Xiahou Dun

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Morale 20 (NG), 25 (NG+) (both encounters)
Mission War's Flames Blaze Fiercely
The Two Walls Stand Tall
Drops Set pieces for the
Staunchness Set
Vermilion Bird Greataxe
Weak Water (Demon)
Metal (Human)
Resistant Earth, Metal, Wood (Demon)
N/A (Human)
Immune Fire (Demon)
N/A (Human)

Xiahou Dun is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Xiahou Dun in Wo Long is a Demon/Human type boss. Xiahou Dun is one of your NPC allies and of the mission Reinforcements available, but is fought as a boss at the end of the Main MissionWar's Flames Blaze Fiercely and Sub Mission: The Two Walls Stand Tall in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Xiahou Dun, courtesy name Yuanrang, was a general hailing from Qiao County of Pei State.


Xiahou Dun Boss Wo Long 

Wo Long's Xiahou Dun is a Demonic Boss found in War's Flames Blaze Fiercely.

  • This boss is NOT optional
  • Xiahou Yuan will accompany you during this boss battle.
  • Also an ally and NPC Reinforcement. Defeating Xiahou Dun as a Boss will award pieces of his armor, as well as his weapon, the Vermilion Bird Greataxe.
  • During this mission, Xiahou Dun transforms into a demonic being after being shot in the eye with a mystical arrow by an enemy soldier. After he transforms, he loses control of himself and starts attacking his men.

Wo Long's Xiahou Dun is a Human Boss found in The Two Walls Stand Tall.

  • This boss is optional
  • No Reinforcements initially join you when you start the mission
  • This boss fight is a duo fight with Xiahou Yuan. Unlike Sun Family encounter, this time both enemies are present in the encounter since the start.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Xiahou Dun Lore

Xiahou Dun, courtesy name Yuanrang, was a general hailing from Qiao County of Pei State.

He is a descendant of Xiahou Ying, who aided in the founding of the Former Han, and brother to Xiahou Yuan. When Cao Cao raised his army, Xiahou Dun hastened to join him, and was appointed his second-in-command. Cao Cao placed great trust in him and granted him the status of his equal, to be treated no differently. He was known as a calm, collected, and highly capable individual, while also fiercely loyal and brave. He was also humble and modest, purportedly delivering all excess wealth unto his soldiers.

Once Cao Cao had raised his army, Xiahou Dun followed him in battles across the land. After the death of Zhang Rang, he and Xiahou Yuan rushed to Cao Cao's side, rejoicing his safety and new—found resolution. In the battle of Hulaoguan Pass, he eyed the protagonist, who had befriended Cao Cao, with suspicion, but refrained from outwardly expressing his emotions and focused on his duties. Once Dong Zhuo had set Luoyang ablaze and fled to Meiwu Fort, he gathered with Cao Cao to pursue Dong Zhuo. As they were outnumbered, they were naturally overpowered by the counterattack, but not without displaying Cao Cao's mettle to the world through furious fighting. Following this, he reassembled an army at Cao Cao's orders, accepting men of all standings, contributing to the expansion of his affluence.

Upon the downfall of Dong ZhuoLu Bu saw his opportunity and took Puyang, the domain that Xiahou Dun was tasked to for safekeeping. In remorse, he stormed the fort to spearhead the recapture of Puyang. While the attack on the city proved successful, the sudden appearance of Yuan Shao's forces took him by surprise. An Elixir-laced arrow pierced Xiahou Dun's left eye, triggering a demonic transformation. After a ferocious battle against the protagonist, he was brought to his knees, but was still struggling to fight the Demonic Qi insistent on possessing him, when Cao Cao's inspiring roar finally brought him back to his senses. Xiahou Dun then swore an oath with the protagonist as a sign of eternal gratitude for overcoming him after he had turned into a demon, and reverting him to human form. Following this, he donned an eyepatch made of jewels over his left eye, and once again vowed his loyalty to Cao Cao.

Xiahou Dun joined the assault on Xiapi, where Lu Bu was entrenched, not letting his wounded eye hinder him at all. Following the fall of Lu Bu, he was stormed by Yuan Shao's forces, but managed to defend Cao Cao and escort him to safety. Thereafter, he continued to support Cao Cao, who had lost much territory and been put at a disadvantage, and fought valiantly in the decisive battle against Yuan Shao. In the Battle of Baima, he wove through arrow rain in the fore, cutting down demonized soldiers as he did. When Cao Cao embarked on the pacification of Hebei after defeating Yuan ShaoXiahou Dun served as his backup to stabilize the army and kept Liu Biao of ling Province, who was aiming for Cao Cao, at bay. Afterwards, he continued to play an active role in the control and supervision of armies and remained the most trusted man in Cao Cao's army.


Wo Long Xiahou Dun Mission

Xiahou Dun is encountered in the following Missions:


Wo Long Xiahou Dun Drops

Xiahou Dun in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Xiahou Dun Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Demon Form
Human Form


Xiahou Dun Boss Video Guide

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Xiahou Dun Fight Strategy Wo Long

boss intro mission 26 wolong wiki guide

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Xiahou Dun:

  • Water Phase Spells can help out in canceling out Xiahou Dun's Fire Phase Spells during this fight.
  • Alternatively, Earth and Wood can be somewhat useful, but it is limited due to boss high mobility.
  • Whistling Vortex Martial Arts is a good skill to use when the boss is vulnerable and when you need to apply pressure to break his guard.
  • Change the settings, so camera will follow the target while lock-on, since Xiahou Dun likes to float in air a lot.

Strategy Guide

Xiahou Dun in his demon form will have wings that's lit aflame, and his weapon constantly changing from a giant scythe to an axe. Most of his attacks leave trails of fire in the area and stepping on the scorched ground will deal damage. With his ability to fly, he can quickly close the gap even if you try to keep your distance. Xiahou Yuan will be assisting you during this boss battle. Xiahou Dun uses Fire Phase Spells during this fight, so it is best to equip Water Phase Spells to cancel out the burning effects.

Throughout the fight, always try to wait out for his attacks instead of rushing in, most of his attacks are slow and can be easily dodged or deflected, although some of the attack animations can be deceptive and mistiming your dodge or deflect can be fatal. Wait for the opportunity to attack especially during his recovery animation. Always try to reposition yourself whenever he lunges toward you, he is vulnerable for a few seconds after every attack. Be wary of the trails on the ground, they do stay there for quite a while before vanishing, so it is important that you pay attention to your surroundings. The battlefield is big enough for you to back up and keep your distance whenever you need to step back and recover. Take advantage of your Reinforcement, use him as bait to reposition yourself at a better angle for an attack. He has one move that's a bit faster than most of his attacks, this is when you are within his range, he performs three consecutive slashes with his weapon, You can dodge through each attack, block, or parry them. He also has a move where he flies around the battlefield in a circular motion while dropping trails of fire on the ground, almost the same with his other move where he flies in the air and halts for a moment before spinning around while shooting out flaming projectiles on the ground. You can easily spot where the flames will drop from the former, but for the latter, you will need to immediately keep your distance to not get hit with the flames. Both moves will need you to have to pay attention to where the flaming trails will drop to avoid stepping on them. He also has a grab that you should be wary of, he will fly into the air before spiraling toward you then impales you with his weapon. Getting hit with this will deal significant damage and deplete your Spirit Gauge.

In summary, wait every one of his attacks before you approach and swing your blade at him. His moves are slow and easy to dodge, this makes him vulnerable during his recovery animation, take advantage of it. Keping your distance during certain attacks will definitely help you but you would always need to pay attention since he leaves trails of fire on the ground, stepping on them will deal damage, and it will continuously deal damage as long as you are on top of a scorched ground. Try to coordinate with your Reinforcement, when you see them making their move for an attack, let them and wait for your opportunity to make a move, use them as bait if you can. Try to deflect the attacks that you can to perform a counterattack.

Xiahou Dun Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Charging Grab Spirals into the air backwards then performs a single loop charging towards you, impaling you with his weapon. Deflect for massive Spirit Damage (be vary of timing, as it can be tricky here - wind up is slow, but attack is fast) 
Ground Slam Spirals into the air backwards before charging towards you while performs a slash.
Regular attacks
Consecutive Slashes Performs three consecutive slashes once he closes the gap. Can be parried or blocked.
Soaring Blaze Flies across the battlefield in a circular motion, leaving trails of fire on the ground. Keep your distance and watch out for the scorched ground. Alternatively, use Water Affinity spell to clear the ground.
Spinning Blaze Flies in the air and halts for a moment, then spins around and shoots out flaming projectiles on the ground. Keep your distance and watch out for the scorched ground. Alternatively, use Water Affinity spell to clear the ground.
Charging Slash Spirals into the air backwards before charging towards you while performs a slash. Dodge roll through the attack.
Spinning Vortex Charge Flies into the air then charges toward you while spinning aggressively. Counter/block to mitigate damage.
Fireball Barrage (NG++) Xiahou Dun conjures several fireballs and throws them at target Deflect to avoid damage.


Xiahou Dun Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Real-life Xiahou Dun lost his eye during a battle with Lu Bu. However, depiction from "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" states, that he devoured his eye, while in game he tossed it away with an arrow.
  • Character Lore: 
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here



This boss has no dialogue


Xiahou Dun Image Gallery

xiahou dun flag xiahou dun airborne xiahou dun flying xiahou dun flying 2 xiahou dun ending xiahou dun before xiahou dun after xiahou dun calmed xiahou dun eyepatch [screenshots and artwork go here]


Xiahou Dun Boss Video Guide

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Xiahou Dun Boss Strategy, Tips and Tricks

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Xiahou Dun:

  • Start with inflicting Metal, however all elements will prove useful during this encounter.
  • Increasing your Fire Resistance is recommended for this fight.
  • Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells that deal AoE damage can help deal damage to both bosses at the same time.
  • Mainly fish for Counters, as Xiahou Dun likes to use his signature weapon Martial Art, which is an enhanced charge attack..

Strategy Guide

This fight is a duo boss fight - you will have two fight two bosses simultaneously. Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan have separate health bars and Spirit Gauges, and both start at 20 Morale. Whereas Xiahou Dun wields a battleaxe and will mostly engage in short to mid-range combat, Xiahou Yuan wields a sword and bow, engaging in long or short range.

Xiahou Dun's moveset is relatively simple, consisting mainly of axe slash combos and dash attacks. He will mostly perform his 3-hit combo, performing a variety of vertical and horizontal slashes with his battleaxe while advancing towards you. Keep an eye out for when he glows red. If he does and you're far from him, he'll perform a powerful dash that can quickly deplete your spirit gauge. If you're in range, he'll attack with his axe, dealing hefty damage and again depleting your spirit gauge significantly. It's a sign that you want to parry his move soon when he glows red.

Despite having two weapons at this disposal, Xiahou Yuan's moveset is also quite simple. He only has one move with this bow, shooting three arrows consecutively at range. With his sword, like Xiahou Dun, he mainly performs a series of sword slashes. Moves to look out for and counter are those where he glows red and does a powerful attack after, and the one where dashes towards you, telegraphing his follow-up attack.

Both brothers can imbue their attacks with fire. For this reason, increasing your fire resistance for the fight is a good idea. They are aggressive and will not give you any room to breathe during the fight. Try grouping them together and hitting them with AoE attacks to be able to chip both their health bars at the same time. In addition, parry their attacks to break their spirit gauge and perform Fatal Strikes as often as possible. You cannot be hit by the other boss while in the animation, giving you relatively safe windows to deal significant damage.



Xiahou Dun Boss Attacks and Counters

Attack Description Counter
Advancing Slash Xiahou Dun performs up to three slashes with his battleaxe while moving towards his target. Counter or dodge away.
Overhead Slash Xiahou Dun glows red raising his battleaxe above his head, then swings it vertically in front of him. Counter or dodge to the side.
Shoulder Barge Xiahou Dun glows red, then charges forward, shoulder barging any in his path after a brief pause. He may follow up the attack with a quick swing of his axe. Counter or dodge to the side.
Divine Beast Call Xiahou Dun calls on the powers of a Divine Beast, knocking back players around him and imbuing his next attacks with Fire. -


Xiahou Dun Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: TBC
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here





During Fight:

"You think you have me pinned?"

"I'd sooner die than submit!"


After Fight:

"What good are excuses? Only the result matters"

"The two walls of the Cao Cao Army, defeated..."


Xiahou Dun Image Gallery

[screenshots and artwork go here]


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