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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+)
Mission Centuries of Glory Burned Away
Drops Dong Zhuo Soldier Set equipment pieces
Weak Spirit Attack to weak spot
Resistant Elemental-type damage
Immune Elemental-type build-up

Taotie is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Taotie in Wo Long is a Demon type boss. He is made on the spot when he is encountered for his boss battle. It is a large demon with face of a man and the torso of a sheep. He has visible limbs, a tail, claws and teeth growing from his body and has the ability to expel fire, inflicting Burn effects. Taotie can be encountered during the following mission/s Centuries of Glory Burned Away in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Taotie devours all things below the sun, living or inanimate. While possessing immense strength, it has an abhorrent cunningness, singling out the old and frail from a group as its prey.

Taotie Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Taotie is a Demon Boss found in Centuries of Glory Burned Away.

  • This boss is not optional.
  • Liu Bei joins you as a Reinforcement during this Mission. You can summon reinforcement for this Boss Battle. 
  • Health: TBC
  • Taotie was made by the Taoist in Black with a collection of Demonic Qi. If he absorbs the Demonic Qi of the entire land, perhaps the Ultimate Elixir can be forged.  -Taoist in black


Wo Long Taotie Lore

Taotie is a giant demon that has the face of a man and the torso of a sheep.

When the anti—Dong Zhuo coalition arrived at Luoyang, they found the city already in ruins and the area teeming with Demonic Qi. Taotie was created from the vast supply of Demonic Qi absorbed by Xielong there. It possesses huge feet that can demolish entire villages in mere moments, with an Elixir Field that pulses in terrifying blood—red, and most horrifically, has numerous beastly faces and claws jutting out of its body in every direction. Faced with this demonic menace, lords across the land were rendered speechless and the residents of Luoyang despaired.

Taotie devours all things below the sun, living or inanimate. While possessing immense strength, it has an abhorrent cunningness, singling out the old and frail from a group as its prey. According to the Spring and Autumn Annals, Taotie was born into the Jinyun clan, who served the Yellow Emperor in the Mythical Era. It is told that Emperor Shun deemed it one of the "four evil creatures of the world" for its savagery and banished it far to the west. In the Classic of Mountains and Seas, it is referred to as Pao Xiao, a monster with a man's face and sheep's body that ate humans.


Wo Long Taotie Mission

Taotie in Wo Long can be first found in the mission Centuries of Glory Burned Away


Wo Long Taotie Drops

Taotie in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Taotie Boss Guide

Taotie Boss Video Guide

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Taotie Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Taotie:

  • Since Taotie can spit out balls of fire that has a large AoE, the Wizardry Spell: Cleanse can be used to reset all current negative effect accumulation to zero for you and your nearby allies, while granting a positive effect that reduces the amount of negative effect accumulation for all Phases except for Metal. This will help counter the Burn effect.
  • Since this is a boss battle that requires dealing a lot of hits, consider equipping Absorb Vitality. This will benefit both you and your reinforcement, Liu Bei. You and your nearby allies can restore HP upon dealing damage to enemies.
  • Has very high Spirit gauge, but when is broken is open for a critical attack dealing significant damage.
  • In both phases, focus on Spirit Damage more than on direct damage.

Taotie may begin his fight by dealing his initial attack that inflicts Burn. As soon as the battle begins, quickly distance yourself from he center of the arena. Wait for the pool of fire to disperse before quickly charging in on his hooves since this is the main part of Taotie that is reachable. Focus your attack on the closest hoof. A lot of his attacks during this phase will also involve contact with his hoof. This means while attacking this area, you can also watch out for any incoming attacks as he either raises his hoof for a stomp or jumps up in the air. Taotie generally moves quite slowly so it will be easy to reach or dodge out of the damage area before these attacks land. Stay close by in order to immediately return to hacking at his hoof.

After a dealing some damage, Taotie may fall. You'll find it completely frozen for a short period. At this point you will need to locate its core. This glows bright red. The first location may be somewhere accessible on his legs or arms. Attack the core and this will take out a large chunk of its health. After the first core attack, he will start jumping more and moving his feet around more. Continue to focus your attacks on hi hooves until he once again falls. This time, you will be able to climb him. Start from the legs and reach the core on its back. This will start the next phase. 

Demonic Qi will quickly shoot from the ground and he will do a quick spin and start his weeping attacks while on its belly, also allowing it to crawl on its limbs. This time attack its limbs or its body from its side but be careful as to not be crushed when it crawls. Eventually, the same thing will happen and Taotie will fall. This time the core will be on the gaping crater in what looks like an open mouth on its back. Go there and perform a critical attack to finish the battle.



Taotie Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Lesser Homing Projectiles Taotie shoots up 3 to lesser crystalized projectiles, that tracks target Deflect for massive Spirit Damage
Larger Homing Projectile Taotie shoots a large semi-transparent projectile, that tracks target
Strong Hoof Stomp Taotie raises his hoof and then stomps the ground under him Deflect for massive Spirit Damage (watch for timing, as it can be tricky)
Strong Hand Slam Taotie slams his hand into the target
Regular attacks
 Fireball Taotie can shoot out a number of fireballs that will land on the ground and will create a brief AoW that can inflict Burn Avoid the center part of the arena. You will have enough space and time to run as the fireballs are being shot out. Use Cleanse if inflicted by Burn.
Poison Spit Taotie spits and creates 3 pools that inflicts Poison Pools appears always in front of Taotie, so stay under/behind him to avoid damage
Hoof Stomp Taotie slowly raises his legs in preparation for a stomp.  Since Taotie is slow-moving, you should have sufficient time to get out of the way if you are in his immediate range. You can stay within the general area to prepare for a solid hoof hit. 
Jump Taotie can lift his whole body and jump  When jumps near target, block/counter to mitigate damage.
When jumps away, prepare for Homing Projectile Fatal Strike
Soldier Summon Taotie summons 3 Demonized Soldiers Bait any Taotie attack, as they eliminate soldiers.
   Phase 2
Charge (Fatal Strike) Taotie charges directly at target inflicting massive damage Can be countered for massive Spirit Damage, however timing is tricky here.
Head Sweep During the second phase, Taotie will crawl on its belly. He can then sweep his head, swinging it side to side and potentially hit.  Move past his head area and go ahead and approach the body while he is in this position to deal additional attacks while avoiding contact with his head. 
Jump Taotie can lift his whole body and jump, this time his whole body hits the ground. Back away or deflect, as blocking will not help here
Crawl An unexpected move that will cause damage  Quickly round out of Taotie's vicinity. 


Taotie Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Taotie is one of four Creatures of Evil in Chinese Mythology, often presented as Head-only monstrosity that represents Glutonny.
  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



  • No dialogue available


Taotie Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      In phase 1, while the boss deals with your companions, stay back from him and spam ominous chill, deflecting as many of his projectiles as you can. In phase 2, you just need to deflect one his red charging attacks, then hit the kill button.

      • Anonymous

        such a buggy janky time wasting shitty disgrace of a boss fight. just pure jank. laggy skips all over the place. makes my wife sad because she thinks she sucks when really its just a trash excuse for a boss. skyskraper sized bosses always suck

        • Anonymous

          seems like they adjusted the bosses in july 2023 and made him especially horrible to fight against, he is so much tankier and takes so much more time to beat

          • Anonymous

            This guy has a weenie. Not even kidding. Its not super detailed but whole time i was whack his ankles in the first phase, i realized hes got a sideways weenie and balls. Just swinging in the protagonists face. Like bruh lmao

            • Simple boss, not too complex about him. Cast Absorb Vitality to keep your recruits alive. Doesn't seem to take to any negative status effect. Wouldn't burn (obviously), but also wouldn't shock.
              The first crit when he falls is located at the head, the 2nd is on top of his body after you climb the weird blood fire roots he spawns, the 3rd and final crit spot is by his mouth(s)? After he falls again.

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