Location

Continue on the upper level. There will be an entrance to the next area at the upper corner of the room. There will be a few sets of stairs that will lead directly to this entrance. Once you enter through this entryway, there will be another location to raise a Battle Flag directly in front of you. This room will have an open center area below. This will be where your final combat interaction will take place. Do not descend yet, and make sure you have cleared the area before you decide to head down.

6 second room battle flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Turn back and take the pathway to the right and jump the gap. Be wary of the invaders on this side of the room as well while you approach. Once you reach the other side of the room, there will be a hole in the wall leading outside. Use the rooftop as a platform that will lead you to another broken wall leading into the next building.

broken wall mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

There will be a ladder leading up and one nearby you can kick to lead you to the lower level through a hole on the floor. Taking the ladder down will lead you back into the first area with the chest, so take the ladder to head up into the higher level.

Third & Fourth Marking Flag

Use the ladder to climb up and clear the Huo Shu rat demon enemy in the room to gain access to the chest it protects and another Marking Flag Location.

7 enemy marking flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Once you clear this area, head back down out the broken wall and drop to the lower roof that leads back across. This acts as a path back to another roof edge, which will have another Marking Flag location to increase your Fortitude Rank.

roof crossing mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

8 roof marking flag mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min

Once you have cleared the area, you can head back into the main building in the second room where your objective marker is leading. Make sure you have looted the chest on the upper platforms before you descend. When you are down, head down to the lower level. This is where you will encounter the enemy NPCs: Li Jue & Guo Si. This is also where you will find your final Marking Flags. Clearing them will result in a victory. 

final npc mission 5 wolong fextralife wiki guide 600px min



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    • Almost every enemy in this stage can either be sneak critted or aggroed away from other enemies.
      Just take your time and find a good route.
      You can very carefully grab the last Marking Flag in the boss room without breaking any vases.

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