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Equipment Heaven's Reliance
Unscrupulous Hero Set
First Encounter Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

Cao Cao is a Reinforcement in Wo Long: Fallen DynastyCao Cao is a reinforcement aligned to the metal element icon wo long wiki guide 28px Metal element and boosts damage to enemies with negative effects. Reinforcements are characters that may accompany you during Missions. They assist you dealing with your Enemies and Bosses you encounter along the way. They also provide unique passive bonuses to the players thanks to their Warrior Effects.


Cao Cao is a warlord, statesman, and writer from the Qiao County in the State of Pei, also known by the courtesy name Mengde.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Cao Cao Lore Information

Born to Cao Song, whose foster father was Chief Eunuch Cao Teng, he grew up alongside children of rank in the capital. In his youth he was a companion of Yuan Shao and lived an active but unruly life, earning a less than favorable reputation in the process. However, a famous personage appraised him thus: "In peace you are an able subject, in chaos you are an unscrupulous hero." Cao Cao is known for his flexibility and ability to accept the truth, no matter how unusual or distressing it may seem. On the other hand, he is highly suspicious, and some of his actions have been widely criticized as arrogant and merciless.

When the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out, the Imperial Court lifted restrictions on the liberties of so-called "partisans" and reinstated banished scholars, as part of their effort to restore order. At this time, Cao Cao had fallen from the court's favor after he had imposed the death penalty on an important eunuch's relative while stationed in northern Luoyang. Nonetheless, he was given the post of cavalry commandant and led imperial forces tackling the rebellion. After achieving a great success at Yingchuan, he came up against the main force of the Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven at Guangzong while his own forces were depleted. The battle was heading for a stalemate when Cao Cao encountered the protagonist, and quickly ascertained that this person was no mere militia soldier.

After the Yellow Turban Rebellion had largely collapsed, the Imperial Court set up the Army of the Western Garden to deal with the ongoing chaos caused by the scattered remnants. Cao Cao's exploits had been rewarded with promotion, and the protagonist reunited with him in the capital Luoyang. The threat posed by elixir was evident to Cao Cao, and so he teamed up with the protagonist and Yuan Shao to infiltrate the residence of the Chief Eunuch Zhang Rang. Passing through a secret route, they entered an elixir laboratory beneath Luoyang and battled with Zhang Rang. After their victory, Cao Cao was instilled with renewed resolve, and swore an oath with the protagonist. However, the elixir they were after had already been taken.

Seeing the hold Dong Zhuo had gained on the capital, Cao Cao fled and set about building up an army. His forces were centered on the Cao and Xiahou families and fought valiantly as part of the coalition against Dong Zhuo. However, the coalition failed in its objective and fell apart. Cao Cao then reorganized his forces, and, recruiting without regard to background, expanded his numbers by bringing Qing Province's Yellow Turban remnants under his control. In the meantime, Lu Bu had slain Dong Zhuo and taken possession of his cache of elixir. A clash between Cao Cao and Lu Bu ensued, and the former was on the back foot. Cao Cao allied with Liu Bei, who had been driven from his base in Xu Province, and their alliance overcame Lu Bu, but they were then set upon by Yuan Shao's forces, who, having been bolstered by Yu Ji's sorcery, overwhelmed them. Cao Cao thus lost vast swathes of territory and the elixir he had only just obtained.

Outmatched by Yuan Shao's army of demons, morale in Cao Cao's camp plummeted as his allies folded one after the other and switched allegiance. Seeing no other option, Cao Cao staked everything on an all—or—nothing showdown with Yuan Shao at Guandu. With Yuan Shao's demons having gained yet more strength from elixir, the battle was in the balance, but was miraculously won through the desperate efforts of his troops and the protagonist's party. With Yuan Shao defeated, the elixir previously held by Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu fell into the hands of Cao Cao, who also claimed the Hebei region plus his lost territory. This increased his power severalfold and positioned him as the lord most capable of claiming dominion over the land.


How to Unlock Cao Cao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cao Cao is first encountered in Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch, after this he is unlocked.


How to Summon Cao Cao

  • Players have to spend x1 tiger seal usable items wo long wiki 95pxTiger Seal in order to summon Cao Cao.
  • Cao Cao can be summoned at any Flag while completing Missions, but note that not all Reinforcements are available for all Missions.


How to Deepen your bond with Cao Cao

Players have to spend x1 cup of cordiality key item wo long wiki guide 94x95pxCup of Cordiality to deepen their bond with Cao Cao. Spending a Cup of Cordiality on Cao Cao upgrades the player's Oath Level by one. It caps at level 10 in which it changes to Sworn Brother. 

When players reach Oath Level 5 with Cao Cao, they unlock his second Warrior Effect.

Once players reach Sworn Brother statusthey receive:


Cao Cao Related Missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cao Cao is involved in the following Missions:

Cao Cao can be summoned in the following Missions:


Cao Cao Ally Warrior in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The following are Cao Cao's ally warriors:


Cao Cao Equipment

Cao Cao has the following equipment and Warrior Effect

Warrior Effects

  • Damage to Enemies with Negative Effects +4.0% 
  • Marking Flag Detection


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Cao Cao Notes & Tips

  • Additional notes for Cao Cao go here.



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