Yuan Shao


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Morale 18 (NG), 21 (NG+) - Main Mission
3 - Battle Royale
Mission Decisive Battle of Guandu
Pride of the Yuan Clan
Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale
Drops Xuanwu (excluding gauntlet)
The Leader of Lords Set
Weak Earth, Metal, Wood
Resistant Fire
Immune Water

Yuan Shao is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Yuan Shao in Wo Long is a demon-type boss. Yuan Shao is a general hailing from Ryuang County of the Runan Commandery, he later transforms into a demon and merges with his Divine Beast, Xuanwu. Yuan Shao is first encountered as a non-boss during Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch and Centuries of Glory Burned Away and is encountered as a boss in the Decisive Battle of Guandu Main Mission and Pride of the Yuan Clan Sub Mission in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.


Yuan Shao, courtesy name Benchu, is a general and politician hailing from Ruyang County of the Runan Commandery.

Yuan Shao Boss Wo Long 

Yuan Shao is a demon-type Boss found in the Decisive Battle of Guandu.

  • This is NOT an optional boss 
  • No Reinforcements initially join you when you start the mission.

Yuan Shao is a demon-type Boss found in the Pride of the Yuan Clan

  • This is an optional boss
  • This boss appears during the sub mission encounter as only enemy there.

 Yuan Shao is a demon-type Boss found in Crouching Dragons' Battle Royale

  • This is an optional boss
  • 2nd fight of the gauntlet
  • Multiplayer is available

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Yuan Shao Lore

Yuan Shao, courtesy name Benchu, is a general and politician hailing from Ruyang County of the Runan Commandery. He comes from a prestigious family that is home to the Three Councilors, the highest rank of authority in the land in the Eastern Han period. In his adolescence, he was sent away by his father and raised by his uncle. At the age of twenty, he was selected as the county magistrate of Puyang. He won many over with his generosity and kindness and became adored by many scholars. With the outbreak of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he plotted together with the General-in-chief, He Jin, to eliminate the emperor's eunuchs. He is also at odds with his brother, the influential Yuan Shu, over the position of leader of the Yuan family.

Following the quelling of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he returned to Luoyang with his confidant Cao Cao. He discovered that Zhang Rang of the Ten Eunuchs secretly had the Elixir in his possession. In order to infiltrate Zhang Rang's manor, Yuan Shao cooperated with Cao Cao and the protagonist to search subterranean Luoyang. In the process, they met Lady Zhen, who petitioned the protagonist and Cao Cao to take her back above ground. Upon Zhang Rang's defeat, Yuan Shao withdrew to his own territory, Ji Province, with Lady Zhen. Upon learning from Lady Zhen that he was destined by astrology to obtain great power, he began to aspire to a domineering ambition.

As Dong Zhuo took power and began his reign of tyranny in Luoyang, the lords of Guandong formed an anti-Dong Zhuo coalition. Yuan Shao assumed the role of the coalition leader and coordinated a siege on Hulaoguan Pass. Through great sacrifices, the coalition emerged triumphant in the battle against demonized soldiers and Dong Zhuo's formidable general Lu Bu, and jubilantly marched for Luoyang. But what Yuan Shao saw at Luoyang was the symbol of the Han Empire, the splendid capital, up in flames. Showing little concern for a stupefied Yuan Shao, the lords left him behind in the interest of their own goals. Ultimately, Yuan Shao declared the coalition disbanded. Before long, he proceeded to subdue many affluent figures such as Han Fu and Gongsun Zan, and took Hebei under his rulership, rapidly expanding his domain with a deranged drive.

Having become the ruler of Hebei, Yuan Shao was approached by Yu Ji who coaxed Yuan Shao into stealing the Elixir in Xiapi that once belonged to Dong Zhuo. When Yuan Shao stormed Xiapi, Cao Cao and Liu Bei were caught by surprise, as they were still recouping from their battle with Lu Bu. He took the Elixir by force and had Liu Bei in custody, claiming his hegemony. With the power of the Elixir, Yuan Shao's forces raided every bastion under Cao Cao's control, putting him on the brink of annihilation. This was soon met with resistance from generals throughout the land, the protagonist alongside them, evolving to a decisive battle in Guandu. As the battle unfolded, Yuan Shao took the Elixir to turn himself into a fiendish demon. Soon, their vicious battle came to a close, and Yuan Shao lay defeated, his face returned to the visage that once garnered the adoration of so many. Upon making a long overdue pledge with the protagonist, he drew his last breath while being watched over by his friend, Cao Cao.


Wo Long Yuan Shao Mission

Yuan Shao in Wo Long can be first found as a non-boss character in the mission Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch & Centuries of Glory Burned Away. However, players will face him as a demon-type boss during the Main Mission: Decisive Battle of Guandu, and later again during the Sub Mission: Pride of the Yuan Clan.


Wo Long Yuan Shao Drops

Yuan Shao in Wo Long will drop the following resources upon defeating it:


Wo Long Yuan Shao Boss Guide

Yuan Shao Boss Video Guide

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Yuan Shao Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts, and more for Yuan Shao:

Yuan Shao Boss Strategy

You'll face Yuan Shao in his demon form in the main mission, Decisive Battle of Guandu. During the encounter, Yuan Shao will rely on using his sorcery attacks and his shield to greatly mitigate all frontal attacks. At the start of the battle, be ready to dodge his Ice Blast attack, a wall of ice will blast directly at you and it will explode shortly, causing damage and interrupting movement if you get caught. You can sprint or deflect the attack to avoid getting hit. He is considered as one of the slow-moving bosses you'll encounter in the game, so use this to your advantage to run around him if needed. A good spell to use is Absorb Vitality to buff yourself, causing HP regeneration every time you attack your target. And Lightning Weapon imbues lightning to your weapon, which causes Stun to build up, pair this with the Martial Arts skill Whistling Vortex, and you'll surely be able to stun and break Yuan Shao's guard easily.

When fighting him, you'll want to get close as much as you can, but at the same time, you don't want to be greedy with it since he can still try to attack you when you're close. He will rely on using his shield that greatly mitigates all frontal attacks, if you don't have the skills that were mentioned, then you can circle to get behind him to deal more damage. However, if you keep attacking his shield and use the Whistling Vortex skill, you can easily build up the orange bar below his health which breaks his guard, making it possible to execute a fatal strike and breaking his shield. But take note that even if you break his large shield, it will regenerate and he will try to use it again.

If you time it right, you can deflect the attacks. And speaking of deflecting attacks, you'll want to make sure you get the chance to use Deflect Counterattack when you see him use a Fatal Strike. The Fatal Strike happens when you see the boss or enemy glow red. A successful Deflect Counterattack briefly stuns the target, making it possible for follow-up attacks. Avoid his sorcery attacks as much as you can to avoid damage and interrupting your actions, watch his moves, and repeat the process to win this battle.



Yuan Shao Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Fatal Strikes
Shield Toss Yuan Shao uses his shield to create a projectile that traverse the arena like a wheel. On NG++, it leaves a trail of Ice Mist. Deflect to dispel the shield
Left Arm Steam Grab Yuan Shao uses his left arm to perform a grab attack. If successful, will treat target with a deadly dose of steam. Counterable with Deflect Counterattack (be ware of unusal timing) or stick to the boss right side to avoid damage
Right Arm Thrust Attack Yuan Shao uses his right arm to perform a long thrust attack Counterable with Deflect Counterattack.
Regular attacks
Recharge After performing Fatal Strike on him, he recharges his lost limbs and performs Ice artillery attack (also, pushes target away, if this attack is a phase transition) Perfectly timed debuff will stop him from a recharge for several seconds and limit him to only Snake Arm attack.
Shield Bash Yuan Shao attacks with the shield 3 times.  Deflect to build up Spirit and answer with strong Spirit Attack
Shield Bash + Escape Yuan Shao attacks with the shield, then jumps away releasing a water explosion. Deflect to avoid damage.
Snake Arm attack Yuan Shao performs a combo with his right snake-like arm. Deflect to build up Spirit and answer with strong Spirit Attack
Ice Blast Shoots walls of ice at you and explodes after a brief period. Deflect or dodge to avoid getting hit.
Ice Artillery Yuan Shao shoots several ice projectiles up in the air
Shield Raise Yuan Shao raises a massive shield that greatly mitigates all frontal attacks. Pressure him by continuously attacking his shield to quickly destroy his guard. You can follow up with a Fatal Strike if you do break his guard.
Ice Burst A close-range attack, shoots a gust of wind that interrupts actions and can cause knockback. Sprint or Deflect to avoid getting hit.
Ice Dash Dashes and releases walls of ice that explode after a brief period. Deflect or dodge to avoid getting hit.


Yuan Shao Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




"Hmph... You truly believe to have me cornered? How mistaken you are."

"The power to control this world lies in none other than... this resplendent crimson glow! Whahahahaha!"

After Fight:

"thank you." 

"Finish your conquest without delay. And prove that bonds truly do have value."


Yuan Shao Image Gallery

yuan shao introduction yuan shao elixir yuan shao front yuan shao boss face close yuan shao downed yuan shao retrospection yuan shao dying  [screenshots and artwork go here]


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