Hong Jing

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Morale 20
Mission The Scarlet Crystal
Drops Set pieces of the Tianzhu Hermit Set
Jade-Green Staff
Weak All elements
Resistant N/A
Immune N/A

Hong Jing is a Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Hong Jing in Wo Long is a Human type boss. Hong Jing is one of your allies and is one of the Reinforcements you can acquire. She is fought in a friendly duel during The Scarlet Crystal mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Hong Jing is the sister of Lu Bu and is determined to become stronger in order to fulfill her late brother's wish for a world without Elixir.


It seems ... you just keep on getting stronger.
You stayed true to yourself, finishing it with a single strike. It made me think of all your heroic actions up until now ...

Hong Jing Boss Description in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 

Hong Jing is a Human Boss found in The Scarlet Crystal.

  • This boss is optional
  • You cannot summon Reinforcements during this fight.
  • Health: TBC
  • Also an ally and Reinforcement NPC. Defeating Hong Jing as a Boss will award pieces of her armor, as well as her weapon the Jade-Green Staff.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Hong Jing Lore Information

Through rigorous training, Hong Jing became capable of sensing disturbance in Qi manifesting from demons and Elixir. Typically clad in her traveler's garb, she travels throughout the land gathering knowledge and training under her master's instructions. As such, she is knowledgeable of current events and feudal disputes, and well versed in covert operations. Having a cheerful personality and well composed, she seldom lets most trivial matters move her. While she is skilled at healing wizardry spells, handling weapons is not her specialty, leading her to look up to those who are talented in martial arts.

Not long after the Yellow Turban uprising, she set out to infiltrate Mt. Dongshan, the Yellow Turbans' base of operations, to learn about the source of the Qi disturbance. She was captured by Zhang Bao during her mission and was to be made a human sacrifice, but was rescued by the protagonist and Zhao Yun. After realizing they had common goals, she accompanied the protagonist on his journey, stumbling upon feudal figures such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian along the way. Eventually, the valiant efforts of the protagonist led to the downfall of Zhang Jiao, the Yellow Turban leader, but the truth behind the Qi disturbance was yet to be discovered. Seeing the mysterious Taoist who fled on a dragon as a clue, she invited the protagonist to her village.

Upon returning to her village with the protagonist, Hong Jing, seeking guidance, found that the Aoye suddenly appeared at Mt. Tianzhushan to attack her master, Zuo Ci. With intervention by the protagonist, Zuo Ci was kept safe, and proceeded to debrief Hong Jing, before inferring that the "Ultimate Elixir" was behind the Qi disturbance. Discerning that tracking down the Elixir would in turn lead them to the Ultimate Elixir, Hong Jing and the protagonist set forth for Luoyang to confront Zhang Rang, a figure that had been the subject of many suspicious rumors. However, Zhang Rang had been assassinated, so his Elixir was lost, and no clues could be gained regarding the mystery of the Elixir.

Following Zhang Rang's death, it was Dong Zhuo who pulled the strings behind the chaos in Luoyang. In an act to fight his tyranny, the Guandong lords gathered in Luoyang to form the anti—Dong Zhuo coalition. The coalition launched an attack on Dong Zhuo's forces, but was rendered powerless before Lu Bu, whose army stood barring the way into Hulaoguan Pass. By virtue of the protagonist's efforts, however, the coalition was narrowly successful in repelling the daunting general. Amid the scuffle, Hong Jing mindlessly gazed at a retreating Lu Bu; she somehow saw the shadow of her long—lost brother in the back of her enemy. Refusing to believe that her dear brother would become Dong Zhuo's lapdog, she took on the alias Diao Chan and infiltrated Lu Bu's legion in hope to confirm her fears. There, she revealed her true identity to Lu Bu and begged for answers, but he did nothing more than callously push her away. Hong Jing, more determined than ever to uncover Lu Bu's true intentions, swore an oath to the protagonist, who had earned her trust.

Hong Jing tracked down Lu Bu, who had fled alongside Cao Cao with, naturally, the Elixir. The pursuit finally drove Lu Bu to a dead end at Xiapi. Looking to find answers from Lu Bu, Hong Jing entered the keep along with the protagonist. As they entered the keep's hall, however, she witnesses what once was Lu Bu, transformed into a vile demon by the hand of the black-clad Taoist, Yu Ji. Briefly after the protagonist vanquishes him, Lu Bu finally called out to Hong Jing as his sister with a faint smile. He had gone to the lengths of taking the guise of a villain and joining forces with Dong Zhuo and Yu Ji, for the sole intent to protect his village and sister. The blood he had shed was for no one but his family. Recollecting on the mellow memories of her brother, Hong Jing broke down in tears, holding the now bloodied mask in her arms.

Soon after the death of Lu Bu, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao clashed at Guandu. Yuan Shao led an army of demons to get the upper hand, but with the protagonist on their side and leveraging their bonds of companionship, Cao Cao's army had slowly rallied back. But for Yu Ji, the outcome of the battle was irrelevant. He contrived to incorporate the immense amount of Demonic Qi manifesting in Guandu into the Xielong, to concoct the "Ultimate Elixir." Hong Jing, together with Zuo Ci, worked to restrain the Xielong to aid the protagonist, who finally destroys Yu Ji and his dystopian delusions once and for all. Once the dust had settled, Hong Jing came to the protagonist once more. With new goals to cleanse the land of the last remains of Demonic Qi, and to grant her late brother's wish for a world without Elixir, she set out for adventure once more with the protagonist.


Where to find Hong Jing in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Hong Jing is fought as a Boss in the following Missions:


Hong Jing Boss Drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Hong Jing will drop the following items upon defeat:

 On NG++, Hong Jing may drop one of these Hidden Tomes upon defeat:

Hong Jing Boss Guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Hong Jing Boss Video Guide

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Hong Jing Fight Strategy Wo Long

The Best Wizardry Spells, Martial Arts and more for Hong Jing:

  • Equip weapons with Martial Arts skills that allow you to easily close the distance.
  • Very agile boss, therefore proritize speed over damage
  • Equip the Aqua Blink spell.

Strategy Guide


Hong Jing wields a staff and prefers to fight at range with Wizardry Spells. She will take every opportunity to disengage from melee range and cast her spells from a distance. 

The key to defeating Hong Jing is keeping close to her and interrupting her spell casts. She is always open as she channels these spells and if you are quick enough and have a good way to close the distance, she will essentially be left unable to cast. It is also beneficial to push her against the edges of the arena where she cannot reliably disengage from you. Whenever you see a red glow, prepare to dodge away from her Critical Blow or deflect and counter them.

Hong Jing Attacks & Counters

Attack Description Counter
Surging Blaze Hong Jing turns her torso to the back before sending a burst of multiple fireballs outwards in front of her in a cone shape. This spell deals more damage the closer you are to the spell's origin point. Interrupt her cast with a distance-closing move.
Lightning Rush Hong Jing conjures a pillar of lightning which travels forward in front of her. Interrupt her cast with a distance-closing move.
Twirling Staff Critical Blow Hong Jing twirls her staff on one side, and then the other before performing a powerful strike. Each strike releases a Fireball Deflect the attack as it begins.
Pole Vault Critical Blow Hong Jing vaults off the ground using her staff and performs a powerful strike as she descends. She can use this move to recover when sent to the ground. Deflect the strike portion of the attack.


Hong Jing Lore, Notes & Other Trivia

  • Character Lore: See Hong Jing Reinforcement page.
  • Other Notes and Trivia Go Here




I'll show you how strong I really am.

During Fight:

When Hong Jing's Spirit Gauge is depleted: Urgh ... I felt that one.

When Hong Jing is at 50% health: I think I'm starting to enjoy this!

When Hong Jing is at 10% health: There's fight left in me yet ...

After Fight:

It seems ... you just keep on getting stronger.

You stayed true to yourself, finishing it with a single strike. It made me think of all your heroic actions up until now ...

Anyway, let's get back to the village!


Hong Jing Image Gallery

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