Zhang Bao

General of Earth

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Morale 18+(NG cycle)*2
Mission The Valley of the Crying Wraiths
Drops Ritual Sword of Chaos
Weak Earth, Water, Wood
Resistant Fire, Metal
Immune N/A

Zhang Bao is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhang Bao in Wo Long is a humanoid demon-type boss. Zhang Bao is one of the leaders of the Yellow Turbans who took on the title of "General of Earth". Zhang Bao can be encountered during the following mission/s The Valley of the Crying Wraiths in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Corrupted by the elixir, the General of Earth uses sorcery to control the element of fire.

Zhang Bao Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhang Bao is a humanoid demon-type Boss found in The Valley of the Crying Wraiths.

  • This is NOT an optional Boss
  • Reinforcement Characters Guan Yu and Zhang Fei assist you in this boss battle.
  • Zhang Bao is a sorcerer who conjures the element of fire to burn those who defy and stand before him, he is the brother of Zhang Liang, and Zhang Jiao, the pillars of the Yellow Turbans.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhang Bao Lore

Zhang Bao, hailing from Julu Commandery, is one of the leaders of the Yellow Turbans. At the end of the Later Han period, amid the neutering of the Imperial Court due to political conflict between corrupt bureaucrats, floods, earthquakes, and rebellion were rampant. And, because powerful families took over much of the land, farmers lost their land and famine took hold. During this, Zhang Bao, along with his brothers, Zhang Jiao and Zhang Liang, received Elixir from a black—clad Taoist atop a mountain. With their newfound power, the three started a rebellion to unseat the corrupt House of Han and take power for themselves to realize their Yellow Heaven. Zhang Bao took on the title of "General of Earth," and tormented the imperial army using his fearsome sorcery.

Accompanying Zhang Jiao, he roamed across the land during the Yellow Turban Rebellion. While fortifying a Yellow Turban camp around Mt. Dongshan, he received word of his brother Zhang Liang's defeat at the hands of the protagonist. Following this, he continued to feud with the imperial army who strove to take Mt. Dongshan and brought the demon Zhuyan under his control to wipe out one of Gongsun Zan's scouting units. He managed to apprehend the Taoist Hong Jing who had been scouting the Yellow Turbans. He then released the demon Fengxi at the Yellow Turban's execution ground with the intent of sacrificing Hong Jing to the god Taiyi, but this plan was thwarted by the protagonist and Zhao Yun. With a menacing grin, Zhang Bao left Mt. Dongshan behind.

At Guigugou Valley, Zhang Bao unleashed his awe-inspiring sorcery onto the Liu Bei-led militia, who were on a punitive campaign against the Yellow Turbans, which effectively stupefied them and kept them in check. Upon injuring Liu Bei, he swung the fight in his favor, but owing to the protagonist's efforts, the tide of battle had turned and Zhang Bao soon lost the upper hand. He then retreated to the altar far in the depths of Guigugou Valley to await the protagonist, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Despite demonstrating his sorcerous capabilities to overpower the protagonist's band, his final confrontation was ill-fated as the courageous trio would claim the tyrant's head. First Zhang Liang, then Zhang Bao, the pillars of the Yellow Turbans toppled one after the other, hastening their fall.


Wo Long Zhang Bao Mission

Zhang Bao in Wo Long can be first found in the mission Two Chivalrous Heroes, where he appears in the cutscene of said mission before confrontation with Feng Xi. Later, he becomes a boss during The Valley of the Crying Wraiths.


Wo Long Zhang Bao Drops

Zhang Bao in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

Chance to drop the following:


Wo Long Zhang Bao Boss Guide

Zhang Bao Boss Video Guide

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Zhang Bao Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Zhang Bao:

Zhang Bao Boss Strategy Guide

Zhang Bao relies on using sorcery and constantly teleports away from you so he can cast projectiles and cast spells, but do not be fooled since he is also capable of close-quarter combat but for the most part, he relies on his sorcery. For all his magical attacks, you will hear a chime sound from his bell before the sorcery attack occurs, meaning there is no specific indicator to identify what magical attack he uses, so please refer to the attacks table to identify how to counter his sorcery attacks. A good tactic here is to close the gap and attack him when you see him raise his hand to ring the bell, to continuously attack him, or use Qilin's Earthquake to interrupt him from casting a sorcery attack. If you do interrupt him, he will quickly teleport and try to cast another spell or just attack you with a fatal strike.

When his health is reduced to 60%, he gains additional attacks, while some sorcery attacks become enhanced. Some attacks like the single fireball now become multiple fireballs that travel fast. It's a matter of reacting to what spell he does if you do hear that chime so you know what to do next. A good way to punish him is if you can Deflect Counterattack his Fatal Strike move, he'll stumble if you successfully land it, making it easier to break his guard and use a Fatal Strike against him.

Do not be afraid to assess the situation and to take a step back if you need to recover HP, you have two Reinforcement characters here accompanying you in battle, let them help you and if Zhang Bao is busy attacking the NPCs, take the opportunity to attack him while he's not targeting you. The Absorb Vitality spell is very useful here since you're a team here when fighting Zhang Bao, by using it, you and your nearby allies can restore HP upon dealing damage to enemies.

When his HP drops to 30%, he will summon Demonized Warlock enemies around the battlefield which buffs his defense and boosts his attacks. Make sure to quickly eliminate the summoned units once they spawn to stop them from providing Zhang Bao with buffs. Watch its moves and repeat the process to defeat Zhang Bao.


Zhang Bao Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes - all phases
Sword of Chaos Zhang Bao create a crystallised projectile and strikes with it. Counterable with Deflect Counterattack.
Gouging Star Zhang Bao spins his weapon around in one hand while advancing forward. Happens in conjuction with Teleport.
Unfriendly Hug Zhang Bao tries to hug a target, but instead of warm welcome he sets it ablaze, dealing Fire Damage. Happens in conjuction with Teleport.
Phase 1
Teleport Teleports around the area, either to run away or perform a Fatal Strike. Watch where he teleports and be ready to dodge if he teleports near you to attack.
Fireball Zhang Bao shoots a single fireball. You can sprint or dodge roll to avoid getting hit.
Rotating Flames Conjures a volley of fireballs that circulates and spreads in a wide range. The fireballs will start from Zhang Bao and spread out, covering a wide range. Sprint backward or deflect to avoid hit.
Pillars of Flame Slow multiple bursts of fire emerge from the ground that will chase you for a short period. The ground will glow red which is an indication that the flame is about to burst. It will usually start at the spot where you are standing and it will slowly chase you. Sprint to avoid getting hit.
Spinning Sword Zhang Bao attacks with his sword and aggressively spins forward. You can dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Zhang Bao's Rage This happens if you use a Fatal Strike against the demon. A red AOE field will appear around it when it recovers from the Fatal Strike. Move away from the radius of the AOE or move back after you use a Fatal Strike and wait for the boss to finish releasing the AOE blast.

Empowered Phase (Boss Health Reduced to 60%)

Additional Attacks that Zhang Bao will use.

Fireball (Enhanced) An enhanced version of the Fireball Attack. Multiple fireballs are shot at a faster rate. It is easier to sprint and dodge roll to avoid getting hit.
Ring of Fire An enhanced version of the Rotating Flames Attack. Instead of a volley of fireballs, it becomes large rings of fire that emerge from Zhang Bao. Sprint backward since it doesn't cover the whole arena. You can also dodge roll through it as it makes contact.
Corrupted Sword Attack Zhang Bao now wields a Qi-corrupted sword, allowing him to swing his weapon in quick succession. Dodge roll to avoid getting hit or block to mitigate the damage.
Rise of the Dead Once his health drops to 30%, he will summon Demonized Warlock enemies around the battlefield which increase his morale. Quickly eliminate the summoned units once they spawn.


Zhang Bao Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




"Do not falter. For our mission is clear."

"To bring the world under the Yellow Heaven!"

"Those fooling enough to stand before us... shall know true regret for their folly!"

During Fight:

"Just try to evade my sorcery, if you can."

"Burn in the fires of hell!"

"Huh, not bad..."

"Urgh, took me by surprise..."

The way you fight... You're the one who slew my brother... Hmph, fine. I'll strike you down for what you did."

"Rise, comrades..."

"You may not rest yet... The Yellow Heaven must rise."

"Ack... I will not be stopped by the likes of you."

After Fight:

"The Yellow Heaven... Elder brother will see it done... Bring prosperity for all...


Zhang Bao Image Gallery

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