Zhang Liao


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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) - both encounters
Mission The Way of the Warrior
The Fearless Blade
Drops Dire Tiger
Valorous Vanguard Set
Weak Deflection/Posture (when not buffed)
Earth (damage)
Metal (5 phase)
Resistant Earth (5 phase)
Metal (damage)
Immune N/A

Zhang Liao is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhang Liao in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Zhang Liao is one of your NPC allies and of the mission Reinforcements available but is fought as a boss at the end of the Main Mission: The Way of the Warrior in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Zhang Liao, courtesy name Wenyuan, was-a general hailing from Mayi County of the Yanmen Commandery.

Zhang Liao Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Zhang Liao is a Human Boss found in The Way of the Warrior.

  • This boss is NOT optional.
  • Zhang Fei and Liu Bei will accompany you during this boss battle.
  • Also an ally and NPC Reinforcement. Defeating Zhang Liao as a Boss will award pieces of his armor, as well as his weapon, the Dire Tiger.

 Wo Long's Zhang Liao is a Human Boss found in The Fearless Blade

  • This encounter is optional
  • No reinforcements available for this mission, as it is a duel.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liao Lore

Zhang Liao, courtesy name Wenyuan, was-a general hailing from Mayi County of the Yanmen Commandery. He was said to be a descendant of Nie Yi, a magnate of the Former Han Dynasty. Nie Yi attempted to deceive the chanyu of the Xiongnu by imposing themself as a trader but was exposed. To evade the wrath of the Xiongnu, he changed his surname to "Zhang." In his younger years, Zhang Liao became a commandery official and his wisdom and bravery became recognized by Ding Yuan, who took him as his deputy. Following Ding Yuan's death, he came to answer to Dong Zhuo alongside Lu Bu. Renowned as a man of honor, he values loyalty and rarely gets outwardly upset, but within his heart burns a fiery passion.

Inspired by the strength and determination of Lu BuZhang Liao joined forces with him. When Luoyang was set ablaze at the hand of Dong Zhuo, he rallied the dumbstruck soldiers and coordinated a safe withdrawal to Meiwu Fort. There, he stood guard, keeping a close watch on intruders. Following Dong Zhuo's brutal death, he was determined to remain loyal to Lu Bu, as there was no other man he respected more. And on Lu Bu's orders, he turned a blind eye to the protagonist and company as they were escaping from Dong Zhuo's men. When asked by Hong Jing as to why, Zhang Liao said nothing and returned inside Meiwu Fort, where chaos yet reigned in the wake of Dong Zhuo's death.

Following Dong Zhuo's death, Zhang Liao and Lu Bu transported the Elixir that Dong Zhuo had stashed. While en route, they proceeded to capture Puyang from Cao Cao's army, but it was promptly recaptured by Cao Cao, driving them to seek asylum in Xu Province under Liu Bei. They then seized Xiaopei from Liu Bei, and by orders of Lu BuZhang Liao was tasked with defending Xiaopei. The keep held firm, leaving Cao Cao and Liu Bei's coalition armies in peril, but ultimately, Zhang Liao was outmatched by the protagonist in a duel. Zhang Liao, impressed by his righteous spirit, swore an oath to the protagonist. Seeing great potential in Zhang LiaoCao Cao took him in as an aide and marched for Xiapi where Lu Bu had taken shelter. Hong Jing again interrogated him for the truth behind her brother's actions, but Zhang Liao kept silent.

Now under the command of Cao CaoZhang Liao also marched on Xiapi. He was conflicted upon seeing his erstwhile master in distress. Upon Lu Bu's defeat at the hands of the protagonist, he finally conveyed Lu Bu's sentiments to a sorrowful Hong Jing. Upon the attack on Xiapi by Yuan Shao's forces and Liu Bei's disappearance, he proposed that Guan Yu temporarily surrender to Cao Cao out of consideration for his master. At the battle of Guandu, he served as the primary force of Cao Cao's army. He also played a part in Guan Yu's meeting with Red Hare. It was from this point on that he could demonstrate his true capacity as Cao Cao's subordinate.


Wo Long Zhang Liao Mission

Zhang Liao in Wo Long is encountered in the following Missions:


Wo Long Zhang Liao Drops

Zhang Liao in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:

The Way of the Warrior

The Fearless Blade


Wo Long Zhang Liao Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Liao Boss Video Guide

  • Video to be added


Zhang Liao Boss Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

boss image mission 28 wolong wiki guide

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Zhang Liao:

  • When he is in "Living Weapon mode", he is immune to flinch. However, without it he will flinch at every successful deflection and direct hit.
  • Likes to use Fatal Strikes, which allows for a quick depletion of his Spirit. After reaching 50% of his max HP, me may chain cast them.
  • Metal Phase Spells can help in canceling out Zhang Liao's Wood Phase Spells during this fight.
  • With well-timed debuff from either Earth or Metal, player can avoid Zhang Liao's "Living Weapon mode" for a moment.
  • In terms of damage, Earth-related spells are the best. However, when in "Living Weapon mode", he may counter them with all his attacks, since Wood overcomes Earth.
  • As Zhang Fei and Liu Bei will be accompanying you during this fight, take advantage of the 3v1 situation, and don't be too greedy when it comes to dealing damage to Zhang Liao, his moves are very quick but some of them have a slow recovery animation. Take your time and wait for the right opportunity to attack.

Strategy Guide

Zhang Liao wields a straight sabre coated with lightning and uses it to extend the range of some of his attacks. Most of his moves are exceptionally quick and can cover long distances. Zhang Fei and Liu Bei will be assisting you during this boss battle. Make sure to take advantage of the 3v1 situation and use them as bait, although Zhang Liao will most likely target the character closest to him so try to keep your distance, then wait for the opportunity to attack. Zhang Liao uses Wood Phase Spells during this fight, so it is best to equip Metal Phase Spells to cancel out the lightning.

At the start of the fight, do not attempt to attack him immediately as he will perform a lightning AoE attack and summon his Divine Beast, Bixie, and cast lightning to strike down on the ground that covers a wide area. He will then immediately follow up with another attack after this. While his combos are quick, some of his moves leave him vulnerable if you manage to dodge the attack. You should always keep your distance and attack him during his recovery animation or after repositioning yourself to his blind spot. He also has a move where he jumps in to close the gap and thrusts his sword in a straight direction toward you, you can either deflect this move to perform a counterattack or dodge through it. The timing can be deceptive and if he hits you with this move it can deal significant damage. Most of his combos will also end with lightning striking down on the ground, it can either cover a wide area in a cone-shaped manner or just in a straight line. So when you avoid these attacks, try your best to run away to not get hit with the lightning. You will sometimes see him charge up his weapon and extend the range of his blade with lightning, this is when you need to move away from him. He can swing his sword, slashing anyone within range, or he can use it like a spear and perform consecutive thrusts.

In summary, wait out for the opportunity to strike and take advantage of your Reinforcements. To not overextend your combos when the opportunity presents itself as he cannot be staggered. Deflect when you can to perform a counterattack and deal significant damage.


Zhang Liao Boss Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Lightspeed Gust Zhang Liao jumps back and performs a strong Thrust. Will cause a Lightning Strike in straight path, while he is Lightning mode. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage and follow with a strong attack (1st phase) or prepare for another deflection and then use strong attack (2nd phase).
Ill Wind Zhang Liao jumps up and performs a spinning slice. 
Regular attacks
Living Weapon (Enhanced Bixie Resonation) Zhang Liao calls his spirit, Bixie, to enhance his weapon with Lightning. In this state, all his regular attacks deals some sort of Wood damage (or causes a Lightning barrage) and Zhang will not flinch if hit. Additionally, all his Spirit Damage is repaired. Performs critical Fatal Strike to dispell the buff
Meditation Zhang Liao meditates and increases his Spirit.  Attack during buff. Alternatively, use Poison Throwing Knifes to inflict Metal debuff.
Radiant Thundercry Summons the Divine Beast, Bixie, and calls upon lightning to strike down on the ground in a wide area. Maintain your distance, do not attempt to attack immediately after this move as he will often follow up with another attack.
Lightning Rush Performs a melee combo always ending with a move where he spins with his weapon and on the last hit leaves a trail of lightning strike the ground in front of him. Stay away from him until the combo ends.
Charged Rotating Slash Charges up his sword, extending the reach of the weapon, then spins around catching anyone within range, then performs a long-reaching thrust for the final hit. Once you see the blade extend, fall back and keep your distance, then dodge the last thrust.
Lightning Slam Jumps into the air and charges up his sword, extending its reach, before slamming the weapon to the ground, creating a lightning AoE attack. Reposition yourself behind him once he jumps into the air, this move is slow and telegraphed. You can attack him once he slams his sword on the ground since the move has slow recovery.
Swift Lightning Needle Coats the sword with lightning, extending its range, then performs three consecutive thrusts and ends with a spinning attack. Try to keep your distance or block all incoming attacks.
Leaping Sword Strike Jumps into the air and closes the gap while swinging his sword, slashing anyone in the way. Reposition yourself and strafe in either side for him to miss the leaping strike, then attack when vulnerable.
Lightning Flurry Conjures a secondary lightning sword and performs a flurry of slashes. Stay away from him until the combo ends.
Lightning Slash Slashes his sword forward, then a lightning strikes down in the area in front of him. You can anticipate this attack as he swings his sword, sucking in a vortex before performing the slash. Dodge through the attack.
Bixie's Rage (NG++) Zhang Liao calls his Divine Beast, to perform attack very similar to enhanced Heaven's Rage Deflect or 5-phase to avoid damage
Quick Slash (NG++) Zhang Liao performs a quick slash, that results in Ligthning barrage. Deflect or 5-phase to avoid damage


Zhang Liao Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Despite looking as a Wood-themed boss, his weakness/resistance chart resembles one encountered during fighting Water enemies. It is a rare situation in Wo Long.
    • It is unknown, if there is a lore explanation for this.
    • This is probably cause by his Water Affinity as Reinforcements.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Give me your answer with your blade.

During Fight:

General Liu entrusted me with this city... I shall defend it to the death!

After Fight:

Defeat... Very well. I will not beg for my life. Kill me.


Zhang Liao Image Gallery

zhaing liao front zhang liao duel zhang liao duel 2 zhang liao fatal strike zhang liao airborne zhang liao charging zhang liao retrospection zhang liao after fight zhang laio bow [screenshots and artwork go here]


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