Zhang Jiao

General of Heaven

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) , 30 (NG++)
Mission The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven
Drops White Horse Servant Cavalry Set
Weak Fire, Metal, Wood
Resistant Earth, Water
Immune N/A

Zhang Jiao is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhang Jiao in Wo Long is a demon-type boss. Zhang Jiao transforms into an ape-like demon, and similar to his brother, Zhang Bao, uses sorcery to control thunder and lightning. Zhang Jiao can be encountered during the following mission/s The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


One of the three pillars of the Yellow Turban, the General of Heaven uses lightning attacks to let his enemies feel his wrath.

Zhang Jiao Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhang Jiao is a demon Boss found in The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven.

  • This is NOT an optional boss
  • Sun Jian joins you as a Reinforcement character during the main mission.
  • You will fight against Zhang Jiao who has transformed into an empowered demon after consuming a corrupted elixir.


Zhang Jiao Lore

Zhang Jiao, hailing from Julu Commandery, is one of the leaders of the Yellow Turbans as well as the originator of Taiping Taoism.

At the end of the Later Han period, amid the neutering of the Imperial Court due to political conflict between corrupt bureaucrats, floods, earthquakes, and rebellion were rampant. And, because powerful families took over much of the land, farmers lost their land and famine took hold. During this, Zhang Jiao, who had received Elixir from a black-clad Taoist, took on the title of "Great Sage Mentor," and began gathering adherents as he forced others to repent for their sins, and aided those who suffered from the disease. Eventually, his followers numbered in the hundreds of thousands and he took on the title of "General of Heaven." He bade his followers in all provinces to rise up, greatly disturbing the order and rulership of the imperial court.

The Yellow Turbans' uprising ensued in the provinces of You, Ji, and Yu among others, but were met with strong imperial opposition. In response to this, Zhang Jiao employed demons, demonized soldiers, and other infernal entities, keeping the imperial army at bay. Before long, however, his efforts saw a severe setback, when both Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao were slain by the militia, with the protagonist alongside them. When the imperial army closed in on his stronghold in Guangzong, Zhang Jiao, in a desperate move, drank the Elixir himself, knowing that doing so would submit himself to a demonic transformation. Even with such devotion to his ambition, this zealous leader perished before the might of the protagonist. The Yellow Turban Rebellion that had engulfed the citizenry and bureaucracy alike and left a giant scar upon the land had come to a close, at least for the time being.


Wo Long Zhang Jiao Mission

Zhang Jiao in Wo Long can be first found in the mission: The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven.

Zhang Jiao can also be found at The Uninhibited Heart.


Wo Long Zhang Jiao Drops

Zhang Jiao in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Zhang Jiao Boss Guide

Zhang Jiao Boss Video Guide

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Zhang Jiao Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Zhang Jiao:

  • Bring Poison Throwing Knifes - 3 are enough to inflict it.
  • Metal/Wood related spells will give an advantage during this encounter.
  • Wear Light Armor so that you are nimble during the boss battle.
  • Finding all Battle Flags and Marking Flags for the main mission will increase your Morale to 20.
  • Equip the Divine BeastQilin. Qilin's Earthquake is a good skill to interrupt an attack and to use when at close range.

Zhang Jiao Boss Strategy

Before you start this boss battle, make sure to rest at the Battle Flag and to equip the Cleanse spell and other equipment that you need. The Cleanse spell is important since it can negate the stun status effect that you may acquire during this battle. Zhang Jiao is somehow similar to his brother, Zhang Bao, he will need a few seconds to cast a sorcery spell, only this time, you're fighting against a sorcerer who can conjure thunder and lightning. Using the Divine Beast, Qilin is a good counter to interrupt his attacks. You just want to make sure you're near him before you trigger the skill. Absorb Vitality is also a good support spell to make sure you survive during battle, if you use the spell, you and your ally can recover HP when you damage an enemy. It's good to use as well early in the battle so that you don't have to use the Dragon's Cure Pot.

Most of Zhang Jiao's melee attacks are easy to read since he needs momentum before he swings his arm or the staff weapon. If you time it right, you can deflect the attacks. And speaking of deflecting attacks, you'll want to make sure you get the chance to use Deflect Counterattack when you see him use a Fatal Strike. The Fatal Strike happens when you see the boss or enemy glow red. A successful Deflect Counterattack briefly stuns the target, making it possible for follow-up attacks. Avoid his sorcery attacks as much as you can to avoid damage and stun buildup, watch his moves, and repeat the process to win this battle.



Zhang Jiao Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strike
Hand Piercer Zhang Jiao tries to pierce a target with it's large hand. Counterable with Deflect Counterattack
Staff Slam Zhang Jiao tries to slam the target with it's staff. 
Demonic Shot Zhang Jiao conjures a large ball of demonic Qi and launches it on the target.
Regular Attacks
Heaven's Reign Pillars of lightning struck from above, causing damage, and can stun if you are hit multiple times. Using Cleanse nullifies the negative effect, sprint away to avoid getting hit.
Hand Sweep Zhang Jiao swings his arm to slash the target that is in front of him. You can dodge the roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Staff Sweep Zhang Jiao swings his weapon to attack. Covers a wide range if he swings the staff weapon. You can dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Hand-Staff Combo Zhang Jiao swings his hand and staff in succession to attack. You can dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Overhead Combo Similar to the Hand-Staff Combo attack, he uses his hand and staff to attack but in an overhead action. You can dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Leaping Attack Gallops and tries to land on top of his target. You can dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Primal Rage Zhang Jiao stomps on the ground multiple times, releasing shockwaves. Sprint backward to avoid the shockwaves or block to mitigate the damage.
Tornado Storms Multiple Tornado Storms appear in the area. It will follow you slowly and if you are hit, it damages and slows your movement. You can only sprint away to avoid getting hit until it disappears.
Electrical Conduits Electrical conduits appear in the area for a short period. These do not move and remain on the ground when it falls from the air. This damages and stuns the player if you walk into it. Zhang Jiao will use these conduits to summon lightning bolts before it disappears. Avoid moving or getting close to its radius when you see it.


Zhang Jiao Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




"We... We will..."

"Pr-pros-perity... for alll...!"

After Fight:

"The Yellow Heaven must rise... Though my body may perish, my belief will never die..."


Zhang Jiao Image Gallery

zhang jiao elixir zhang jiao transforming zhang jiao after transformation[screenshots and artwork go here]


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      This boss kinda sucks but you absolutely don't need cleanse wtf. Maybe don't say you NEED skills that require you to have dumped all your points into one stat? The thing that makes this boss awkward to fight is his weird attack timings. That has nothing to do with cleanse.

      You can say skills are helpful, but that makes it sound like you literally can't beat him without it lol.

      • Anonymous

        Terrible Boss. Does not fit with the game play mechanics at all. Any boss that spams and spams is a bad boss. 15 times to pwn him.. Awful.

        • Anonymous

          "equip the Cleanse spell...The Cleanse spell is important since it can negate the stun status effect that you may acquire during this battle."

          Oh yeah, lemme just equip a level 20 wood spell, I'm totally able to do that this early in the game.

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