Lu Bu

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+)
Mission The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass
Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men
Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale
Drops Set pieces for the Flying General Set
Sky-Piercing Halberd
Weak Earth, Water 
Resistant Fire, Metal, Wood
Immune Critical strike (on horse)

Lu Bu is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Bosses refer to unique and particularly powerful opponents, characterized by a much larger health pool, as well as attacks and movesets that require a greater deal of strategy to overcome. Lu Bu is a Human/Demon type boss. A legendary and fearsome warrior, Lu Bu is a prominent figure in the Three Kingdoms era, famous for his unrivaled strength and unmatched skill with the halberd.


 Lu Bu, courtesy name Fengxian, was a general hailing from Liuyuan County of Wuyuan Commandery.

Lu Bu Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is a Boss encountered in Human Form in The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass / Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale and in his Centaur Demon Form in Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men.

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass Boss Battle:

  • This boss is NOT optional
  • There are no set Reinforcements during this Mission, but they can be called at the cost of a Tiger Seal at the Battle Flag outside of the Boss Arena before battle. 
  • Health: TBC

Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men Boss Battle:

  • This boss is NOT optional
  • Hong Jing joins you as reinforcement throughout the mission and the boss battle.
  • Health: TBC
  • Lu Bu takes on a Centaur Demon Form after losing a confrontation with Yu Ji. He fights with his signature Sky-Piercing Halberd and fire magic. He has two phases, with the second phase starting at 50% HP, where he is empowered by fire, imbuing his halberd and hooves in flames.

Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale Boss Battle:

  • This boss is optional
  • Final fight of the gauntlet
  • There are no set Reinforcements during this Mission
  • Multiplayer is available
  • No Red Hare during this encounter.
  • Health: TBC

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu Lore

Originally a subordinate of Ding Yuan, the Bing Province Inspector, Lu Bu was entreated to serve under Dong Zhuo, who took notice of his martial prowess, to which Lu Bu complied by bringing Ding Yuan's head as a souvenir. Since then, he had been widely recognized as the guard of Dong Zhuo. Possessing physical strength far beyond that of a normal man and supreme skill with bows and horses, he was often alluded to as resembling Li Guang, the famed general of the Former Han, and given the name "the Flying General." His trusty horse Red Hare, a gift from Dong Zhuo, could ride a thousand miles a day, and their combined ferocity earned them great praise. A saying went: "no man can best Lu Bu, nor can any horse best Red Hare."

Before the siege of Luoyang by the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition, Lu Bu advised Dong Zhuo to retreat to Meiwu Fort with the Elixir. In the meantime, he took position at Hulaoguan Pass, a fortified point near Luoyang and faced off against the coalition. There, he exhibited his unparalleled might by single-handedly fending off Liu Bei and his two sworn brothers, but promptly retreated upon hearing that the Elixir had arrived safely to Meiwu Fort. Midway through the banquet at Meiwu Fort, Lu Bu once again did not hesitate to murder his sworn father, when Dong Zhuo was forced into an impasse by the protagonist. After taking off with Dong Zhuo's Elixir, Lu Bu headed for Zhongyuan with his deputy, Zhang Liao, to take Puyang from Cao Cao's control.

After raiding Puyang, Lu Bu proceeded to take over Xu Province from Liu Bei, provoking retaliation from both Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Seeing this, Lu Bu took shelter at Xiapi, entrusting Puyang and Xiaopei to his aides. Despite waging wars on lord after lord, he kept himself secluded in the shelter, with the Elixir inexplicably untouched. Seeking to question him on this behavior, the black-clad Taoist Yu Ji paid a visit to Xiapi. This was what Lu Bu had schemed for all along; he then took advantage of the Elixir to unleash superhuman strength and utterly overpower Yu Ji. In retaliation, however, Yu Ji caught Lu Bu off guard and injected him with excess Elixir, inducing a horrific mutation. Devoid  of ability to reason, he proceeded to assault the protagonist and Hong Jing. In their tragic fight to the death, the protagonist emerged victorious and Lu Bu fell to the ground. He had the protagonist swear an oath to him to kill Yu Ji, with his dearly beloved sister beside him as Lu Bu exhaled his final breath.

The siblings, who were both orphans of war, were taken under Zuo Ci's wing when they were brought to the home of the Hermits of Tianzhu. After some years, the brother caught wind of Yu Ji's desire to plunge the world into chaos with the misuse of Elixir. Were Zuo Ci to find out, a war would outbreak between Yu Ji's demon army and the Hermits of Tianzhu, which would put his little sister in danger. To keep his village and his sister out of harm's way, he set off alone to assassinate Yu Ji. He hid his face, took the name Lu Bu and infiltrated the Demonic Qi—permeated Imperial Court. There, he demonstrated valor through battle to gain the trust of Dong Zhuo, whom he ascertained to have collected the Elixir. Lu Bu closed in, one painstaking step at a time, on the ever-hidden Yu Ji.


Where to Find Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is encountered in the following Missions:

Lu Bu Boss Drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu drops the following items upon defeat (1st encounter):

  • ???

Lu Bu drops the following items upon defeat (2nd and 3rd encounter):


Lu Bu Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Human Form
Demon Form


Lu Bu Boss Video Guide



Lu Bu Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

lu bu face

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Lu Bu:

  • Summon the Divine Beast Baize to detect the location of enemies in the area. Additionally, Baize fires icicles at all enemies within the search area. The search range increases when your Morale Rank is 10 or above.
  • When depending on your Divine Beast, this can be complemented with the Inner Breath spell which enchants your current melee weapon with either Water or Stone.
  • While being on horse, player can't perform critical strike on him. Depleting his Spirit Gauge will knock him off the horse. Then his spirit will regenerate.
  • When being on foot, his horse circle in the middle of the arena. May attack player, but will never target him directly.
  • Guard is very useful to mitigate damage, unless Lu Bu's weapon is buffed.
  • Sometimes, chains his Fatal Strikes - more often in 2nd/3rd than in 1st phase.
    • Fire-related Fatal Strikes chaincast is telegraphed by remaining Fire buff despite successful deflection.
  • Use Water-related spells to counter his Fire-related attacks.
    • For low Water-level builds, Frost Lance will counter his Fire phase very good.
    • Fatal Strike counter dispell the buff as well.
    • The Ice Weapon is recommended, if player reaches 12 in Water Virtue
  • While Lu Bu is on horse, use Stone-related items. 
  • Lu Bu tends to jump high, therefore set for camera to follow the target you lock on.
  • Wood-related build can pair Lightning Weapon wtih Elemental Plague to dish serious Spirit Damage
    • Keep in mind that Elemental Plague can be countered by Lu Bu fire-related attacks
  • During boss gauntlet, Lu Bu always starts with Strong Fire Jump.

Strategy Guide

Lu Bu begins the fight while while mounted on his steed. However, a few successful hits, he will continue the fight on foot. If he is separated from his hare, steer clear of the path of his horse while in battle.

While mounted,  Lu Bu has a number of ranged attacks, melee attacks and charge attacks. His arrows can be shot and will quickly fan out or spray outwards and then reel back into the center. His ranged attacks are usually avoided by either keeping a great distance or remaining close to Lu Bu. This will allow the arrows to fly directly over you, avoiding damage. When it comes to his special attacks, he has a special ability that can ignite his weapon and arrows that will additionally deal Burn damage when he deals all his regular attacks. This is where the Cleanse Spell can be used to alleviate any inflicted Burn effects. If you have any difficulties with this fight, it is recommended to call in some Reinforcements to slow down his attack reactions and give you time to gain a better position to attack. 

He moves very quickly so it sometimes easier to catch him right before an attack to deal a hit. He can quickly advance and jump very high. When he is close enough, his attack animations will have a draw back to prepare you to react to his attack incoming attack. The best way to face him would be to be patient in between his attack sequences while circling around to try to steer clear of his line of sight. This will also give you a chance to find an attack opening if his back is turned towards you. 

Continue to find attack windows to slowly exhaust his HP until he is defeated. His defeat will immediately trigger the next cutscene and complete the mission.


Lu Bu Boss Attacks and Counters

Attack Description Counter
Only on horse
Red Hare's Jump (Fatal Strike) Lu Bu sticks his Halberd into the ground and jumps sky high to land on the target. Does a vertical slash if not countered Deflect for massive Spirit damage and follow with a Spirit Attack
Red Hare's Charge (Fatal Strike) Lu Bu charges with his horse trying to knock the target
Halberd Swing Lu Bu swings his halberd once, mainly on his right side Deflect or Guard to avoid damage.
Only on foot
Prancing Dragon (Fatal Strike)

 Lu Bu imbudes his weapon with Fire and the charges the player. If succeeded, inflicts major damage on target and boosts halberd to inflict Fire Damage. Temporary boost will be applied only if attack is not deflected.

Can be followed by an Phoenix Wings, if attack was successfully deflected. If chaincasted, both attacks must be deflected to negate the buff.

Deflect for massive Spirit Damage. If player fails to deflect, Water Affinity to nulify the buff is recommended.
Strong Fire Jump (Fatal Strike)

Lu Bu leaps in the air landing in a devastating attack. If succeeded, will cause an Burn AoE attack that will affect a larger area and buff his weapon to inflict Fire Damage. Temporary boost will be applied only if attack is not deflected.

Can be followed by Dragon Flash if attack was successfully deflected. If chaincasted, both attacks must be deflected to negate the buff.

Phoenix Wings (Fatal Strike)

Lu Bu performs a strong stationary uppercut. 

Deflect for massive Spirit Damage
Dragon Flash (Fatal Strike)

Lu Bu performs a spinning attack to cut down surrounding enemies, then releases a powerful forward thrust.

Dragon Slayer (Fatal Strike)

Lu Bu leaps high and forcefully slashes downward.

Halberd Strike

Points the tip of his weapon down and strikes it on the ground

Deflect to build-up Spirit Damage or block to mitigate Damage. If Lu Bu's weapon is buffed, combo must be deflected in order to avoid chip damage.
Halberd Stab

Stabs his weapon forward, affecting those in the area directly in front of him

Halberd Swing

This attack has a wider range since it takes up the area to his sides and sweeps all the way from one side to the other.

Halberd Spin

A smaller ranged 360 spin that can cause damage to those within immediate vicinity.

Advancing Melee Combo (2nd, 3rd phase)

Lu Bu advances with one step at a time while performing a basic melee attack at each step. This could be a combination of the melee swing, stab or strike actions.
Note: On NG++, he may use quicker variation of this combo.

Red Hare's Run While Lu Bu is on foot, his horse circle in the middle of the arena. Will damage player when close.  Red Hare is slow, so chances of meeting him are low. Just avoid his path, as it does not change.
Jump Lu Bu whistles, then jumps sky high and lands on his horse. Spirit is regenerated and his moveset changes to "Only on horse" section.  Block to avoid damage from jumping
Both on foot and horse
Arrow Shot - Fan  Lu Bu rapidly stops and shoots his arrow in a fan formation. Can be imbued with Fire or be repeated/followed by Arrow Shot - Flower (2nd phase). Block or roll to the side. Deflect, if arrows inflicts Fire to avoid chip damage.
Arrow Shot - Flower A ranged attack where the arrows spread outwards before gathering back together for singular powerful shot. Can be imbued with Fire or be repeated/followed by Arrow Shot - Fan (2nd phase). Block or roll to the side. Deflect, if arrows inflicts Fire to avoid chip damage.


Lu Bu Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: TBC
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here
  • Bug: After completing the gauntlet, Lu Bu can be heard despite vanishing.



  • Away..  Do you wish to die? 
During Fight:
  • Fly, Red Hare. 
  • Red Hare, it is rare that you desire blood so...
  • Don't get carried away


After Fight:
  • You have my interest now

Lu Bu Centaur Demon Form Boss Video Guide

  • Video to be added


Lu Bu Centaur Demon Form Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

lu bu demon form bosses wo long fallen dynasty wiki guide

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Lu Bu Centaur Demon Form:

  • Wood Phase Spells are particularly effective in this fight, as Hong Jing will also be using them. Therefore, Lightning Weapon can be put to good use.
  • Equip the Water-related spells for increased damage and counter for Burn.
  • Alternatively, Earth-related spells are also a good call.
  • Lu Bu tends to jump high, therefore set for camera to follow the target you lock on.

Strategy Guide

Lu Bu in his Centaur Demon Form is very large compared to his human form, but still wields his halberd as well as fire magic. While his halberd attacks are not very fast, their timing can be deceptive and the heft behind them deals a lot of damage for the unprepared player. This fight has two phases, with the second phase starting when Lu Bu's HP is dropped to 50%. Hong Jing will be assisting you during the fight against her brother. She uses Wood Phase Spells which can help with inflicting the Shock status effect, reducing Lu Bu's maximum Spirit and allowing you to stun him more easily.

Phase 1

During this phase, Lu Bu follows a pattern of using a few of his basic attacks including his very wide and slow double swing, halberd slam or smash and then dashing around the room to throw fireballs at you. After he stops running, he will either perform a charge towards you followed by a halberd slam where he raises his front hooves before sending his halberd to the ground ahead of him, or he may perform a giant leap, pointing his halberd towards you as he descends. This giant leap move is important because if you manage to deflect it, it will deal a huge amount of Spirit Damage.

Phase 2

At 50% HP, Lu Bu will power-up and begin to glow. Run away when you see him glowing as he will release several corrupted vines in a large radius around him. In this state, Lu Bu's halberd and hooves are imbued with flames, dealing much more damage, having a larger radius and applying the Burn effect on hit. During this phase, you need to choose your openings wisely as Lu Bu's attacks will usually be followed-up by a trail of fire, explosion or just have a larger area of effect in general, requiring you to stay back more and wait for his attacks to finish.

Lu Bu will now perform a single, powerful swing which is telegraphed with a very long wind-up. As he slashes, a trail of fire will follow his swing direction which can catch you if you are too overzealous with charging in. He can also perform his standard double swing twice for a total of four slashes, with each slash followed by a trail of fire. He stomps with his hooves four consecutive times now, with each stomp creating an explosion of fire in a much larger radius, preventing you from remaining to his side. Instead, you will need to quickly dash behind him as he raises his hoof. His frontal halberd slam is now empowered with fire, with a much wider hit-box than the original. Additionally, he creates pillars of flames around him as he raises his hooves to perform the slam so you will need to keep your distance when he performs the move. His halberd smash is replaced with a flying uppercut followed-up by a smash that creates an explosion upon landing.

Your biggest opportunity to deal damage during this phase is when Lu Bu dashes around the room, just as he does in the first phase. But instead of throwing fireballs at you, he will dash directly towards you, scraping his halberd on the ground to leave a flaming trail in his path before performing an upward slash. This upward slash can be deflected and countered, dealing a huge amount of Spirit Damage. Coupled with Hong Jing's barrage of lightning-based attacks, you should also be able to reduce his max Spirit quite quickly and stun him to perform a Fatal Strike. Note that if you manage to stun Lu Bu during this phase, the flames on his halberd and hooves will be snuffed out, but he will imbue them once again shortly, glowing as he did when entering this phase but without the vines bursting from the ground.

In summary, to deal with Phase 2, you will need to wait longer for Lu Bu to finish his attacks due to the additional effects from imbuing his halberd and hooves with fire. Do not extend your combos for too long and always be ready to back away. When he dashes around the room, be ready to deflect and then punish if you manage to deplete his Spirit Gauge.


Lu Bu Centaur Demon Form Boss Attacks and Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Giant Leap Used after he stops running around the room and throwing Fireball Blasts. Lu Bu jumps very high up and attempts to skewer you as he descends. Deflect and counter this move to deal a huge amount of Spirit Damage.
Demonic Tennis  Lu Bu conjures a giant Fireball, which then he throws at player. Can deflect it back.  Deflect 3 (1st/2nd phase)/4 (3rd phase) times to inflict major Spirit Damage. Keep in mind, that each deflection affects Fireball speed.
Note: Full chain of deflection will limit his Fireball attack to a single only until recharge.
Enhanced Prancing Dragon - Fire (2nd phase) Lu Bu performs a Martial Art from his signature weapon, but in an ehanced version. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage. May repeat it, if previous attack was successfully deflected.
Phase 1 (Above 50% HP) 
Double Halberd Swing Lu Bu raises his halberd, swinging it around his head before slicing in an arc to the right and then bringing it back around to the left. Keep your distance or dodge through each swing and attack him during the recovery. He will sometimes follow this up with a third swing so watch his movements.
Hoof Stomp Lu Bu raises one of his front hooves and slams it on the ground, sending a shockwave out in a small radius around the point of impact. He will quickly follow-up with the other hoof. Watch which hoof he raises first and dodge towards its side. If done correctly, you can attack him while he stomps the second hoof. Alternatively, you can deflect both hoof stomps.
Frontal Halberd Slam Lu Bu rears up, raising his front hooves high in the air before slamming his halberd down in front of him. Sends a shockwave along the length of the halberd. Quickly reposition yourself to his side or behind him as he rears up, as he cannot change the direction of the slam once initiated. You can attack until he finishes the move.
Halberd Smash Lu Bu twirls his halberd above his head and then smashes the ground directly in front of him. Sends a shockwave in a medium radius around the point of impact. Quickly reposition yourself to his side or back and attack.
Fireball Blasts Lu Bu will dash around the room and begin pelting you with several fireballs. Leaves the floor ablaze, if they hit it. Deflect to avoid chip damage and dispell
Halberd Charge Used after he stops running around the room and throwing Fireball Blasts. Lu Bu dashes forward with his halberd and then follows up with a Frontal Halberd Slam. Keep your eyes on him when he stops running around the room and dodge the charge. Attack him as he performs the follow-up Frontal Halberd Slam.
Phase 2 (Below 50% HP)
Flaming Halberd Slash Lu Bu brings his halberd behind his left shoulder, winding up slowly and then unleashing a powerful slash in the other direction. The slash creates a trail of fire that follows his swing direction. Dodge backwards while he winds up and wait for the trail of fire before charging back in.
Quad Flaming Halberd Swing Similar to the standard Double Halberd Swing, Lu Bu swings his halberd to one side in a large arc, and then brings it back to the other side. This time, he repeats the attack and each slash is accompanied by a trail of fire following in the swing's direction. Stay away from him until the combo ends.
Flaming Hoof Stomp This is the same move as his regular Hoof Stomp, but imbued with fire, with a larger radius. He will also follow-up with two more hoof stomps that come out quicker. Dash towards his back when he raises his hoof or run away. You will no longer be safe staying on his side.
Flaming Halberd Frontal Slam Just as with the regular version, Lu Bu raises his front hooves and drives his halberd to the ground. This move is now imbued with fire and has a larger hit-box. Additionally, Lu Bu summons pillars of fire around his body as he raises his hooves. Sprint away and wait for the fire pillars to disappear before charging in to attack.
Flying Halberd Uppercut Lu Bu holds his halberd low to his left side and then leaps upwards while performing an uppercut with his flaming halberd, and then follows up with a halberd smash, creating an explosion of fire upon landing. Quickly dodge to his back and maintain your distance until he returns to the ground.
Flaming Halberd Dash Lu Bu dashes around the room before locking onto you and performing a mad dash as he scrapes his halberd on the ground, leaving a trail of fire along his path. He ends the dash with an uppercut. Stay away from him as he dashes around the room and then deflect his halberd as he dashes toward you for huge Spirit Damage.
Flaming Halberd Cross Slash Lu Bu leaps backwards, holds his halberd behind him as he charges it up. After a very brief delay, he slashes upwards directly in front of him, and then to his right, sending a trail of flames traveling along the ground in the direction of each slash. Maintain your distance and dodge the frontward trail of flames and wait for the second slash before charging in to attack.


Lu Bu Centaur Demon Form Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: TBC
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




Lu Bu: The blight of the Elixir ... It all ends here and now!

During Fight:


Lu Bu: Where is he?! GRAAAH!

Lu Bu: R-ru ... RUNNN ... UNNNGAAH!

Hong JingBrother, I'm sorry! I was too late ...!

Hong JingYou were always so kind ... What went wrong?!

Hong JingJust a little more and victory is ours!


After Fight:

Hong Jing: I can't ... I won't kill him.


Lu Bu Boss Image Gallery for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

 lu bu attack lu bu evasivelu bu air lu bu fatal charge lu bu grab lu bu fire jump lu bu counteredlu bu jump on horse lu bu en facelu bu eye lu bu climax lu bu leader of army lu bu sidelook lu bu is looking lu bu taoist lu bu  lu bu duel lu bu elixir lu bu look lu bu pierced lu bu front lu bu side lu bu fireball 2  lu bu fireball 3 lu bu charge 2 lu bu fireball countered  lu bu side 2  lu bu enhanced attack lu bu fatal strike notcountered lu bu riposted  lu bu downed  lu bu mask off


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    • Anonymous

      Overwhelming but hole ahead.

      Seriously, though, finally got past him by switching to an ice build and using ominous chill while he was focused on the companions. Was doing almost no damage to him before that.

      • Anonymous

        I genuinely don’t get it, I’m using a full commitment wood build I believe I’ve min maxed everything, maxed out weapon/armor and morale for my level atleast, I have the correct followers with me yet I can’t beat him. The whole time for me he’s either running away or only spamming projectiles and when he finally uses his charged attacks I get stunlocked. I’m really determined to not drop this game because its so fun but I can’t see any other option. This truly is the biggest skill issue of the century.

        • Anonymous

          Focus on deflecting and generally only hit him once. Baize + inner breath is very good for this fight. Use resonation when he falls off his horse. He doesn't give you a lot of openings to use offensive spells/martial arts/spirit attacks, so I used my spirit on buffs instead. Enhanced defense and lightning weapon, primarily. I also had berserker's might + power up on deflect, (which stack,) which is a very nice combo for this fight. Berserker's might is from the General of Man set and power up was on an accessory. Not sure if it's unique to accessories, though.

          He hits very hard and has a few really long combos that will burst you down, so you'll probably die a good few times while learning his moveset.

          Overall I thought he was super fun. Challenging but in a way that felt fair. Favorite boss so far. :)

          • Anonymous

            Wood Phase spells Lightning Rush and Barbed Nightmare are excellent to help defeat Lu Bu (human form), beat him with morale 20, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. NOTE: You still need to parry

            • Anonymous

              A single piece of Haste on Deflect gear is a godsend for this fight if you have it, makes his bow attacks and horse phase much easier to punish when you deflect them.

              • You should be at morale rank 25 going into this fight if you completed everything in the level.
                Get your two recruits and cast Absorb Vitality occasionally throughout the fight to keep everyone including yourself alive.
                Hit him with some shock status to reduce his crit gauge. In my case almost all of his arrow shots were aimed at the recruits.
                Position yourself the opposite side of Lu Bu from where your recruits are fighting him.
                Back off when he engages you, then let your recruits take the aggro once more.
                Fairly simple and easy fight. Use what the game gives you efficiently.

                • Anonymous

                  Did he really just drop regular stuff in the first battle?? I thought the game bugged out... like no reward at all?

                  • Anonymous

                    This is insane. Even if I was to no hit this how long does it take to kill him? I'm doing no damage and when he is about to poise break he can call the horse and reset it.

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